Scam Letter(s) from Tatyana to Austin (USA)

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Letter 1

Hey there my dear pen-friend I encountered your email address on your country dating site. Over time I was not brave enough to send you a letter. What is your opinion about the woman who corresponds to the man ahead? Is it possible? In reality, I am furthermore timid. Iam Tatyana. I live in Russia and I am 34 years old. my specialization is a dentist of the highest category and it is a practice in a large special medical center in my region. I labor always as I have many patients. From time to time I carry out sophisticated operations to entire recover the jaw after an emergency. I own 3 diplomas for proficient training of a stamotologist in other lands. I labored insistenly and therefore could not create robust relations. At the moment I settled to search out for a partner who will be sincere with me and give me the love, he has, and kindness. The last relations I had completed 1 year ago and all along I attempted to build a relationship on dating pages. However, I met barely freaks who demands only sex and nude pictures. I hope that you are not such a man and you are sincerely concerned about a serious relationship. When you are not willing for this, thereat I ask you not to answer this mail. Ok? If you answer me, then in my next letter I am going to tell you more about myself. If you decide to send me an e-mail, I ask you to tell me where you live, the name of your city and your interests. I really wish to find out more about you. I promise that I will always answer you and tell you a lot about my life. I am sending you my photo and hope you like me. Expecting for the second mail as fast as possible, Tatyanka.



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