Scam letter(s) from Anna Barayeva to Frank (Austria)

Letter 1
Hello, sweetheart! Hello dear, how is everyone today? I hope your day will be very good, and you have a good mood and good weather. I was Very happy to receive your e-mail as usual! This is the best part of my day to read your email address and write the answer. I feel that I have known you all my life ... and only one thing upsets me that all the time while I lived without you in my life, but now we have found each other ... and I am very glad about it :) Dear, I want to tell you that you are very important to me. I hope and pray that our “virtual” relationships will grow into “real” ones, relationship with a lot of love between us ... I love very much in my heart, and I want to give all my love to you and only you! I should tell me that you are very important to me, and I feel that you a special person I was waiting to enter my life. Please find out and remember that you are always in my mind. When i go to bed and when I wake up, I always think about you. I do not want anything just be in hand. I really look forward to seeing you and I that it would be an excellent step for us. I am sure that our meeting will be fantastic!
And this should be the beginning of a big love! I thought a lot about how we can bring to life our meeting plans. And I visited a travel agency and asked what documents I would have to come to your country. They said I would have to travel passport and tourist visa. An adviser at a travel agency said that will not be a problem for registration of the international passport and the travel visa on your a country. Many people from Russia make such documents every day and the journey ... How about the time when she said it would take about a week to make a travel passport, as well as about two weeks to get a tourist visa. And then I can fly to you! Thus, it will take about 3 weeks to make all the documents and then we can meet ... I think it is not wait a long time ... What do you think about
this? This agency I visited is very good and I know a lot of people. who used and recommended this agency, all people were satisfied this is a travel agency and said only good words about it ... they do everything is fast and not expensive, like other agencies ... But I have to tell me that after visiting them I started to worry that Previously, I did not think .... This is the price of documents. It is expensive dear to me An adviser at the agency said the travel passport would be The cost is about $ 200 and a travel visa is about $ 250. so The total amount I have to pay for the documents is $ 450. 450 $ is a very expensive price for me. This is big money for me. I don't have that kind of money. My monthly salary is about $ 200, and I have to live, eat, buy clothes, pay bills for her, so I do not have any savings. It's sad, but the Russian government does not pay a lot of money for medical workers .... but it's true. I am afraid that this may be a problem for our dreams ... But I hope everything will be fine. I hope so we will find a way, i'm sure we can do something about it. Dear, I feel that I am very uncomfortable asking you about it ... but I have there is no other way ... can you help me with the money for a passport and visa? Can you send 450 $ to the documents? If you can help, I will come to you as soon as possible. I will go start doing the paperwork the day after I get this amount of money. All I want is just to be with you! I want to kiss and hug you! I want to hold your hand and just enjoy together! It's mine dream is my wish!
I want to be the best woman for you and give you are all my love, all the tenderness and warmth that I have in my heart. I so much hope that soon it will be real! My angel, I am finishing this letter now. I finish it big hope and faith in goodness in my heart. I hope everything will be be fine and our dreams will come true. Please reply me soon, I will be waiting for your letter. Only yours, Anna.
Letter 2
How are you there? What about me, I''m fine. I thought a lot about you and us today. I would like to be near you right now, kiss and hug you that is not possible today, but I know that once will happen soon :) I asked a man in a travel agency how to send money country to Russia and said that there are good companies in my city working around the world for this. The best way to send money to my city and MoneyGram.
MoneyGram is a money transfer company. between people from different cities and countries. It''s very fast and unreliable. All you need to do the translation - just find MoneyGram office near you, visit them and tell them my full name and my home address, give them the money, show them your ID and in 30 minutes I can get money in my city, then I will go agency and will pay for the passport and visa. I have MoneyGram office near my home. I once in my life when I send money to my sister, who was a few years ago, but does not change anything from now on. You can find the addresses of MoneyGram sites on their website So if you can help me .... you will need this information: Name: Anna
Surname: Barayeva
Full address:
Countries - Russia,
Region - Kirovsky District,
City - Kotelnich;
st. Pushkin 10-27;
Postal Code - 612601; I will pay for documents as soon as I have money, and I This is a serious step forward for us and for our meeting. Dear left very little, and we will be able to meet with you. I still can not believe that I can kiss you soon. I''m glad you appeared in my life. Dear, you and I have serious plans for our future together. I would like to talk to you in Viber or WatsApp. Today I talked with a friend. A friend said that she would help me install the program on my computer. That way, we can talk to you in an online chat and discuss everything. You must leave me your phone number. So that I can contact you in the program Viber or WatsApp. I want you to always know that I am your best friend and ally. I will always be with you and never leave you. I gently kiss you and hug my prince. I already miss you my dear.
Your Anna.
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