Romance scam letter(s) from Ludmila to Eddy (USA)
Letter 1
Hello my future husband! Oh, or am I too ahead of time?
You give me a good mood)) I wish you good Yes time flies quickly ... I was really waiting for you! And I thought that you forgot about me! Why didn’t you say anything about my letter? How's your day? What are you thinking about?
I so like to read your letters! It brings inspiration for the whole day!
It seems to me that we have a lot in common! Wow, I just love it!
Do you feel that there is the same spark between us? I want to tell you a little more about my life! Since childhood, I very much loved to draw! I always dreamed of being a stylist! To emphasize to people their real beauty) Oh, some will need a lot of makeup to do it) Lol! I hope you smiled?
I really like it when you have a good mood, because a girl should always give a man only pleasant emotions) But it was such a life that my parents decided for me! I studied at the Donetsk University of Economics! It was so boring for me! Lol Later I finished make-up courses! My girlfriend took me to work in her salon, the administrator! Now I'm not working full-time! I try to take care more about my son and give it a lot of time! I'm just grateful to the fate that I have parents who often help me in this! Even before the war, I traveled to some cities in Ukraine. Several times I was at sea! It's just a great time in my life! I so want to know more about you! Will you tell me this?
What qualities do you appreciate in girls?
Should a girl be passionate for you?
Do you travel often?
In which countries have you been before? I hope you liked the letter about my life! I would very much like to send along part of myself! You do not mind? Kisses Luda - Your Love
Letter 2
On Monday??
You are very funny ... normal people are planning an appointment in advance. but apparently it's not you
Letter 3
What did you plan? With whom??
probably you are confusing me with someone ...
I thought you were a serious man. But apparently I was wrong.
Letter 4

My favorite! I really missed!!!
Why didn't you plan anything with me ?? such a trip cannot be spontaneous! It is very far from me.
let's plan everything now
Letter 5
HIII my love !!! My favorite! I really missed !!! sorry for being late with the letter! I really missed you ... but I had a vacation at home. I could not write to you. But now I'm with you my dear! Did you miss me ???
I would be very glad to meet you my dear !!! But the meeting is always planned! Why didn’t you do this ??
What does it mean where am I ??? Do not you remember where I live ??
How are you?? How are you feeling? What's the matter? What did you do on the weekend ??
I had a good vacation) a lot of things have been done. home) Mom and Sasha were glad that we spent so much time together!
I wish we were all with you soon. spent time together Like a real big family!
I hope you are in a good mood today!
I have a little lunch break, I drink coffee, read the news and write you a letter !! I need to do everything at the same time to do this))
I cooked baked chicken with garlic and spices, boiled rice and some fresh vegetables, this is my lunch today)
What do you eat ??) the weather is wonderful today! finally, it is not a severe cold or hellish heat. but something average, about 20 degrees in the morning and I'm comfortable)
I miss you so much. expensive!!! I really want to see you in real life! You have become so dear to me, you know how much I am attached to you emotionally. My heart strives for yours, my heart feels yours even for thousands of miles !!!
I feel that he wants to jump out and rush to you I miss you my darling! Especially when you do not write to me, I start to worry! If you were with me, I would not be worried every time you
Do not call me. But there is a great distance between us. It is very important for me to be in touch with you. You are my world! You are my dream,
It will come true soon! Have a nice day! And I hope to hear from you soon!
I send you my kisses
Letter 6
So nice to see your quick reply my dear !!!
Why are you talking so bad about me ??? I do not need only money! I need you! But I just asked you to help me with the trip !! It's so much??? or are you just sorry to help your beloved woman ??? I really don't have that opportunity! I don’t make that kind of money ... now I am crying and crying! You gave me hope for love and relationships .... I will still be waiting for you ... you are a special man for me!
I thought you were interested in our relationship ...
Letter 7
Hi sunshine Edy!! How are you? All is well? I miss you so much!!!
What is your mood???
Have you already planned a weekend ???
Tomorrow is the last weekend of summer. I need to go to the market and finish shopping for Sasha in kindergarten.
Unfortunately, I had to spend all my money. There is absolutely no life ... I hope you help me. but apparently this does not bother you. Evening, and I have so many thoughts about you! Today I started thinking about you in the morning, and it would be successful to fulfill all dreams and wishes!
Honey, are you setting goals? I am used to achieving my goals. For example me
Think about what I need to do this month, pay for renting an apartment so that everything works tasks, pay some money for an animal shelter, buy a sexy kit for your eyes when we together These are small little plans, but at the same time it has to be done!

From childhood, I felt that I would meet a foreigner, and he would become my prince.
I tried to learn English! I had no other choice! At my school, these were only English lessons!
And I always tried to study well, get high marks!
Honey, I'm so glad to know you! Have a nice day! I love you so much and can't wait to be together! Lyudmila
Letter 8
Good afternoon Edy!! How are you dear ??
Everything is fine?
My sweet To meet up. then people usually plan ahead. I hope you understand that.
Why don’t you answer anything to my letters and words ??
Well, now the time has come in the morning ... I feel like a bird fly, my mood rises!
I realized that life is beautiful, life is bright, life is beautiful !! Because I am alive, because my closest people are healthy and alive!
Because I have YOU, my king, and I know that our future will be very cheerful, fabulous and happy !!! I had only good thoughts about us, and I know that everything will be fine between us. There will be a family and will always love each other !!
I believe that we are soul mates. I know you think that we could be together in a past life. I don’t know this, but I think that we are one and the same - ying and yang / black and white / left and right / and all other pairs that exist in this world. We must be together as a whole to make us one, and I think that our tastes are different, because we are two separate parts of each other, which together will create a much better “whole” spirit !!!!! What are your plans for today? I think this is something great ???
Have you already thought what you will do on the weekend ??? I have not received a salary for several months. Yes, this is a long period without money, money, to buy food and pay utility bills! You need to enter the market, at the weekend of which. to see prices for warm clothes. I urgently need to buy something, at least for Sasha ...
Tell me please! But I do not want to lower your mood! I'm just sharing sad moments with you! But I believe that everyone should build a future for themselves!
That's the right decision! Well darling! Let's dream about us and only about us ... all problems will disappear when we are together !! I kiss you! Have a nice day! Thinking of me please!
Me too! Let's do it! Lyudmila
Letter 9
Hi dear Edy!
So unpleasant to read your letter ..
I think that this will be my last letter!
I do not see that you are serious about me!
Because I thought you were my man! My man must take care of me. Do not play games ... No!
I do not want to take your money, no. I am a hardworking woman, I have always worked and will work.
Yes, I get not a decent and small salary. I'm not guilty that I live such a life!
Because I have no options! I have a salary for my needs. You live in another world, on another planet. You do not know how to live in a war ..
I thought you were my close friend, so I told you about my problems !!! I believed you ... You can eat good food, wear beautiful clothes, and your girl sits in a bomb shelter and does not have a penny to buy food.
So, I decided to ask you to help me in creating
Documents, leave all this terrible horror, create a family, live in love and happiness .. Make my man the happiest! And be a happy woman!
I've decided about it, and now I see you do not care about it,
You want to go the easy way, without understanding and helping, it's your life and your choice .. I saw your smart, intelligent, attractive man, I sincerely
I thought that we could be a good couple, but everything was fine before I asked you for help. I do not know, and I do not want to know about your past, I had a bad relationship, and I was deceived several times ..
Thank you my dear, you gave me another lesson that you can not trust and open your soul to people !!!
But it was our past, we need to see in the future and start a new page in our life ... I'm sure that I can find a man who will really make me happy for life and save me from this terrible war! That's it this man will forever be my hero!
I wish you happiness and wish you all the best ... I just want you to know that the relationship is not to share good moments, but bad too.
I was sure that you are my man ... But you showed me your other side ... All the best
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