Scam letter(s) from Alina to Moun (Belgium)

Letter 1
I am interested in you:)Alina from Internationalcupid
Letter 2
Hello, Prethorian ,I hope you have easy and light day :)))
Glad to hear from you. We met with on dating site some times ago. I deleted my profile from there and I do not know why now I want to try one more time. I truly hope you are different and we will find a lot of happy moments together.
I will tell you little about me. I am easy going and positive woman. I am faithful, kind and romantic. I can be bright, burning and fun. Do not worry I will not burn you ;) I only will warm you my heart and my hands. I am happy when my man happy with me.
I am interested in you and I hope you will tell me about you and our acquaintance will bring something bright in our life :)))
Letter 3
Hello my darling!
I am glad to meet you here. Thank you very much for your interest to me :))) So pleasant to hear your compliments. Thank you for it I feel a beautiful and desirable woman now. I am happy you telling me about yourself it will help me to understand you easier :)))
I think we need to get to know each other))Tell me more about yourself))) Where you work and by whom?What are your Hobbies?What are you looking for in a woman?
About me, I live in a small town prominent. This place is close to Russian. border in the Luhansk region. My birthday is December 13th.
Now I am 29 years old. I have never been married, and I have no children. I have a younger sister and she married. True, she lives far away from me, in Western Ukraine. Because of the political situation, we do not communicate with her. And it saddens me greatly. My parents live with love all my life and I want to have such a family also. Now our life is simple, but we love each other and appreciate caring. and family.
I graduated a Pedagogical college and working in the kindergarten now.
I like my job and thankful my little pupils they helping me to forget about hardness our life here ;)))
I hope I will not scare you my story. I understand my life now far from American dream... ;) And I hope you will help me to make my life brighter and happily :))) I kiss you and wait for your answer impatiently.
Letter 4

Hello darling Moon!
You put a smile at my face when I saw your letter. Thank you very much for writing :))) Also thank you for answering my questions. I will be understand you easily now when I know more about your past life.
I would like to know more about your life, family, parents ... How about past relationships? How long have they been? What caused the separation?
As for me, my past relation ended about two years ago. I caught my an for cheating me ... with my best friend. This is classic story what made me a classic pain :))) Now I forgot about it and let it go. I am ready and open for new and happy relation.
I adore traveling. I would like to visit St Petersburg and see a wonderful nature Abkhazia. I want to breath this sweet air and swim in the crystal clear waters of a pristine nature. I like swim. It is always charge me a positive energy.
I would like to travel around the world and swim all oceans and seas our planet. So I want to buy some swimsuits and go to conquer the seas and oceans. I want to be most fascinating pirate and enchant you. Are you ready to be my captain in this raging life’s sea? I am waiting for your answer my … captain ;))
Alina with salt sea kiss
Letter 5
Hello my darling Moon !!!
I glad to hear from you and understand we have a good people on this planet. I feel many positive energy and from you too. I like you and will glad to continue a relation with you. World is going crazy and we see so many fault now.
Dear,I am in a difficult situation.My life after the war has changed a lot.And to survive and not die of hunger.I sold all my valuables.So for the moment,we do not communicate by Skype and smartphone I don't have too!I hope you will perceive the situation adequately and will not reject our communication.
My situation here is very difficult now and I need to ha ve a close man who can protect and support me. My darling now I know so many about you and your life. I need you more and more with every your letter. I understand you are my man who God gave me. I met you and I understand how many wonderful places in the world where people have a calm and happy life. In a such country people can think about family and will not afraid what will be tomorrow because in my place I do not know what can happened tomorrow. Because with my situation here...
Moon, I am ashamed to tell you, but I have difficulties with money. I have been delaying my salary for the second month and I can’t pay internet cafe now. I paid for each letter and cost more than pay up to one month. I know that I have to deal with it myself, but now I can't.
I just don’t know what to do, I'm afraid to lose you. I hope for your understanding. Sorry me my ask I am so shamed.
I hope you will understand all hardness my situation here. I am waiting for your answer soon.
Kiss you with love
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