Scam letter(s) from Jasmin Curtis to Joe (Belgium)

Letter 1
Great! i can give you my phone number so we can discuss our meet up, i hope you are serious from this cos I really am, but i want to make sure first if i am safe with you before we meet ? and to be sure that I am safe with you I choose this procedure, I am a member of Secure Online dating site, the essence of this is to detect who I am and who am i with, so whatever happen to me the site will know and if ever something bad happen the site can contact the authority quick, I have to ask you to be a member of this safe dating site I am on I hope it's fine.
Letter 2
sorry I know you are safe, I just had a bad experience before doing online dating stuff, I've been a victim of a guy before, he ask me to meet him on a public place, a police station to be exact! he seems nice and went to a bar with him, get a few drinks then went to a room, after that i went black out! the next morning i found my self lying on the top of the bed looking for my things such as my wallet and gadgets. i don't ever want that to happen again that's why I joined everyone on the site has a legit and safe record doing online dating so there's no problem on meeting someone on the site, no records on robbery or being a *** offender at all, that is why I couldn't meet without it too Oh that's not the website address dear, here it is
Letter 3
Secure Online Dating is the site's name dear. This site runs verification process and making sure that their members are not meeting with someone who is either a convict or offender. I had a bad experienced before from a meet up that's why I won't meet without it too. I've been using this site after that bad incident. And everything went well so far. The URL where 1 of the pictures comes from is (I think this woman has nothing to do with the scam)
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