Scam letter(s) from Alevtina Sokolova to Matt (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Matt!!!
I have checked up mail on my box now and has seen yours letter. It is certainly pleasant for me, that you has not ignored my request about acquaintance. Thanks. Well let's get acquainted. It will be curious to learn about me for you, probably, will not it? I want to tell you something about myself in this letter. My name is Alevtina. I live in Russia. In Kazan city. It is about 500 km from Moscow. It is not very big. But it is very good and kind. My height is 170cm and my weight is 59kg. My eyes are blue. I have brown hair. I don't have children. I am feminine and tender inside of my heart. I like a home comfort, warmth and calm in family relation. I was born on 24 of December in 1979. In 1997 I finished the school and entered to the economic faculty. Studying 5 years I finished the university. My specialty is the bookkeeper. I learnt English at the university. I work as saleswoman as it is difficult to find the job of my speciality. I sell clothes for the men. The truth I would not be desirable to do it. Ha. Ha. To work is boringly. That is, certainly, not boringly, I have very good collective. But I would like to have a rest. And it is necessary to go on job. But my holiday will be in December only in winter, probably, while I do not know still precisely. And I should be content with 2 days off. I like summer very much. I live with my granny now. We don't have a telephone. I write from int. cafe, as we don't have a telephone at home. My parents live in the country. My father works in the local farm. His the tractor operator. Every summer I come to my parents and help them. I like to work with ground. Coming to my parents I rest from the town. It is very bad that it isn't occured often. You write me, what it is interesting to you to learn, and I shall answer to you, it is good?
Write me more about you. What do you like? Have you got a family?
Children? What is your job? Do you like nature? Have you got pets?
Can you send your pictures?
I am waiting for your letter.
Letter 2
Hi Matt!!!
How are you today?
I am really happy that I got your letter. I liked your pictures very much. I like to see it.
I work 5 day in a week, I work from 7:00 - 16:00, 9 hours per day.
Then I go in the Internet of cafe. I write you the letter. Then I go home. I like to spend the time in the kitchen too, where I make experiments with new dishes. sometimes I read the book. Or embroider.
I have got a cat her name is Asa. When I come home from the work I sit my cat on the kneesand hear nice music. I like to hear classic music, reggy, soul, pop. But the choice of the music depends on the mood.
I want to tell you why I find the man in the internet. I have made a lot of mistakes in my life but I don't want to make a mistaken one more time. In my life there were men. But they were not those for whom themselves gave out in the beginig of our acquaintance. They could tell me lie. But there was a man whom I wanted to married. But the time gave me to understand that it isn't the second part of my life. I don't meet to the men for a two years. I was sure that there isn't plase for the man in my life. I have understood that I need a man which will love me with whom I can inform pleasure and trouble. I think I didn't make mistake this time.
Write, I shall wait for your letter.
Letter 3
Hi Matt!!!
I am fine, thank you, and how are you today?
Thank you very much for compliments. I think, that you are very clever, honest, open man and I like to communicate with you. Probably, our begun friendship will grow in something large. Certainly, I hope for it, but I think, that it is still too early to speak about it,is not it?
I want to tell you about my relatives a little. My granny " s name is Anna Petrovna, she is 73 years old. She is deserved pensioner. Last time sheis sick very much oten. She loves me very much and I love her too. I like to help her in all.
My mum " s name is Ludmila Sergeevna. She was born in Republic Tatarstan in city Kazan. She is 52 years old.
My father " s name is Vitaliy Yrevihc. He was born in the south of Russia in Krasnodar territory, he is hereditary Kuban Kazak. He served in army in city Kazan, where has met my mum.
My parents live in the country about 150 km from me and I visit them one time in month. Really I have not visited them in a while, becouse I have not opportunity: first, I work 5 day in a week, others 2 days I clean my house and help my granny (she is old), secondly I have not a lot of money to visit them more often. But I like my family very much and miss them. I have no any brothers and sisters.
Write, I shall wait for your letter.
Letter 4

Hi Matt!!!
How are you today?
I have bought boots!!! Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! It is probably ridiculous for you, but I dreamed of them very long. Now even the soul has calmed down. The granny was glad too. I shall necessarily be photographed in them, and I shall send a photo next time.
Why I have decided to write you? I saw your profile. You have seemed to me by the very interesting man, and I have decided to write you.
Besides, I think, that you are very nice. I like your pictures very much. I hope, that our dialogue will proceed and we become the very good friends or more. I think too, that we have much in common. And now I only want to learn you better and to understand your desires and dreams.
Now I do not write other men. But earlier I communicated with different men. But soon I have understood, that we have no anything common, and I have ceased to communicate with them. Now I write only you, and I am glad to receive the letters from you very much.
Bye, bye. Write, OK? I shall wait.
Letter 5
Hello Matt!!!
I want to ask you not a modest question, it is possible? You are lonely? Or you have girl or girlfriend? How do you solve the problem with ***? The man are very ridiculous, when they want the woman, they are ready to make anything she like. Ha. Ha.. And as far as I had time to understand man they want them always. But certainly if I have offended you, I am sorry. Bye, bye. Write, OK? I shall wait.
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