Scam letter(s) from Natalia Alekseevna Pavlyuk to Barry (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Barry! I am very glad to see your answer. My full name Natalia Alekseevna. I was very interested in reading your letter and learn something new about you. I appreciate your honesty. I think if we always write to each other, we'll think and answer questions honestly, then the only way we can build, communicate well, move forward, leaving the burden of the past behind. You you agree? Now I would like to tell you how I see my future relationship. I could how to have a normal relationship in the future. I don't want fight anything. I don't want to take away your privacy from your friends or someone else ... I don't want to interfere with your interests. You you know? I think that if we act together, there will be harmony and understanding in our family.
Don't you? Man and woman have no any common Hobbies? I think that they can do it! In the end, the value the couple is that they share everything.
Right? For example, you wash clothes. .. I'll be kind You'll be buying groceries at home. I Prepare. .. We're going. In one word should be together and joy ...
and sad. I think that's normal ... If you disagree, then tell me your opinion. I hope you enjoyed reading this. I look forward to hearing from you. Natalya.
Letter 2
Hello, my wonderful Barry !!! I am very glad to see your letter. I fell asleep and woke up with a big the excitement in his chest. I didn't know how you would react to mine. question about our meeting. The thought of it did not bother me.
Today all my thoughts are about that. I waited with great excitement the moment I could check my mail. In my head were thoughts: "you wrote to me .... or not wrote. Now that I see yours the letter I made is:
fffuuuuuuuuu ..... Barry, it is so good. You agreed to meet me !!! Uuuuuhhhhh .... I just incredibly happy with everything that's going on. I feel like the happiest girl in the world. Now that I know you have a desire meet me, I feel even more confident. My female intuition he says it's gonna be okay. I am overwhelmed with emotions excitement and joy. Joy, because we will be together ... excitement, because this will be our first meeting. Opening meeting help us understand what our feelings are capable of, and we are compatible with you. After the first meeting, we plan to next steps. I think you'll agree with my thoughts. if you think differently, and then tell me about it? Now I think we need discuss the date of our meeting with you. Tell me when you would like to I come here? For example, soon I will have a vacation. Soon my the guide will display the schedule of holidays, and then I will know a specific date for my vacation. They will last 65 days. I think that this time will be enough for the first meeting. During this time we will be able to check our feelings and our compatibility. I I hope you agree with my thoughts. Barry, really appreciate you and I will do everything for our love get maximum speed! I hope you will understand what I want to tell you in this letter. On this note I want to finish my letter. With much excitement and crossed fingers I will wait your letter Natalya.
Letter 3
Hello my darling. Barry, I love you! Barry I really want to be with you!
Barry, understand that I have a contract with my travel agent.
Under the terms the contract I have to pay him part of the money. My visa is tourist. Not everything is as simple as it seems. Barry my visa is ready I paid 350 euro for it. Barry my friend Marina sold gold to help me. I wouldn't ask you for help if I could solve this problem on my own. I've reached out to some of my friends before asking you, but no one can help me.
Barry, understand that I cannot refuse the services of a travel agent until I pay for it. Barry, I want to explain some things to you. I understand you saying you found a cheaper ticket. I already said that I have to pay 756 usd. This price includes :1) a Ticket to your country and back. 2) Payment travel Agency. 3) Train from Divnogorsk to Moscow. 4) Health insurance. 5) Taxi from the hotel to the airport. I don't know what to do? Barry !I'm crying! Honey can't you take care of your sweetheart???? Barry, understand that I need just 756 usd, for implement our meeting. Barry I need your help!
I need to pay a travel agent. Barry, understand that I spent all my money to be with you! I went to Moscow. You know that Moscow is a very big and expensive city. Barry, I thought about you and I wasn't afraid of anything.
I was constantly thinking about us, about how we could spend time) I did it to be with you. Darling I filled out a lot of papers, I paid a lot of money to be with you and do not regret it. Barry, before our meeting there was one step. Barry!
LET'S DO IT TOGETHER! I was very ashamed to ask you for help. I would never do that because my mom taught me to solve my own problems.
Barry, I understand that I am very bad without you. You know? My friend Marina says that she has never seen me so happy after I met
you) I think I found love. I found the right person for me. Is that you?
Barry! I think if two people really want to be together, they can always find a way to do it. Really? Term my visa allows you to stay at your place for two months. Of course if you still want it? Maybe after our meeting, you don't want to let me go. What then? I will hope that fate will be on our side and you will not leave me in this difficult situation. Forever your Natalya.
Letter 4

Hello my dear Barry. I was glad to receive your letter. My dear I understand that you had bad experience of dialogue. But I ask you do not compare me to other people. To me it is very insulting to read. My dear I promise to you if you help our meeting you not when will not regret about it. Yes I understand you you me not to time I did not see also I ask from you money. I would not know as have arrived on your place. But I think that if I have grown fond of you. I would help you.
I all would make what to help you and to be with you. I favourite mine ask you trust in me. I do not deceive you. My education not when will not allow to make it. My dear Barry yesterday I was at the travel agent. I have asked a passport and visa copy. My dear to mine round to the agent was possible to give to me only a visa copy. I have attached to you a copy of the visa. I hope that it will help you. My dear I ask you understand me correctly. I very much wish to arrive to you. I will wait for your answer. With love yours on always Natalya.
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