Scam letter(s) from Selena Ashley Jones to Frank (USA)

Letter 1
Why my email is from the UK. As you can see in my previous message, English is also in my heritage and I purposely open the email address when I travelled to the UK 7 years ago. I have other email that is not Uk. If you no dot want to contact me using uk email address you can contact me at is that okay with you and does that answer your Question?

I know you are divorced and single, some people are divorced and still are friends to their ex, especially when they have kids together, hence I said if you still have some sort of relationship with you ex, I'm not trying to be nosey but getting to know more about you. I keep falling with your personalities everyday and I really cant wait to meet you and start new life with you, I can imagine how beautiful and sweet life would be waking up to you everyday. I'm not going to say I'm the perfect woman however, I can tell you, I'm an epitome of a good woman, a woman of substance, well family oriented and a ride or die type of woman. I'm heavenly made for a real man and any man who wins my heart, will forever to grateful to God for life. Do you think you deserve me? well, so far, I can see you are a good man with big heart and I like you already. I know for sure that soon, we will meet to depart from each other no more till death.

For weekend, I really don't have much to do myself, I need to clean, cook, do some paper work and relax and think about you. Are you a religious person? do you go to church? Have a pleasant weekend ahead and hope to hear from you soon.

with love

Letter 2
Hi Baby, Please don't give up on me, this is very important to me and I really your gesture help towards this... Please baby kindly help me pay this money and we will be good after all. I want the bonds money to be transferred to you so you will still be at the disposal of the funds. Please baby I'm counting on you

It's my pleasure to hear back from you. How has your day been and what have you been up to today? Thank you for the beautiful message and the compliments actually made my day. You seems to have travelled the world. My parents used to have a time shares but I couldn't keep managing them when they both passed on. Sorry to hear about your accident and hope you are fully okay now. You sound like an achiever and a successful man, why are you still single? just wondering and you look so handsome and clean.. Well, I find my self lucky for finding you ahahah. I have been able to travelled the world working with my late dad and I would still love travel more, yes, with a good man. I want to explore, seek adventure and do just about everything with my man.

My heart is open and I'm ready to fall in love again, I got love all over me and I want to love the same man over and over again. I'm very loving and caring, very hard working and optimistic about the future. I'm from a small family, I'm the only child of my parents and they are both the only child of their parents but family means a lot to me. I believe that a woman should be submissive to her man. Maybe I'm just old fashion but that's me. I want to be the reason you smile, I want to be your support system, your back **** and I want to go extra miles to make sure your dreams in life come true and yes I want to have plenty *** with you day and night.. Honesty for me is the best policy and in whatever things I do, I try as much to be honest about it and that's what I want in a man. I know no one is perfect but if we can at least be honest with ourselves we will go extra miles together. Im ready for a long term relationship and ready to love the same man over and over again. I hope to hear from you soon.
with affections

Letter 3
Hi Honey,
Below is what you need to send to the insurance company.
Hi, My name Frank and I'm Selena Jones Fiance. I'm contacting you today regarding her inheritance which has been insured by your insurance company. I and Selena are currently together and we have a huge plan for future and wanting to spend the rest of our lives together. I have been advised by Selena to contact the insurance company regarding our relationship and also, I would like to make an enquiry on the process and what we need to do to get this started. Regards
That is what you need to write them and also Add you contact address and your home address as they will need to add you on my file and save for administrative reason.
with affections
Deposit Ref#: GSC-POL-0669-PRVT3450
Clearance Sort Code: PRVT-3450-69GSC
Deposit Certificate #: 3450/PPPOL/234NG
Description: Family trust funds (Bonds)
Depositor: D jones
Letter 4

Hello Sir,

Thank you for the prompt response. I can confirm i have your ID and your Address. I will be sending this to our administrative team so they can add to all the neccesary forms and also to our file. I will be getting back to with the next step and all the neccesary information regarding all the assets involved and the release process.

Best Regards


Custodian Manager
Letter 5
Hi Sir,

I will be providing you with the account information later today. Please sir, kindly be prompt with payment so we can get things rolling.


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