Romance scam letter(s) from Anastasia to Jim (Canada)
Letter 1
Hi. How is your mood? What are you doing?
I would like to get to know you a bit more. My name is Anastasia. I am a beautiful girl. I'm looking to find love
I found your e-mail. on a dating agency. I would be glad to receive a reply
I want to tell about myself,I want to to find a loving husband, My home country is Russia
In my previous relation I had bad man
I want a serious relationship, I would love to have a strong family.
I hope you're a serious man,I hope happiness will find us
I dream, to know you, get to know you closer
I can upload a photo of myself when you Email to me, I am hoping all things will work out for you Respectfully, Anastasia
Letter 2
Hello Jim!
I am very pleased to see your letter! Seeing your letter I was in a good mood!
I am very glad that we began our acquaintance! I will be glad to continue our dialogue with you! Now I will tell you a little about myself !!!
My name is Anastasia! I am 30 years old! My birthday is 11/14/1988! And when is your birthday?
I live in Russia in the Tyumen region in the city of Tobolsk! It is a small town with a population of approximately 100,000 people. I love my city very much! and this is my homeland!
It is located at a distance of 1859 kilometers from Moscow! My city is not very well developed!
What city do you live in? Is your city big?
I've never been married! I have no children.
I love to play sports and I really like to keep myself in shape! Sport helps me feel great!
Can you tell me a little about yourself? Have you been married? Do you have children?
I want to know as much as possible about you ... I do not want to spend my time on a man who writes for fun.
For acquaintance, I am serious. Men tried to get acquainted with me, who were interested only in my photos, they saw in me not a woman, but only a sexual object. I don't need this! Also, I will not send my nude photos.
I am looking for only serious relationship ! I hope you understand me!
I hope that we will learn about each other as much as possible! And it will be mutual!
I really want to continue to communicate with you! I hope this desire is mutual?
Please tell me more about your life and your hobbies! I will be pleased to read about it!
I will wait for your reply to my letter! Of course I will be very pleased to see your photos!
Please send me your photos!
I send you my little video. I hope you will be pleased to see me.
I look forward to your letter! :-)
your new friend Anastasia.
Letter 3
Hello Jim!!!:-)
Today, I am very happy to see your message and my mood increased by 100 percent !!! :)
It is very nice for me that you write to me and give me your attention.
I am very glad that you answered my humble letter!
I am very sorry for your dog. She was very sweet. I understand your feelings. I'm sorry.
I am very interested to read your letter! Our first letters should be remembered by us for a long time!
The acquisition of a new friend is already a great event in life. all this is new to me! I first meet a man on the Internet!
I will try to talk in detail about myself in my letters! I hope for reciprocity !!!
My job. I work as an auto mechanic! :-) I know that this is not exactly a female job. Many people are surprised when they see me working in the service station. :-) My work fully satisfies me now. I love my job. I have my car. This is a Russian car manufacturer, not expensive to maintain.
I like my work very much and I am always responsible at work.
In our city it is very difficult to find a good job! for a long time I could not find work in my city !!!
My schedule is not normal. Sometimes, I have to stop late. I can have clients at 21:00 and on Sunday too. To be honest, I asked for help on the Internet to find my other half.
I'm looking for a man with whom I can build a beautiful love story. Build a serious relationship.
my intentions to find my love are very serious!
I have been without a man for a long time! the most important thing for a man is to find his love!
because true love is the brightest and purest feeling on earth.
for many reasons, I cannot find my love in my city and indeed in Russia.
I can not live with a man of Russian character!
I really want to love this man! I want to create a serious relationship!
I tell this to few people and now I don’t know why I decided to tell you this.
These will be the first steps to our acquaintance with you. you know, now when I am writing this letter to you, I feel better and no longer so lonely and sad.
You are probably interested not only in my inner world, but also in how I look and my vital interests.
Gradually, I will tell you everything. It will be great if you talk about yourself too.
I have been looking for a partner in my life for a long time and felt very lonely all these days.
I really want to find a man who will truly love me!
I'm not a model, I'm not a beauty, I'm not a girl from the TV. I am not beautiful, but I have a very good heart. I hope you can see the depth of my soul in my letters.
Hope we can be friends. I believe that friendship is very important in a relationship.
What do you think is important in the relationship between a man and a woman?
I'm really looking forward to your letter !!! Also I will be very happy to see your photo!
Your new friend Anastasia.
Letter 4

Hello my friend Jim!
How do you ? How's your day?
I am so happy to see your letter today and I am very pleased that you replied to my letter!
I was looking forward to your letter and for me it was a great happiness that we began our acquaintance! :-)
Oh, I heard about Hurricane Dorian.
I hope that everything will be all right with your house. We have no hurricanes. At least in my memory there was not a single one.
I spend my vacation at home. I rarely go where.
Today I also want to tell more about myself !!! My height is about 168 centimeters! I weigh 48 kg! :-) I'm small! :-)
In life, I love to play sports, I love outdoor activities!
I do aerobics twice a week and ride a bike, as you need to always keep yourself in shape.
I love to spend my free time in nature, I love walks in the park!
Also sometimes I like to spend my free time at home for an interesting book. You know, I graduated from a pedagogical institute named after D.I. Mendeleev. Faculty of Social Pedagogy, Department of Pedagogy, Psychology and Social Education.
It was a great student time! Where have you studied? I want to tell you a little about my past relationships.
In the past I had a friend man for seven years and I had to leave him! Since he cheated on me!
Yes, my man cheated on me with another woman!
I could not forgive him for treason.
My heart was broken !!! I saw my man in bed with another woman !!! I could not forgive him a betrayal ...
I broke up with him and never saw him again! I completely stopped communicating with my former man!
In a relationship, there must be trust. I hate lies and can not forgive deception.
I hope that in the future I can find my other half! I want to find a man who will truly love me!
For me, the age of a man is not important! The main thing that a man truly loved me! In Russia there is a proverb: Love - all ages are submissive !!!
I understand that you can love at any age! The main thing that love was real!
You know, I always dreamed of having a relationship based on love, trust and understanding.
If you do not have the opportunity to send photos in each letter, then do it whenever possible. I will always be happy to receive your new photo.
I am finishing the letter, but I look forward to your reply.
Have a good day!
Letter 5
Hello Jim!!!!!!! :-)
I am happy to see your letter today !!! Hope you like my letters.
When I see your letter, a smile appears on my face.
I think you are a very good and kind person, and therefore I really liked you from our first acquaintance! I have a good day today and I want to share my whole mood with you.
I want to write to you, I enjoy it!
Do you have any closest friends? I have a friend since childhood, her name is Svetlana, we have known her for 20 years and all this time we help each other !!!
She has a husband and child. She is a very happy mother and I am happy for her !!!
Friends is the most important thing in my life, because only a friend can come to the rescue in difficult times !!!
for a long time I thought that I would live alone!
Our friend convinced me to meet a man from another country, I thought about it for a long time.
I really liked you. I really like to communicate with you!
I do not know why, but you are in my thoughts! I wrote you this because you are a very interesting person, and I liked you right away! With you I do not feel lonely !!!
Probably we will meet or we will remain only friends, good acquaintances. I do not know where our communication will lead us. But, I will never regret it. You are an interesting person. I feel more confident with each new letter. I can share with you my thoughts and feelings. I feel comfortable. It seems to me that this is important. You know, I get the feeling that every new letter is a small date. What do you think about it?
You are very kind with me, I appreciate it.
I send you my photos.
Your Anastasia.
Letter 6
Hello Jim !!!
I am grateful to fate that lucky chance allowed us to find each other !!!
I am pleased to read your mail, your letters make me happy and joyful in my heart! You are much more than just a friend to me!
I want us to know each other more every day !!!!
Write to me in more detail about yourself, your parents, friends?
I am happy that I know you, and I am interested in your life and your interests! I like you and I would really like to continue to learn something about you.
we could talk on webcam on skype.
I promise that in the near future we will talk with you on Skype.
in my life I have devoted a long period to my education, and now my thoughts are devoted to my future, my personal life!
When I was a little girl, my mother could not provide me with the necessary things and she worked 16 hours a day so that I could learn.
Unfortunately, my dad died when I was little. My dad was a police officer. When I studied at the institute, my mother passed away.
It was a real grief for me ... I cried for a very long time and could not believe that my closest person passed away.
It was a real tragedy for me. I am left alone. I still really love my parents and miss them.
I also have an aunt, but I practically do not communicate with her. Now I will tell you about where I live! As you know, I live in the city of Tobolsk!
I rent an apartment for myself. This is a small apartment, which has everything you need for me. Unfortunately, there is no computer here, as the owner of the apartment does not allow me to surf the Internet.
This is due to the fact that many residents left the apartment and left behind a debt for the Internet. These are unnecessary problems, so he told me that I couldn’t have internet connection here.
I used to live without a computer. Yes, I understand that every person in the house has a personal computer. But, I just don't need him.
I wrote to you that here is a beautiful park, this park is small, but very cozy. Here I always feel very good.
Sometimes my friend and I go to the theater, or to the cinema. We also go drinking tea in a small cafe. I am very glad that you have appeared in my life, and I am very interested with you !!! It's true.
I really like to receive letters from you.
I feel that you are a faithful man, I really, really like you! I will be frank with you and I hope you can appreciate it. I'll be waiting for your letter!
Have a nice day.
Your Anastasia.
Letter 7
Hello my dear Jim !!!
I am very glad to receive your letter today. I feel that with each letter we become much closer to each other!
Opening your letter, I feel a slight presence of you. So nice to read and get to know you more. :-)
I don't have a skype account yet. I wanted to visit my friend and use her computer. Immediately register a skap account and find you. Therefore, it is important for me that you send me your skype id.
My dear, I want to tell you about how my ordinary day goes.
So, my regular work day starts at 9:00, ends at 20:00. It happens and later ... I wake up in the morning, two hours before the start of my working day. I take a shower, make breakfast, do make-up and then go to work. I use my own car to get to work. It takes about 20 minutes. As I told you, my work schedule is not normal. When I come home after work, I cook dinner, then I read a book or watch TV to get some rest. You can see that my day is no different. Do you understand that your letters make my life much more diverse? So you want to have a person in my life with whom you can spend pleasant ievenings after a working day ... I really miss this. I am 30 years old and I want to live this life happily! As I wrote earlier, I can not be alone and happy at the same time!
I just want the usual female happiness! Female happiness is when a loved man is near.
I was close to happiness in the past, but my heart was broken! I have to trust a person with whom I will be all my life.
Trust his every word, gesture, mind, smile. And I am waiting for reciprocity!
In our world there is so much meanness and deception, and it is very difficult to find people who can easily be trusted with life and fate.
If every person did good deeds, our world would become much cleaner, brighter, kinder!
I know you for a long time, but I can surely say that you are a good person!
It is very important for me. This allows me to understand that you have a kind heart that can love.
It is very important to love with all your heart! I really like you, and it seems to me that I know you very, very long time ago!
Your letters make my mood beautiful! I become more joyful in my soul. I think someday you and I should definitely meet.
I want you to write me more about your life, because I am beginning to understand that something more appears between us than friendship, and it seems to me that my intuition does not deceive me!
I think about how great it would be to see each other in real life! When we can look at each other, look into each other's eyes, touch each other.
Now it's just a dream! But maybe someday these dreams will come true!
I am waiting for your letter, and I promise that I will think about you every minute!
I send you my photos!
Your Anastasia.
Letter 8

Hello my dear Jim!
I'm happy to see your new letter as always!
Thanks for your photos. Very funny!
I would like to begin my letter today by saying that I haven’t liked any of the men for a long time!
But you are different. to you, I want to open up and tell you only the truth!
I have no doubt that I have very warm feelings for you. It is difficult to call love, but it is something warm and tender.
I want you to be honest and frank with me. A lot can happen in our life, but I want you to understand and feel me.
You know what I don't like, here in our country? men in Russia are very rude!
Often in families, a man can beat his wife without thinking, and he will assume that he is right.
I would never want to live like this. Maybe that's why I do not want to connect my life with a Russian man. I would not want to feel the pain again.
Of course, I understand that not all men are. But, I do not want to step on one rake twice ... I hope you understand what I mean.
Dear, I would like to ask you a question - could you hit a woman, or a child in a fit of rage or anger? Do not rush to answer. I know that you are a very kind and sensitive man!
but suddenly something will happen, and you cannot control yourself ... Sorry for these questions ... don't think anything bad.
I have a friend, she is older than me and she has children! My friend lives with her husband for 10 years, and the worst thing is that he drinks alcohol a lot!
I am sure that we all, at least once, have heard such stories.
Every day when he comes home he mocks a girl, and the worst thing is, he sometimes beats his own children!
Think and answer me honestly! It is very important for me!
Forgive me for writing about sad things, but this is really very important for me. My dear, I am very afraid of deception, I do not want you to deceive me!
I hope you will be honest with me and you will speak only the truth! Perhaps we can meet with you and spend time together!
We need to think about meeting! But you must be honest with me and you must promise not to deceive me ever!
I am very glad that we correspond with you! I am very pleased that you write to me!
I was lonely for a long time, but now I feel that a man has appeared in my life. This is a very pleasant feeling.
I will be looking forward to your letter! And I want to see your photos.
Your Anastasia.
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