Romance scam letter(s) from Alexandra to William (USA)
Letter 1
Hi my dear, my love.
How are you??? In the past, I wrote to you that I learn everything about trips to you. I read your letter well, read it several times, you also read my letter carefully.
Learned what documents are necessary and what will be cost.
I had several hours of free time. I at once addressed to travel agency that, to learn in more detail. As well as it was worth expecting, a large amount of papers . And the visa, the passport, an insurance and other documents is also necessary.
The travel agent to me suggested to use service for paperwork at once. That is the main documents will be processed quickly enough. And visa processing will take about 2-3 weeks. The visa will need to be made out in embassy of the city of Moscow. These are the closest to me embassy.
The cost of all procedure and all documents, including the passport, the visa and other documents will cost about 23 thousand rubles. I do not know how many it will be in your currency. But I counted this sum in dollars. And it will cost about 360 dollars.
My dear I am a little upset with the fact that I have no such sum.Unfortunately, I do not have such a sum at the moment, and it upsets me very much. I would like to ask you for help. Of course, I understand that it is not very polite to ask you to help me, but I have no choice. Therefore, I communicate to you for help with this amount. Sorry if I put you in an awkward position, for me it is also very hard. But if you help me, we can meet. Of course I will try to recover these costs over time. But now I need your help.
Anyway I want to thank you for everything. I believe that we will meet you. I hope everything it will be good.
My dear I will not weary you the letter.
Let me know about the decision. I will hope only for the positive moments.
Your Aleksandra
Letter 2
Hello my lovely Ed
I simply can not find words of the pleasure. I so am happy that I have found you in this huge world. You the unique person to which I can tell all ideas and dreams. When I write you the letter, I in soul have something such that it is impossible to explain, it It is necessary to feel. Some days I simply sit at the computer and I look at your photo, And all time I think of that to see you. I present as you drive me for a hand on a coast as you embrace me, and I feel Loved by the expensive person for me. Mother looks at me with a kind smile and speaks that she is happy to see me such what I now. I and itself am happy, that again I write you the letter. It is filled with all my love and Tenderness to you. I very strongly want you to see near to me, but much to our regret I can not yet. Now I constantly look news hoping to learn something about your country. Besides that it is very interesting to me, it to me now also It is necessary. To me in general interestingly to study in all that is not known to me. In total certainly to not learn, but it seems to me That it is better to know about all slightly than all about the little. And consequently each dialogue with the person For me a lesson. But the most important dialogue for me when I communicate with you. You see you most The main teacher for me, and I want you to listen. To listen to your ideas, reasonings, to know about you It is as much as possible. I think you not against. And I hope I have not spoiled our communication with my letter. These were my thoughts that I wanted to tell you. On it I want to finish the letter my lovely. I wait with impatience of your letters.
Yours Aleksandra
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