Scam letter(s) from Alevtina Sokolova to Tamizharasu (India)

Letter 1
Hello Tamil!!
I am really happy, that I have received your letter. I want to inform you something about my enthusiasm. My favorite color is white a symbol of the purest. As you know, that I like to lean on character. Also I love domestic animals. I have a cat, its name - Markiz. When I come home from work, I sit my cat on knees and hears good music. You hear what music? I like to hear classical music, reggie, soul, the population, but a choice of music depends on mood. In the summer evenings I and mine the company of friends we walk in evening city.
The best place for skating a roller - a mooring. I like to spend to spend in kitchen also where I do experiments with new dishes. I like to prepare for the Russian dishes most of all. You have ever eaten Russian borsch, pelmeni, pancakes with honey? I am very happy and sociable, and I have friends. We frequently gather and we sing songs under a guitar. I play a guitar very well. How you had a rest this summer? In the person it is important for me after characteristics: his kind intimate and romantic soul, age or distinction of a nationality - are not important for me. I am interested in that is inside his heart. I need in the best friend and the devoted partner to whom I shall devote my life and I shall like. I search for the intellectual and strong person who is capable to protect and support his beloved woman and to be the devoted partner for it I search for the person who does not drink and doesn't a particle the woman. I want to build strong and loving family. You, it seems, the intellectual and interesting person from your letter so please inform me more about you directly, loves yours and does not like, interests, expectations, desires. I would like to know a lot from you. It is really important for me to have idea concerning the person, I am going to transfer with and to build attitudes. I expect your letter. Alevtina.
Letter 2
Hello Tamil!!
I am happy, that I have received your letter. Excuse me but I know computer bad. That's why I can't use chat programs. I can only get and send mail. I want to inform you that I like and that I do not like. I like, when people are frank to me. I hate lie. And I think, that people can not do happiness on lie. I think, that you think so also. I do not like, when at home - the disorder. Also I do not love lazy people. I was given birth in the country and when I have arrived to city, I do not remain lazier. Though in city - not, that in city and work about the house smaller. But I always find what to do. It is very pleasant, when my friends arrive to me and the feeling independently convenient. In people of Russia inform: " If in your house all well all it is good in your soul ". I think, that main in the person - beauty oppress, a private condition . If you like, and you love - not this happiness. But not all the day it is borrowed with work, I have always time to have rest, to read the book. I read the novel of love now. I like to read novels. When I read, I am shipped in plot . Sometimes I shout I , sometimes I laugh with heroes. Also what you read now? I shall wait your letter.
Letter 3
Dear Tamil!!!
I am really happy to receive the answer to my letter. - one more good news today - my grandmother feels it better, and today she will be capable to observe its favourite opera of soup on TV J. Today I should have woken neighbours and to cause an emergency as we have no the phone. It was very inconvenient, but I have not received other choice. My grandmother was made by introduction and today in the morning which she has made me breakfast and feels better. My mood became better when my good feeling of relatives. You think, that if all in our life is good, it will not be interesting also irritation.
I think, that you thought of it many times. I want to inform you, that you are very expensive and close. You the destiny necessary for me but I think as my destiny necessary for you. When I arrive to the Internet caf? and I read your letter, it seems to me, that you - near to me. It seems to me, that you arrive to me, cover me strong and a kiss softly. This kiss will continue for me the whole eternity. It is a pity, that it - only dream. Capture strong, and kiss you.
Letter 4
Dear Tamil!!!
During the time we are corresponding you have become the closet and dearest man in the world. You have become the true friend for me with whom I can share all of my feelings and thoughts, to whom I can trust all of my secrets and I am sure that you will always understand me. My God! How long I have been waiting for it! How often I depicted it in my imagination! It seems to me that it's just a dream and I will wake up soon and everything will be over. We are feeling as Romeo and Juliet. You are whispering the words full of love and tenderness, the words that I have always been dreaming to hear: "My sweetheart, my one and only, we will never, never part again! This fairy tale will last all our life!" Love is covering us with its sweet sheet and it seems as though everything has changed. The stars and the moon are shining now only for us, the nightingales are singing their magic songs only for us and the time is passing in another way. The unbearable melancholy is seizing me; the tears are appearing on my eyelashes on their own will. These are the tears of sadness and at the same time of joy. I feel joy that even if we are far our hearts and souls are together. When we meet we will be able to enjoy everything we have been dreaming about. My darling, my one and only, my true friend, I am living with the hope that some day everything will become the reality and we will not have to go asleep and wake up separately, to cook dinner for one. I will have you to warm me up with your heart and body. I will give you my love, care and tenderness. Kiss you
Letter 5

Dear Tamil!!!
I so am glad to receive your letter. I am very glad, that you do not refuse in the help. My grandmother very much asks, and she would thank you. I need $ 500 for operation. I believe, that you are not capable to help by such sum. But please, help than can! Yesterday I descended in bank and has consulted on the bill of a remittance. The manager of bank has advised us with you to use the American company the express train Translations " Western Union ".
Also has assured, that this campaign most effective and Successful in system the express train transfer money. For transfer neither me, nor you not It is required to open of the bills in bank and all very simply. To carry out transfer money, it is necessary to you to know my complete Name and Surname. And as My complete address. And I should know almost same, only it is a little It is more. Your complete Name, Surname, complete address, and sum transfer money. And As ten figures control number transfer money. These data you Will send me.
Manager in bank has declared, that " Western Union " world leaders in To this sphere. Like and all about transfer money. On the first sight all It seems not difficultly. But I have taken from the Manager on any case the publicity leaflet. In him too all is written, in English. And if to you something will be not clear, I shall copy The information from the booklet in English. My data: 420015 Russia republic Tatarstan city Kazan a User's box ? 30 Alevtina Sokolova..
Unfortunately, I should go, as I should as soon as possible succeed Job. I wait your answer. Good-bye. About love Alevtina
Letter 6
Hello My Sunny Boy Tamil!(Can I to give you this name?) :)
Sorry that I didn't write you before, my granny is very bad. And I always help her.
I am very glad to receive news from you again. I see that you are very courageous and honour man. I see that we are necessary to each other.
I've visited church and I've asked for you and ours meeting.
Excuse, I not always well enough understand your questions. Therefore I happen difficultly to answer them. My Sunny , how are you there without me? :) I shall try to find out how can I arrive to you my love! I'm so alone here without you.
You are always with me in my thoughts. You show very strong interest to me it very pleasant to feel. I began to think a lot about us, what would happen in our future. Write to me all questions in which you're interested.
I will be very glad to answer. You now are the first person in this world whom I need most of all. I hope that we would meet in near future. I am very grateful to you because you trust me. Through the Internet it is not naturally, we should take each other in hands and look into each other eyes and speak about all and us. I want to know all.
You are very important to me. When I began to correspond with you I had a hope that everything with you and me all will be great. With each your letter I understood that I have found that man which is necessary for me.
I as well as you want to see you believe me fast, it would be desirable. I want to embrace you caress. I consider what exactly creation of a spiritual emotional basis of the man and there is a purpose sense of family. I want to tell you that my feelings and the words in our relations always were sincere and I always understood that we put a lot of trust, that helps our union to become real. Tamil, I must to remake my passport ID, when you will send money, send them to another name to my girlfriend. Don't worry all will fine and safey, simple I can't to receive money myself.
Inform me when you will go to send money. Adress the same, but name is another : Maria Kostina
You always will be in my heart. Tamil, I very strongly love you. I'm waiting for your answer with great impatience. Forever your girl. Your Alevtina
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