Scam letter(s) from Olga Zaharova to Peter (Belgium)

Letter 1
Hello dear!!!
I am again glad to receive from you the letter. It is pleasant for me, that you continue to write to me letters. I and further want to have correspondence with you.
I want that you knew. I do not have house of the computer therefore Iwrite you from the Internet of cafe.
Probably, at us interest to each other will appear. There may be we with you then shall not only correspond. May be to us will want to be Closer. I think, that the distance for people loving each other does not exist distances and insuperable barrier. I think, that if you like Persons you will try to be any ways with him. The love actually works miracles. The love may change people. Love to To the loved person may force to change you completely. I can not tell you, that occurs to the person when like. But me It seems, that there is such sensation that you simply fly in heavens.
All becomes perfect another, not such as before. I very much want To test this feeling love. I want to love. I want to present the love to the loved person. I would like to be happy.
When I went in Internet - cafe what to write to you the letter, I in a head had very many ideas. I wanted you to write much. But Now at me simply all has taken off from a head. I have read your letter some times. To tell the truth, I did not think that you will answer me again. I
Till now I can not believe that at me can turn out to construct relations in such way. But I know, that there are such cases, when
People corresponded, and then they have understood that searched for all life each other.
Probably it is interesting to you to know what relations at me were in the past, up to you. I can tell one to you was exact that at me in life not of the present love. I long met only one guy, but I do not like to recollect this time. These relations for me were very large mistake. It is not pleasant to me that men see in me only a beautiful doll from which it is possible to play and throw out.
Probably many women have envied my beauty, and I in turn would envy them because I think that beauty it not the main thing in life. There is even such saying: " be not born beautiful, and be born happy ".
Well all right we shall not be about it. From life I would like now only one: to find the happiness. That is the loved person. I want to be happy with him. I want to make his happy.
Probably, it will be interesting to you to know, on mine I have decided to get acquainted in such a way why has got acquainted with you. I hope to change the life. I am sure, that I shall be happy with the loved person anywhere. To me my time in the Internet of cafe is time to go has approached by the end. Olga
Letter 2
Hello my dear prince!
I so am glad to receive your letter today. So it is pleasant for me to read that you constantly think of me. I love letters for frankness and that you write me the truth. You are completely frank and rectilinear in the letters. Especially in the feelings to me. Lovely so difficultly to keep love on distance. When two loving hearts are so far apart. But I am glad, that at us with you so it is good turns out.
It because we are frank with you. I write you in the letters that I think also all that I feel. To me that I write you and that you write me in the letters is absolutely not indifferent. I love you, my dear.
And it seems to me, that that may not separate us from you in this huge world. I love you and passionately I wish. As the woman may wish the the man. Lovely, I hope, that you understand, about what I speak you. It is very important for me that you always remembered it, therefore I write you about it in each letter. I am ready to repeat one hundred times again and again as I love you, my dear.
How your affairs today? How you feel yourself? It is interesting to me to know about it!
Speak, that the present love may and should transfer set of barrier and Obstacle. Also I think, that my work and that I can not write to you frequently is only not the most part from these barrier which we with you should transfer love! But, when we with you shall be together. We can compensate all this time which we with you were not together. How you think, my dear? I think, that you completely agree that I think! It is time to me to go. I shall wait for your letter and it will be very pleasant for me to read again messages from the prince and dearly men which I love all heart.
I love you!
I send you one hundred kisses.
Always yours Olga!
Letter 3
Dear I very much love you. Lovely I very much want to be near to you.
Dear I all has learned, I have learned travel to you how many will cost. Lovely my documents cost 330 American dollars. The visa costs 215 dollars, passport 115 of dollars. As I will need to buy the tickets, which cost of 735 American dollars.
I want to issue the visa to remain with you 3 months. This maximal, that I can make, but if you do not want, that I remained with you all these 3 months I can leave earlier. Tell you you want that I was at you all 3 months?
Lovely I love you. I do not have such big money, so all my hope for you. Tell you can help me?
Lovely I do not know that with me will be if I shall not be near to you. Lovely I very much want it!!!!
Yours Olga.
Letter 4
I am very glad that you have written to me the letter. I love you.
Dear I went in the Western Union and too has learned that it is necessary to transfer money. These my data are necessary for you:
NAME: Olga
SURNAME: Zaharova
CITY: Yoshkar-Ola
the COUNTRY: Russia
Dear to receive money to me it is necessary to know and your full data too. Lovely write to me them please. Dear when you can send me money.
I want to arrive to you as soon as possible. Lovely as I already wrote to you, I have agreed at work upon long-term holiday. I shall be already in holiday on the next week, since Monday. I want to start official registration of papers with Monday. You can send money till Monday? I very much want it. You too want to be together with me?
Lovely write to me please as soon as possible. I shall look forward to hearing from you.
Eternally your Olga.
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