Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Blohina to Jack (USA)

Letter 1

Good afternoon, my new friend, David . Thank for a fine photo of you, you are very beautiful and nice also I is happy what to meet you. Me call Tatyana, and name Tanyusha this diminutively caressing name from my name. You may name as you it is pleasant more. I only recently have mastered the computer and almost I am not able to use him if at me was not present a number of the textbook. It is my first experience as with work on the computer, and acquaintance through a E-Mail. I to hear much, that people get acquainted through the Internet and I to want to try. I am happy that you have answered me my letter for you. Whether I was not sure you me will write back whether or not. But when I have seen your letter for me I was happy. I am very glad that at me it has turned out. This important event in my life. I to hope, that we shall write each other. I to want to tell it is a little about myself. Well? You agree? I to live to Novosibirsk. It is the Siberian federal district. This city is well-known for that that it cold and here many any deposits, but stocks remained all on some 450 years. To be exact at us to extract petroleum and gas. I was born in 1976 and now to me of 27 years. But Day of my Birth on December, 21. My growth of 168 centimeters, and weight of 57 kg. My family consists from mum and the sister who is more younger than me. I very much love them. I always to listen to opinion mum because she many to test and learn. My mum always to help me morally and physically when I to require. My sister still small, she to be born very much late and with its birth at mine mum to be problems. But all is safe. Mine the sister now to go to school. I to finish Pedagogical institute where studied at faculty of preschool education. Now I to teach children from the first on the third class. In my class which I to learn to be 20 children. All children about 6-8 years age. I also 3 times per one week to spend rates on sports aerobics for all comers. When I to study at university, I also in parallel 2 years to study on employment on studying sports aerobics. And now I also to teach these employment itself. With the great pleasure children to attend these employment. I very much to love children, and you? I to work in group of the prolonged day. It means that after lessons children of 1-3 classes to not leave home and to remain at school to be engaged and play with me. They to play, prepare for the domestic task to read to draw and so on. Sometimes we to go to theatre, in a museum, at cinema. I very much to love the work, it is very interesting. And you to love the work? Where you to work? To tell to me. I to be sorry, I likely to tire you the story. I to continue later, in the following letter. Up to a meeting. I shall look forward to hearing from you with impatience. Tatyana. P. S. I to be sorry for my English language I not so it is good to know it, but I study and to hope you to me to help in it. Ok ? -- tat_tanya
Letter 2

Hi my friend, David.
Thank you for fine letter from you. I all day very much to worry. I think that you would like to correspond with me. I with impatience to wait from you the letter. Please write to me the letter. I shall wait very urgently from you for messages. But I want to inform you little bit more on me directly. As you to know from my last letter I to live together with mum and the sister. I am glad that you to write me such letter, I actually to worry therefore That I was not sure write you to me whether or not. As to my father. It To take place very tragical history. When to me was 17 years, and my small To the sister was only 5 years, my father tragically was lost. He to work on one From deposits of coal on mine. They frequently were lowered downwards under the ground that to work and once there was that that there happened not so seldom. To take place explosion metane and them has filled up... It is very sad, I then understood that there was also I heart was broken off on a part thinking about that that my father is not present more. I to not want It is a lot of about it to recollect because to me becomes so sadly though I any more small also has passed a lot of time after this tragedy. It is very hurt to lose the close person. It is a pity that such happened with our father. I also to want to tell about the hobbies. I very much to love sports, and to you sports are pleasant? I very much to like to be engaged in aerobics. I to not want to become full the girl, therefore I and to go in for sports aerobics and run.I already in the first letter wrote to you that except for that what to work as the teacher of initial classes, I also 3 times per one week to carry out rates on sports aerobics for all comers. To me to like to be engaged in aerobics, from for it I always to have a beautiful figure and a fine constitution. I to have a beautiful figure and all my pupils want to look as I look. All With the great pleasure children to visit these employment on aerobics. I to support healthy way of life. I like to be engaged in sports meets, and to me to like to with a floating point. It is very pleasant, when water, warm and it, as though tenderness your body. And you like to bathe? When I have enough free time, I look films, and I listen to music. My majority of films of love, I hope, that you looked them it: Carried away by a wind, Lord of rings. My executors of love it - Alla Pugacheva, Alsu. Inform me about a hobby. I would like to know. My majority of a dish of love smoked the hen. And yours? I was probable to tire you and shall try to finish to write. I the christian and I to entrust to the god, I to entrust to Jesus Christ. I constant on free days to go in church and to pray to the god. I to entrust, that it is destiny, has reduced us, that we were together, And the god has made so that us to meet each other with assistance Internet. I am more detailed to write about my belief in the god in the following Letters. Already late and me time has come to stay idle. See. You it is fast In letters. I wait from you the answer Tatyana. -- tat_tanya
Letter 3

Hi the my dear friend, David.
I am glad that you have answered my letter.Thank for a fine photo of you, you are very beautiful and nice also I is happy what to meet you. YOU very strongly like me. Your photos in format BMP borrow very big volume and it is difficult for me to accept your letters. Please send your photos in Format JPG, they will borrow much smaller volume and it will be easier to me to accept your letters. YOU to understand me? You to not write to me and I to begin to worry. I to not know that to me to do to be upset whether or not. But I to see your letter and to me to become good. I become enclosed to you. I to hope you to not throw me and will continue to write to me. Because it is very pleasant for me to receive the letter from you. I to wait also your photos. I to not know as you will consider my story, but I to not want you to deceive and consequently Should you tell all. I to have 1,5 years back the guy. We to be friends of it long, about 2 years. My mum has dissuaded. She speaks that the person should reach 25 years, and then to marry. And we to leave him, as he once very much to offend me. It to not respect my mum. And one time it was not sober and has sent mine mum bad word. And I was compelle! d with it To leave. Because mum it is necessary to respect. I to forgive it for it because he asked me Very long pardons, but then were other case and after him we with him to leave. At us all It was good, but 1,5 years back we send on a party to my girlfriend whom I knew with Schools. All over again all was good but somewhere in the middle of evening dances have begun. All of them were A little to drink, but not so it is strong to not think that it is done. I danced a little Dances but then at me the head has begun to spin. I have decided, that I need to breathe fresh air and to have a rest in silence slightly. Because in a room it was very hot and it is stuffy. I to tell about it to mine the guy. I have left on street one and to walk in a court yard about half hour. When I have returned already quiet music played and I have decided that can dance. I began to search the guy also has found it in one of rooms together with my girlfriend. They were engaged in ***. I might not believe that my two friends so betray me. It was awful. Has now burst The big scandal and after that I left all in tears. That the most disgusting my guy at all It began to be justified. After that case I long time normally might not communicate with Men. All of them were opposite to me. And only after one year I began to feel more well Itself. All this time I was looked after by mum and she has given me advice that I have addressed In a bureau of acquaintances as since then I did not begin to trust the russian men. I have got acquainted with you and I hope that you will not betray me as. I want to be Happy also want to have the good, careful husband. I hope you understand me. I to want To give birth to children for the loved person if he it to want. Because the child should take place on light only with the consent of both parties. And if my loved will want to have children, they will be and if not towant they will not be. And I shall give all my love to him. If you are still interested in me that write to me the e-mail.I with impatience to wait from you new messages. Please write to me more soon the letter, I am very strong to wait for your letter. See you soon. I with impatience shall wait from you for the new letter.
Your Tatyana. -- tat_tanya
Letter 4

Hi my dear, David !
To me it is possible you so to name, you not against? I so to want, that our attitudes of steel more more strong. Strange, but me your letters become so habitual. With me so earlier never was, I wait with impatience of your letters, each day.My lovely thank for a photo, you are very attractive. I am happy to see your new photo. It so is healthy to find persons with to which can talk on any themes, to solve together problems, in general occurs it is so much many opportunities, you with me agree? I to want you to ask, my itself not so It is difficult in understanding for you? Further I shall be to improve your language. Now it is so much much different rates, programs for studying English language. And how you to concern to Russian? You to want to learn to speak a pair of phrases in Russian language? If yes, you to tell me about it in the following letter, all right? I hope you to show to to this interest, you see I to want, that we might it is good to understand each other. It probably will seem to you ridiculous, but now in 21 century I till now do not have phone. At us in Russia such high requirements. Present, that to me to put home the phone, it is necessary 5 months to not spend my monthly incomes. You you see to know, that everyones are necessary for the girl cosmetic means, I to not speak about large things and about products. At you probably to establish the phone is much easier, than at us. I to hear, that in china At all people, it is not dependent on their age is mobile phones, and at you are mobile the phone? Well also you will think, that our Russia not so it is advanced by electronics, but at us such woods, such rich nature!!! You with me agree? I very much To like to walk on fresh air, and at you is such opportunities? I shall send you my photos in the following my letters, I to hope, what they to like you? I so would like to communicate to you in alive! It is a pity, That it is not possible. We so far to be the friend from the friend. What you on it may tell? You may to ask me about everything, I to answer all. I to hope, that at you everything is all right. I wish you good mood, such as now at me. As I will think that to you interestingly to learn my home address: 630099
Novosibirsk city
Lenina street 18-9
Blohina Tatyana You may write to me to this address if want, but to me to seem that much better Also will be faster if you will write to me on a E-Mail.I with impatience to wait for your answer. Yours kitten Tatyana from Russia! P.S. I to send you a geographical map with an arrangement of my city of Novosibirsk. I think that you will be glad find out where to be my city in which I live. My city very beautiful and she is located on very beautiful place. Distance from Novosibirsk up to Moscow of 3191 kilometers. -- tat_tanya
Letter 5

Hello my love, David!
I am very glad to receive from you the letter.
Thank for a fine photo of you. You very attractive the man and I am glad to find out you better. What weather at you there? You to know, I very much to get used to you with each yours the new letter! I so am glad, that we to find each other. Due to you at me send affairs, i became happy, about it to notice all: at work to me to speak, that at me to appear it is more than forces, at home too there was all Well. My mum to transfer you greetings! She All time to ask as us with you affairs. I to speak, that all is good. I always to think of you. Each time before dream I to thank the god that it Has given me you. I on religion orthodox christian and I to trust in the god. You to trust in the god? I think directly the happiest woman on light. Know why? As I have studied the God, I have studied Jesus Christ, I have studied Sacred Spirit, Which in me. When Jesus Christ has given life on a cross, Blood for our sins, we have received a huge opportunity, huge happiness - is simple So, for something, just the God of us likes, - to receive life, eternal life. Jesus Christ - a source of my life. I am constant to go to church and to pray to the god that with me and with my relatives all it was good. To ask I the god about you and about yours health. I admire with Jesus as it gives me force. It gives us hope and gives a pardon. On a degree almost two thousand years imperfect term of people Inspiration from a unique source of the perfect life of all cases. Today we as never demand hearing Jesus's sermon On boundless love and the world. He is my Savior and the biggest hope concerning all world. If we followed his doctrine even on 20, the world would be much better. I am correct to speak about it? I to know, that you also so to think. I of nothing can do with myself. I is constant to think of you. I to speak my mum, that you the good person and, that you can trust. Mum all Is equal to speak, that I to be cautious in a choice and not To be mistaken. She to speak, that we should learn about the friend The friend is closer. You to understand, that she to wish goods and Happiness? My mum very wise person, she to know, that speaks. I with impatience to wait for your letter, Because with each letter we become closer to Each other, you with me agree? I to want, that so To be always! I to worry because of that that slightly i was not so good to know English and work with the computer. To me all time to have To ask the girlfriend as it to do. But all Equally I am very glad. I to look forward to hearing from you and to give you a kiss of love! Your love! Good-bye. For ever your Tatyana. I to send you a photo of church in which I frequently to go.
It Boznesenskij kafedral a cathedral . P.S. I to write to you some phrases in Russian: "HELLO" = Privet
"I love you" = Ya lublu vas - "? e?ae? Aan"
" You are very pretty "=Vi ochen simpatichni - " Au i?aiu neiiaoe?iu "
"you are gorgeous"= Vi velikolepni- "Au aaeeeieaiiu"
"marry me" = Jenites na mne- "?aieoanu ia iia"
"I want you to kiss me" = Ja hochu chtobi bi pocelovali menya -"? oi?o, ?oiau Au iioaeiaaee iaiy"
Letter 6

Hello my dear and love, David!
I so am glad to receive the letter from you!
Thank for fine photos my lovely. I am happy to see this new photo. How your health? It so is healthy, that we have found each other. I like yours letters! They always to give me force and is warm! I to hope, What is the letters at you to cause too only warm Feelings! I very much to appreciate your letters to respect you and To store fidelity to you! You know, I can to store your secrets. My friends to love all time To speak with me because with me it is possible is frank to speak!Only from one person I do not have secrets... She is my mum. Mum in me very decent the woman. And I respect her. Also I shall estimate her all life. She has learned me to everything, that I can. She has brought up me. And his formation seemed very good. I to understand my mum as it was hard when for her daddy has died. I am grateful to her, that she could to bring up me not looking on anything. Now in our country is parents,which break because of troubles and may not provide and to educate formation to the children! It is very bad! You with me agree? My parents....
I always might lean against them a difficult minute.
I always consulted concerning them. They spoke me how to do better. You to understand, what I to want you to tell? My mum to speak well, that I have you. She to speak, that you too can help me in difficult minute my life. You will help me? I can share with you mine Secret also I can advise you how operate in that or other situation. Because I you very urgently love all this. I trust you as mum.
I to want to help you! I to want, that between us to not be any secret! I always speak mum about everything, that you write.She trusts me when i speak it, that we with you it is similar each other and our attitudes very much strong. It has come time of me to go. You of me not lose. I to have sister Elena, 14 years and she to study in her in 7 class of school. My mum is called Svetlana, her with 49 years, she works as the seller in food shop. In our city today good weather, temperature of air -1..+1 degrees celsius. I shall wait from you the new letter. Write to me. Your letters are very necessary for me. They now for the most dear.
About that day,When we may meet you.
Yours Tatyana. -- tat_tanya
Letter 7

Hello my lovely, dear and love, David!!!!!
I so am glad to receive from you the letter.
Thank for a fine photo of you. You very attractive the man.
The truth well, that we have with you communication This communication between us very much to me road. I appreciate her. Your letters for me as a beam of the sun in cold days. Your letters of me warm. They give me new forces.
I pray to the god that at us with you all was excellent. This is very good, when at us all is good. We should hold our attitudes and should appreciate each other. I respect you and I store to you a fidelity. I am able to store all secrets. For example, if someone to me opens the soul, i do not speak anybody about it. If I shall tell that asked to not tell I simply shall cease myself me to respect. And I am able to store secrets.But, if my girlfriend speaks, that it not a secret I all the same do not tell to anybody. Only sometimes to mum.
From mum at me secrets are not present. About that to me there is she knows. You may will tell, that it is bad!!! I think, that and should be.
Mum at me very decent woman. And I respect her. Also I shall appreciate her all The life. She has learned me to everything, that I am able. She has brought up me. And her education appeared very good. I not such as all others. We in the country have also bad parents, which may not give correct education to the children. That is very bad. You with me agree, that there are such parents who do not care About children. Him it is simple they are indifferent. And the child is brought up with street.The good parent should bring up the child so that it did not notice, that it bring up. He should think, that he brings up itself.But behind him parents and if it is necessary observe prompt as it is necessary to act in that Or other situation. I thought, that I bring up myself. Appeared, that it not so. Of me always observed mine daddy and mum. They always helped me in a difficult situation. I felt, that on them it is possible to lean a difficult minute. I always consulted on them. They spoke me how to make better. But I should choose the decision. I hope, that understand everything, that I want to tell you. Now my girlfriends trust me. Best my girlfriend - mum. I did not know with whom it is possible to talk about man's secrets.
I was helped always by my mum. She the woman clever and at her was my daddy.
She to me also told all that knew. And now I know, that I have you and you will help me always a difficult minute my life.You will help me? Because I shall require all the same in yours to a support. In your man's shoulder. To you I can open all my secrets. And you will listen me and will tell as it is better to act in this or that situation. And because I you very strongly love all this. I trust you as mum. You will help me? I want to help you!!!! You may consult on me too. If you will wish Certainly.
But between us may not be what secrets. I want, that you have explained to me as you me like. It so is pleasant, when you you speak, that you love me. Love this cleanest and most pleasant feeling that is on this ground. I am right? The love can not replace what feeling. The love puts in itself many concepts. Such as respect, trust and much another ............
For me this such feeling, that simply it is impossible to describe in a word. It it is possible it is possible to see and understand only. I love you. We with you a single whole. My soul merges with yours. My girlfriends too know, that we like each other. I always speak mum about all that you write. She trusts me when I speak her, that we with you like each other.Both our love very strong and strong. It is time to me to go. I so would not like to leave from you, but i shall come and I shall write to you. You me do not lose. I shall wait from you for the new letter. Write to me. Your letters are very necessary for me. They now for the most expensive.
About that day, When we can meet you. While my love, Tatyana. -- tat_tanya
Letter 8

Good morning my love, David!
So it is pleasant for me that you write to me.
I am happy from idea, that I have you. How at you an affair with work, all is good? At me it is a lot of has put on her, I very much to get tired, at me am simple to not suffice time to have a rest. But I always to find time to write to you! I always with impatience to wait that of you letters, when it to appear in my electronic box, for me To come pleasure. I to hope, as for you too. You to know, up to a meeting with you my life to be monotonous. At me to not be happiness with former love. I that to search for love, but on it my searches to not stop, because I In it to be disappointed very much, very much. I each day to look back on life and to realize, that I of nothing to cost in love in this world and and for me it was very bad. But now I to not want to recollect it, therefore more that we to find us, you and I. I to want to tell you, that you to fill my heart with sense and love and if you to disappear, it on always to remain empty. You to answer me, my English to understand to you? I so for it to worry, but you to not worry, because I to learn his each day, all right? I know, that you to see my love and trust to you. And to want me. We to similar the friend the friend and we should To be together. I to wait for it the moment, and you?
To write to me please, that you to think about our meeting!
My lovely I is glad to see your new photos. But your photos in format BMP to borrow very big volume and it is difficult for me to accept your letters. YOU should send a photo in Format JPG, they to borrow much smaller volume. The photo from format BMP can alter format RPG with the help of the program " Adode fhotoshopb 7.0. " It is necessary for me to know it. I love you mine superman! Yours Tatyana.
Letter 9

Hello, David!!! I am happy to read your letters in Russian.
I am glad that you have written me such remarkable letter.
Than you now are engaged? You know, I today to visit the Computer exhibition and to see a lot of interesting. To all visitors have shown one experience. They have taken the computer and have placed it in a glass box. Then in it all over again to begin to raise temperature and then to lower. They have told that this computer may work in the severe constraints. You know that there are such computers? I, about today to not know about it and for me it was news. Still to us to show the newest computers, at them the monitor is built - in the system block. It looks funny. I still to go to a department of computer novelties and to see the prices or computers. There is this rather expensive pleasure. As though I to want to have the wn computer, but I need to dream of it only. Modern good computers cost very dearly and to me to have to dream of such computer only. It is not a pity to me that I can have the computer as at me small wages and I itself was not capable to buy to myself the computer. Probably each person dreams to have the computer of a house. I think that through some ten years each family will have houses the computer as well as now many have houses the TV set. You love poetry? I very much love her and when I have a free time I try to read various authors. It cheers up me. I recently to read one poem and it very much was pleasant to me. I to want to share with you. It:
Both mind, and heart, and memory ruining,
I not without reason so hot kiss you:
I kiss you and for before whom
I concealed my passions - was shy also it,
And for that me to burn without fire,
Also laughed, and long tormented me,
And for what love would be embroidered,
Yes, killed, sleeps under a sepulchral cross.
Everything, that in heart mine lighted up for them,
Burning down, let dies away in embraces of yours.
It was writting in 1964 year.
How it to like you? I am not absolutely sure for translation, but I hope that it not too has suffered. I to want to inform you pleasant news. I today to speak with mum and she to tell, that if I to want to be with you and to fly to you, she not against it. She to tell, that I not so small and can solve the destiny itself and that that she to hear from me about you she to decide that you the good person and she does not think that you are going to subject me to troubles.
Now I should know, whether I can expect for your help. I can not in be far from you any more. I to want to arrive to you and to be near to you in your embrace. But I itself was not capable to pay cost of trip to you as at me small wages. Money will be necessary for trip to you for me, but I to not have such money. Therefore I should know, that I can lean against you. I can learn for some days that to me to be necessary to do and we together we shall decide to be farther as us. My cousine works in one of the Moscow travel companies and shall try to learn from it, that it is necessary for me to do both what documents and information are necessary for making out that I could arrive to you. You to want to see me and to meet me very soon? I hope for your fast reply my love. Loving you Tatyana. -- tat_tanya
Letter 10

Hello my love, David!!!
I so am glad that you to write to me and that I to find so much letters on my box. I am happy and to thank our God that he to help us and and to meet you in my life. I am happy that I can to speak it to you. I shall be the happiest girl when we can meet in the future. You a beam of light in my heart.
You mine supermen and I of you so to Like!!! I have understood that you are necessary for me as air and that I want To be with you beside. While I to be sick I frequently to think of you. I represented as you enter into my room and I feel your aroma.You cautiously put me on a sofa to unbutton to me a dress and your soft hands begin to caress my ****** softly.
And our bodies merge in the whole and you compress me so urgently, that we hear as our hearts begin to beat in one rhythm. Then we begin to be borrowed love. About as I to want that this dream was carried out! But I test some difficulties with money to the visa. I very much to want to be with you, but I to not know what to do. I to learn that it is necessary for me to make that I could arrive to you and always to be near to you in your embrace. I would like to arrive to you under the visa of bride K-1, but it is very difficult for receiving. To receive visa K-1 it is necessary to make out very many documents and on its registration a lot of time, almost a floor of year is necessary. I to not want to wait so long. Therefore I to want to arrive to you under the visa of tourist B-2. The visa of category B-2 is given out to tourists, people leaving in USA for rest, visitings of friends or relatives. For reception of visa B-2 it is necessary for me to fill in the questionnaire - application on reception of the not immigration visa, form OF-156. Term of stay under visa B-2 is determined in limits from 3 about 6 months.
If necessary it, it is possible to prolong a maximum till one year. Legally being on territory of USA, I having the not immigration visa can request in further sanctions of Service of immigration and naturalization on: Change of the status with not immigration on immigration and to receive the visa of bride K-1. Having received the visa of bride K-1 we can get married and I for ever can remain near to you. I would like to leave for you in marriage and to begin your wife. We would have fine loving family and we would be very happy together. You to want that I became your wife? On registration of the visa, all information, documents it is necessary for me about 350 dollars. But I to not have such big sum of money as at me not the big wages and I was not capable will pay the visa. I very much ask you that you have helped me to pay cost of the visa and registration of all necessary documents that I could receive the visa and arrive to you. Your help is very necessary for me. I am very strong to love you and can not live without you any more and one day. I think that you to want that I could arrive to you more soon and we could meet. I learnthat you may to send money through the Western Union and I can receive money to the visa. I to write to you the address of bank of the Western Union where you should send money: PROMSVJAZBANK
NOVOSIBIRSK city, 630099
Tatyana Blohina Then you to send me money please inform me of ten figures hich should give you on the Western Union (MTCN).Also inform me the data: your post address and your full name. All this to me to tell in bank, but I might forget something, therefore ask the employee of bank that else you should inform me that I to receive your money. Please write to me the name of the international airport closest to you where I should fly.If you to send, I to fly in Moscow and to go in embassy to begin to make out the visa. I to remain there at my cousines. She is always glad to me. Lovely mine, I so miss on you and very much I wait when we shall be together.The good computer in Russia costs about 700 $.
I with huge impatience shall wait for your letter.
For ever loving you Tatyana. -- tat_tanya
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