Scam letter(s) from Julia Nikitina to Bill (United Kingdom)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend Bill It is very pleasant for me to receive your letter. I am glad that you could to answer me. Now I shall tell a little about myself. My name is Julia. To me of 27 years. I was born in Russia, the city of Kanash (Chuvashia). Kanash is very beautiful city, city with historical constructions and very wonderful architecture, with the unique and unusual nature. I not shall while describe the childhood, for me it is very hard, hard to recollect it. I shall tell to you little bit later, in the following letters. I have finished high school perfectly well, have then acted in university, on faculty of foreign languages. Where studied the English language, but also a little German. But my English is much better than German, I can write only in German but I speak without practice not very well. I very much liked to study, was pleasant, an atmosphere at university such amicable rallied, I was surrounded with very good people. At university I was fond of different sciences. I very much loved psychology, you probably read Deil Kornegi. I very much liked to study a history, a history of the countries of the Western Europe. When I studied it, I was immersed in that world, the world of the past, but it for me was as the present.
But I only acted in a role of the spectator. The history as any science shows gives reflection above achievements of mankind, above mistakes of people, politicians, chapters of the states. At university I very much liked to play the big tennis. I remember that every week visited this club. Yes, the university life to me was remembered well, the many-sided nature, a variety. When I have finished university I have understood that the world, the world is already open for me, open, and there has stepped freedom, freedom of a choice of. I was employed, the teacher of foreign languages. To me very much to like to teach people to languages when I teach, I think that already one person begins more which can already communicate with other people in this language. But my wages not so high, probably only because in Russia have not learned while to respect work of teachers and teachers, it is heavy and a honest work. But I try to earn additionally the tutor on the English language sometimes. At leisure I like to visit cinema, theatres, I like to go to walk with girlfriends on park and squares. I like to speak on different vital themes, to argue, think and communicate it so important in our life. Two times a week I go on aerobics and to swimming to hold the figure in good condition and at me it it turns out, as I think. My time passes wonderful, but frequently I began to reflect on the person which to me is necessary, necessary as my soul. To me so it is at times hard and sad, that I one and at me was not present there is no gentle and kind support, there is no lovely person. And now I write this letter to you and to me it becomes already easier, easier, because who knows that at us will turn out, but it is already important that we have found each other.. .. I can tell still much all to you, but I think that I shall tell to you it already in the following letter. Now you tell about yourself, tell about the childhood, about the life where you studied, tell about parents. It will be very interesting to me to listen to you, and your life. I shall look forward to your prompt reply my dear Bill Sincerely Julia
Letter 2
Greetings my the most dear and desired Bill Thanks for your letter and is especial a congratulation happy birthday. So it is pleasant for me that you remember this date. But unfortunately it was the most bad birthday in my life. My unique Bill I so am upset. I had a misfortune. Even it is terrible to me to write to you about it. But it is necessary. Bill today as I wrote mine to you I wanted to go to reserve the long-awaited ticket up to Moscow. B since the morning I have woken up in excellent mood as today my birthday. I have had breakfast and have gone to airline. I went in the bus. Has then left at a stop the airline has passed about 500 meters and it. I began to approach to cash department for booking the ticket.
And it simply horror. I was pulled behind a purse and have seen the bag open. It is simply awful I has not found out there the purse. My lovely Bill there there was all money which intended for the ticket to Moscow. You cannot present yourself what feeling at all and I have tested what stress during this moment. I have run back on the way thinking that my purse can has dropped out of a bag. But all this was vain. I certainly have found nothing. I did not represent what to do.
I sat on a bench and began to cry. I very for a long time cried. I thought first of all of you my lovely Bill. In fact this money were not mine. So it is a shame to me that such has taken place. I have recollected that in the bus about me one guy span. I think that he could make it only.. And now my most gentle Bill I find out still that that you have received the ticket and the visa.. Mine Bill I at all have no representation that to us now to do. My dear Bill now when I write to you this letter to me so poorly. Please my lovely do not abuse me. Certainly here there is some share of my fault in that that I have not followed the bag. Do not throw me mine Bill. I so am afraid to lose unique love after that case. Now after I shall write to you the letter I shall go home and I shall lie to sleep. I would not like to eat. I so am tired for a today. I have lost so much nerves. I have written to you the letter my love Bill. And I at all do not know what answer to wait from you. And whether to wait in general. I very much am afraid that you will not believe me my most dear Bill and do not write to me more never. I am afraid that I am afraid that dream of our meeting on November, 25 and remain dream. Please my unique Bill write to me. If you are not going to me more to write that inform me about it in any case. I very much am afraid that my love which I already has found will leave. It was the most unsuccessful day in my life. Julia
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