Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Panova to Austin (USA)

Letter 1
Ciao;-) my Superior. I'm alone universal 33 y.o. Female living in Russia)
at present Im looking for champion buddy
I'll reply to You my photo attached! It's my email box for answer:
Till next time
Letter 2
Hello dear companion.
I noticed your electronic mail on your homeland dating page.
For a long time I can not allow myself to correspond to you.
What is your opinion about the woman who sends a letter to the man first?
Can you imagine this?
In real life, I am more shy.
I live in Russia and my age is 34 years old.
I am a stamotologist of the uttermost degree and it is a work in a large private medical center in my town.
I work always since many patients are recorded on me.
From time to time I carry out complicated operations to full reinstate the jaw after an emergency.
I have 3 diplomas for proficient coaching of a dentist in other countries.
I labored insistenly and hence could not create strong relationship. At the moment I decided to discover a couple who will be sincere with me and afford me all his love and dearness.
The story of my ex-relations finished 1 year ago and all this time I took a shot to find a relationship on the Internet.
But I occurred barely freaks who searches for simply copulation and bald pictures.
I believe that you are not a man like this and you are sincerely concerned about a serious relationship.
In case you are not prepared for this, thereat I plead you not to answer my letter. Ok?
If you answer me, in this case in my next letter I will tell you more about my lifestory.
In your letter, I beg you to relate me where you inhabit, your town name and your hobbies.
I sincerely wish to learn more about you.
I promise that I will anytime answer you and relate you a lot about my life. I am passing you my picture and hope you like me. please write to me at this email address .!!
Watching for the second mail as quickly as possible, Sveta.
Letter 3
Hey Jack!
You know, I'm writing to you again now. I would like tell you about my life some more facts.
I believe that you won’t be bored because of my let and it will be fascinating for you to read.
I am Svetlana. I was born on 21 November 1984. My age is thirty-four and I'm not married. My family gave me a shortcut name as Sveta. Saratov is my home city, Ruissian Federation. It is is a nicecity. I like active lifestyle: I work out, I like long walks in the park, In winter I like to skate.
Also my hobbies are camping and spending time in the countryside. I am a broad-minded woman and I like reach my goals. I ’ve learnt French, German and English. I grew up and work and in this city. I finished the Medical University with a specialization in Prosthodontist. I want to own my private cabinet for Prosthetics. I have tried that hard to become a good specialist. I try to reach all my dreams in life. In the modern world it is really important to be a good specialist. A few years ago I had practiced in Israel, the United States and Finland. Recent a number of things have reformed in medicine. I consider that from my story you have learned that I work a lot and have not a lot of free time. That's why, it is a real challenge for me to find my beloved man. That’s why I decided to try to build relationships via virtual acquaintance. I concider that it is possible to find a pleasan man in the internet and I like getting letters. One can realize a lot of things just from several letters, Isn’t it? Hope me e-mail did not get you exhausted… I just want you to be open to me, if you like my letter. I appreciate sincerity in relations and communication. I would like to learn some information about you, if you don’t mind of course))) You can ask me anything you want to know about me or my life) I do not know what will happen tomorrow, but I hope we can be friends.
P.S. I would like to ask you a very important question – do you have a girlfriend? I am looking for my man and I do not want to interfere the others relations.
I’ll be very pleased communicating with you. Svetlana
Letter 4

Howdy Jack!
First of all I want to express my appreciation for a letter. I reply you from my work address. I find this more convenient for me, because I monitor my mail box in the morning ! I have a computer only at working place. But unfortunately I have no a computer at home. Just recently, I establiched resume on the website of the international dating club . During this short period of time I received a great deal of messages. They were shocking! At one point I thought that only freaks and liars are registered at online marriage clubs. Someone begged me to send them my **** pictures, other men wantedhinted at only ***.
Even a married guy sent me an email, offered to be lovers in a secret behind the back of his wife! That's appalling!Oh my god! I haven’t even replied to such emails. I do not understand such kind of thinking In my resume I stated clearly that I’m going to find a real relationship with a unmarried man.
Forgive me for telling you such things, but I was really terrified by this situation in general. I want to believe you are different man and we have the same desires. Please write me back the letter as soon as possible if you want to continue our acquaintance. I’m interested to get to know some information about you, your living place, your work, hobby, family situation. It would be nice to see some of your pictures. I will send you another email later where I I want to tell you in detail about my life in order to pique your interest! ))) I ask you to reply to this email so that I know that you have got and read it.
I don’t want to bother you with a long letter so that you won’t be bored)) Hope you have a perfect day today! Look forward to get you answer!!!
Affectionately yours, Svetlana
Letter 5
Hello my dear Jack!
How are you? I hope everything is fine and you've been waiting for my letter)))
Why don't you send me your pictures? Are you not interested or are you hiding something from me? I ask you to send me as many of your photos as possible. I really want to know how you look. I hope to find some photos of you in your next email.
For me, the age difference doesn't matter. I think a man should be older than a woman. I believe that the older the man, the wiser and smarter.
I think the most important thing in a man is his mind. So I really like that you are older than me and I think that you are a smart man and I am attracted to it.
Why are your letters so short? You don't like me? You don't want to answer me? I write you such long letters and I want you to write as much as possible about yourself and answer my questions. If you do not respond to my letters, it will mean that you are just playing with me and I'm not interested in you. I hope I'm wrong and your next letter will be much ******. I am very pleased to receive your letter. I hope that our correspondence will help us to create close and serious relations. I want to tell you that I write my letters to you from work. I spend too much time at work, so I don’t need a computer at home. Unfortunately I don't use WhatsApp or Skype, because I don't have a smartphone. I do not need this, because once I registered on Facebook and I immediately began receive offers for *** and requests to send ***** photos. I didn't like such attitude to me and I deleted my profile. Since then, I have no need insocial networks and a smartphone. I have a regular phone, but the tariff plan of my mobile operator allows me to receive calls only from Russia. But I can call you from my work if you write me your mobile number. In the morning on the way to work I thought – will I get your answer? I wonder whether you like my letter or not? Did you like my photos? And only yesterday, when I had returned home, I realized that I had told you just a little information about myself. Therefore, I was very glad to see your letter.
Thank you very much for your photos! I think you're a very handsome man and you look very good. I will be very pleased if you send me some more photos of you, your home or friends. I'm interested in everything about you. I would like to know as better as I can.
So, now is my turn to tell about myself. I am the only and late child in the family. My father left our family when I was 7 years old. My mom died 2 years ago.
All these circumstances made me stronger. But I don’t want to write about sad events now. After the death of my mom I feel very lonely because unfortunately I don’t have a beloved man right with me. Jack, but I have a best friend. Her name is Yuliya. Do you have such a close friend with whom you spend your free time and feel comfortable? My relationships with one man ended six months ago. In Russia, most men see and want from me only ***. But as for me, the man should be not only a good lover, but also a friend to share the secrets, discuss the plans for future, everything that worries us the most and just have mutual understanding. Do you agree with me? Today I told her that I met you in the internet. She looked at me with surprise and told that meeting a man in the internet is not my way of acquaintance. She was amazed. Then she said that there can be really serious and honest men in the internet, but I must be very careful because the internet is hull of ****** and liars. Do you correspond with many women? You can give me an honest answer, I’ll understand the situation, and I really hope that we are going to be honest to each other.
Jack I want you to know that age is not important for me, because I do believe that the human dignity is in a person’s kind heart, honesty, responsibility for his actions and words and that he loves me. What can be more valuable? I have a well-paid job and I support myself quite well. Money for me is livelihood and a way to make our life brighter and full of unforgettable moments. What do you think of my way of expression? Do you like my personality?
Hope my letters are not boring for you ))))) Online dating is the first experience for me and I would like our conversation to be built as an interactive dialogue and I ask you to be honest and open in your thoughts and ideas. You can ask me everything you want to know and I promise to give you an exhaustive answer. Hope to get your answer as soon as possible…
I’m looking forward to hearing from you, Svetlana
Letter 6
g'day Jack!
I’ve already forwarded you my reply with potographs but you did not reply today. Is everything fine? You didn’t enjoy my photos?
Have you got my letter? I wrote one to you these days. Maybe my letter is in the junk folder. My friend maybe you simply have no time to send me the answer immediately or maybe my shots and facts I sent you didn’t like at all??? Please find some time and write me at least with a short message of explanation, because most of all I’m afraid of an unclear situation when you habe no idea what to think about.
Sirensly, Svetlana
Letter 7
Hello Jack.
Jack, what's wrong? Why don't you answer my letters for so long? I just wonder why it is so?
Why don't you send me at least a few words? Please don't judge me harshly but everyday I'm waiting for any sign of your attention and I keep checking my mailbox almost every 15 minutes. I've started to worry that you have forgotten about me and just disappointed in me - but why???
What is the reason - please explain it to me!!! Tell me Jack! I'm sure it is something special and important but please find a few minutes to reply on my last email. Please find strength and self-respect to answer my questions. Be a real man!
Don’t make me sad and to be disappointed in you...
Yours sincerely, Svetlana
Letter 8
Hello my dear Jack!
Today I came to the clinic and did not get a letter from you. I felt so lonely… I haven’t got any letters from you for several days…
There are appeared different awful thoughts in my head that you just don't want to communicate and write to me… I hope I'm wrong. I'd really like to receive your letters as often as possible. Please find at least several minutes to give me a message that you're okay. I'll be happy.
I’ll try to write you every day, I promise you. I just thought that you may not understand me correctly that I’m working a lot, but I try to write you almost every day. I would really like to communicate with you every day that we can become closer to each other. I think you're a very intelligent and open-minded man. Even if you don't like me, I'm asking you to tell me that honestly and then I won't disturb you anymore and waste your time. Ok?
I thank you for your letter. Svetlana
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