Scam letter(s) from Elmira Zhatykova to Sanjay (India)

Letter 1
Today is not a good day for me. And I have no good news for you ((( I tried, but I have a setback today!
Let me start from the beginning. I came to the embassy at 10: 00. Went to the office visa. I paid 70 Euro. And I got my visa. Everything went smoothly.
Then I returned to the visa department and received a health insurance, paid 120 euros for it.
Then I drove to the airport.
I was told that this is a tourist visa and I have to buy a Ticket.
I bought a ticket for Thursday, August 29!!!!!!!!!!
And visa and insurance for a period of 30 days. They told me to go to you, at least you must have a standard of living.
I'm told it's 50 euros a day. I have to show the availability of 1500 Euro with me !!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was overwhelmed by the news !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I expected the money to be shown,but not so much! I have 330 euros with me.
You're in your pocket, but that's not enough ..... And you still have to look for 1170 euros.
Then I said I'd visit my friend. But I was told that I can't make a bridal Visa today. It's half a year waiting and sharing photos.
I can only make a tourist visa. And she's ready for me.
I left the airport Department in a bad mood !!! It's really hard to recognize it!
This law now applies to all airports of Kazakhstan.
I do not know why it is possible that the government has passed the law on sanctions against our country and that countermeasures have been taken to travel to other European countries.
I repeat that it is not a message that shows money. This is the airport, the customs control. 1170 euros are needed.
I don't know where to take all the money. I didn't want to ask you. But there is no other choice.
Please help me. Would you send me 1170 euros, please? These funds are only for what I was allowed to leave Kazakhstan. I'm not going to spend any money.
Show only at the airport. Please help !!!!!!!!!!!! If you help me, I'll be with you on August 29th, and I'll be able to give you all the money back.
I didn't hunt for money just to show it! I wrote you right away because I'm totally open to you! I have no secrets and no secret thoughts.
I'm told you can transfer money through the MoneyGram Department. It's the best way to transfer money. All you have to do is find Moneygram.
And send him to my name. Elmira Zhatykova They give you a secret password. It's safe and fast. That's what I was told in the bank branch.
I ask you to send money today or tomorrow. Finally, I need time to do everything for the flight, the papers complete the registration. The Ticket is already on August 29th!!!!
I hope for you! I have no one asking for more money. I know parents don't have money.
And my mother has a sick heart, I don't want to disappoint you! This Situation can damage your health! I've never met you, but I feel very close to you !!!!!!
Today is a very nervous day. I want to rest a little. I'll see a letter from you tonight with great hope! Very great hope only for you! Your Elmira!!!!!
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