Romance scam letter(s) from Anna to Austin (USA)
Letter 1
Hello Jack,
Thanks for your answer, i was really glad to receive it. It is unfortunate that you have to wait for my answer.
I was forced to go on a business trip and for this I did not have the opportunity to write to you. But this does not mean that I forgot about you.
You know, i have never had the experience of meeting a person from another country. of course, everything turned out unexpectedly.
I first wrote to you myself and i had no illusions that you would answer me, but when i saw the letter from you i was pleasantly surprised.
Perhaps you are wondering about the motives of my invitation? There is no secret in it. i just want to know you better.
i understand that the distance between us may seem an obstacle, but for friendship and communication this should not be a problem.
you agree with me? i am very serious about getting to know you and i have absolutely no bad intentions about you. Nevertheless, i also have no illusions about the relationship.
Although i am interested in serious relationship, no games and other nonsense. So, can we try to get to know each other better? Ok! So, let’s talk!
OK, i said a little about me in my first letter. i am from russia live in the city of vyborg. i'm 38 years old.
As you could know, im single, and i dont have relationship with any men. And what about you? you single? i am a policewoman. Yes, yes, i deliberately chose this profession and is committed to this for many years.
Certainly there are many risks of my profession, but i calmly refer to this. if more detail to tell about my work, i work with underage children who, for various reasons, have broken the law.
Now that you understand what i have to communicate a lot with the children (some children are very difficult personality),
and i had to deal with many of their problems that caused them to go on the offense. What about you? Where do you work? And what are you doing for living? i am not a great narrator, but a great listener. Being in the spotlight is not comfortable for me. i hate empty talks or silly gossips (oh, women are very skilful at this, aren’t they?).
i avoid all kinds of conflicts and quarrels. i am the most peaceful person in the whole world! i follow the rule: do not criticize others and they won’t be criticized by you. My preferences? Variety in everything, especially in clothes and food. it depends on my mood. Today i can wear high heels and a tight elegant gown,
tomorrow i change them to blue jeans and moccasins. You've seen my picture in a police uniform. Tell me, it fits of the police form for me?
Certainly this photo is several years old, but nevertheless this photo is a part of my life. My preferences in life. My life is very exciting, and i feel happy. i have versatile hobbies. i like sports, i like to read. in my spare time i meet with friends, go to the cinema,
to the theater, and various group activities i also like. My friends say about me as a battery energizer, who never gets tired and not lose its strength.
Ha-ha yes, i agree with their opinion. i am such. Bad habits i do not have. i do not smoke and have never smoked. i do not drink in large quantities.
A few glasses of wine for me abound. i like to cook. ( you may have thought: oh, what an ideal woman! but it is absolutely not. I have my flaws, like all people. Ok, more on that later. )
Have you ever tried any meals of russian cuisine? i do love cooking (hint!). You know, my guests often complain that my meals are way too delicious because they overeat when visit me. Well, i guess it’s enough for today. i am curious to know how you spend your spare time. Do you practice any sport?
i send you a photo, so you remember how i look. :) Please do not forget to attach some of your pictures as well, OK?
i am looking forward to getting your answer. Anna
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