Romance scam letter(s) from Victoria Vitalevna Smakota to Jay (Canada)
Letter 1
Hello my dear friend. I hope my letter didn't scare you? I just want to chat and get to know you better.
What do you think about it ? I think it is a good idea. I meet on the Internet, I have never done this before.
So don't judge me harshly. I want to tell about myself so that we can get to know each other better.
My name is Olha, I'm from Ukraine. I live and work in Lugansk. I am 30 years old, I am a young and energetic girl.
I firmly on my feet. I have everything for a comfortable life. I would be interested to know where you live.
I What country do you live in? Tell me about your city. I can see where you live on the Internet.
I hope that the distance between us does not bother you. As for the distance, I really love to travel.
I visited many countries. Do you like to travel ? If so, in which countries have you been?
The only thing I lack in life is a person with whom I can share my happy moments and achievements in life.
I'm alone. I spend all my time at work, and I dedicate my whole life to my career.
I realized that I did not want to be alone in old age. Therefore,
I decided to take the opportunity to write to you and meet a person on the Internet.
I am already an adult girl and I know that I want to have a beloved man with whom I will spend a happy life.
In the future, I would like to see you live and personally meet you. I hope for mutual and pleasant communication with you.
I will be waiting for your reply.
Letter 2
Hello Jay. How are you feeling? I'm good. Nice to see your answer.
Nice for taking the time to write me. I saw your email earlier on my phone, but decided to answer you with my laptop. I'm at home right now and I'm planning on eating, but I'll write you a letter first. I like the way you look. You leave the impression of a very serious and thoughtful man. Your face expresses your masculinity. I like this. I think you will be interested to know a little more about me. I'am Olha. I am 30 years old. My height is 168sm, my weight 49kg. How old are you? I am from Ukraine. I live in Lugansk. I born and live all my life here. I looked at your city on Googlemaps and I think that you live in a wonderful place. I really liked London. When I was a little child, I was a very active girl. When my parents were alive, my mother took me to the rhythmic gymnastics section. At first it was hard for me to cope with the loads but I tried to do everything the coach says and not to disappoint my parents. Soon I was do all the exercises for my age without exertion. These exercises given me a great sports training and the opportunity to become a successful Pole dance personal trainer. I'm enjoying my work. It always gives me a lot of joyful emotions. I do what I like and work is an important part of my life. I'm a professional in my sphere. All my friends told me that I was born for dance. Now the work gives me a adequate income and the opportunity to travel the world. Today we live in a world of high technology and new discoveries, and unsurprisingly long distance is not a problem. Travel by plane has become much more affordable than ever before, and more people can afford a vacation anywhere in the world at an economical cost. I am a successful woman and I have achieved everything myself. I do not have a personal car because I do not need it daily. Most often I get to work on foot. Only when the weather is bad I use public transport. If I need to bring my grandmother products I use carsharing services. What concerns my personal life - unfortunately I'm still alone. Of course I've had relationships before. But that's in the past. I try to look only forward and build my life in a positive mood. I'm looking for a kindly, honestly, and most important faithfully man. A man with whom I can feel truly welcome and happy woman. Who will appreciate not only my physical appearance but also my inner world. My worries and fears, smiles and wins. To support my ambitions and be a faithful soul mate for the rest of life. I believe that I will be lucky and I will be able to find my happiness. The main thing to go to meet each other and listen to the voice of the heart. Of course, open communication is very important for us. I'm sure that just because a lot of epistolary connection we can better know each other. I don't want to bore you with my letter. Because I'm not boring at all. Hope you found that interesting my thoughts, and you can my imagine my personality in your minds. I'd be interested to know more about you next time. I hope you find time to write an interesting letter for me. Your friend from Lugansk Olha. P.S. I understand you're wondering where I got your email address from. I'll tell you everything. The thing is, I went to a marriage Agency online. There I asked a man what country I want to meet you, how old he should be, etc. After that, I was offered many questionnaires. Of all of them, I chose yours. Dating Agency suggested that I start with a letter by email. That's what I wrote to you.) I am sending some of my photos. I'll wait for your photos in your answer.
Have a good day!
Letter 3
Hi again Jay. Nice to see your message again. I smiled when I read your letter. I noticed a photo of your pet. He looks very cute. Does he know how to execute commands? I would also like to have a pet. I want dog, but it seems to me that for this you need your home. After all, the animal always wants to run and play and therefore it must have its place. Continue to get to know each other? I am pleased with our communication, and I want to tell you a something personal about my life. In my previous email, I told you that I live in Lugansk. I live near the capital of Ukraine and my city is considered relatively large. Many people think that it’s cold here, but this is a stereotype, it has a very beautiful nature and good people. I like my city and I am very happy that I was born and raised here.. I can compare my city with many cities in Ukraine. I traveled a lot in Ukraine and was in different parts of our country. Ukraine is a multiethnic country, but when I first visited another country, I realized that the world is much more diverse. I was pleased to learn the cultures of different peoples and i think everyone human has something unique. I don't care about skin color or eye size. I do not judge people by appearance, and I am sure that in every nation has are good and bad people. My grandmother always tells me to be guided by the voice of my heart when making a decision. I always listen to her wise advice. She replaced my mother after my parents died. And she taught me how to grow up really fast. Now, my lifestyle always makes me move forward. To achieve this goal has become my life principle.
I'm an active person, so I'm used to this pace of life. In the next 10 years, I would like to devote my serious relationship and the arrangement of a comfortable future. I have a lot of plans and ambitions. For example, to feel the position of weightlessness in a wind tunnel or being in a cage to feed the sharks in open sea. I also want to try driving a yacht or speedboat. My friends offered me to jump with a parachute, but I still did not dare to take this risky step down. I can say that I almost do not drink alcohol. I drink very rarely because even a glass of wine makes me more outspoken. I am loyal to people who have bad habits, everyone chooses what he likes. I try to take care of my health. I don't like mess and dirt. I clean my house at least 4 times a week. This includes wiping the dust and wet cleaning of floors. My kitchen never has dirty dishes. I never save up dirty Laundry to wash my clothes all at once. I am convinced that purity disciplines people and makes their life more pleasant. I like when my apartment has a pleasant smell and is always clean. I feel like I should tell you something more personal about me. I think you understand that I've had a relationship in the past. I've been alone for two years now. Since then, I have not met the person with whom I would like to connection my life forever. I sure that romantic should be present in the relationship. This allows you to keep them more gentle and affectionate. It shows the purity and sincerity of the relationship. This maintains the ease of communication between people in love, creates pleasant scenes to Express feelings. I think it is very important and allows you to keep the relationship bright and rich. It is also very important to have mutual understanding and solidarity. In a relationship, you need to be able to hear each other and find compromises. It is equally important to support each other, to help both in personal and mental growth. Sex is also very important in a relationship. It is important to have sexual attraction to each other. Discuss sexual preferences and desires. We're adults and we don't must to be shy talking about it. But first I'd like to get to know you better. I'm a flexible woman in everything, I'm sure you can feel it in my thoughts. Well, I have observed that again wrote is a long letter for you, it is time to end my letter. I hope you found my message interesting and I see your comments and speedy response. Olha.
P.S. I would be glad if you send me your photos.
Letter 4

Hello Jay. I am pleased that our acquaintance, it brings into my life a pleasant feeling of riddle. I'm glad we get to know each other better with each letter. Thank you for my wonderful mood. Wow, what a big letter. I am pleased that you took the time to write a letter for me. I will also try to write to you as much as possible about myself and fully comment on your letter. Don't be offended if I miss anything when I write back. I think you'll be interested to know a little more about my life. I'll tell you what's important for me. I traveled to Germany, India, Thailand, Tunisia, but most of all I liked to relax in Thailand. I was there this year, with my friend. This is the best place to relax and visit the many exotic relaxing treatments for very little money. I was on a tropical island near the coast, it was amazing places with incredible vegetation. I felt like I was on another planet. I can say that in my life not so many close people. Of course I have friends, but my grandmother-the most expensive for me people. After my parents died, she put all her love and wisdom into me and taught me what a woman should be like. Be able to cook, maintain cleanliness in the house, be able to listen and think before talking .
Be elegant, but not affordable. Do not be afraid of obstacles and be confident in my abilities. I only recently realized that thanks to my grandmother's upbringing, I became who I am now. I've been thinking for a long time that it's time to create a strong family. It is important for me to find mutual understanding with my man. I think that in relations there should not be secrets. We need to work together on everything. Of course, the choice of a life partner should be approached responsibly. I want a life partner. A partner with whom I will live in mutual understanding and harmony. Have common dreams and desires, live enjoying every moment spent together. The last time the fate often gives me surprises. Not so long ago, another positive event happened in my life. I found a nice man, a friend on the Internet. I'm talking about you Jay. I like our epistolary connection.
It's nice that we both get positive emotions from our communication.
I'm very interested in you and I want to imagine what kind of friendship we could have. Can you imagine that? I'd be very interested to know your mind. What do you think about our serious relationship?
Don't get me wrong, I don't want to live in illusions and be disappointed if I'm not interesting to you as a woman. I am convinced that in life there is something that can not be measured by money, although it is important to live in prosperity. I do not care about the abundance of money, but I like all want to live in comfort and eat well. Buying fresh food in Lugansk is not cheap, but you can not save on health. I want a long and full of positive emotions and unforgettable events life. Perhaps some of my desires may seem crazy, but only success is the visible difference between madness and courage. I believe that all my wishes will come true. But it's not enough just to believe. We must always make an effort to achieve our goal. It is important not to give up and move forward, to be able to find the strength to overcome difficulties. There were moments when I wanted to move away from the problems. But I'm not that kind of person. I don't run from complexity. When I started my business, I thought a few times to quit, but found the strength to continue and now my business brings good income. Maybe I was very passionate about work and that's why I'm still single. I don't want to look back, but I'm serious about meeting you, and I think you should know about my sad experience. My ex-relationship really hurt me. I felt that he became cold to me, and could not understand why. I tried to talk to him, but the conversation always ended in a scandal. Then I caught him cheating, although objectively speaking, he had no reason to do that to me. We had regular, various sex, and I always did everything in order that it was always satisfied in the desires. It really hurt my heart. His betrayal destroyed all my warm feelings in an instant. I couldn't forgive him and left him. I have long regarded this as the past and I live in the present, looking only to the future. I don't keep my bad memories from the past in my memory and try to forget the sad moments, erase it from my life. Unfortunately, it is not easy, but I am sure that this is the right way. Now I decided it was time to start a family. My business is working properly and I have to think about my future. Not so long ago I didn't know that somewhere far away there is such an interesting Jay man. Your words and thoughts are available to me. A man should be like that. More restrained and strong. My grandmother always said that one word men should be stronger than five women words. I agree with her, but we should not forget that a man needs to love and respect the opinion of his women.
A man should give his presence a sense of peace and security. Jay, I want to be honest with you. I have a desire to write to you without stopping, but I understand that my message is already very big. Maybe it's time to finish my letter, I plan to go with my friend Anna to the cafe soon. Today is warm summer weather. I thought for a long time what kind of underwear to choose, but I decided that I would not wear underwear. I think it's nothing special. I'm sure every woman has ever walked without underwear. This creates a playful mood, and gives a sense of additional freedom. Although I can say that the Thong does not prevent me from feeling free. I think I'm distracted, it's time to finish my letter. I hope you didn't get bored reading this. I'll wait for your answer, hug, Olha.
P.S. Few of my photos to keep you entertained.
Letter 5
Hello, my dear Jay. It's very nice to see your letter again. How are you feeling today? I try to write my letters for make your mood wonderful. Because every time I see your letter, my mood improves. I think I'm starting to miss your letters. Sorry, I could not write to you earlier. There was a lot of work, and I just physically didn't have time before now. I love that you sent me a photo on the beach. I love this vacation. Sun and water, nice refreshing wind. Could anything be better? I like your style of dress. You have a good sense of style. You look very attractive. Did you has moments in your life when there are many people around you, but you still feel self lonely?
I had that feeling before, but now it's another. I like to fantasize when I read your letters. I try not to peek into my phone to enjoy reading your letter sitting at home with my laptop. I'd like to tell you how my days are going. I have quite a busy schedule and I work a lot. My work does not let me get bored and I often work on weekends. I began to catch myself thinking that I was thinking more and more about our communication. Maybe I behave like a schoolgirl, but it seems to me that our communication has great prospects. I would not want our communication to stop because you are not only a good interlocutor, but also a very nice man. I am very pleased that we met and continue our conversation. Jay I like you, and I think it would be nice to spend some time together. I'm sure we'd always find something to talk about. I may be getting ahead of myself, but it's important that our plans coincide. I think it would be great to meet in the near future if we want to build our relationship. But before we get to know each other, and understand how compatible we are. I want to share life with an adult man who has formed as a person. With a man who no makes false promises, and is true to his words. He should be a reliable partner in everything and be able to put his shoulder when I'm sad. I like it when a man doesn't afraid looks like fool around to make me smile. A man who will feel me good and will understand my mood. A man I will obey without question, but at the same time, I will always first for him. A man who will value my opinion and not insist on doing something I'm not ready for. And so in all aspects of our life together. It seems to me that you are such a person. Am I right? I don't even care about the possible language barrier because I'm sure it won't happen.
I think we could successfully share all our responsibilities in everyday life. But let's not force things and get to know each other.
It's the only way we can figure out where this is going. Perhaps fate will have us together forever. I want to ask you, can you imagine that I came to visit you? Could I stay with you or would I have to get a hotel room? Don't think I'm asking to visit, but I was wondering what you'd say about it. I can easily try to test my powers. I'm curious about the prospects of my business in your country. I'm confident in my abilities and I don't need anything but a pylon room to start teaching Pole dance. Besides, I have a real motivation for this, because I have you in your country. I can consider moving to your country. Do you like this idea? I understand that it may not be easy to find the time and clear the schedule for our meeting. But if we do this, we'll have to discuss it in advance. You have to understand that I have obligations, too. But don't think I'm making excuses. I'm just saying, it's not that simple. And we have to be pragmatic. I think we are moving on to the next stage of our relationship and we can share more personal information. Speaking of which, you remember I told you I was planning on meeting Anna. We had a nice evening and had a nice chat. I think that every woman has a friend with whom there is always a topic for conversation. Warm days are decreasing by the minute and we thought that it is worth to relax together. We decided that it would be cool to relax on the lake, and ride bikes. We talked about a lot of things but I didn't tell her about you. I decided to keep our relationship a secret. I think our letters are very private and it's best to keep our acquaintance a secret. I often heard from grandmother phrase: "Happiness - likes silence." I am sure that this idea is precise in any language. I just don't want our relationship to go public until we're sure we're compatible. I want to have my own idea of who you are, without the comments of someone who doesn't know you like me. I hope my thoughts do not shock you and we will talk about everything that is important to us. I want to share a little honesty with you. I like it when the body breathes. I like to sleep freely, so I sleep without clothes. I don't feel comfortable if I wear something different than my panties when I sleep. What about you? I also often go home naked when I'm alone. I don't want to shock you, but I think it's important that you know that I'm a Frank and open girl. So I can talk about sex calmly and openly. I think it's time to talk about it.
I like having sex. I am very passionate, gentle and romantic in bed. I get excited very quickly, and I try to give myself completely to my partner. If a man wants to please me, he won't have to work long. I easily get an orgasm and there are many ways to do it. I don't want to give you advice on how to do it, I think you will find the answers yourself if you want. I love to discover new things in sex and therefore support all kinds of sexual diversity. I love when my partner is as open to sex as I understand his desires and do not hesitate to discuss mine. I like to discover new sensations in sex.
How do you feel about making love? For me it is very important and I will be glad to cross this line in our communication. What do you like about sex? I think we should discuss this because it will allow us to understand how compatible we are, how close we are in our desires and ideas of living together. I'd be happy if we could meet on the same day. This could be the first step to starting a good relationship. And we could have a great time. Also, I would like to see Canada" from the inside and get to know the culture with you. I'll finish my letter.
I'll wait for your letter. Because I feel that your letter will bring me joy again, and perhaps it will be hot and exciting. And, of course, you will send me some interesting photos. I'll tell you what, I'm starting to miss you. I miss you and I hug you. Your Olha.
P.S. Kiss you on the cheek.
Letter 6
Hello my exquisite Jay. What's your mood like? I hope my letters can make your day more positive. My mood is wonderful because I read your letter. Thank you for these pleasant feelings. I am ashamed that I could not answer you before. I hope you will forgive me. I had difficulties at work, but now everything is over. Thank you for sending me pictures of your cozy home. I really liked what style you have everything. Honestly, you can rarely see such an order in a man.
You surprised me with this. I liked the photo of your house. Your house looks very nice and seems very spacious inside. I like that you can give me your attitude, I sensed your mood and want to reciprocate.
I am very glad to understand that somewhere far away there is a person who gives me the emotions that I lack. And this fact makes my days brighter and more positive. I like to get to know you and share my thoughts. I studied English at the University, but I managed to learn to communicate only after I passed special courses. The courses were necessary for me because at that moment I started to travel a lot. In all countries you can communicate in English. Learning English has become a goal for me. I think it's a language which is known all over the world. Now my level of English is high enough to communicate fluently in English, but I have a little accent. I hope that doesn't bother you because my accent might look funny. I'm glad I found someone I can trust with such private information about me. To be honest, after I sent you my previous message, I had a mixed feeling. I was glad that I decided to take this step and felt embarrassed at the same time. I sent the letter because I'm sure the relationship needs to talk about this. I understand that relationships aren't just about sex. But I think that sexual compatibility plays a very important role in a relationship. It is important to understand what emotions your partner can give you, whether he shares your principles and whether he can support any desires. I'm sharing my fantasies with you because I haven't had sex in a very long time, and lately the thought of sex has been growing in my head. I have lustful desires, but I can not allow me casual sex. In my life, sex was only when I was in a relationship with a man, so my pussy really missed hard cock. I think we have a lot of common fantasies and desires. But we can't do it right now, because there's a long distance between us. We can continue to communicate and get closer every day. I want to know how to give you maximum pleasure so that when we have the opportunity to meet soon, I can be sure that we will contact correctly. I am convinced that we should not ignore our desires and fantasies, because our future pleasure depends on it.
My cute Jay I just reread everything I wrote to you and feel excited about these thoughts. I put my sexual emotions into this letter. How do you feel about that? I hope I'm not scaring you with my honesty.
Tell me what you think about it in your next letter. I'll try to cool off now, because I realized I wanted to open my mind. In a relationship, it is very important to be sincere and open, because otherwise there is a crisis in family life. In my opinion this is due to the monotony of life and its sexual component. Because if every day there is one and the same dish, it can quickly get bored, but if you add to it unusual seasonings, you get a completely different taste.
It's the same with sex. Diversity in sexual life supports the spark between partners not only in intimate terms, but also improves mutual understanding. I am convinced that the couple who dreams fulfills their fantasies because of the embarrassment of discussing it is less happy than the couple who discussed and embodied their fantasies into reality. We need to talk about this. If there are secrets or not full revelation will not be happy. I overcame my embarrassment and told you everything I think because it's very important to me. I hope you appreciate my thoughts. On this I finish my letter, I kiss yours Olha.
P. S. Unfortunately, I can't use instant messenger because of my phone. I can't use the apple store because of my apple id. I can't remove my iphone profile from the previous owner. So I can't download apps. I think it would be better for us to continue to communicate by e-mail now. As always my photo for you.
Letter 7
Hello my delicious Jay. How are your days going? How is your mood? I'm in a great mood because I'm reading your letter again. I want to apologize for not being able to answer you sooner. I am very glad that you are writing this for me. You can always find sweet words to make me feel like a famous woman. I really liked your words and emotions that you told me in your letter. I feel that we are very close to each other. Jay, you are very interesting. I'm starting to notice that the thought of you is in my head. I don't have many friends with whom I can speak frankly. But somehow with you I feel comfortable and easy. I can talk to you about anything. I can feel every word you've written.
And now I have no doubt that we will be a great couple, because we have mutual understanding and are not afraid to be honest with each other. I know there's more than an epistolary connection between us right now. And this thought excites my consciousness. I realized that I missed a lot of time when creating my business. I feeling that my inner balance now is broken. I didn't sense it before, but with you in my life, I felt the mug of love begin to fill. You changed something inside me. I know that our relationship is genuine. I trust you with all my heart, but my mind was not prepared for such dramatic changes in my life. It's not easy for me to find the words to describe it. I'm sure it's only when we meet that I can show you how I feel now. I'm eager to explore you completely. ' I want our relationship to take it to the next level. Of course, it is good to communicate on the web.
But such communication cannot replace real meeting and real communication. I want to tell you everything that's in my heart, looking into your eyes. I want to hold you and hold your hand. I want to feel your warmth and your care. I think we need to think about our meeting. I have a visa to your country and I only need to buy a plane ticket and fly towards my happiness. I am ready to come to you soon.
What do you think about it? I hope my thoughts don't scare you. Today I plan to see Anna. You remember I told you about her? We always have something to talk about and laugh about together. She's is very nice and she always has a funny story for me. It seems to me that something is constantly happening to her. In recent years, we are increasingly talking about the fact that it's time to build a serious relationship, and think about how to take a short break in his career. It doesn't matter how old I am. The best time to act is now. My grandmother tells me the same thing. I am sure that close people will not advise bad. I agree with them. I think I might be late for a meeting with my friend.
I'm sorry, but I have to finish this letter and leave. I'm going to miss you. I will wait for your answer and good news. I think I might be late already. I'm sorry I have to finish my letter and leave. I'm going to miss you. P.S. Yes, before I used skype to communicate with friends. I will try to remember my skype. If I succeed, I'll let you know. Or I will create a new one and let you know. Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!
Your Olha.
Letter 8
Hello my favorite Jay. How are you? How is your mood? You miss me? I miss you very much. My days are so much brighter because you came into my life. Sometimes I'm afraid I won't get your letter anymore. I can't explain this fear. And I'm glad to see your answer every time. I am very pleased that you wrote so much for me in your letter. Reading your letter was very exciting. I will try very hard to fully comment on your letter. I feel that with each letter we become closer to each other. I feel it with all my heart and soul. It is important for me to share with you what is happening in my life. Good and bad moments.
Anything that changes my mood. I want you to be able to feel my mood and thoughts now. In my last letter I told you that I was going to meet my friend Anna. We are met and went to practice. We trained well together. But at some point she started to ask me about the changes in my life. She began to say that my behavior and appearance changed and I began to look better. She very long asked me to tell, that a new happened in my life and why I so strongly has changed in the last time. I gave up... I told her about you and our relationship. The first thing she asked me was how long I was going to stay in Canada. I told her I hadn't thought about buying a return ticket. And those words made her unnecessarily aggressive. She couldn't understand my feelings for you and was offended that I hadn't told her before. She started telling me that I was going crazy and I shouldn't even think about it. Her reaction to my story about our relationship really upset me. I expected her to be happy for me. She told me I was wrong to come to you. That I'm making a mistake. She didn't try to understand or hear me. Maybe I couldn't find the right words to explain it to her. I was honest. I don't think she was able to accept my plan to go to you.
I'm sorry I told her about it, I'm upset that Anna, who I thought was a friend, couldn't understand me. It hurts me that we're not talking to her right now. I realized it was just my feeling, and I can't give it to her. I made sure I didn't have enough words to put into words everything I felt about my Jay. But I want you to know that. I'm sure you'll understand. I'm so tired of being alone that the love I feel for you now surprises me. I think about you every minute of my free time. I notice that she's changed a lot because of our relationship.
These feelings give a pleasant feeling to my heart and my mind. I think that now you understand me and experience something similar. You never leave my thoughts. I think about you at work, at home, when I'm cooking or taking a shower. I would like if we take a shower together, I would like to feel the warmth of your body, your strong hands on my skin. I imagine your hands sliding over my body and began to caress me. I want to be with you the most tender and sweet woman. I want to give you my love and tenderness, love you strongly and 24 hours a day.
I want to sleep and Wake up next to you in a warm bed. I'm sure the kitchen and shower can be just as exciting a place to have sex as the bedroom. I want to tell you that I want you madly. I Wake up thinking about you, I'm going to work with the thoughts I have at work, and I think about you, when I come home, I think about you, too. I want to touch you. I understand that international relations are very difficult for us. I know that the best option for us is to meet as soon as possible. I don't want to wait any longer. I called the travel Agency that I used for my travels to find out how much it would cost me to meet you. The Manager said that I should contact the travel Agency for a detailed calculation of the cost. But the approximate amount that I was told, I was quite satisfied. It's not a lot of money to meet face to face with my favorite Jay. I'm very excited when I imagine our first meeting. My dear, I will do my best so that we can meet as soon as possible. I feel like we've become very close. I'm telling you this honestly because I don't want any secrets between us.
I can't say exactly how I feel about you. I want to share every minute of my life with you! I want to fall asleep and Wake up in the same bed with you every day! Jay, I never said those words to anyone. I don't need anyone because of you. Sometimes these thoughts are very exciting and it is difficult for me to restrain my emotions. I will tell you honestly, at such moments in my heart I begin to caress myself, because it is very difficult for me to restrain my desires. My excitement at the thought of our meeting keeps my body in good shape.
I trust you completely. I feel like you're the person I want to see next to me. I want passionate nights full of orgasms with only my Jay.
There's only room in my heart for one person. It's yours. I'm not talking to anyone but you. All I need is you. Thinking about you, I feel a wave of excitement right at work. I don't know what to do at a time like this, but I love that the thought of you makes me feel so bright. I really want this feeling to accompany me all my life. With sincere love your Olha. P.S. Speaking of skype, by the way. I tried to log in with my username and password, but I failed. I made a request to recover the password. Why that letter has not come to me yet. I hope that I will be able to make Skype as soon as possible, because I also want to see you. Huge Kissesss!!!
Letter 9
Hello my adorable Jay. I hope there's a smile on your face right now.
Your letters always make my day more intense, and gives a lot of vivid impressions. They give me energy for my day and fill my mind with beautiful emotions. I'm grateful that you came into my life. I'm sure you can feel how glad I am to see your letters. My dear Jay, conversation with Anna I was very upset, but despite this, I'm in a good mood. You came into my life, and this event causes me only pleasant emotions. I find it hard to understand why Anna so sharply reacted on my words. I think She's just jealous of you. I could see it in her eyes, but I couldn't understand her motives. It's friendly jealousy... and deep down, I can understand why that fact upset her so much. Anna very close to me as a friend, it seems that we have known her for ages. I feel that deep down she wishes me happiness and well-being. I want to make up with her. I can't choose between friendship and a man I love. You both mean too much to me! I don't want to choose between friendship and personal life! I think about us more and more. About our soon meeting. I can't think of anything else.
It's like I'm mesmerized by you. Our emotional connection is very important to me. Our thoughts and desires, that invisible thread that binds our hearts. I feel like I've known you my whole life, but now I'm on a long trip that should be over soon. Every day it's harder for me to fall asleep knowing you're far away. Our souls and hearts are already together, and the distance divides only our bodies. I am ready to overcome any distance, just to be able to meet you in real life.
Feel your touch and connect our bodies. When I come to you I will enjoy every day spent with you. I am sure that with you I never will not be bored, because you always find the words to make my condition much positive and excited. I know that everything will be new to me.
But I have no doubt that everything will be fine. I dream of a new life with you, but I don't want to be a burden to you. I understand that you have some responsibilities and there will be days in our life together when you need to go somewhere without me to handle your case.
I'll always wait for you to come home. I can stay home and make a nice dinner to meet you when you get back. I want to fall asleep and Wake up in bed with you. I want to feel your gentle and strong hands on my body and hear your excited breathing. I will try to make every new day happy. Because it is the main priority for us. I want to smell you. I really want to taste your sweet lips. I want to know all your secret desires. And tell you about my feelings and passions. I like all the intimate thoughts about us. I stopped by my grandmother's this morning. As usual, I brought her some food and stayed to drink tea. I always feel comfortable visiting my grandmother, but every time she tells me that I should eat more. In summer, grandma always has fresh herbs and vegetables from her garden on her table. I think that healthy food is the secret of its longevity. We talked a lot and I decided to tell her about us. I told my grandmother about my Jay. I could see the concern in her eyes when I told her about us. But after listening to me, she said my eyes were burning like never before. She said she saw happiness in my eyes. And now she understands, that this real feelings. I didn't understand how it all happened but after a moment we cried. I told my grandmother that I wanted to meet you soon, but I will definitely come. This was unexpected news for my grandmother. She had no idea I was already planning our meeting. I said I didn't know how long I was going to stay. I said I see a lot of promise in our long and happy relationship. And explained that I have no need to plan ahead for my return flight. Anyway, I can always buy a ticket back. My grandmother and I had a long talk. And we hugged for a long time. It was like saying goodbye at that moment. I felt her warmth enveloping me. It was a very touching moment. Grandmother has blessed us to carry out all our plans for the future. And wished success and good luck. She said she was happy for me and wanted me to be happy. She always knew how to find the words to motivate me. I felt a weight lift off my shoulders. I was very afraid that my grandmother might take such news as Anna. I feel like I can fly over the earth now. I am very excited and very happy. Have you ever felt butterflies in your stomach? I think that's what I'm feeling right now. I can't explain it in other words. This is a very bright and wonderful feeling. I think that feeling is stronger than sex. This is not even a passion, but a state of constant happiness and euphoria. I don't see any obstacles to our meeting soon. I realized I didn't want to wait and waste time. I don't think I'm in a hurry to meet. I don't see any point in stalling. I want to fall asleep and Wake up next to you as soon as possible. Only now I understand, that not lived until this, and simply there was. My grandmom told me I found myself with you. She said she'd never seen me so happy. Thank you for my well-being. I'm glad I could open up and trust you. I melt like ice cream in the sun in my thoughts of you. I imagine you meet me at the airport with a bouquet of flowers. I really want my darling Jay met me at the airport. Just tell me the nearest airport to you. I planned today to have time to call the travel Agency to find out availability of tickets for flights to you. P.S I with impatience will wait for your soonest reply. Kiss you on the lips. Your Olha.
Letter 10
My delicious Jay. I just read your letter. I've been going through every word you've written for me. Because for me it's more than just words. I know you recently, but I have a feeling as if we have already met and have long been familiar with you. I like the way you talk to me. I have no doubt that you will never do anything bad for me, which is probably why I trust you and can talk to you so openly. I like that you do not condemn my views and try to understand my opinion. That's the kind of relationship I talked about in my letters and I feel like you can give me that kind of relationship. I didn't choose you, I just met you and found a soul mate in you. I think it's important for a relationship to start. I really liked the picture of you cooking. A man who loves and knows how to cook a meal is very rare in our time. I like the way your kitchen looks. I see it very convenient for cooking.
I'm happy to have you. I am happy to have met someone who understands me and accepts me for who I am. In your thoughts, I see the reflection of my desires and you never cease to delight me. I like the way you Express your feelings for me. When I read your letters something magical happens to me. I can't tell you how happy I am to have you in my life. I look forward to seeing you face to face. I'm waiting for our first embrace, our first kiss and views to each other. I know that ahead of us waiting for sleepless nights full of orgasms and unrestrained affection. You understand me, you understand my fantasies and desires. I'm glad I met you and I can be with you soon. I don't want to wait long. I try to do all the business as soon as possible to be with my Jay. Yesterday I called all my clients and told them that soon I will not conduct training. I asked several of my clients to come to my office in the next few days. I want to return the money they paid for classes that will not take place. I need to suspend the lease on my study space. Pole dance. In General, there are still a few things and obligations that need to be done before you fly to you. I spoke to the travel agent. It won't take me long. The travel Agency said that the paperwork required for departure will take a few days. I have already prepared a visa and need to prepare only a few Bank statements and make insurance. I plan to visit the travel Agency today for a detailed clarification. I can only think of our soon meeting and do my best to be with my love as soon as possible. Thank you for checking with me at your nearest airport. I think that soon we will touch each other for the first time in Pearson International Airport.
Jay write my your phone number? My grandmother asked me to give her information with your exact address. Do you mind? Please send me your full address in the next letter. I call my grandmother every day now.
I feel like she's worried about me. We agreed to spend a few days together before my flight to you. I know I'm gonna miss grandma. But I want to meet my happiness and she supports me in it. You've become the closest thing to me in my life. You've been in my head for days. I can't sleep or eat. As soon as I start thinking about you and our first meeting, my whole body is covered with goosebumps and burns from excitement. I really want to caress you! All I want right now is for you to be there for me and for us to caress each other. I want to study every inch of your body. I close my eyes and imagine your hands caressing my body. I can feel your quick breath as you gently kiss my neck. But most of all my pussy wants to meet your cock. She is excited not the first day and thoughts of you do not give her rest. I am 24 hours a day in an excited state. I can't sleep well. My love, we need to fix this situation urgently. We must soon quench our thirst and our desire. I can't wait for our bodies to beat in pleasure. My love Jay, I'll do anything for you. I want to see the bliss and joy on your face forever. I think that we are waiting for a happy future, full of orgasms and incredible adventures. I love you and I want you madly!
You're the best man in the world! I'm happy to have met you. I look forward to hearing from You. Love, kiss, adore. P.S. By the way, I never received a letter from Skype, but I tried to create a new account so that we could communicate with Skype. When installing Skype, I got an error that some driver was not found. I do not understand anything of this, and therefore I will call a specialist to get everything settled for me. I really look forward to the moment when we can talk and see each other live. My friend Anna texted me while I was writing you a letter. I'll call she now. I hope that she will understand me and we will make up. Your Olha
Letter 11
Hello, my love, my Jay!
How was your day? I am very happy to read your letters and write back to you.
My dear, I completely forgot to write to you that I do not communicate with anyone except you. I am very offended to accept this truth, but I think it’s better to make a choice now than to pull it all to the last.
How's your heart? Beats in anticipation and desire our the emergency meeting? My heart is jumping out of my chest right now. Thank you for changing my life, for giving me these incredible feelings. My heart sings the melody of love and it's a beautiful melody. It's all thanks to you. Because of your emotions and feelings. I want to be one with you. Joined in a single impulse of passion and love. I've always dreamed of a strong, reliable, decent man. And my dream came true. You came into my life. I can't find the right words to say how happy I am right now. I feel like I can fly like a butterfly above the ground. I'm happy that you like our desire to meet soon. I want that! I am grateful every day that we found each other in this world. I know that soon we will together, and our life forever will change. I know all our dreams will come true soon. I want to give you all of me.
I have no doubt that our life will be wonderful, full of love and passion. I believe in our happy future. You are always in my heart and in my thoughts. I don't need anyone but you in this world. I want to tie my life to you forever. I am serious about my thoughts and desires. I think that we should always be Frank with each other and consult in all moments of our lives. According to my understanding of relationships, we have to work together and make all the decisions together.
Today I again called the travel Agency to tell all the information to my Manager Svitlana, so she began to draw up documents for the trip to you. Nowadays it is very easy to prepare all the necessary documents by phone and online. But most importantly, it is very convenient and I will not be distracted from their business and I do not need to go to a travel Agency. Svitlana said I needed to send them a copy of my passport, make an extract from my Bank account to show that I had money to fry with you. You also need to make health insurance. It's just a formality, and it won't take long. I think that tomorrow all the documents will be ready and I will get information about my flight to you. I want to do it as soon as possible. As soon as everything is ready, my Manager will inform me about it by phone and e-mail. My favorite Jay I told the Manager of the travel Agency your email. I entered it as my second email. I hope you don't mind. I did it so we could both get the details of my flight to you as soon as it's ready. Svitlana said it wouldn't take long. I imagine we'll meet. And it seems like there are hundreds of scenarios in my head right now. I don't know what our meeting will be exactly, but I know this is going to be a special moment for the two of us. I want us to take a selfie with you at the airport. This photo will be a symbol of our love, and we will always remember the day of our meeting looking at this photo. I know it's sentimental, but it means a lot to me.
Honey, I'm looking forward to being with you. But most of all I dream about our passionate nights full of gentle embraces, kisses and unrestrained sex. Together we can achieve anything we want. My heart is full of love for you. I want to give this love to you every day. Now I will finish my letter. I miss you.
P.S. I already starters to miss your sexual fantasies.
With love, Your Olha.
Letter 12
Hello, my love, my Jay! I am very glad to see your letter again!
How is your health? Are you waiting for me? Your letters always bring happiness and make my condition light and airy! I really love you, my Jay and I insanely want to fuck you!
Thank you for sending me sexy pictures. I think you wanted to tell me something with those pictures, but I didn't quite get it. It would be better if you sent me pictures of you, so I think we could get to know each other better.
My dear Jay, I sent all the documents to the travel Agency. Svitlana told me that today she will arrange my flight to you. She promised to call me when it was ready. Svitlana said it will not take much time. I will definitely inform all details about my flight to you. Tomorrow we'll both know the day we meet.
Are you happy? I'm very happy right now. I'm happy to be with you soon. All my thoughts are about you and our first meeting. My heart is breaking for you and now I don't want to hold back those feelings. I hope you understand me now. I'm a woman, and I'm flying to another country where I don't know anyone but you. But I understand that with you, everything will be fine. I'm sure I wish it with all my heart. My dear, I love you very much. I write exactly what my heart says, what my soul says. My love for you lifts me above the ground. When I read your letter, it was beating with such force and frequency. I thought it would jump out of my chest. I have a lot of images in my head. I imagine us next to each other. I've been fantasizing about us a lot lately. Because I keep picturing us meeting. I imagine our first glances and a long kiss. It makes me dizzy, I lost all my words, my legs don't hold me. I hope you hold me with your strong hands.
I imagine we fall asleep hugging each other. And these thoughts give me an incredible state of calm and warmth in my heart. You're the only person in the world I want to be with my whole life. My dear, I can't imagine how happy I'll be when we're together. My love, after our first kiss I will always remember the taste of your tender lips. My love, but our meeting will not consist only of kisses, we will have a lot of kisses, we will have a good time, we will go out and hold hands and say a lot of tender words! My dream. But I have always had hope, and I believe that we will be very happy. Do you believe that all our dreams come true? I'm so glad that life has made me happy! But my happiness only in the future with you, my cute! You my happiness! I love you and miss you so much! You're my everything, my love for you grows every day. I hope that you will be warmer from my words. I love you! I must finish the letter now. I have to meet and talk to my friend Anna. I shall await your fast response.
P.S. I'm really looking forward to us being together.
With love, Your Olha.
Letter 13
Hello my love Jay.
How are you? I am okay. My mood is great! Weather is good. The sun is shining very brightly in the street. How's the weather?
I would like to comment on scammers on the Internet. I agree with you completely. Now it is difficult to trust someone else, especially on the Internet. You should know that I'm not here for that. I make good money and will not ask you for money. I just don’t just trust you. We are not familiar at all yet. But I want to believe that you are real and sincere like me. I hope so.
I am very glad that we found each other and will meet soon. I have always believed in miracles and now I see that they happen in real life. I miss you very much and want to see you as soon as possible. Writing letters to each other is good, but they don't do everything that can be done in real life.
Jay, I got a call from Svitlana, she said everything was ready. She said she sent me and you details of my flight.
I saved all the information which Svitlana sent for me, did you save that for you? I hope that you will not forget the day of my arrival. It's a joke, I'm sure you won't forget this special day for the two of us. I keep thinking, what's it gonna be like, our first meeting? Our first views? It's so mesmerizing and exciting. I imagine that you are now excited and this feeling makes my heart start to pound more often. I like to imagine us together in the last days before our meeting. Now I'm very excited, I'm worried. I am enveloped in different feelings. They're all nice. I'm glad to be with you very soon. I long with all my heart and body for our meeting soon.
I trust you completely, and I know that you will be always be in my life. I met the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. I don't want to be a burden to you when we meet. I have enough money to have a good time with you. I know that when we meet we don't deny ourselves anything. We are waiting for incredible emotions. And I'm glad they're just mine and yours. I also want to do a little shopping with you. You like shopping, I adore it. But I don't like to walk in mall long time. I quickly choose wear, and it seems to me that I manage it perfectly. In Russia, the clothes of fashion brands and designers are 10 times more expensive. Therefore, I do not want to miss the opportunity to buy good wear. My love, I hope you can help me on my shopping trips. You're a man I trust 100 in everything. Do you like to choose wear? I want you to buy something for you. Something special, meant for the two of us. Do you already know what it will be?
My love, I still can't believe that soon I'll be able to hug and kiss you. That's all I can think about and dream about. I'm very lonely without you, and I want to be with you. My love, now I'm going to do some cleaning in the house and take a shower. I'll finish my letter. Write to me too, don't forget me. I love you and miss you like crazy.
P.S. I want to see dream about you tonight. With love, Your Olha
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