Letter(s) from Ekaterina Petuhova to Luis (Peru)

Letter 1

Hello! I am very glad, that you have written to me, thanks for your letter.
I wish to correspond with you further. And in what will result our attitudes will show time.
My name is Ekaterina, me of 25 years. I was born and live in large city – Kurgan (Russia). I single also live one. I work as the cosmetician - visagiste in a beauty salon. I very much like my job. I know English language and I can speak a little on him. But for a spelling of letters I use the computer program because it is easier to me to express the feelings in Russian, and already then to translate the letter. So excuse for some ambiguities which can be in translation. In the 25 years I know a life already enough, and I and did not have a strong family and all of that I beautiful. I was bothered with men who are ready to get with me attitudes only because of my beauty. The beauty is not the most important during lives, main this composure between two people. I want that me appreciated sincere qualities because in soul I was more beautiful.
I only want female happiness, the good and careful husband, to create strong,
cosy and amicable family. I very fair and open in the feelings, trustful and serious in every respect, like romanticism and care, I adore children, I like humour,
caress and tenderness. At leisure I visit fitness halls, I walk and I communicate with friends, I like to listen to music, to look cinema, to walk in the evenings and to look at a decline. I like rest on the nature.
I actually want to create strong family, I want that near to me there would be a person which has grown fond of me, instead of my beauty which could construct with me sincere attitudes and love. The course of your ideas is interesting to me state the opinion. I want to know more about you, tell more and if that is possible came a new photo. Write to me, yours faithfully Ekaterina

Letter 2

Hello Luis! I am glad to write to you this letter again. How are you doing,
how are you doing? I today all the day long thought only of your letter and on you. Also has decided to write and tell again about itself more. I live one in an one-room apartment, she very cosy, though also small. She is in silent area of city, from a window a perfect kind. Earlier I lived with the parents and the younger brother, but then I have moved to an apartment which has got to me from the grandmother and the grandfather, they have left to live for village near Kurgan.
Mum, call her Elena, works in a school dining room as the cook. She it is very tasty prepares, I very much like when she prepares. Mum even me has learned to prepare for various dishes,
yes I and itself too like to prepare,
can be and for you personally when be I shall be going. Interestingly and what your liked dish? Father, his name is Vladimir, works as the trucker, is engaged in various transportations of a cargo, he has already visited many places of Russia, even went earlier to Georgia, but now basically only on cities of Russia. In the childhood he sometimes took me in the flights. My brother, his name is Alexey, recently has left school, to him now 18 years.
He studied not important, and in general anywhere has not decided to act studies after school, and has decided to go in army. At us in Russia the army is obligatory with approach of majority. At us with it excellent attitudes,
we completely trust to each other. The grandmother and the grandfather live in village, we sometimes all amicable family go to them on the days off, sometimes for holidays. At me still is some cousins and sisters who live in other cities of Russia. At us very amicable, cosy and strong family and I want to create precisely same family.
It is very interesting to me, and as at you, tell more in detail about the family and that be about itself.
Tell about the childhood. I hope for a fast reply. With impatience I shall wait for your answer.
P.S. I like comedies and romantic films more, sometimes it is possible for itself to allow and films of horrors. And from books basically romantic, it happens also others I read

Letter 3

Hello! How are you doing, as job, as you. I want to tell a little more today to you about the life and about where I live. As you already know, I live in Kurgan (Russia). It is very big city at us person lives more 1 million. He very beautiful and pure. I like to live here, I like the city, in fact I in him was born and I live. Our city one of the largest cities of Russia in him many various cultural monuments, schools, libraries (I remember in one of them went when went to school). Tell more in detail and you about that, where do you live.
I would like to know about your hobby more in detail. Earlier in the childhood at me too was a hobby, I as well as each girl liked to play dolls, and I them had normal quantity, the small collection which I want to pass the daughter has turned out. My collection is in my room, is very beautifully looked, they sit on shelf near to my bed. I also like also indoor plants, flowers, it is pleasant to me, when in the house it is a lot of greens. They too alive, also demand to themselves attention, it is pleasant for me to water them every morning. And in general at me very cosy Room, I have made all how it is pleasant to me. She small, but me is pleasant to live here. I have big mirror with a small bedside-table where are all my perfumery, I watch myself and I want to look always for the future husband beautiful. I sometimes go in a sports hall and I am engaged there on a regular basis on simulators for maintenance of the figure.
On it I while want to finish the letter because I need to make still much have put. With huge interest I shall wait for your letter. Yours faithfully Ekaterina

Letter 4

Greetings Luis! I have received your letter. It is very pleasant for me,
that you answer on my letters. How at you a life, whether all is normal, how job?
Already evening, I have just come from the job and at once have sat down a computer that somewhat quicker you to write the new letter though it is a little tired at job. I like my job, like there to work. As you already know, I work in a beauty salon. I can transform any girl into a beauty and at me only grateful clients because during a make up I talk to them I communicate and I allow advice, sometimes it seems to me that some girls come to me only behind advice.
It is very good job, excellent collective because basically he will consist of women, all of them for me already girlfriends J. It is pleasant, when you work it is possible to communicate easy with girlfriends, and not only with them,
sometimes with clients. For example, today the pleasant woman while I above her worked has got to me, we have a little chatted with her, she has a little told about herself. At my job it is a lot of pluss. Tell more in detail about the job, whether complex she at you, whether is at you at job friends? Sometimes I catch myself on ideas, that I very much often think of you, I do not speak,
that I test to you strong and huge feelings, but me somehow pulls to you. Came the new photo, I want that even your photo always was with me.
P.S. I do not know as to you, but my personal opinion that not so whom will please my daily routine, it is monotonous, in the morning in 6 I rise, in 8 should be on work, in 1700 I stop to work and in 1800 already at home, I so strongly get tired that me already on anything does not suffice, such daily routine gloomy the truth?:) And still my lastname Petuhova

Letter 5

Hello Luis! How your life, how health? You to me very well tell about yourself.
I here today when worked, thought of you and about our possible future, what strong and amicable family at us has presented can be. I present our children if it is fair it is May dream. I want children of the boy and the girl. I representing as I shall be, together with the daughter on kitchen to prepare you and the son for something for a supper. I want to learn to prepare for the daughter dishes as me mum in due time has learned this. I know, that you will be the remarkable father to our children. We together on the days off shall go to have a rest on the nature. You like to have a rest on the nature? It will be pleasant to realize, that at us it will be possible magnificent family, and with me a number will be the remarkable husband. And you as imagine to yourself our life, our family. Your ideas about us and our family are very interesting to me.
I want to be in the future the remarkable wife to you, I want that about me neighbours spoke as about the strong woman, and you would be proud of me,
that you have I. You know at us in Russia it is not accepted, that women would sit at home all the day long, therefore I want to be engaged something on past families. Probably, to work or in something to help you. What do you think on the bill of it? Can be sharp I began to speak about family and about children.... It only my dreams. With impatience I wait for your answer.

Letter 6

Hello my dear Luis! My day today has passed wonderfully! At us today at job short day was, and I have stopped to work earlier. I do not like in vain to waste time on idleness and have decided descends in a training hall. I like to go there. I am engaged on various simulators, I am engaged with dumbbells before a mirror. In a hall very pleasant quiet music plays. I in general like to conduct a healthy way of life, me so since the childhood have brought up. I remember, how in the childhood my father learned us to rise in the morning and to do morning gymnastics. In a warm season we went to small river, bathed,
sunbathed. At me very sports father. He has accustomed us to a healthy way of life. At me the brother too conducted a sports way of life when went to school went in basketball section, he very well plays basketball. Yes I and itself look behind the health and a body. I want to look beautifully for the future husband.
For me it is important to look beautifully, I work in a beauty salon, and people look at me. And how you concern to such way of life? You know, I very strange,
to me all this speak, but I very sensitive why I have chosen you, I plainly do not know, you have very much liked me also me that that draws to you, I do not know that it, but I and cannot live day without your letter so do not stop and write to me, and that I shall die:), it is a joke. Presently it is especial in Russia very difficultly to find the person as you, I want to be happy and to make the husband too happy, I want family and love, and the main thing of respect. I see you the good guy and I think that at us with you the big future.
I so think.... How you have lead today? Whether all at you is good? I very much hope for your fast reply. Yours faithfully Ekaterina!
I send you a new photo, on a photo I and my girlfriend!!

Letter 7

Greetings my lovely Luis! I have very much become bored on you. I always am glad, when there are even some lines from you. You do not imagine with what interest I open the letter. My heart is beaten more strongly. My fingers start to knock nervously on keys of the keyboard. I like to receive compliments from you, it would be desirable to receive them and in the future:-) I very much like ice-cream and in general all sweet. I very much like ice-cream there is in hot weather, when in the street a big temperature. It is pleasant to hold in hands in hot weather cold as ice ice-cream. I remember as we for a long time all family walked in park in the good afternoon and fur-trees ice-cream. But it is impossible to eat it much. Because it is necessary to watch a figure. I want to be always beautiful and that my husband through long time paid attention only to me. I test to you inexplicable feelings. You inspire me very strongly. I hope,
that from us the remarkable pair will turn out. I very much want it. Tell that be new about itself. For example: In what clothes you sleep or without clothes?
What plans at you on the future in a trade or in your job? Whether I can replace you at your job?:-). Certainly last question is a joke. But I wanted you to amuse a little. I hope reading this letter on your person there is a smile and it somehow pleases you. I think of you. Write as soon as possible. Yours Ekaterina

Letter 8

Hello my dear Luis! I am very glad that you have written to me. It is very pleasant for me that you continue to write to me. Today at us bad weather and only your letters to me warm soul. As I am glad that you have answered me reciprocity. To me much I would be desirable to tell you only do not know from what to begin. I do not know that with me to be created recently. I can not explain to you it. I can not understand myself and the feelings. In my head all has got mixed up. I can not put in order the feelings. It seems to me that I am necessary for nobody and from these ideas to me to become terribly. And only your letters to me warm soul. Your letters do not let me an opportunity know that I she and that I am not necessary. Your letters to me do not give to forget you. If you knew that with me to be created now. I was itself would want to understand. I have got confused...... I do not know as you to transfer you it.
Yesterday I might not fall asleep long. I all time thought only of you. I for one minute might not forget you. At work everyone do not learn from me change they speak that with me that that happened also I was ill. But it not so. At me all is fine. Even my friends speak me that with me something to be created.
I and itself wanted to understand it. You know. Recently all seems to me such unusual. Even I now look at habitual things on another. It seems to me that all around of me all blossoms and smells sweet. Even all habitual things which earlier I also did not notice now I them I see. It seems to me that all around of me blossoms and smells sweet. I thought of you and about us with you much. I tried to understand the feelings and I have understood that I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!
You probably will tell that as I can speak you about it. But I can not hide it more. I want that you knew it. When I have seen you the first time my intuition you prompted me that which that person I so long searched. I very much want you to see hotly to embrace you and to kiss. Please write to me more soon. Do not give to go out my love. Looking for your letter soon. Sincerely. With love Ekaterina

Letter 9

Hello my lovely Luis! I am pleased, that you have written to me. To me your letters Very important. Thank that you has answered me with reciprocity. I Very much love you!!!!! I still so did not love any. You to First, whom I sincerely speak it. I very urgently want, that you saw. Ah, if you knew, that I now feel.
Mine Heart is interrupted from love up to you. I do not sleep at night and I Think only you. You do not leave in me from a head within any minute. I for the first time feel such strong feelings. With me such still never was. I never knew that such on the present to like. As I would like it, my feelings to you were mutual. For me your support is very important. Without your support at me nothing it to turn out. So has developed that at me is nobody to rely. You my unique hope. I am ready to go on foot though on edge of light for the loved person. For me not important what difficulties of me wait ahead. The main thing that we were together. Ah as I wait for that moment when we shall overcome all formal difficulties and at last that we can meet you. As I strongly wait for this moment. I such person which do not recede before difficulties. It not in my principles to recede. I can not wait our meeting with you for minutes more.
I am ready to do All for the sake of our meeting to you. I am very seriously adjusted on that to arrive to you. Sincerely. With love Ekaterina P.S. Excuse but I do not have now photo where I in bikini, what for to you it if I can arrive to you.

Letter 10

Greetings my lovely Lucho! I am very glad that you want to meet me! I very seriously concern to you, you very much like me as in soul and externally. I think you that who to me is necessary, you very romantic and interesting person.
I want to spend time near to you walking under a hand.. Restaurants, a casino or other entertaining institutions are not necessary for me, we can walk simply along the street, I shall closely listen to your histories. My feelings and intentions it is sincere in relation to you, I am absolute sure in the feelings.
You are necessary for me also I want to you, I want that you have embraced me strong at a meeting and to know that you me like. I very much would like to visit at you on a visit, I want to arrive to you, to learn you we approach to each other even closer because as I think we, but we can make final decisions only after a meeting. I already descended in travel agency and have learned how much is the passport, the visa and the ticket. On official registration of papers I need 166 $, and provisional cost of the ticket 1110 $ It is the cheapest. It is not convenient for me to ask you money, but I just now have really estimated in what sum to me there will be this trip, it is the big sum of money for me. I was not capable to pay its itself, I count on you and me important your opinion in this occasion. I think, that you will understand all correctly. I have explained all fairly and count on your answer. I with impatience shall wait for your letter. Your perfect Ekaterina.