Romance scam letter(s) from Elmira Zhatykova to Wim (Netherlands)
Letter 1
Hello, Wim.
Hello my darling!!!!!
I'm sorry I didn't write you a letter yesterday. I was just shocked and ashamed. I tried, but I failed! Yesterday was not a good day for me. And I have no good news for you. Let me start at the beginning. Yesterday I came to the Embassy at 10 o'clock in the morning. Went to the office to get a visa. I paid 70 euros. And I got my visa. It went without a problem. After that, I returned to the visa Department and got health insurance, paid 120 euros for it. Then I went to the airport. I was told it was a tourist visa and I needed to buy a ticket. I bought a plane ticket for Thursday, September 5th!!!!!!!!!! And visa and insurance for 30 days. They told me to come to you, I had to have at least a
standard of living. I was told it was 50 euros a day. I have to show the availability of 1500 euros with me!!!!! I was stunned by the news!!! I expected that the money must be shown, but not this amount??! I have 330 euros with me. They're in the bag, but that's not enough ..... And still need to look for 1170 euros. Then I said I was visiting a friend of mine. But I was told that I can not make a bride's visa today. It's half a year of waiting and shared Photos. I can only make a tourist visa. And she's ready for me. I left the airport Department in a bad mood. It's actually hard to realize it! This law is now in force at all airports in Kazakhstan. I don't know why it is possible that the government passed the law because of sanctions against our country and retaliatory measures were taken to travel to other European countries. I repeat that it is not the Embassy that demands the display of money. This is the Airport, customs control. It is necessary to show 1500 euros. Only show and go to the plane. I don't know where to get all the money. I didn't want to ask you. But there is no other choice. Please help me. Please send me 1170 euros? These funds are only for the fact that I was allowed to leave Kazakhstan. I'm not spending a dime. Only show at the Airport. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!! If you help me, on September 5 I will be with you and I will be able to give you all the money back.
I wasn't chasing money just to show it! I texted you right away because I'm totally open to you! I have no secrets or secret thoughts! I'm asking you to send the money today or tomorrow morning. After all, I need time to do everything for the flight to complete the paperwork. Tickets are already on 5 September!!!! I hope on you! I don't have anyone to ask for more money. I know my parents don't have any money. And my mother has a bad heart, I don't want to disappoint her! This situation could be detrimental to her health! Yesterday I and my aunt tried to look for money independently, visited 4 branches of Bank, but everything was failure and everywhere there was a refusal. I'm desperate! Because I wanted to be with you for my Birthday, I really thought we will be together on this day! I've never met you, but I feel very close to you!!!!!! Yesterday and today is a very nervous day. I'd like to get some rest. I will see from you the letter today evening with high hopes! Very much hope only for you! Your Tanya!!!!!
Letter 2
Hello Wim
Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm home!!!!!!!!!! I left Nur Sultan on Tuesday. And on Wednesday morning I was already in Aralsk. My trip was by bus. My father met me there and we went home. Meeting my family didn't give me a chance to write to you right away. That's why I write to you as only I'll get the chance. Today I I once in the Internet cafe and write letter for you. Maybe the Internet is overloaded, but I sincerely hope, that my letter will reach you! Yesterday I had a warm meeting with my parents, my mother is very happy for us! We've had a long time talk about the future, about the upcoming trip. She blessed us! I'm in a good mood! I'll send you a picture of my mom. She wanted it. Are we alike? I love it, it's very good the woman I love! I also had a warm welcome with my daughter and granddaughter. Granddaughter of Swetty really missed me and never left me all day) me too) It was a great meeting, tears of joy and happiness! I'm going to the gym today. A few dumbbell exercises, but I don't take much. 1 kg only in hands. Most of the time will be on the treadmill. I want to be in good shape for you! It's important! What do you think? Write, it's important to me!)I'm going to Nur Sultan on Saturday. I'll be there on Sunday. As soon as I arrive, I'll text you right away. I'm happy, I'm happy! Expect good news from me on Monday, I will write to you and give you good information!
The big thing for me is the event. But I like it! I'll try it! I really want this! And if it's okay, then I'm celebrating my birthday with you! This is happening 7 September. This will happen the best gift and the best day of my life! I repeat that everything will be decided on Monday only. Wait for my information. Today my Dad is preparing to do barbecue on the street. He will also do a warm bath. It's a small house made of wood, which is heated with a furnace, red-hot stone, and then pour water on them and it turns out hot steam. This is a very good procedure for health. The skin is completely cleansed. After that you feel like a new birth, such purity in the whole body) in Kazakhstan it is very common. And the meat was roasted on the coals. I don't eat much, but I try one bite. I haven't eaten the meat my dad's cooking in a while. He is very good at making this dish! We can do a lot of things together next week!!!)I'll finish the letter with a kiss! Hello there! Now I will write to you as soon as I arrive in Nur Sultan! And have a nice Weekend for you! Your gentle and pleasant Tanya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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