Romance scam letter(s) from Oksana to Eddy (USA)
Letter 1
Hi, my honey You give me a good mood)) I wish you a good day !!!! It is unfortunate that you do not have time for me ... I was waiting for you every day! Why do you eat in Kiev ?? When?
How is your mood ??? How is your day??? I am very pleased to read your letters, much less answer them))
I feel that there is a spark between us, You attract me to yourself !! I like it!
This is a very pleasant feeling! I'm glad that we are talking I'll tell you a little more about myself I studied at the Donetsk State Institute of Health. I was educated in the specialty trainer and teacher of physical education and upbringing.
BUT I will tell you fair! It was not my wish. YES! I always go in for sports and this is my hobby. But I did not want to associate my profession with a hobby.
But I did it according to the parents' burdens.
After the institute, I already knew my profession. I wanted to always bring beauty to this world! And I went to a hairdresser's course!
It's been 10 months. I received a diploma with praise! And the teachers have always been proud of me.
Before the war, I traveled all over Ukraine. I took part in the congresses. And really took first place. I realized that this is my talent) That's how in my life I found a profession. Tell us now your little story from life
I'm interested ...
What type of vacation do you prefer?
Active sport?
Romantic dinner? Or wild sex during ? What qualities do you consider best in yourself? What kind of woman would you like to
close to you? I'm very interested to know So! I need to get back to work ...
I really like talking to you !!! I hope to see your answer soon !!
Can I kiss you!?????? LOL !!
Letter 2
And how do you picture it??
Firstly, you did not answer me for a long time! And now you offer me a meeting ? Such things need to be planned in advance! This is not done spontaneously!
I have a job and other things. I do not have the right to quit and go according to your call!
The same we are not familiar enough! You just ignored all the letters and questions. I do not think that this is normal!
I thought you were a decent man! But apparently you had many other women!
I'm not a call woman !!!
I really wanted to build a serious relationship with you! But you all ignored it!
Letter 3
My favorite! I really missed!!!
I will be glad to meet you. let's plan everything, honey!
Letter 4

So why didn’t you write anything ??
Where is your plan ?? how will we meet
How many days??
I found out that I need to make a pass to leave the military zone. It costs $ 230. I can’t afford it now. Can you help me?
Letter 5
I do not need only money! I need you! But I just asked you to help me with the trip !! It's so much??? or are you just sorry to help your beloved woman ??? I really don't have that opportunity! I don’t make that kind of money ... now I am crying and crying! You gave me hope for love and relationships .... I will still be waiting for you ... you are a special man for me!
I thought you were interested in our relationship ...
Letter 6
Hi dear Edy how are you ??)) how is the weather ???
Glad to see your letter dear !!!
I really missed you my dear !!! thanks for taking the time for me !!! How is your mood ??
my mood is at its best)) my working day has begun and while I have no clients, I drink coffee and write you a letter right now
Today is such an amazing day, it is very cold and sunny, today we see yellow leaves and sidewalks falling from trees))
It looks so beautiful
Soon my birthday is sweet ... I want you to be there. And I dream to receive a gift from you))) could you please me ??? Today I had a dream !!! guess who was there ??)))
Well of course you are! I see you only in a dream, which means that I think about you and I always dream))
In a dream, we finally met, I arrived at the airport where you stood, and tried to find me in person, and you were not mistaken)))
you recognized me right away, happy and smiling, among the crowd of people I was like the most red and beautiful rose
This is so amazing, this is really what I want !! I want us to meet, and then I will be happy You know that I am a serious woman, and my intentions are also very serious and sincere !!
I do not play games and do not want to have many years of correspondence! I really want a real meeting and a real life with you !!
I will make you the happiest person, I want to see only you next to me! until the end of life! Maybe I'm too sentimental (you thought), but you know, women are characterized by excessive romance)) And I think it's great
I would like to hear your opinion
I will be waiting for your reply !!! Have a nice day, I love you !!
All Oksana
Letter 7
hello my superhero Edy!

what are your plans for this day?I hope that everything is fine with you, because I think of you constantly and incredibly miss you!
My soul lacks something warm, bright, bright and pleasant! such a strong feeling of love !!
no, I feel love for you, but this feeling will only overflow when I see you you are the embodiment of all my dreams I'm crazy about you. And sometimes I can’t believe that I am worthy of such happiness as you.
Didn't you know that you could be someone else's happiness?
You can do everything ... You are my ideal. You have no flaws. Next week is my birthday! And I really look forward to your congratulations and gift)) what will you give me dear ??? I would like a dress or coat, maybe boots ???
I will be happy to receive a gift from my beloved man! It's so cute ??? I dream like a little girl every day, I dream about you, about my prince and about our meeting, I want this to happen so soon, I want to be the happiest, I want you to give me a fairy tale
but now I'm at my favorite job) waiting for my latest clients for today I am waiting for the end of the day to return home and get enough sleep
So what are you going to do ??
I wish you a good evening !! I love you very much and am waiting !! I look forward to it) kiss and hug you !! Oksana
Letter 8
Good day, dear Edy!!!!!!! Did you miss me ?? I hope that I dream of you at night After all, I see you in a dream almost every day
It was a weekend! so today I have to work until the late hour!
How did you spend your weekend ??? How is your mood ???
I was at mom's party. We cleaned a lot in the yard. But it started to rain. It was all day and had to cancel our plans.
and what are your plans ??? I hope you have good weather today !! My dear, do you remember the day we met you? This is the best day for me because he gave me you - the meaning of my life.
I want to tell you again that there is no one more important to me than you.
For me, the most important thing is that you be healthy and happy, therefore, for my part, I promise to do everything so that everything is just that.
Honey, I've never been so comfortable next to someone.
I am grateful to you for everything, therefore, in turn, I want to do everything so that you never feel or feel sad because it’s important for me to see you always happy and joyful.
Our life with you will be the brightest and most interesting, because I will do everything possible and impossible for this.
Just know that my love for you is unlimited !!!
I wait when we finally meet and our feelings light up like fire I will write you tomorrow! Have a nice day!
I love you and wait for you, my sweet one
your Oksana
Letter 9
Hello hello dear Edy
How are you?? How is the weather???
We already have cool weather ... NOW is winter .. I do not like the cold! Do you like winter?
But this year we were unlucky with snow, my dear!
Yes! Yesterday I laughed a lot about the situation ... yesterday my pipe exploded in the bathroom and I flooded a neighbor. I thought I would talk to him, and we will fix it.
In the morning he came and asked for money for repairs. He said that if I did not give him money. He will find me and win! Can you imagine what an asshole ????
I thought I would beat him in a forest chamber! lol
Of course, this is all a joke ... but I understand that it is really my fault. And you need to decide ...
I was hoping for your support. I’m not comfortable asking you for help. I'm not used to doing this!
But I ask you to help me ... I am very worried about this now.
I hope that I have chosen a worthy person! When I came to the Internet to find a man, I was very worried. Because I was terribly worried about it. I want my man to take care of me and love me. He gave me tenderness and care!

I ask a lot? I think no. Maybe you do not quite understand me ... or in the circumstances in which I live. But here every day I live dearly for me. Because every day to see corpses, explosions, to run, to sleep in the basement ... it is very scary! I never thought my life would be like that! really dream that our feelings are really mutual!
It's true .. and I really want to be with you! Kisses Oksana
Letter 10
Hi Hi Edy! How are you??
oh))) I’m very happy to see your letter !!! My mood is right up !!!
Honey ... thanks for the good news ... but it takes so long to wait, honey ... Like your weather?? We have several days of snow and a lot of snow and frost! Oh!! I urgently need your warmth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really want to sleep and drink delicious tea all the time This month they begin to delay their salaries ... this inconstancy has already bothered me. Today is Valentine's Day, and I am alone ... And soon my birthday will be, and I will be alone again .. ((( OH! TODAY Valentine's Day !! My sweet is our holiday !!!
I am happy that you are in my life!
You always give me love, tenderness and affection. You are just a real man with whom I am so lucky in life. My feelings for you are pure and sincere. I never loved anyone like that, it’s clear that you are my destiny. Today I decided to be the first to confess my love and I do not regret it. After all, my feelings are already full. You are the dearest person to me, and I will be very happy if I make you happy. I so want us to always be together and our hearts chatting in unison. I am waiting!!! Fair! I hope and expect you to come and kidnap me! LOL !!!!! Just kidding !!!
I love when I am in a good mood !!!
But now I’m sad .. I really want to receive a gift from you. And then I really know what is important to you! I hope that our feelings are mutual, and you will give me a small gift !!! When I close my eyes, I see you and our love. I think, in the world there is nothing stronger and stronger than our love.
I know you think too. I want to leave wherever you are alone with yourself, be with you and have a wonderful vacation there.
I really want this. There was no better person in my life, you are my best man !!!!!!!!!!! Kisses
Letter 11
Hello my dear Edy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh))) I’m very happy to see your letter !!! My mood is right up !!!
Honey ... why will my letters go? who writes to you a lot?
great news! when will you ride ??
Am I getting into your plans? Yesterday I missed the third step of yoga ... yesterday I was very tired and came home very late! My morning began again with the cries of a neighbor To be honest, I'm very tired.
In fact, I did not contradict man. And I can’t cry. I am very tired.
Quarrels and conflicts destroy me energetically. I miss you next to me!
Every day I dream that you come to my house, hug me and kiss me. And never leave. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I better always be with you !!!!! In addition, I often imagine how we meet at the airport. Oh my god! How many airports have seen tears of happiness and tears of separation. ))))
But it seems to me that my tears will be the happiest. Ahahahaha. Happy tears. Sounds funny!
Recently, it has become my dream! Edy Maybe it will be realized soon? I want to know your word !!!!! Ah, a little sadness in my heart. I do not know why. Probably because I miss you!
I'm so tired of sitting in this small town devastated by the war.
It is unbearable !!! Now it's cold. And after last year's shelling, our house was wounded. And torn heating pipes.
I do not know why this furious winter began! Although already on the street -25. Even a delay in wages. (((((
So, welcome to Ukraine! Only here people love prisoners of concentration camps. Only we still do not burn plates!
And so a few people have already died of hunger. (((((
It is difficult to live in a war in the occupied territory, it is difficult to look at other peaceful cities of Ukraine
Their life has not changed! They go to cafes, restaurants. Young people get up in the morning when you watch a movie ..!
"I'm legend" ????
This is my city last year! Now, thank God, things are getting easier. Some returned to their homes. What's new Edy??? How was your day? I love you!
Always yours Kisses
Letter 12
Hello Edy! How did your new month begin? All is well???
Sweet ... horror with this virus. In Ukraine, he also is .. very strange and dangerously cute. but I noticed that deaths are increasing. you need to wash your hands constantly. and stay away from people who are sick.
Today I went to work. Now I have a few minutes to write you a letter!
International Women's Day is coming !!! And no one gives me presents! So at least give yourself a present!
on the eve of International Women's Day ... I will be glad to receive a gift from you, my dear)) Have you thought about this? How did your day start?
I came home from work, on the street there was a strong wind with snow ...
I did not put on a hat because I forgot it at home ... Dear, I was very worried about the wind in my ears and head ... (((Today I feel bad ... In the morning I woke up from a loud sound, at first I was very scared ... because in our real life something can be expected ... But I was not mistaken, at 4 o'clock in the morning our city mine exploded. Dear, every day I understand more and more how dangerous it is to live here. I'm terribly scared !!!!
You are my man who will always protect me !!!! I really dream that you save me and become my hero for life! It’s really hard for me to experience it morally! We kept our attachments in letters for a long time, and I'm starting to think about our meeting! Do you think a lot about this ??? Now I want to know your opinion!
I think that there are no ideal people with an excellent character, but what I want will also be with you. And I am sure that we can share everything - not only good, but also bad, to be together not only during happiness, but also during despair. I see that our feelings are mutual. I want to give you a lot of happiness. We just need to get through this remote barrier! I love you, my sunny, and I know that it is mutual! Have a nice day. And I am waiting for your reply!
Letter 13
Hello my dear !!!!
How are you? How's your day???
How do you usually spend your weekend honey ???
Ya miss you so much ... why don't you answer me for so long?
Really looking forward to your reply! Oksana
Letter 14
Hi dear Edy...
oh))) I’m very happy to see your letter !!! My mood is right up !!!
Sweet ... horror with this virus. In Ukraine, he also is .. very strange and dangerously cute. but I noticed that deaths are increasing. you need to wash your hands constantly. and stay away from people who are sick.
thanks for your words. I also want to be with you as soon as possible. but we don’t do anything for this ... I can’t make you dear ...
I'm tired of being alone too. And because of this, I often have no mood. There is a feeling that nobody needs me ... Today I woke up in a good mood and thought about you! But in the morning I often have a headache. This is normal??? Do you have this? Yesterday I arrived home very late ... I'm tired today .. I really do not have enough good rest and your hands! So now I'm at work. I have time to write to you!
Darling, how is your day? Today I didn’t have Internet for half a day. And I could not write you a letter ... it terribly annoys me!
Because every day the connection and the Internet are only getting worse ... that's why I ask you to help me buy a phone. An attack occurred in my city yesterday. Now all the people are in a panic. They gathered and left. Many people. Maybe I would do that too. But it is so hard!
I'm really scared ... and I'm falling asleep, I think ... I can wake up the next morning. I only dream that our relationship will be the best event in my life !!! Dear, I dream to save me from war.
Of course, this is not a big dream! But a drop would be very good if all the suffering ended. I think many people are waiting for this !!! But now is not about that! Something I was sweating and I was already called to work! Lol! But I do not want to leave at all. And I want to write you letters in a kilometer! lol
Because a small letter is not enough to express all my feelings!
My bad astronomy affects writing ... but also secretly ... I hope that you are really serious about me and we will meet soon !!!
What are you saying ????????
I'm waiting for your answer... Have a nice day !!! Oksana
Letter 15
Hello my dear !!
don’t know how soon the virus will stop. but I already run out of products and no salary. I’m in a very bad situation! and nobody can help me ... I want to cry and cry ... How was your day? I want to say thanks!
Are you surprised? Thank you for being with me! Thank you for your kind words.
It is very important for me. It is very difficult to find the right person. And I really hope that you are my man! I would like to see this understanding of the couple. I can feel it between us. And you???!!
You feel? I have been looking for this for a long time. I'm desperate. I thought that perhaps all my life I will be left alone.
But now I have hope in my heart. Hope you don’t break my heart ??? Look after her!

Do you know what I like in the morning? Because it starts with memories of you. Do you know that I love this day?
Because at this time of the day I expected you to receive a beautiful letter. Why do I like the evening?
Because I feel a gentle longing for you. And I love night because you came to me in passionate dreams ...
But today my morning was terrible! This is one of the reasons for the delay in my letter!
The situation is such that I woke up from loud explosions! And to be honest, I thought that now the military is coming and destroying everything in its path! It was very scary for me! So I had to wait for the whole situation. And in the evening they come to work ... Oh! It's very scary!
Nevertheless, because of this virus, they promise to close everything. forbidden to walk on the street ... it's terrible. but all precautions must be followed.
Such news ...
I want to wake up and see you, my dear! Many kisses
Letter 16
We have the same situation, dear. we also have a virus and quarantine.
They want to close everything. And people who go to work are fined. I don’t know how to live on. There is no saving!
Letter 17
Hello my dear !!

How are you???
You know, this is very surprising, but today I am in a great mood !!! Lol
But in the morning I woke up with a headache ... and it was cloudy on the street. I think my head hurts due to sudden changes in the weather. How are you my dear ?? How is your mood ???
How was easter?
We have a holiday this weekend.
In the morning I went to rest ... and began to mentally make love to you
... after a pleasant excitement in the shower, we entered the room. Light red silk fabric was worn on a table lamp, giving the bedroom an oriental motif.
I put you on a terry sheet on my stomach, sat by the bed and began to stroke your head slightly, stretching the muscles of my neck ...
Then he hit his arm with aromatic massage oil, lubricating them not only with his palm, but also with her chest, belly ... with my whole body ... I want you to put them on, absorbing male energy and giving ....,
Now I’m moving on to rotational massage, wide palm movements ... forearms ... warming up muscles more ...
I sit at your feet, start stroking my ankles, approaching my hips. You lie relaxed, moaning with pleasure, and my touch excites you more and more ... Now I am limited by the strong movements of the muscles of the buttocks ....
and I begin to slide all over my body on my back, slightly touching the chest of my buttocks ... back to the back of my head ... I feel that the excitement covers you more and more ...
I'm running away from you ... Turn to me, please ...
I want you to look at me ... I put oil in my hand and, without taking my eyes off you, apply gentle movements to my chest, stomach ... hips ... this gives our passion even more intensity. ..
And I begin to glide over you, constantly touching and teasing your powerful weapon, long ready to pierce my body.
I'll slip in, kiss you, your greedy lips speak of desire ... but no, no, dear. extend the game ...
Sliding down, I hold my lips on the swollen, demanding flesh, moistening it with saliva ... and gently touching the palms of my hands, gently and quickly caressing it. My lips caress my head, taking it inside ... She oozes with copper grease, God, you also groan with pleasure, I increase the pace and passion ... that's all! You can't take it anymore. Come to me, dear, I am yours. I quickly agree with our favorite position, and you gently but energetically burst into the back of my long-prepared lark on your part for the explosion ... our pace was initially fast and demanding. Oh my strong man, you brought your woman tightly hugging her waist. And this is an explosion and groan, you are deep in me. I feel the heat and throb in me, getting drunk from your heart ... how I am filled with your precious gift. A little peace, I hug, and you, having gained strength, know how difficult it is, caress me ... what happiness, how good, waves of bliss are stronger ... Today you were especially generous - filled my thirsty chest and now precious drops make your hand movements are even more tender ... bigger, bigger ... and now ... and my salute. How I love you, how much I do not want, at this moment I wanted to tell you what gratitude I feel. Like me, all your priceless gift of orgasm eagerly sucks my mom ... And I like a full kitten, folded in her arms, dear!
I want you my darling !!!!!!!
Waiting for your reply !!!
My kisses ....
Letter 18
Hi my sweet ! How are you??
You know, I’m already in a good mood, and I’m going crazy, expecting spring! Now the weather is nice, and it only makes us happy!
Today is a cloudy day, but I'm in a good mood!
I hope you too!
Easter tomorrow, but this year will be boring ... it’s forbidden even to go to church.
I am proud that I have you! And I am very glad that our feelings are mutual!
For me, you are the last hope (((I hope ... I really hope that you will help me ... But I am complacent, I usually pay bills and buy food for myself ( I am very glad that you were such a sincere and kind person.
I am always happy to write you a letter and look forward to new letters from you!
I am sure that our meeting will be unforgettable!
We are the happiest people in the world. Hundreds of kilometers between us
But this does not prevent us from being together, no matter what!
What I feel for you cannot be expressed in words. I did not feel anything like it.
I just know that with you I will find happiness and reliability!
Have a nice weekend! Oksana
Letter 19
Hello my dear! How do you??
How was your day yesterday ??
I understand you ...
And there wasn’t even any money left for groceries ...
How do you??? What did you do on the weekend ???
Yesterday I had a very difficult day !!! I was very tired and could not get out of bed this morning! I didn’t even hear the alarm! Do you have this ??
At work, we made a scandal with the authorities for not giving us salaries for the holidays. He later fired 2 people ... a very strange person. Do you have May holidays ??? We have Labor Day. and ahead will be Victory Day.
On these holidays we usually go to the park for a picnic! This is the season of barbecue and barbecue! But nothing will be quarantined. And now I'm starting to panic! Because it’s really a few days of our vacation, but I can’t even buy food!
I eat only one porridge ... ((( Today I woke up, the first thought was about you. This thought is very good.
The mood, and I'm so glad that I have thoughts about you. I realized that I found a man
Which draws attention to me and to which I also feel my feelings.
You know, I thought about our meeting and dreamed about it. I like to dream about it. It would be great if you were around!

Dear, I will finish my letter here and look forward to your reply!
I send you the most tender, passionate hot kisses with all my love! Oksana
Letter 20
Hello my dear!
Are you okay???
How can an airport be opened? the whole world is closed. But will the airport in Kiev be open?
Finally, I can write to you!
Because of the holidays there were many things, and I could not answer you!
May holidays are special days for us! And everyone is waiting for the summer! And in the stat on the street it is already very warm! And we go in t-shirts! This year is a very beautiful spring!
How are you dear ??? Did you miss me????
It was raining on Saturday, and so I was just sweet at home.
What did you do on the weekend? I watched the news, and it became clear that the quarantines in the world were weakened. this is good news. Hope it all ends soon.
What will you do today ?
I came to work to write to you. and I am very glad to see your answer.
Oh dear, I miss you! I would like to wake up in your arms! I was cold without you!
I want to feel the warmth of your body, and in the morning I wake up from your kisses.
In the morning I will make strong coffee! We are planning a day together!
But now I need to clean the house a bit and freshen up!
Dear, I look forward to new messages and photos from you. You're always in my head
and most importantly, you are in my heart! Oksana
Letter 21
Hello my dear Edy!
how are you? Things are good? I miss you my dear!

Did you have a good rest??? I was very tired and did not sleep! I have crazy leg pain and I need to urgently treat it !!!
The weekend was busy. a lot of military equipment was brought to our city. we completely disconnected the connection. We could not even call each other! I want to wake up early in the morning and feel your hands! Will you not let me get out of bed? Mmmm! YES! I know YES! So! Today is a new day and new opportunities! I need to go to the doctor. I have already visited it several times. and now I have to pay the doctor
I'm tired of him and want to hide! lol
I don’t even know who to turn to for help! What to do?? What do you think???
This is a big amount for me and 2 of my salaries! which I do not have 4 months Today I need to understand this work and understand. I can not ignore this situation. Now a lot has hit me, but I will always think about you.
Even if I'm busy, you're always in my thoughts.
I really like what you write in your letters. I really hope that we will give each other
chance to be happy together. It is not easy to find your soul
buddy and true love, but if you do this, then you must do everything you can,
so you won’t lose this treasure, soul mate Edy.
I am a serious girl, and I need a serious relationship. I want to be happy with you Edy! Oksana
Letter 22
Hello my dear Edy! How do you?? How was your day yesterday ??
we don’t have the weather like yours we have stan May and it’s very cold.
How do you??? What was the weekend ???
Yesterday I had a very difficult day !!! I was very tired and could not get out of bed this morning!
I went through the dishes in the kitchen cabinet at home. even went for a walk in the park. you imagine??
how is your quarantined environment ??
but I can’t even buy food!
I eat only one porridge ... ((( Today I woke up, the first thought was about you. This thought is very good.
The mood, and I'm so glad that I have thoughts about you. I realized that I found a man
Which draws attention to me and to which I also feel my feelings.
You know, I thought about our meeting and dreamed about it. I like to dream about it. It would be great if you were around! Dear, I will finish my letter here and look forward to your reply!
I send you the most tender, passionate hot kisses with all my love!
Many kisses Oksana
Letter 23
HI Edy!!!
Are you seriously? what rash? did you go to the doctor honey?
I know that you are busy! But I'm glad you did not forget about me!
Yes, I sleep naked! And it is very dangerous! and a lot of passionate thoughts in my head! I want to tell you a little about it!
We met a long time ago! we are in love, but we have not had the first night, and this step should be very big! You also realized that I am ready and want to make this day special! You have prepared a candlelight dinner with champagne and great food for us. One room in your house is closed, and you do not allow me to visit the bathroom :) You said it was a secret! When we are done with the food, you ask me to rest! I agree with this. You take me to the bathroom, and when you open it, I see a large bathtub with warm water and rose petals! You slowly undress me and admire my body because you see it naked for the first time. You kiss my breasts and my lips. We will rest a bit, and then you will want to please me the first time! You turned me off and made me stay in cancer. You enter quickly, and we begin to move.
You caress my clit and squeeze my ass. I feel
it's great to feel in me and move fast and fast.
I start to moan because I have a first pleasure with my loved ones person. You feel my tight pussy squeezing your masculinity and you end up with me! We are both so excited and so tired. We rest in bed and then go take a shower together to continue our love for all night long. How do you ???? Do you want it ??? Write me your feelings! Oksana
Letter 24
HI Edy!!! HI!!! HI!!!
I'm glad you found a new job. I hope you will succeed. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find something new here ...
Why should I get cancer? what are you talking about ???
My dear ... we had an incomprehensible attack in the city. And now it continues. They turned off the network, the Internet and the lights. It is forbidden to move around the city. There are not even buses. We do not know what is going on. But this morning the Internet appeared. And I'm glad to write you my love!
How do you feel???? And another day passed without you ....
It is very sad!
my dear, join us! What a pity that you're so far away ((
Today I woke up in a good mood and thought about you!
Sometimes fate is unfair, it separates people who love each other so much! I really miss you!
So now I'm at work. I have time to write to you! After i
I will start to work!
Therefore, I am writing you a letter with a cup of fragrant drink in my hand
I just started my work day. Filled out report and other documents)
my work is connected not only with people, but I need to deal with tons of paper) that need to be filled daily I so dream to wake up in the morning, on my day off, to feel your kisses all over my body in the most erogenous and intimate parts of my body), when I imagine it, goosebumps pierce my body and I start to worry
What are you planning for the weekend ???
Have a nice day !!!
I hope you are well !!!
Many kisses!!! Oksana
Letter 25
will you have a job? I congratulate you my dear!
how are you today? things are good ??
How do you feel???
Yesterday I was in a very good mood. But I did not expect my day to be much more difficult! After work, I went home yesterday. Mom said you need to go to your grandmother and help cover the roof with a bag. The roof is rotten. And the house gets water. Because yesterday it was a whole day of rain. The whole house is in the water. Water was really knee-deep. Yesterday I was very upset ...
I also found out that my phone is not working. There simply is no network. Today I will go to the office of a mobile phone and try to find out. I am writing you a letter, and I'm getting bored. I want to hug, kiss, hear your native voice. You are far and close to me heart and soul, but I cannot touch you. I look forward to meeting with impatience, like a New Year's child or birthday. What are your plans ?? I plan to visit my grandmother again)) as usual)) she misses me very much
Over the weekend they promise rain again! I am in shock. I will have a "fun"! rjunimagu And I so want to be with you, my dear
Sometimes you want to be near tears. I miss, I'm sad!
But then I remember your letters, I smile ...... .. I, warmly, easily, joyfully and calmly ... love you!
I look forward to your letter I wish you a great day
Letter 26
Hellooo-Hellooooo my bunny Edy

how are you today ???)) is everything all right ? Today my morning began in a bad mood ... I woke up and saw spots on my body. I had such a year ago. and so every year. He is allergic to dust ... My arm is swollen and I can’t do anything ... I’m very upset ... Because spots appear and appear.
I urgently need to go to the doctor and buy medicine. But I do not have money for it ... Now all the medicine was paid! And here I do not know what insurance is !!!
I managed to give all the money to pay bills for the week. And I bought some food ...
Now I'm completely upset. Now I am sitting, looking at the letter and crying ... I hope that you will help me with my hero. Is it possible ??? What is the weather like in your city? I hope you are not cold !!
I will be honest, dear, I am very tired of being alone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I do not like loneliness !! I want you to hug me and kiss me every day)
I got to know the work and helped carry the heavy bag! I want you. a real man next to me! I am very glad that I met you, but this is a huge distance between us ...
Oh, I want to get over it as soon as possible !!!
make you coffee or tea in the morning while you are still sleeping))
you wake up and see me in some stockings absolutely without clothes))
I give you a morning drink)) The day started perfectly, yes ??????
Or vice versa, you wake up first and wake me with kisses on my body
All lower, lower and I wake up with a sense of orgasm !!!!!!!!! I want our every morning to start that way !!!!!!!!! I'm waiting for you dear!
Letter 27
Hello my best man Edy !!!!
How is your move? no, I did not talk about cancer. maybe I didn't translate the text correctly. but i don't have it how are you ??? how was your weekend ???
I was tormented by my tooth. He constantly bothers me ... I applied cold ice and drank tea with chamomile. but that's enough for half an hour.
Yesterday I came home from work around 9 pm. And just fell into bed. But today I woke up well and there is no fatigue!
Yesterday I was with my mother in the garden and vegetable garden. This summer, you constantly need to care for and grow vegetables.
I decided to check out the new technique. In the middle of the working day, I begin to study. Because the back, legs and arms get tired all day.
Now I give 10 minutes to stretch my body. And already this week I feel different After all, our life is a movement))) Maybe you are doing something similar too ??? Tell me too)) The director again delays our salary, it is so inadequate ((
then I will go to my friend again))
she will prepare soup from vegetables)) it is so interesting and important that it is delicious
SO will I be a taster? The weather today is very hot !! I would like to go naked in front of you! rjunimagu
I need you so much, as in the air I receive your letters, and for me it is like a sip of water in a hot desert. I have to get back to work. Honey I will write to you later, I love you!
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