Scam Letter(s) from Oksana to Eddy (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi, my honey

You give me a good mood)) I wish you a good day !!!!

It is unfortunate that you do not have time for me ... I was waiting for you every day! Why do you eat in Kiev ?? When?
How is your mood ??? How is your day???

I am very pleased to read your letters, much less answer them))
I feel that there is a spark between us, You attract me to yourself !! I like it!
This is a very pleasant feeling! I'm glad that we are talking

I'll tell you a little more about myself

I studied at the Donetsk State Institute of Health. I was educated in the specialty trainer and teacher of physical education and upbringing.
BUT I will tell you fair! It was not my wish. YES! I always go in for sports and this is my hobby. But I did not want to associate my profession with a hobby.
But I did it according to the parents' burdens.
After the institute, I already knew my profession. I wanted to always bring beauty to this world! And I went to a hairdresser's course!
It's been 10 months. I received a diploma with praise! And the teachers have always been proud of me.
Before the war, I traveled all over Ukraine. I took part in the congresses. And really took first place. I realized that this is my talent) That's how in my life I found a profession.

Tell us now your little story from life
I'm interested ...
What type of vacation do you prefer?
Active sport?
Romantic dinner? Or wild sex during ?

What qualities do you consider best in yourself? What kind of woman would you like to
close to you? I'm very interested to know

So! I need to get back to work ...
I really like talking to you !!! I hope to see your answer soon !!
Can I kiss you!?????? LOL !!

Letter 2

And how do you picture it??
Firstly, you did not answer me for a long time! And now you offer me a meeting ? Such things need to be planned in advance! This is not done spontaneously!
I have a job and other things. I do not have the right to quit and go according to your call!
The same we are not familiar enough! You just ignored all the letters and questions. I do not think that this is normal!
I thought you were a decent man! But apparently you had many other women!
I'm not a call woman !!!
I really wanted to build a serious relationship with you! But you all ignored it!

Letter 3

My favorite! I really missed!!!
I will be glad to meet you. let's plan everything, honey!

Letter 4

So why didn’t you write anything ??
Where is your plan ?? how will we meet
How many days??
I found out that I need to make a pass to leave the military zone. It costs $ 230. I can’t afford it now. Can you help me?

Letter 5

I do not need only money! I need you! But I just asked you to help me with the trip !! It's so much??? or are you just sorry to help your beloved woman ??? I really don't have that opportunity! I don’t make that kind of money ... now I am crying and crying! You gave me hope for love and relationships .... I will still be waiting for you ... you are a special man for me!
I thought you were interested in our relationship ...



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