Romance scam letter(s) from Tatyana to Eddy (USA)
Letter 1
Salut respected Eddy! Thank you for your reply! Thank you for every word! I like getting your emails. When I read your emails honey, I feel better, I feel your warm and caring. You give me unforgettable emotions.
I can not meet with you in Kiev. Because everything between Russia and Ukraine is not so good.
I am very glad that our relations are developing, and we are planning our meeting. Not long ago it was just a dream, but now it is a reality. You make my dreams come true. Thank you for that! Eddy, you are my wizard! You do deserve a happy relationship! I will do my best to make you the happiest man in the world! That's why before work today I visited the travel agency. We signed the agreement and I made the prepayment. Dear Eddy, are you glad? Before going to bed, I was thinking a lot about this. I decided to do it to make you feel good.
You remember I promised to make you the happiest man)). Honey, you see, we’ve made a very big step towards our meeting. Starting today,
the travel agent starts working with my documents. What d you feel?
Are you happy? I'm! I can tell you, I am emotionally compromised! I'm sorry that I signed the contract without getting your answer! I can not wait to see you. That’s why I could not wait any more and went to the agency early morning. I just wanted to make you happy. My feelings for you are sincere. I wanted to show the seriousness of my feelings.
I hope I did it? Eddy, the preparation of documents has already begun.
It is a very responsible period. It is necessary to do everything as the rules require, so that my visa is approved. I need to prepare all the documents, fill out the applications correctly, make all necessary inquiries. I do not regret that I decided to use the travel agency service. Because they know what to do. They are professionals. They help me a lot. Moreover, it is very convenient, so I will save a lot of time. So I will not be distracted from work. Now I need to work more, since I do not have enough money to pay for the second part of the trip cost. Within 10 days my international passport will be ready, and until that time I have to pay the rest of the amount. The agency gave me a list of documents I need to do myself. So all my spare time I will do it. I want to do everything well so that our meeting come true. I am looking forward to our meeting! I still can not believe that we will meet soon. Thousands kilometers will not divide us any more. We will be together, Eddy, we will be near each other! Sometimes I think it's just a dream. Honey, thank you for everything! You turned my life into a fairy tale! Soon we will have a new chapter in our life. Let's make our life a fairy tale with a happy ending! As for me I will try and do my best to realize this. I want to give you tenderness, care, affection and love! I want to share with you happiness and joy. I will support you and be with you in any difficulty situations. Soon we will be able to hug and kiss each other! Eddy, I really can not wait))! I want to feel the tenderness of your lips! We will breathe the same air! We will fall asleep and wake up together. What can be more joyful? Time with you will be the happiest time for me ... My darling, nobody knows that we are going to meet. I did not tell to anyone that I would fly to you. My mother always tells me that happiness loves silence. And you? Did you tell to anyone about our meeting? My colleagues say that I have changed a lot.
They ask me what happen with me, I keep silent. They notice that I am always smiling and look happy)). You know it becomes difficult to keep silent and I want to invite some colleagues over to my apartment. I want to tell them about everything. I hope you do not mind, do you?
Also, I need to talk to my boss. I need to tell him that I need a vacation. And most importantly, I need to tell my parents about my plans. It seems I need a day off to visit them. I'll let you know when I go to them. Eddy, I will have very busy days. I need to work more. I will do everything that is required of me for the trip. Maybe you also need to prepare for our meeting)). I'm counting down the days. I can not wait to see you. Our first meeting will be at the airport. I think that I'll be shy)). I'm so pleased to think about the meeting and represent it. A smile immediately appears on my face)). I can not think about anything else. You are always in my mind! Eddy, soon we will be together and this gives me the strength to work and prepare documents. Honey, I need to go. My brain is already with you! Honey, let me know what you think about that I have already signed the agreement with the travel agency. I need your opinion, my dear. I am looking forward to your reply. Gently kiss you! Have a nice day!
Assuring you of my best attention at all times.All the best,Tatyana
Letter 2
HeLLO Eddy=) I have a break so I have a chance to write you.
documents to the travel agency. I made photos for an international passport. Dear Eddy, everything is going well. I do everything that my travel agent asks me to do. Today my agent asked me when exactly I am planning to pay the rest 50 percent of the cost. I will give them an answer when I come next time. Because now I do not have enough money to pay. I need 620 US dollars. Tonight we are going to meet with my colleagues in a cafe. I will tell them about you and about my trip to you. You remember I told you that I want to tell them about changes in my life. My best friend Daria will come. I hope she can lent me money. We have been friends for a very long time. We always help and support each other in difficult situations. I hope she has an opportunity to help me. Over time, the debt will be repaid. Eddy, please do not worry about anything. I will try to cope with this problem myself. Honey, today I asked my boss to give me the day off to visit my parents. Perhaps tomorrow morning I will go to them. I want to tell them that I am preparing documents and I want to fly to you in the near future. I think they will be very happy for us! I'll tell you later about their reaction)). I am planning to go to them early morning and come back home in the evening. So I can write you the same day. Eddy, please continue writing me, when I arrive I will answer you. It is a pity I can not stay with parents for a couple of days. I have to work and prepare documents. I want everything to go well to make our meeting real. I believe that everything will be all right and soon we will be together! This will be the most beautiful time in our life, honey. I thank the fate for giving us the opportunity to meet each other. Unfortunately, not everyone can find their find love. We got the opportunity and I'm very happy! Despite the long distance we are together! You are always in my mind and heart! I am sure troubles with my trip develop our relations. But I know that any troubles just make our feeling stronger. The meeting will give us unforgettable emotions. My darling, I do everything to be together. I do everything from my heart. This all sake for you! I'm looking forward to the day when our hearts will put together! When we meet, we will be able to do everything we dreamed about. Thank you for making our dreams come true. I found a man with whom I want to be the rest of my life. This is the greatest joy in the life of every girl. Eddy, when we meet you will see how happy I am! Thank you for everything! Unfortunately, my break is over. Please write to me, and when I come from my parents, I will immediately answer you. Have a nice day my dear! I kiss you million times! Have a nice day!Bye for now,Tatyana
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