Scam Letter(s) from Olga Myakaeva to Steven (UK)

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Letter 1

Hi ny dear Steve! Has passed some days, but I till now have not received from you any letter. The Internet may be guilty in it. I do not know. And may be at you there is no time to me to write. At you likely it is a lot of work also there is no free time. Though I so do not think at all,Steve you the good interlocutor and I am grateful to what had letters from you, most likely your letters to me were lost, or have not reached?
Probably all business in my computer, recently it frequently had difficulties., likely therefore you are occupied. Well, I hope, when you will read this letter recollect the girl from Russia, by name Olga and will write to her the letter. I am sincere on it I hope. We with you so are a little copied, but all the same I already to you have become attached. I with impatience wait for your letters, your fine letters. With each your letter, I as though travel on your country. It so is interesting to read letters from the person who lives for 1000 kilometers from me. Earlier I might not even think of it, that I will have friend in other country, I now I am glad to this. I hope our friendship will develop in what another, more serious, you see all of us in this world search for the half, the love, the destiny. And anywhere we from it may not disappear, because we were created by the God and he has given us love. Love - the most fine and raised feeling. When we love someone we quiveringly protect it. We do not want to lose the love, and are ready for the sake of this love on all. My dear I hope you will continue our correspondence because suddenly we should be together. I know, that between us such big distance (and it may be you frightens), but if the god so will wish that we have grown fond each other he to us and will help to become more close to each other. But if you will not write to me between us of nothing will be and it is possible because of it new life will not appear on light.
My dear I hope you treat seriously to our correspondence and we shall build further our friendship. Well I shall wait your letter. I hope at you all perfectly. Olga Myakaeva from Zelenodolsk.



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