Romance scam letter(s) from Cristina Noroc to Hyong (USA)
Letter 1
I'm trying to tell my story,i hope you gone understand what i writing!
When i was child my parents divorced!i was 3 years!very little girl!my father go in Moscow and never come back!he never called!my mother died!my grandparents take care of my!now my only family is a uncle!he live in Ucraina!here I'm alone!im living in a rented apartment!
I work all day
I pay for apartment 150 euros at month
And i work for 300$ al month
Is very difficult here to live
I don't have any help from nobody
I want to find a good person here
To do a family
I want to be happy
Letter 2
You can do online transfer with money gram!is very easy!
Letter 3
I don't know how to do((i don't have any bank nearby!!and i can't go i have a lot of work to do this week ((
Letter 4

Good morning!how are you?
im going to bank to open a account!what information you need to do the transfer??
Letter 5
This is the addres!Bd Stefan cel Mare si Sfant3(address of the bank and my number is +37379957590
Letter 6
I dont know what is the cod!you say is more easy whit the transfer!but is see is more dicil!if you want to help my whit western union if not what is it!here say my in the bank for do a transfer just need the account!
Letter 7
My adress is Kisinev street Lev Tolstoi 24 and the adress bank is Street STEFAN CEL MARE 3
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