Scam letter(s) from Victoria Zvonnikova to Mitchell (USA)

Letter 1
Hey there my new friend. Respected stranger, I wish to read how much you interested in searching and acquaintance with new and wonderful girl? I am Olga. I am hope to your like my picture. I am also searching man with whom my life will calm and remarkable. I am very merry, kind and positive girl. But I still have one and already very tired of that life. So I come to a dating site and got you email. In reality, I'm search for real man for a serious friendship and even wedding in future. Most important is my purpose - I wish to look a companion for my lonely life! I very hope that you are just such a man. I'll be happy if we will find our common interests and our familiarity is most great moment in our later life. I do not know how you are interested in continuing our talking therefore greater detail I will write about myself later. If you are interested Please write ONLY to my private e-mail: I'll wait your letter. See you soon, Olgchik!
Letter 2
Hello Mitchell! Forgive me for answering your letter late. But your letter was in the trash (spam). I don't know why it happened. Maybe it's some mistake ... My email filter may not be configured correctly. It's okay now. I added your address to the list of "good mail" and we can safely continue to communicate. If you want of course? I think you want to know me. If you didn't want to know me, you wouldn't have texted me. Right? You know, I was interested in reading your letter. I hardly know you at all, but I've been thinking about you all day..."Answer" or "not answer?"I will be open and confess... I already had a little experience of online Dating. You're not the first person I've tried writing to. I've tried writing to a few men before you. But I was full of disappointments... One man only wanted ***. Another wanted to see my ****** pictures. Of course, I immediately stopped the dialogue with them. Because my intentions are serious. Today I will tell a little about myself..

Just a girl. I'm 35. I'm divorced and have no children. I live in Kolomna. It is an ancient city of Russia. It is one of the oldest cities in the Moscow region. There are many temples here.. monasteries and monuments. Our city is really rich in its glorious historical past. If you want to know more, ask me or Google it. I think that in you can find everything! You agree? Hihihihihihihihihii.... I have a simple job. I work as a beauty salon administrator. Its name is "Person." You can also see it on google ... if you're interested ?? All day I just sit in my chair and take calls... I make appointments, organize the work of employees. Sometimes it's fun, sometimes it's exhausting.... I'm sending you a picture of my workplace. Now you can see where I work! Tell me, what made you meet on the Internet? Were you married? What happened to your past relationships? I hope you're a serious person and I'd like to get to know you... Tell me something about yourself..... or ask what you want to know about me? I think that there is enough information about me for today... I hope I didn't bore you with my letter. With respect, Olga
Letter 3
Hi Mitchell! I'm so glad you keep writing to me! Today I didn’t sleep well and fatigue prevents me from expressing my thoughts. But still, I will try to give you a normal answer .. You can think of me by email. I like to feel a spiritual connection between me and my interlocutor. It is much more than a chat.

Thank you for replying to my letter. I see that we have something in common. I think that many people have one reason to look for a partner on the Internet? Do not you think so? There have been several important stories in my life, but the most important one is past relationships. The last relationship with a man lasted almost 6 years, but unfortunately we did not come to a good finish. Once I was just tired, packed up and went to my mother !!! You ask why? It's simple ... I'm tired to melt his ice. I'm tired of warming our relationship only with my fire .. Not!!! In the beginning, everything was fine. We lived like normal people. Work, trips to parents, trips to nature, trips to cinemas. But a few years later I noticed that the fire that was before is no longer there. His feelings are cold. I tried to save our relationship. I tried to communicate with him more. I tried to surprise him in the kitchen. I gave him more space. I did everything in my power to have a really full relationship. I tried to create all the conditions so that he felt comfortable in our house. But he did not appreciate all this. The more I tried, the more he moved away from me. He began to shout at me more and more. Reproach me. Make claims. I think he just stopped loving me and I didn’t tolerate it. He never wanted children. He constantly said that it was too early to have children, that he needed to live for himself. I turned 35 this year and I have no children. I would like to have children, but now it will depend on the mutual desire of my partner. At my age I need to take this issue very seriously. After several years of solitude, I decided to look for a new companion. On the advice of my friend Anna, I decided to try to meet a man on the Internet. I was ready to start everything from scratch. Now I'm trying to find new long-term relationships and love ... Tell me how you see your new relationship? What would you like from them? Of course I will be glad if you tell me your thoughts on this ... Today I finish my letter. Till tomorrow.... Olga
Letter 4

Hello Mitchell! How are you doing today? What's new? I'm doing fine here! I think about you a lot. I'm really glad I met you. I like your thoughts about life and the relationship between a man and a woman.. I was very interested in reading your letter and learning something new about you. I appreciate your honesty. I think that if we always write each other Frank thoughts and honestly answer questions, then only in this way we will be able to build a good communication and go forward leaving the burden of the past behind. Do you agree? Now I'd like to tell you how I see my future relationship. Mitchell, I would like us to have a normal relationship in the future. I don't want to fight over nothing. I don't want to take your privacy away from your friends or anyone else... I don't want to interfere with your Hobbies. You know? I think that if we act together, there will be harmony and understanding in our family. Don't you think? Can't a man and a woman have common interests? I think they can! After all, the meaning of a couple is that they share everything. Right? For example, you will wash clothes... I'll be nice to her.... You'll be buying groceries at home.. I'm going to cook... We'll go to the movies. In one word - be together and in joy... and sad.
I think that's normal... If you disagree, then tell me your opinion. I hope you it was interesting to read it? I look forward to hearing from you! Olga.
Letter 5
Hello! How are you? I have never had real happiness in my life. But now I am happy because I am writing to you. I will never forget you and I hope that you will not forget me either, because now I cannot live without your letters. You help me to be so happy. ** w is your health expensive? What have you done today? I hope that you write to me very soon, because without your letters, my life seems boring. I look forward to hearing from you. Olga
Letter 6
Hi, how was your day? For example, I have a break at work and I decided to write to you. Hope your day gets better after my letter.... I didn't sleep well last night. Outside the window, cars were constantly making noise. I want to get home and rest as soon as possible... I finish my day at 8 PM. What about you? Hope your day is better than mine..? Haha.. I hope you write to me today. I'll wait for your letter.. Olga
Letter 7
Hi! How are you? As your mood? I thought I should write to you because I want to continue our communication. Hope you don't mind to talk with me and soon I will receive your letter? Olga
Letter 8
Hello Mitchell! Thank you very much for your letter. I'm glad you answered me. I really want you to write to me every day because I am pleased to communicate with you, to get to know you, to talk about yourself. It seems to me that I have known you for a long time and your thoughts are very close to mine. I think you understand a lot of things.
It is easy for me to talk to you on many topics. You can ask me any questions you want. How was your day? I had a normal working day. It was as monotonous as the other days. Only communication with you brings new colors to my life. It is a pity that there is a distance between us and we can not meet in some cafe. but there's plenty of time ahead. Perhaps in the future this will happen??? Mitchell, what do you think? I want to tell you one thing. Today, I witnessed a man scolding a woman. I didn't like that. They were visitors to our salon. The man shouted at the woman in front of everyone. I think it's humiliating. I was born in a simple working family and I do not remember a case when my parents were fighting in front of me. Of course my parents had their differences. I think it happens to everyone, but my parents solved such issues without screaming and without hysterics. They just went to a separate room and there quietly solved their problems. I think this is a good example. Mitchell, do you think so? I think that conflicts can be solved without shouting and of course it should not be done in front of everyone. I want my future relationship to not have what I saw during the day. As my mother says, "life is short to swear." I think that mom was right! I hope you understand my letter. I'd be happy if you could share your thoughts with me... Waiting for your answer and photos Olga...
Letter 9
Hello Mitchell! I was waiting for your letter. I was very happy when you wrote. I enjoy talking to you. Learn something new about you. It makes me feel really good. I feel like you're a very special person to me. Mitchell, I've had a very busy day today. There was a lot of headache with customers.....Uffffffff..... I'm exhausted... It was all due to the fact that my work colleague, not doing anything at the time. He doesn't take his job seriously and I don't like it. I don't like to put anything off until tomorrow. I do everything in time. I think it all depends on the education of the person. I had a good upbringing. I owe it to my mom. She was very strict about my upbringing. She taught me to do everything on time, and I'm so used to it. Mitchell, I want my future family to do everything in time. Why put off for later, what can be done now? Right? After all, because of the elementary trifles can be a big problem. This proves life experience. If you don't agree with me, tell me your opinion about this? I'm sorry to share my work problems with you. At work, I have no one else to tell.. So I decided to take the pressure off and tell you. I thought you'd listen to me??? If you don't like it, then tell me and I won't write you about work anymore. OK? On this note I want to finish my letter. I'm tired and I want to get some rest. I hope you understand the meaning of my letter. I'd love to hear your thoughts. I want you to tell me about your daily life too... can You tell me about your problems too? I will listen to you. See you soon... Olga.
Letter 10
Hi Mitchell .. I am pleased to know that you are ready to listen to me about my problems. I think this is a very important part in the relationship between a man and a woman. Do you agree? If one of the partners keeps everything in itself, then it can break. Every person needs emotional relief. I am glad that we understand each other well in this matter. As I said, you can also talk to me about your problems. I am always ready to listen to you and give you advice. Today I had a good ... I would even say an easy day. There was little work. Today there were almost no customers. Perhaps today there were magnetic storms in space ?? ... he..he..he..he ... (I'm kidding) ....
I didn’t even know what to do. My colleagues were busy with their business. Someone "sat" in his smartfone, someone a web tablet, and someone just rested from work. I was tired of idleness and I opened a search engine on the Internet .... I decided to study your country. I found on the Internet some articles about your country .. your culture ... read about your mentality ... I was interested to learn a lot about your country. I was able to see many beautiful sights of your country. wow ..... for myself I learned that in your country there are many interesting and beautiful places ... What places do you like to visit? I personally like to learn something new .. A year ago I visited Turkey. This was my first and only trip abroad. I sent you a photo of how it was. I hope, you like it. Of course, in Russia there are many beautiful places .. For example, the capital of my country .. Moscow ... This is a beautiful city! Mitchell, if you find this interesting. You can find on the Internet a lot of interesting things about my country ... sights ... culture ... and much more. This way we can learn more about our cultures. On this I want to finish my letter Olga.
Letter 11
Good day Mitchell! Ended another day. Do you have some new? Yesterday I could not fall asleep for a long time, so I had a strange day today. It all started with the little things ... At first I slept, because I did not hear the alarm clock. I only had time to have breakfast and did not even have time to wash the dishes. I quickly ran to work. But because of the bad weather, I was late for my work because the traffic in the city was slow. But there was nothing wrong with that. Now I'm at home ... I prepared dinner and washed the dishes that I did not have time to wash in the morning. When I did all this, I listened to the radio and thought about life ... And I thought .. - Ehhhh ... if I had a man, then maybe I would not have overslept the alarm clock .... ?? He would wake me up and even be able to wash the dishes that I did not have time to wash. Of course, living in a pair is very good ... How do you feel about housekeeping? I think that in a relationship a man should help a woman and share all responsibilities equally. It would be convenient for both .. and fun ... For example, I know a few men who know how to cook ... and love to do it. The husband of my colleague Irina is simply “The King of the Table” ... I tried many dishes that he cooked and I want to say that it was very tasty ... No, of course I do not demand that my elect was a cook .. =)) .. It is not necessary. But if he could even wash the dishes .. and use the iron! I would be very happy already! Hihihi ... Mitchell, tell me how do you imagine this? Tell me your opinion on this ... I will wait ... !!! Your Olga.
Letter 12
Dear Mitchell... Today was a good day. I was in a good mood. There was little work. I'm not even tired at all. I was a little bored. When I'm bored, I start thinking about life.. about what happened.. about what is and what will be... Mitchell, last night on TV, I watched a replay of " Let them Talk." For several years - it is a popular TV show, which discuss the usual life problems of people... They showed a story about people with disabilities. This story touched me very much. They talked about people with disabilities who find it very difficult to live in this world. But most of all I remember the story about a man. This man had no arms, no legs. He lost them when he was 16. Now he is 32 years old and he lives a good and happy life. He has his own business. There are Hobbies. There are goals and dreams. This is thanks to the support of his relatives and his beloved woman. Yes, Yes, Yes! He has a beautiful and completely healthy wife. She loves him very much for his moral values. You know? He has no arms and legs! But he has a good, strong heart and a pure soul. These qualities he won his wife. Do you know how they met? You wouldn't... But they met on the Internet. A fact... If you ever want to see this story, you can find it in GOOGLE.COM ahhh! the name is "****' govoryat. Zhizn' bez ogranicheniy". the protagonist of this story is "Aleksey Talay". Mitchell, you and I are only separated by distance. I think this is a very small problem. After all, it is easier to overcome several thousand kilometers than to learn to live without legs and hands. Do you agree? I couldn't watch it without crying. After watching this story, I concluded. I realized that we have nothing to fear, no need to look for reasons to retreat. You have to fight for your happiness. You need to set a goal, go to it and believe in success! I think that we should take this example as a basis. Most have arms, most have legs. Got it! But people can't be happy. They just don't know how to appreciate life. Mitchell, there's a long distance between us. It's a fact! But I don't think it can stop us. Everything depends on us! From our desire. From our aspiration.. Do you agree?
Personally, I'm not afraid of the distance that separates us. We live only once and we must always remember this! Our meeting - maybe it's fate gave us a chance? A chance to test him? Have you thought about that? Mitchell, I hope you're not tired of my letter. I hope you understand my reasoning. I'd be glad if you could share your thoughts with me... That's it.......... Your Olga
Letter 13
Hello my dear Mitchell! The weather is nice today. I spent my morning outside. When I got home, I decided to check my email immediately. As usual, I was very pleased to receive a letter from you. Today I went for a walk with my friend Anna. We were walking in the Park, and I thought how great it would be if we (you and I) walked together! What do you think? Wouldn't that be nice?
Anna asked me about my personal life. Have I found a man? I said "No"! I asked her why she thought that.***** Because I do not who did not tell about our conversation. She told me I was strong.
changed. I became more beautiful, I smile a lot and it is very noticeable to me. I think I'm in love with you. But I'm not entirely sure yet. I tried to resist it, to comprehend it, but each time I came back to the same conclusion. Mitchell, I hope you're not angry with me for not telling my friend about you. I don't want to say that I met a person in another country because we haven't met in person yet. But I have serious intentions and feelings for you that are growing every day. From the very beginning of our communication, I have already told you that I want to meet a man with whom I can build a strong relationship. Lately I Wake up in the morning thinking about you. It's been a long time since I've known you. But I hope that our relationship will grow into something big. I don't want to rush you. But I hope that the meeting will be a new level of our communication. Mmmm? In my country or yours. What do you think Mitchell? Mitchell certainly does not need to jump to conclusions... This decision must be taken with full responsibility! But I'll tell you the truth, I'm starting to think about it! Because through the letters to convey all that in mind, in the soul... Do you understand my thoughts? I hope so. Tell me your opinion. OK? Now I'm going to finish my letter… Your Olga.
Letter 14
Hello my wonderful Mitchell! How was your day? You know, today I again thought a lot about our communication ... about my last letter. Mitchell, have you noticed that lately we are talking about serious things? I noticed it. Mitchell, sometimes it seems to me that we have known you for a long time. I myself didn’t notice how you got into my life ... I’m telling you everything without a doubt ... You won my trust. This is a great success! Usually I did not speak with anyone so frankly about life. But with you, I did it. What could it mean? I think that some invisible thread appeared between us that connects us through the distance ... Pffff .... I don't know how to explain to you .. ?? I think that fate gave us a chance. We must use! You ask what chance? And what to use? It's simple! Chance - to be happy and not be alone. I think we should use it and we need a real meeting. You can write thousands of letters, but do not recognize the person. But you can meet .. talk .. look into each other's eyes. So say, check compatibility. Do you understand me? I don’t know how to tell you, but a light flashed inside me. He constantly stirs the desire for a real meeting. I think it's time for us to move from words to action. Do not be afraid of my proposal ... I'm not going to take all the suitcases and stay with you. Hihihihi .... Do you understand? We are reasonable people and both understand that we need a simple meeting ... We need to be together for a while and only then make further decisions. I agree? Mitchell, I hope that you carefully read my letter ... You will think everything over and tell me your answer about this. I will wait for your answer with great excitement. Already now I feel my heart beating loudly .. I send you a kiss ... Your Olga ..
Letter 15
Hello.. I haven't got your letters for a long time. I dare to suggest that this is the end of our communication ... or are you just waiting for my letter? I do not know, but I thought that I could try to write to you again and see what would happen ..... I will wait for your answer. I would like to resume our communication .... I do not think that we met in order for everything to end this way .. I hope you will answer me soon and we will be able to talk .... Olga
Letter 16
Hi Mitchell !!! I am very glad to see your letter. I fell asleep and woke up with great excitement in my chest. I did not know how you would respond to my question about our meeting. Thoughts about this did not give me rest. Today all my thoughts are just about that. I waited with great excitement at the moment when I could check my mail. My thoughts were spinning in my head: "you wrote to me .... or did not write." You asked about the photo at the pond ?. Yes, this is a pond near my grandmother's house, where I was last weekend... Mitchell, I'm so glad !!! You agreed to meet me !!! Uuuuhhhhh .... I'm just insanely happy with everything that happens. I feel like the happiest girl in the world. Now that I know that you have the desire to meet me, I feel even more confident in myself. My female intuition tells me that everything will be fine. I am overwhelmed with emotions of excitement and joy. Joy because we will be together .... excitement because it will be our first meeting. The first meeting will help us understand what our feelings are capable of and whether we are compatible with you. After the first meeting, we will plan our next steps. I think you will agree with my thoughts. If you think otherwise, tell me about it? Now I think that we need to discuss the date of our meeting with you. Tell me, when would you like me to fly to you? For example, I will soon have holidays. Soon my boss will post a vacation schedule and then I will know the exact date of my vacation. They will last 30 days. I think that this time will be enough for the first meeting. During this time we will be able to somehow check our feelings and our compatibility. I hope you agree with my thoughts ??? Mitchell, I cherish you very much and will do everything to ensure that our love picks up speed at the very maximum! I hope that you will understand everything that I want to tell you in this letter. On this note, I want to finish my letter. With great excitement and fingers crossed, I will be waiting for your letter. Only your Olga.
Letter 17
Hello my gentle Mitchell! You have no idea how glad I am to see your letter. Today all morning I did not find a place for myself ... I was absent-minded ... and how do you think why? It's simple. You do not go out of my head. All my thoughts are occupied with our meeting with you. I scroll through them a thousand times in my head and every time I experience a lot of excitement. With great excitement, I waited for the moment when I would open my mail and see your letter. Honey, the first thing I think about is waking up every morning, It's you !!! My dear, the last thing I think about, falling asleep every night is you. you are in my every thought, in every movement and breath. With each new day, my feelings for you are becoming more and more powerful. You changed my life. Mitchell, I am so glad you wrote to me and expressed your thoughts about our meeting. I think the day of our first meeting will remain in our memory for life. It will be the nicest day of my life. I feel that our meeting is getting closer every day. Today was the first prerequisite for this. In the morning I came to work, I went to the bulletin board and saw a vacation schedule there. Today I found out the exact date for the start of my vacation. My holidays will start from July 10th. We have a couple of weeks left. I think that during this time I will have time to prepare my travel documents. Mitchell, I will not shelve everything. If tomorrow I have time after work, I will go to a travel agency and find out all the details for traveling to you. Of course I will keep you informed of all cases. Uhhhhhhhh ........ I wish I could speed up time and be with you as soon as possible. On this note, I want to finish my letter. Forever your Olga
Letter 18
Hello my love Mitchell .. Thanks for the detailed information! Today I went to a travel agency to find out how I can visit your country. I wondered how much a visa would cost me. They said that only a visa exam would cost me 45 euros. This money will not be refunded, even if the application is rejected. To get a visa, I have to go to Moscow, where the embassy is located. I will visit many agencies, offices and organizations in Kolomna and Moscow. (this is the usual way to get a visa) I was told that it could take up to several months !!! I told them that I can not wait long! I said that I would soon have a vacation! I was offered to solve the problem ... I was told that it would take less time if I would use the full package of services, which includes additional payments for the visa category, consular services and preparation for the interview at the embassy. A full package costs 360 euros. The visa agency eliminates all problems and thus increases the likelihood of obtaining a visa without undue delay. If everything goes well, I can get a visa in 5-7 days! I thought for a long time and came to the conclusion that this option is the only one for me. I don’t know if I did the right thing by paying that kind of money ??? Probably, I needed to consult with you again and again. But I thought that there was no other way out. I agreed, and registered, an application for a visa, hoping that you will be happy to meet me .. Can you imagine that we will spend together a few weeks or even a whole life! What will happen next? You did not think? These are long days before our meeting. It lasts so long now ... Seconds seem like an eternity .. Now this is the meaning of my whole life. I can't stop thinking about it. For me, nothing is more important than our meeting! Nothing is more important than you Mitchell! Your love Olga ..
Letter 19

Hello my love Mitchell ... I finally reached the computer, and with great desire I am writing you a letter. I hope everything is all right with you and you are waiting for our meeting. Today my letter will be brief. I don't have much time. I will talk about the most important thing. Imagine today I got a call from the embassy. I was told THAT TOMORROW OR AFTER TOMORROW I need to arrive at the embassy for an interview for a visa and pass biometric data. If everything goes well, I can get my visa! I was very worried after this call. All this was so unexpected for me. I did not think that I would be called to the embassy so quickly! My agent said that everything is in order. Now I need is preparing for the upcoming trip. I need to collect some things and documents. Tomorrow I'm going to Moscow! It seems to me that I have been waiting for this for ages. Mitchell, I need you to send me your full name, your full home address, telephone number and the name of the nearest airport where you can meet me. This information is required for the Immigration Consul. I must have this information. Without it, I will not be able to pass an interview. It is very serious! Probably tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I will receive the documents necessary to arrive in your country. I will let you know all the news that will concern my trip. After I receive the documents, I will need to return to my hometown .. collect the necessary things and wait for the day of my flight. At this point, I will finish my letter and will wait for your answer ... Your Olga
Letter 20
Hello Mitchell! I've been waiting for your letter. Thank you for the information. Today I came to Moscow. I am very tired and cannot write to you much. I'm writing you this letter and I'm worried. Our fate will be decided today. Today I will have a very responsible and busy day! I hope I get a visa so we can see each other soon. I know only one thing: "I want always be near with you!!!"I feel like a little girl who fell in love for the first time. You know, I'm really happy that this happened!!! I don't want it to end ever. You're in every cell of my body**** You're in my every thought.. I wish I could write for a long time. Because I'm very tired. I hope that I will write to you soon about the results of my visit to the Embassy. If I can't write from Moscow, I'll write from Kolomna. I'll keep you updated.. Your Olga.
Letter 21
Hello my dear Mitchell! Finally I'm home! I'm glad to write to you again! I can't wait to tell you about the commission in Moscow. I hope you will be interested to know about it? I'll start from the beginning .. I think that I deliberately visited Moscow. From the trip I had a lot of positive emotions. I have never been involved in such important matters and therefore I was very worried. On the way to Moscow, I did not communicate with anyone because I was thinking about an interview at the embassy. I understood that any failure can ruin everything. I was afraid that I might be denied a visa. But my experiences were in vain. I can probably get a visa. I tried a lot !!! I never thought the commission would ask such unusual questions? They asked about my *** life, about children, about work, about patriotism, about my attitude to your country, about my religion and beliefs. I answered all their questions in detail. I was told that my answers were unexpected, and, as a rule, the applicants did not answer such questions so directly and openly. They are not used to hearing such answers, but they said that hearing sincere and truthful answers is much more pleasant than words that do not come from the heart and mind. I was not given an exact answer to the interview. In the corridor, I waited for the person who was on the commission, and he said that I should not worry. He said that in the near future representatives of the embassy will contact the travel agency and call me to Moscow to get a visa. If I get a visa, I will have to buy tickets to your country and go to Moscow again to pick up the visa and wait for the day to start. I will need to buy a ticket in Kolomna from representatives of a travel agency. The departure should consist of the Moscow airport. After I buy tickets, I can tell you the date of my start. I hope you will answer me soon .. Your love Olga Ps. I can't wait to collect my things =))
Letter 22
Hi! How are you Mitchell? Are you alright? I look forward to your letter. I have a lot to discuss. I have a lot to tell you. I hope you'll write to me soon so we can talk.. Your Olga
Letter 23
Hello my dear Mitchell! Here is my phone number: +79877194258 I'm not sure that I can reach you, he doesn’t seem to support the international line ... Today I have good news for you ... Recently an agent called me and said that my visa is available !!! I can pick it up, but only after I buy tickets to your country. I think the time has come for us to discuss the date of our meeting with you. You have to think carefully before giving me the answer. I have to be sure that you can meet me at the airport. For example, it would be convenient for me to come to you on July 20th. What do you think? Every day I think about our meeting with you. After our acquaintance, my life has changed dramatically for the better. My colleagues, my friends, even my clients - everyone noticed changes in my life. Everyone asks the same question. Anyone wondering why am I so happy ?? Haha =)) .. I think we have a lot to discuss ... For example, I wanted to ask what is the weather in your city now? I need to know what clothes I should wear? I do not want to take with me something extra. I want to take with me only the most necessary things! What do you say? If I have enough time tomorrow, I will buy tickets to your country. I want our meeting to take place as soon as possible .. I hope you are glad to hear it and you also look forward to our meeting. Tell me how you imagine our first meeting. Do you already have plans? It's a secret? =)) .. What are we going to do on our first day? Where will we go?????? Of course, you don’t have to answer this question. You can keep it a secret and surprise me. For example, I already have a pleasant surprise for you *** This is my gift for you. But I will keep it a secret until the day of our meeting with you .. On this note, I'm going to finish my letter... Tomorrow I will be with mom all day and I will not be able to answer you ... On Monday I will go to buy tickets ... So until Monday, my dear Mitchell! I can't wait to hug and kiss you as soon as possible ... Your Olga
Letter 24
Hello my dear Mitchell! I read your letter with tears in my eyes. I feel bad. I'm upset. I don't know what to do. My heart is breaking with pain. Forgive me Mitchell. Please don't take offense at me. I don't even know how or what to tell you. I thought all our dreams would come true soon, but I was wrong.. I went to the travel Agency this morning to pick up the documents. My papers are ready! I'm glad! I took the documents and asked the company that sells air tickets. I said that I need to have a ticket to Spokane International Airport on July 20 and a ticket to Moscow with an open date of return flight. I also asked how much it would cost? They said the tickets would cost 976 usd. I asked to find tickets cheaper because the price is too high for me! But as it turned out, it is impossible to buy tickets cheaper, because the date of departure is too fast. I was told that tickets must be booked in advance. I asked them to offer me other flight options. We found the most suitable flight for July 20. Tickets cost 1255 usd. I begged them for a long time and said my fiance Mitchell was waiting for me! If I had asked them for a little longer, I would have cried. After some time, the service agreed to reserve a ticket on my terms. But I have too little time to pay for the tickets. They said if I didn't pay the rest of the ticket price, I would lose the money I gave them. I was angry! But they explained that it would be very difficult to sell a plane ticket that flies. They'll have to lower the price. I agreed. I was told to pay 1255 usd. But it was too much for me because I only had 500 usd. That was my last money for the plane I'm going to come to you on. It was very difficult for me to tell you this story. I did everything I could. I paid for the visa. I paid for part of the ticket. But that wasn't enough. Not enough money. I asked the service to give me more time so I could raise the money. I was told I have to pay another 755 usd before July 19. (this is the deadline) otherwise I will lose the money I paid. That's a lot of money for me! But the main thing I'll miss the chance to see you Mitchell! I thought my money would be enough. But I failed. I thought there was nothing stopping me from meeting you. But I have to pay the rest of the money for the tickets. This is a lot of money for me! Mitchell, I'd do anything for you! But I can not cope with such costs. I beg you Mitchell, excuse me, I don't have that amount of money! I have no idea where to find them! Most of all, I want to be with you. I'm asking you for one thing, don't leave me. I don't want to be alone. I want to be with you. You're precious. When I met you, I knew you were the right man. You're the man who won my heart. I don't want to lose you. Forgive me! Mitchell, promise me you won't leave me. I think there's always a way! We will definitely find a solution for our meeting. Really? I believe that we will find a way out of our situation. Right? Mitchell, let's look for him together. The main thing is to have patience and hope. I hope you understand and support me. I so need your support in this difficult and not simple period of time. I don't know what else to tell you... Your sad Olga...
Letter 25
Dear Mitchell! I'm waiting for your answer. It is very important for me to know what you think at the moment? We need to talk right now! You understand?
It can not be postponed until tomorrow! I hope you understand that? I would not want to leave it until tomorrow ... Answer me! Your Olga
Letter 26
Hi Mitchell! I do not see your letter again. It makes me sad. Are you okay? Please write me. This is very urgent! I need to tell you a lot. I'm waiting for your answer!!! Your Olga
Letter 27
Hi Mitchell! I do not see your letter again. It makes me sad. Are you okay? Please write me. This is very urgent! I need to tell you a lot. I'm waiting for your answer!!!!!!!!!!!! Your Olga
Letter 28
Hello my love Mitchell! Now I feel guilty for not being able to do what I promised. I always do what I promise. Now I feel at ease. I'm ashamed to ask you to help me. I have to say, I can't meet you because I can't pay for the tickets myself. Of course, I know I shouldn't ask you for money. But at the same time, I can't accept not coming to you. I've done too much to arrange our meeting. I don't think we have a way back! I would love to talk to you on the phone, but when I can do it. This needs to be done from an international phone and I have to pay for it. When will it be convenient for you to call you darling ??? Write me a time convenient for you. If I refuse to see you, it means it was all for nothing. I hate to refuse to come to you, I did everything I could. Now I want you to help me. I think it's okay if I ask you to help me. Of course, I understand that maybe you have no feelings for me, or maybe you are not interested in our meeting. I understand that the amount of money is too large. I know that, and that makes it harder for me to ask you. But at the same time, anyone can be in my conditions. Now I can only do one thing. I just have to say, I'm never coming to you. But I don't want to say that because I want to meet you. That's why I have to be honest, I need your help. Of course, I understand that I should not do this. But I'm an honest man. I'm ashamed to ask you to help me, but life is a complicated thing, anything can happen. Of course, it's up to you whether you want to help me or not. I'm going to lose my money. It's bad, but not fatal. The 360 I paid for the visa and the 500 I paid for the ticket are too much for me. But I don't regret what I did for our meeting. In fact, money is just paper. That's why I was the first one to decide to meet. But I don't want all my efforts to be wasted. Please forgive me for my words. I say that because I'm desperate. I don't have much time. I need to pay 755 usd before July 19 otherwise I will lose the money I paid. I have not been able to assess my strength, and all my efforts have been in vain. I understand that the amount of money is too much for you. I didn't want to ask you. I can do everything myself. My loneliness has made me strong. I've always lived by my own efforts, I've always relied on myself. I very rarely asked anyone to help me. But now I'm not alone and I have you Mitchell! So I'm asking you to help me. I'm ashamed to talk about it. But I don't see any other way. I look forward to hearing from you. Your love O
Letter 29
Hello my love Mitchell Now I am in a very depressed state. Everything has lost its meaning for me. I can not sleep not eat. For me there is no joy. What a naive fool I was when I went to an agency! I should have known that it was very expensive. Now I think about it and I understand how ****** it was. I should have known ... But I didn’t do it ... I guess it’s because I believed in us and our connection. I believed that my life could change for the better. But I see that real life is cruel and does not allow us to be together. I hate money! They always stand in the way of human happiness. But why do I need all this? What do I deserve this .. ?? You can not imagine what I feel now ... You can not imagine how it hurts me to be alone now. You wish you were near and I could cuddle up to you so that you could feel sorry for me .. I almost gave up these problems. All I want is to come to you. I want a simple female happiness. I want to love and be loved. I want someone to meet me when I come home from work ... preparing dinner and just taking care of me. Maybe this person are you? My heart tells me that you can change my life .. I never thought that such a thing could happen to me. I did not think that I could find someone on the Internet and that all this would be so serious. I do not know how serious this is for you. But for me now is the main event in my life. What could be better than love! Care is the main thing that I lack now. Why I don’t have anyone who can lend me some money so that I can come to you ... Really, $ 755 can prevent us. It is good to be a rich man and nothing to not need. It is a pity that I am not a rich man. But my wealth is you and your attention to me .. I really want to develop our relationship, our love. You mean a lot to me. If you can help our meeting, you will never regret it. Please don't hurt me. It all depends on you and your help. You should know that you can change our destiny. You understand? $ 755 is so much money that they can decide the fate of two people ??? If I had more options, how could I pay for the tickets, I would not ask for your help. I have nothing more to say to you. I just don't have the strength to write about it. Everything has lost its meaning for me .. Your Olga
Letter 30
Hello my love Mitchell! I see that everything that was between us was just a game to you? I can see that your attitude towards me has changed a lot since I failed to prepare my trip. That's too bad... Maybe I'm wrong and now you just don't have time to answer me... But the head is constantly getting bad thoughts. I dared to imagine that you abandoned me. Maybe you don't want to talk to me anymore. But I hope you're a gentleman and write me your answer. You could give me your thoughts on what's going on.. Waiting for your answer.. Your Olga
Letter 31
Hello my dear Mitchell! I'm sorry you had a bad experience with a Russian woman. I'm ashamed. She's a disgrace to our country. I don't think money is the most important thing in life. I don't need money to love a man. From men I need a only love and mutual feelings. I am also cautious about communicating online. In our time, it is really difficult to meet a sincere person and trust him with your heart. But I believe you! I want to trust you! I feel calm when I write to you. I guess I just feel like you're a good person and you're not gonna hurt me? Our television very often warns us about the dangers of Dating. The media always talk about the difficulties that may arise when visiting your country... But when I came to your country, I listened to my heart. My heart tells me you're a good man. I listened to my own feelings. Why do you doubt me??? I am offended by your distrust! There are many crimes committed in the world. But it doesn't say I'm a criminal, it doesn't say you're a criminal. You understand me??? Just because someone in your country committed a crime doesn't mean you were involved with that person??? Am I right??? If someone from Russia took advantage of your kindness and took money from you, it does not say that I want to steal your money. Am I right??? I had a strict upbringing as a child. Cheating is beneath my moral compass! When I came to your country, I have carefully prepared for our meeting. I understand all the dangers that could be in your country. But I took a risk for our future together! For love, because I know it's the only way. If we think about the dangers, it is better to sit at home and not get acquainted with other people. You understand me??? I want to say again that relations are built on trust. I hope you believe me!!! This is the only way to build love, relationships, family, happiness. Am I right? Your love Olga
Letter 32
Hello my dear Mitchell! Your last letter made me sad.. We shouldn't give up so easily.. Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today? If we wait and keep writing letters to each other, nothing will change. Never mind! You agree? I won't have the money to travel. Now I understand how much it means to me. Maybe you just don't want us to meet..? Perhaps I am mistaken... But these are the thoughts in my head right now.. I am very upset about the fact that I can not fully pay for the airfare. But perhaps together we could find a way out and arrange our meeting.. Did we communicate all this time to end up like this? It's a pity that you deprived us of joint plans. I was really hoping we'd meet. I believe that you can change our situation for the better Mitchell, I really want to visit you. I really want to develop our relationship... our love. You mean a lot to me. I believed so much that we could be together.... that we can change our lives for the better, that I can't imagine life without you.... If you can help us meet, you'll never regret it. I promise... I will make you the happiest man on earth. I don't want 1000 letters. I want a real relationship. I'm sure you want that, too. But what's stopping you from doing that? Life is too short to waste waiting... We need to live here and now. Am I right? Besides, I can't reschedule my vacation....
I don't want to force my opinion on you, but I wanted to tell you everything I'm thinking about right now.. I don't know what else to tell you. I don't want to ask you. You are an adult and I think that you will be able to make the right decision on your own... I await your answer with great excitement... Your Olga
Letter 33
Michael! My love... Did you get my Bank account details?? I sent them. Write to me as soon as possible. I'm waiting. I'm worried. Your love Olga
Letter 34

Hello my love Mitchell! I'm glad you decided to help me! I was very pleased to receive your letter. I promise you my love that I will return your money to you and we will pay your loan in early August, as the quarterly bonus will come to me. I visited the bank. I told a bank employee that I was going to go to my fiance Mitchell in USA. I said that for this I need to receive a money transfer so that I can pay for my trip. He said that if we use Western Union, I can get money in a few hours. Can you imagine? Therefore, I am very glad that you decided to use this company. Just in case, I asked a bank employee what did I need for this? He explained everything to me in detail. In order for you to send me your help, you need to know the following information about me: 1) Name: Olga.
2) Surname: Maksimova.
3) The Country: Russia
4) City: Kolomna.
5) Street: Shilova.
6) The house: 1.
7) Postal code 140407.. I want to believe a bank employee, because he seemed to me a very experienced employee. His words gave me confidence. I love you Mitchell .... I can not imagine my life without you ... I look forward to your answer ... I hope that you will succeed. With love and passion, your love Olga.
Letter 35
Mitchell, I attach you a passport photo, if necessary... love you Olga
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