Scam letter(s) from Olga Zaharova to Andrew (England)

Letter 1
Hello dear Andy!!!
I am again glad to receive from you the letter. It is pleasant for me, that you continue to write to me letters. I and further want to have correspondence with you.
I want that you knew. I do not have house of the computer therefore I write you from the Internet of cafe.
Probably, at us interest to each other will appear. There may be we with you then shall not only correspond. May be to us will want to be Closer. I think, that the distance for people loving each other does not exist distances and insuperable barrier. I think, that if you like Persons you will try to be any ways with him. The love actually works miracles. The love may change people. Love to To the loved person may force to change you completely. I can not tell you, that occurs to the person when like. But me It seems, that there is such sensation that you simply fly in heavens.
All becomes perfect another, not such as before. I very much want To test this feeling love. I want to love. I want to present the love to the loved person. I would like to be happy.
When I went in Internet - cafe what to write to you the letter, I in a head had very many ideas. I wanted you to write much. But Now at me simply all has taken off from a head. I have read your letter some times. To tell the truth, I did not think that you will answer me again. I
Till now I can not believe that at me can turn out to construct relations in such way. But I know, that there are such cases, when
People corresponded, and then they have understood that searched for all life each other.
Probably it is interesting to you to know what relations at me were in the past, up to you. I can tell one to you was exact that at me in life not of the present love. I long met only one guy, but I do not like to recollect this time. These relations for me were very large mistake. It is not pleasant to me that men see in me only a beautiful doll from which it is possible to play and throw out.
Probably many women have envied my beauty, and I in turn would envy them because I think that beauty it not the main thing in life. There is even such saying: " be not born beautiful, and be born happy ".
Well all right we shall not be about it. From life I would like now only one: to find the happiness. That is the loved person. I want to be happy with him. I want to make his happy.
Probably, it will be interesting to you to know, on mine I have decided to get acquainted in such a way why has got acquainted with you. I hope to change the life. I am sure, that I shall be happy with the loved person anywhere. To me my time in the Internet of cafe is time to go has approached by the end. Olga.
Letter 2
Hello sweet Andrew!
I am very glad to your letters. It is pleasant for me to receive them again and again. I want to tell you at once that I have told to mum that I correspond with you. My mum knew that there are such acquaintances. But I did not know as she will react. She is glad, that I have got acquainted with you. She wishes me only the best. She wants, what we with you and further corresponded. Simply I very much want to create serious relations. She wants, that I would be happy. To her all the same who will be my elect. For her the most important, that my young man liked and respected me. I too think, that in relations this most important. Every day I have more and it would be desirable to receive your letters more. It seems to me, that I completely understand you. I am happy, that there is such person with which to me not only it is pleasant, but to which would like again and to write me letters again.
It is pleasant for me to communicate with you, I want to continue ours relations. I do not want, what at us with you all on it
It was finished. I want to learn you further and further.
Men in Russia do not understand, that the woman this fragile
Creation. It is necessary to look after the woman. It is necessary love and tenderness to win heart of the woman. But the man in Russia
It do not understand. Therefore I have decided to get acquainted with
You. Men in Russia do not appreciate that do for them Women. We try, that in the house the cosiness, warmly would be. But Do not understand us. My future husband would would be desirable me that
Understood me and appreciated all that that I do. It is very important. Sweet, tell me please, that you like to use In food? You sometime tried Russian kitchen? In
The last year I studied rates of the English language. To us on
Employment came visitors from America. To me very much
It was pleasant to communicate with them. They spoke, that him very much
Russian kitchen has liked. And you eat sharp food? I not
I love sharp food. More often I try to eat a meal without spices and
Seasonings. I try to watch over behind the health.
It is bad to praise itself. But it seems to me, that to you
It would be pleasant as I am going. The main thing to prepare for all with
Love. Then the meal turns out is much more tasty. I do not like
To eat in dining rooms. I prefer to prepare to myself.
Simply domestic meal is much more tasty and is more qualitative. You
You know, that you use, when prepared for it.
Today at myself houses I have conceived the big cleaning. I want, that
Before a holiday my apartment would be clean. My mum
Considers, that I very pedantic person. I like
The order, that all would lay on the places. If always
To watch cleanliness and to do all in time on cleaning and on domestic affairs there leaves not enough time. Simply in the house there should be an order. Therefore at home at me always the order. May be, on the one hand my pedantry and prevents someone. But I do not think it the lack. The order when an at home at you the small cat lives is especially necessary. I recently have taken to myself home a cat. To it now one and a half month. It still absolutely small. It such tender. I very much love animals. I do not have anybody who would wait for me in the evening home. And my small cat waits for me. It small, but already loves me. If I had opportunity, I would get a dog. But while I can not make it. For a dog very big care is necessary. It is necessary to give a lot of time to a dog. One more problem that I take off an apartment. My mistress has allowed to get to me a cat. The dog might scratch doors. I love animals. They such lovely. They too understand everyone, only to speak they are not able. It happens me is very a pity of those
Animals who have suffered on fault of the person. We clever,
But we hurt the one who may not resist to us.
Sometimes it seems to me, that we simply stay in this big
The world. If there was no person life and would go
The course.
Now already it is time to me to go home. The house of me is waited by mine
Small cat. I should feed it. Very much it would be desirable to pass on foot up to a house. Probably I
And I shall make. I shall go home on foot. Today it is warm, a wind
No. Weather simply remarkable. I like to dream about something in such
Weather. I in general like to dream. In the ideas I can all
To make as to me it would be desirable. I the romantic person,
Kind. Therefore I frequently dream. I hope that
Some my dreams sometime will come true. I think, that
Dreams it is boring to live. Each person should have dream.
It is good, when it is a little some of them.
And at you houses are domestic animals? Write to me about that,
As you will spend the free time. I very much would like
To know about you all. I want to learn you as it is possible better.
But to
To regret I should finish on it the letter. To me
It is pleasant to receive your letters. I shall wait again for yours
The answer.
Letter 3
Hello my dear Andrew!
I have very much frozen while went in Internet - cafe what to read your letter. In the street today it is cold. I can not take a walk any more how walked yesterday. I yesterday have gone home on foot, I at all have not noticed as there were houses. Houses of me were met by my small kitten. It so was delighted, that I have returned. So it is pleasant for me to know. That it loves me. I give it a part of the love. It sleeps together with me. It very tender cat. By the way, animals react to weather very well. Yesterday there was very good weather. And today since the morning weather became bad.
I have just finished to work. For today I it is very tired, because was a lot of important has put. Today at me at work the whole drama was played. I my chief the wife very much like to do scandals. She frequently arranges interrogations to the husband directly at work. It not my private affair, but I think, that is not necessary to be such emotional. The wife at my chief Directly in the general corridor began to speak him that she does not give her money. Still she began to speak that he changes to her that he does not pass any skirt. I do not like to listen to someone's conversations, trials. But it to not hear it was impossible. She talked so loudly, that it neooaie probably all employees. We very much love the chief of the.he very good person. All collective of him completely understands. And nobody perceives his wife. We know, that he the provisional family man. Simply his wife has deteriorated. he always consulted on us, with women, that it is possible to present on holiday to the wife. he was always close to her. he invited it to actions where there were only employees. And she wants the greater. She wants more money. She does not accept that he the greater time will spend at work. Simply her husband present the man. he completely provides family: the wife and children. he actually the good person. Only the wife does not see in him his kindness, caress. It seems to me, that to my chief it is very bad in home life.
But children at him simply remarkable. To his boy only five years. he such mobile. he the lovely, interesting boy. I look from the party at families. At everyone different life, different destiny. Family - a small cell of a society. I very much want to create the family. Only I shall not arrange such scandals. I shall try to do everything, that in the house the cosiness would be and is warm. That my husband would like to go home. It is very important, that someone would wait for a house of you.
Presently it is very difficult to find to itself a pair. Many girls want to live well. Though do not apply any efforts to what to live well. So it does not happen. It is necessary to aspire to something, something to achieve what to live well. Many consider, that if will find rich the man, will have from him the child this the man will not leave anywhere from this woman. But it not so. Decent the man will provide your child. But he will not love you. And for me the most important, that I would like and that would love me. Without it it is impossible to create family. Money may not cause love. Money it simply a paper which we pay for the certain blessings. And love it that while people could not explain. It is the big riddle for all. Each person in concept love puts the sense. But the mankind and has not found the certain explanation. It seems to me. That the love and remain a riddle for all. It is not known, how there is this feeling. I want, what and I had this feeling. I want to love.
What completely to understand Russia, it is necessary to live in Russia. It is necessary to understand Russian. Actually in Russia the full disorder. The one who can him is necessary visit. I love city of Moscow. It is rather beautiful city. In this city there are absolutely all. I was in Moscow. There very much it was pleasant to me. Moscow actually very much pulls to itself. It would be desirable again and to arrive to this city again. Who leaves for Moscow from others city, already never comes back back. It is the fact. At me a lot of familiar who there has left. But in Moscow not so love visitors. If you a radical muscovite, for you all blessings. And if you have arrived from other city it is necessary very difficultly. But in soul I would not like to live in this city. I do not love this vanity. I do not want to live there where me may deceive at any moment. To me my city is lovely also. I have got used to it.
Now I would like only one: to come home and to go to bed with my cat.
I today at work even also do not eat anything. I only drank coffee. To tell the truth, I very much want to eat. But forces, what for something to prepare simply is not present. I hope, that tomorrow I again can read your letter. I shall be glad, if you will answer me. On it I shall finish the letter. I all as wait for the answer.
Olga. P.S.
Dear, you ask me that I would give you the phone number. But I can not give you it, because at me at home not the phone. Now that to us to lead the phone many money would be necessary to pay. We with mum do not have such money.
Letter 4

Hello my dear Andrew!
I am very glad to see your letter. It is pleasant for me, that you have again written to me the letter. I all the day waited for that moment when at me work will be finished and I can write to you the letter. I very much wanted to read your letter faster. It was very interesting to me, that you will write to me. I waited for your letter. I yesterday the whole evening thought that I am happy. I am happy, because you write me letters. I am glad, that we with you have relations. I might not fall asleep. I all thought and thought of it. I am glad to your letters as the child. It is very pleasant for me to receive and read your letters.
There may be with me something happened? But me it becomes cheerful on soul when I read your letters, I think of you. I was more and I dream of us with you more. I present as relations will develop. But I do not want anything to speak forward. I want, that at us with you all would be good. I today all the day thought of you. I should think of you.
You always with me. I want to know, that you will not leave anywhere.
But in my ideas you with me. But I do not know, when you can tell me, that will not leave anywhere from me. I would like, that you such would tell me. To me it would be very pleasant for hearing. I am afraid, that my letter may frighten or push away you from me. I do not know, how you will react to my letter. But I do not want to be silent, when I would like to write to you it. It is pleasant for me to communicate with you. You the interesting person. I want to continue our correspondence, our relations further. It seems to me, that you that person with whom I want to continue relations and to create something more serious, than correspondence. I do not want to lose you. I shall not hide the feelings. I do not want to hold in myself about what my heart wants to speak. It seems to me, that you will understand me. I very much hope for it. Some people pass past, do not notice the happiness. Many people long time search for the love. Would be necessary time what to understand the feelings, ideas. But to me is not necessary to time so much. I have enough of that is. And I fairly can tell you, that it is words from the heart. I already wrote to you that I do not like to lie. I like to live fairly. I have got used so to live. I do not want to deceive that person who trusts me. Because it is important for me, that that person I will think of me with which communicate. Especially it is important for me, that you will think of me. Therefore I shall write to you only the truth. Mum of me has brought up so, that I simply am not able to lie. My mum always learned to speak me only the truth. Because on lie of relations it is impossible to construct. I do not like when me deceive. I know, how a bit too sometimes it happens to learn that the close person lies to you. You see all relations are under construction first of all on trust. I think, that you understand me. I do not want to cause you a pain. Therefore I shall not lie. Also that would not happen in our further relations - I shall speak you only the truth. I want, what and you spoke me only the truth.
You that person with whom I want to create serious relations. It seems to me, that it will be difficult for me to express all feelings in the letter. But I think, that you can understand me. I think that the main thing, that between us there would be a understanding. My heart speaks, that wants to be with you. My heart again and again would like to think of you. You see heart cannot to forbid love. Sometimes it seems, that heart and reason exist separately from each other. I shall answer all your questions. I do not want, that you would doubt of me.
To me important your opinion on me. That you will write to me about yourself is important for me. It is interesting to me
All to know about you. That you very would be would be desirable me now beside. Then I might tell you everything, that at me now in a head and in heart. My heart wants heat. Wants your heat. My heart wants to tell to you that it now tests. You know, it is sometimes very hard to hold in yourself about what it would be desirable to tell. You understand me? I do not want to hurry event. But I know, that our dialogue on it will not be finished. I think, that you have understood me. Heart and soul do not feel age, do not see appearance. Persons like not for something. Like simply so. I can not explain, why heart likes this or that person. It is stronger than our reason. Excuse, if this letter has disturbed you. But it would be pleasant for me to see your letter again. I would like to know, how you have reacted to my letter. Because to me important your opinion. I want to know your ideas. I want to know, that you think of me. Only I again and again ask you, that you would write to me the truth. I do not want to read lie. That I have written all to you, it is not simple words. May be to you it becomes ridiculous, after you will read my letter. But I have written to you about of what I think. It is everything, that occurs to me now. To me it will be very bad, if you will not answer me or will reject me. I would like reciprocity. But I do not know precisely as you treat to me. I would like to know it.
On it I shall finish the letter. I shall wait for your answer. I shall wait for your opinion. You do not imagine, as I now worry. I do not know, what letter I shall receive. Probably, it will be hard for me to fall asleep.
Olga. P.S.
I think birthday to celebrate in a circle of friends.
Letter 5
Hello my dear Andy!!!
Today I again thought all day of you. I should think of you. You always with me. I so would like to be with you. I would like to nestle on you all body. I want to feel, that you with me beside. That you will not leave anywhere. You the interesting person. I want to continue with you relationship. I do not want to hide the feelings.
Yes, I have to you feelings. But I can not be sure on all hundred percents. But I can tell you precisely, that I never before did not meet such pleasant interlocutor. No, you do not think, that you simply the interlocutor. You that person with which I want to create serious relationship. I do not want to lose you. I do not think, that at me am too fast to you there are feelings. Even if they also occur quickly what for me them to hide. I do not want to hold all this in myself if I really want to be with you. Understand, that for some people enoughone sight what to fall in love, and for some - long time. Some only after it is long dialogue understand, that they have found that person with whom want to be. But it is necessary to me so much a lot of time, what it to understand. I already have understood it, and I do not want you to lose. You understand me? I am afraid of that you may not understand me simply. I am afraid, that you may my feelings to you not so to understand. I would want that you have correctly understood me.
I do not know, how I can explain you it. I want to tell you, that at me to you really present feelings. It is not simple words, it goes from the heart. I want to tell you, that I do not like to tell lies. I like all to speak to face, directly. Because it is not pleasant to me, when people of me deceive. It seems to me, that it is pleasant to nobody. You see all relationship are under construction only on trust.
This most important concerning people. I to behave by a principle: both you treat to people, and they concern to you. Therefore I speak the truth, I would want that also to me spoke the truth.
I have one more quality of character. I never change to the feelings.
I was not mistaken in people. I always can define, that for the person before me if I shall communicate to him a small amount of time. It is not difficult for me.
I suffer that you are very far from me. I would want that you have understood me. I would not want that you doubted of me. It is very important for me, that you think of me. It is important for me to know your opinion. I do not think, that I hurry events. I do not want to be silent, when my heart speaks that is hard for him without you that is hurt him. That it searches heat, searches your heat. Excuse, but these are my feelings to you. I can not forbid to like to the heart. Olga.
Letter 6
Hi my dear Andy.
As I for today have become missed of your letters. My work very responsible also does not allow me to suppose any mistakes, but today I might not concentrate on it. In my memory lines of your last letter emerged. Your words, all your tenderness, care and attention. I can think of you so much how many to me nobody would be desirable also me will distract from it. I like to think of you. To me all time would be desirable to think of you, but sometimes I still should work.
Today simply delightful day. I am constant at work by the whole days and consequently I seldom have an opportunity with the girlfriends and friends. It happens only in a weekend or when friends come to me on a visit. Today after work I much more have decided to take a walk on park. meet the old girlfriend which I did not see some years.
This girlfriend of my childhood. She very good person. I always think of it and I think, that she has correctly made all. She to not become puzzled. She very remarkable person. I very much was delighted to this meeting. Simply when there is a meeting old discussion of the one who as lives also that begins as for a long time did not see. We have begun to recollect the childhood. witch I with the girlfriend to spend our time. How went in camp with the girlfriend earlier. We then still went to school. In camp all children have a rest in the summer from city life. We with my girlfriend waited this moment each year. We very much would like again and to go to camp again. Because there it is very cheerful. There it is very good. We thought with her of it always because there are simply unforgettable impressions.
When we with the girlfriend remained in this camp at us other life began completely. Not such as in city. We enjoyed a nature, we enjoyed freedom. I very much like a nature. I am ready a lot of time will carry out on a nature. I like to carry out a lot of time for a nature.
And I like to compare the love to you to a nature. It seems to me, that a nature it is very fine. My love to you as is fine, as well as a nature. Only in a nature I can find, search for the answer. My lovely, me it is very strong to like to observe of all alive. I like to look at how to occur life. I like to look at trees, birds, the sky. On everything, that is created by a nature.
Walked on park there saw very many married couples, with carriages and children. It so is wonderful. Kids such amusing. We with mum sat on a shop, and beside the pair with the small boy sat. To him somewhere 2 or 3 years. he ran, jumped Joyfully laughed. I have bought to him a sphere and have presented. he from delight has begun to clap hands. I so like to look when children play and laugh. When they were going to leave, baby has approached to me and has treated with a sweet. I was very glad. Children the most remarkable and pure essences on a planet.
I very much love children.
The girlfriend has reminded me, that at her birthday the next week.
She has told, that our meeting was very opportunely and she has invited me to the holiday. She wants to acquaint me with the husband with whom they have got married one month ago.
Andy, it is very good me with you. Only you understand me. I ask you, that you would write me letters more often, that I would not miss. I very much would want you to write to a thicket of the letter, but I do not have such opportunity. I want, that you would speak with me and loved me.
All my ideas were only about you. I can not more about anything the friend to think. To me so want to appear these minutes near to you.
You know, very much want to go with you in theatre, that we in silence might enjoy the friend the friend. I as want to go with you at cinema to take tickets on last line. I very much want it my love. I know, it may sounds silly, but I want it.
Forgive, but it is time to me to go home. The house of me is waited with a small essence, my kitten which requires care just as I need in yours caress and tenderness. I shall wait for your letter.
Yours Olga. P.S.
What music do you like?-POP,rep.
Do you listen to any English music?-YES,Certainly.
What is your favourite food?-Salad "Winter".
What is your favourite drink?-I sometimes like to drink a red wine.
Can I send you a present for your birthday?-If you want it.
What is your favourite colour?-Blue and pink.
Letter 7
Hello Andy!!!
I even did not think, that you might respond to my letter to you. I would like to get acquainted with you closer. I wanted to continue with you correspondence. It would be interesting to me to learn more about you.
I do not know why, but I liked your structure. I want and to receive from you letters further.
In the first letter I want to tell you, that I search for serious relations. I want to find to myself the partner. I want to find to myself such the man with whom I can create strong and long relations.
I want to hope that can find to itself of the loved person.
But for this purpose we should learn with you each other better.
I want to correspond without a deceit.
I do not want, that you would write me a lie. I would like to receive from you only frank letters. Because, in my opinion, without trust and revelation it is impossible to create strong relations.
Therefore I at once ask you, that you would not deceive me. Because many deceived me, used my kindness and trustfulness. I would like love, I want to present all love which is stored at me in heart. The love of the loved person is necessary for me. It is hard for me to live one. You know, it seems to me, that when the person of nobody likes, he simply lives vainly. What for to live if you do not like? I think, that it is necessary to share the love with relatives to you the person.
Now I want to tell about myself. Now to me 24 years. I was born November, 15. If you knew, how I would not like, that to me would be executed 25 years. Simply I do not want to mature. Years so quickly fly. I still yesterday remember, how I went to school as finished institute. And me it will be already fast 25 years. On the one hand it becomes sad, when you become more senior. But on the other hand, to you there comes life experience. The most important to live these years with the loved person. I very much want to be happy. I am ready to present all to the loved person. I shall do all what my loved person too was happy.
Now I work as the manager in a private concern. This firm is engaged in realization of food stuffs by the gross. My work consists that I either search for clients, or I accept clients who have responded to advertising. This work is pleasant to me, I love this work. I work in good collective. But all over again I was frightened by that at this work it is necessary to itself to earn. Now I shall try to you to explain. There are works where the certain salary to workers is established. And having chosen a trade of the manager itself it is necessary to search to yourself for clients as much as possible because you receive only interest from the bargain.
But now I understand, that it not so. At me the certain salary per one month is established. Because in any case, food stuffs bought always and will buy. As I can receive interest from those clients which I to find itself.
Which have addressed not on advertising and which I have found. It is very convenient. Because you know, that if you could not find this month to yourself clients you all the same will receive the salary. Basically, I accept my work. To tell the truth, many mine familiar, friends, spoke me that I might find to myself and other work with the appearance. One time I wanted to engage in modelling business. But I have then understood, that can not achieve the big results in it. Simply it is very hard to be model. It is necessary to watch itself constantly. These are regular jobs, constantly you paint the hair to influence of chemistry. And it not so was pleasant to me. And money cannot be earned this trade. It may be possible in the big cities. But in my small city it is impossible. And in general, I not so would like to earn money that should to show me the body. I know, that to many models what to become popular, it is necessary to sleep with men. Simply so at us in Russia it is impossible to achieve anything. I was not going to lie down under anybody. I always wanted to live fairly.
And now I want to live so, that it would not be a shame to me in the future with my acts. I want to be fair first of all before myself.
I want to tell to you slightly about the family. I live now separately from mum. I do not have daddy. he has died, when I was absolutely small. I almost do not remember him. From close relatives I have still uncle, the aunt and her son who is necessary me the cousin. My mum gave all love to me. She might not present the love to my daddy. I very strongly love mum. I think, that she has brought up me the good person. But now I already adult, I live separately from mum. Earlier when I only left from mum, it was hard for me. I missed mum. But now I have already got used. To be simple all time with parents is impossible. Parents too want to live happily.
I do not know, that else I might write to you in this letter. I do not know, that you interest, that you would want to learn about me. I am ready to answer all your questions. As I want to ask you that you would send me the photo. I want, what you and further continued to write to me. I shall be very glad to receive from you letters. I do not want, that you would remain indifferent to my letters. It is very important for me, that you would answer me. I wait for your letter. I hope, that tomorrow I can find it in the letter box. I want to know about you more. Write to me as much as possible about itself, about the relatives, about the work.
Any details will be interesting to me. But on it I should finish the letter. I very much wait for your answer to my letter.
Letter 8
Hello my dear, my lovely Andy!
It I your far girl from Russia. I am again very happy to receive your letter.
Only your letters please me. At me today since the morning why that bad mood, then at work I worked very much and am tired. And now I have gone to Internet - cafe and at me at once was cheered up.
Lovely your lines please me with each your letter more and more and more. Every day you to me all become closer and closer also to me already it not seems that I can without your letters.
Now I any more do not present as I lived earlier has not got acquainted yet with you. Now I do not present life without your letters. Andy, your letters for me as a fresh drink of air, and without air you know the person will not live also five minutes. And I can not live without your fine words.
How you today feel yourself? What mood at you? I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW AS HAS PASSED TODAY YOUR DAY?
I already wrote to you about that since morning I was not in mood.
Today not clear day for me. All seems to me, that I have overlooked to make something. This sensation did not leave me from that moment as I have left a house on work. When I have passed half of way on work I have understood, that houses I have overlooked to switch off an iron.
I have faster run back, I so quickly ran for a long time I remember as have reached a house, but here was found out, that I vainly ran back.
The iron was switched off. I have simply mechanically switched off it, and in road might not recollect I have made it whether or not. In a result I was late for work. It is good, that my boss was not on a place too. It is such ridiculous history. Because of it at me the mood was on zero.
I now want to go to mum. Recently I talk with her only about you. I speak mum that I have got acquainted with such remarkable person as you. My mum sends the regards to you and transfers her the gratitude to you for that that you have made me such happy.
Lovely let I at all do not know you, but my heart speaks me that I have found the the man. I do not force you as concern to me, I am simple write about the feelings, allow me to do it, to me it becomes easier when you know about my feelings to you. Lovely you my prince.
LOVELY I shall wait from you for the letter tomorrow.
Also remember lovely that I remember you each minute
Your Olga. P.S.
Yes at schools teach the English language, as the second language to the ambassador of Russian.
Letter 9
Hi my dear, my most gentle person, on all world.
Again you have written to me the letter and I waited when I shall finish work today and can answer your gentle message. So it was interesting to me to read how you have lead the holidays. As have passed your days off. It is important for me to know as each minute of your life has passed. Because it is completely not indifferent for me.
Thank you for those ideas and feelings which you write in the letter to me. I am glad, that ours with you relationship proceed. The only thing of that I am afraid, that I can lose that has already found, I speak about you. I know, to you these my fears are known. And I think, that to you not all the same that that I think. And the main thing and that I feel in the heart. I am glad, that have found persons who is necessary for me which I love. I would like to write to you much more often, but it is inconvenient for me. Because to have to write through Internet - cafe because I do not have computer. And it is very a pity for me.
How you have leadtoday the day? How felt today with my love?
At me today since morning good mood. At us today remarkable weather.
But my good mood was spoiled at work. Again there came the jealous wife of my boss. She tries to supervise his each step, his each movement. And the most ridiculous, that she very strongly is jealous him almost to all young the girl who with me works. On mine it so is silly. At her on a background of jealousy the paranoia was developed.
And the idea that her husband changes to her pursues her on everywhere. To explain something to the jealous woman it is useless.
It is impossible as she to give vent to the emotions because it it is possible to destroy the happiness. So it is hard for him to bear her flashes of jealousy on my way such jealous people and for me acts of the wife of my boss it something wild did not come across. And you could sustain such jealousy? You could live with the person who will watch each your step?
On mine it is simple madness. It seems to me, that it is necessary to trust the one whom you like and to not give vent to the suspicions. I want to tell, that it is very hard for me to transfer that you are far from me. That you are not present with me beside. Sometimes I am glad to flashes of pleasure and emotions. Then, when I can dream of how we may be together. But sometimes I so do not have not enough your presence at my life. But I nevertheless continue to dream!
Andy, I want to dream. I think that ours with you the dream of a meeting becomes a reality. I want, that we with you would be happy, I do not want, that you at me would be sad. I want, that you would smile.
I want to dream of how I shall be stand at the airport. I shall think that you will present me red roses. I would like, that it would be so.
I very much love red roses. I love these flowers. My loved, you have won my heart. But when I shall see these flowers my heart will be the happiest on light. Andy, I love you and only you. I like to read yours and only your letters. More nobody is necessary for me. I was more with anybody do not want to have from carrying. Because I love only you. I want to dream and dream of you. I want all time spend to you. I want, that you would know, how strongly I love you as you are necessary for me. I most am happy, because I can think of you. And me does it nobody may to forbid. But I shall dream until my dreams will not be executed, yet do not become a reality. I think, that all my ideas in a head, they are real. Because I love you. I want to be with you. My ideas are filled with love to you. My sweet, I want to speak you and to repeat many times, that I love you, I can not live without you. I want to be with you, I want to love you. I want to give you the love. I am ready to overcome all difficulties for the sake of that we would meet you that we would be together. I can not live without you.
I am full of energy and I want to overcome all this what really to be with you. And to enjoy love with you.
My sweet, I very much wait from you for a kiss. I think of you and about this kiss right now. Andy, I want to speak and speak you that only you my love which is very strongly necessary for me these minutes. Only you may present me that love about which I dreamed all time which I very much wanted.
My love, I finish the letter. But I repeat, that I shall wait from you for letters. I shall think of you and your kiss. I love you and I am very glad, that the destiny of us has connected strings of love so strong, that we may not live the friend without the friend any more. I send you many hot kisses. I very much wait for that moment when I can kiss you in your sweet lips.
I miss, very much I miss!
Your Olga.
Letter 10
Hello my sweet the man,
How your affairs today?
You missed on me? Knowing I can tell your answer, that I too very much on you miss. And that madly I love you it too the truth. Present, that sometime when we shall be together, we shall recollect that we tell lies, when we with you corresponded, when ours with you relations only were fastened. It occurs very unusually, but I am grateful to destiny, that once was solved on this step, on acquaintance under the Internet. I have understood, that it was offered to me destiny and you became my destiny. At me today very good mood. But it is slightly sad, from that, you are not present near to me. Heavy everyday lives also have begun. I try not to be afflicted on trifles, but it sometimes is impossible. I want that you too never it was afflicted. I want to hear your laughter, your clean and beautiful laughter. I so like when people laugh with all the heart, but I think, that your laughter for me will be the best music. I think, that you will agree with me. I want to see your smile. Smile my loved and sweet men, you mine Andy!
I am sure that you that person with which I want to live the rest of life. I so strongly love you that can not grow fond of anybody another any more. Other men do not cause in me any interest, I am covered with feeling of fastidiousness when they begin to look after me, I can not remain alone with one man except for you. I want that you knew that for all that time that we with you are copied I had no *** with one man. I want to be engaged in it with you and only with you!!! For the first time I so have strongly fallen in love with persons! And you see we with you are familiar only under our letters! Only present what love will swallow up us at a meeting!!!! I am sure that you that person which are necessary for me. You my ideal!!!! I love you and only you!!! I so strongly want be with you that can not transfer in a word! The feeling to you borrows all my ideas! I can not without you!!! I want to be with you! I love you!!!!
Letter 11
Hello my love!!!
It I yours Olga, your love, your princess, yours and that to whom you may speak the ***** about all on light. I so missed on you all this time. As though I would not like to think of it. When I do the work all my ideas only about you. I so do not have not enough dialogue with you. I so do not have not enough you in my life. Each day at me begins with ideas on you, my tender and strong the man! If it was possible to transfer all my feelings to you through the letter, it would be simply magnificent. But it is a pity, that the letter may not transfer how at each reading your letter at me heart quickly knocks, or for excitement I can not collect the thoughts when I write you the letter. I feel the fifteen-year-old girl who has fallen in love for the first time in the life and for which there are no barrier in this world. For which her loved person, the best the man in the world, atis not present defects.
To which she is ready to come both in the afternoon and at night, at any time days he only should call her, and she will be a number.
Andy, it is not simple words, that I feel to you and I know it, that it is enough to me you to write about it that you knew, that occurs to me! I love you!
How you have spent all this? You missed on me? (likely it was a silly question because I see from your letter, that you very much missed).
You know Andy, I today saw very many weddings. And in general this month it is a lot of weddings. I saw brides. They such all beautiful.
And the most important, that they happy. It wanted to me to be on their place. I would like to appear there with you. To tell the truth, I till now think of that, as though we with you were looked beautifully. I want, very much I want, that we with you would have wedding. it were very beautiful, I too want to look as. But for me it not simply a holiday, it for me very important step, it is very important. But always it seemed to me, that wedding is a small adult fairy tale for two.
Andy, you might tell to me how you usually have weddings. When I look foreign films I see differences. All over again young go in church what to get married. It is not necessary, but many pairs want to fix a marriage on heavens. It seems to me, that it is the important step, much more important, than simply to undersign. Then the bride take away to parents home, in her native house. The bride specially take home, that the groom would redeem the bride at parents. An obligatory condition what the bride and the groom went in different machines. Witnesses and visitors should suit various tasks for the groom. It certainly occurs all for fun. That the groom would redeem the bride is collected with a lot of triviality. Then when the groom has stolen the bride, he carries her in a registry office. For a registry office undersign, them register. For registration the passport is obligatory, you and itself understand it. Sometimes it happens such, that I forget passports of a house. Already after a registry office the husband and the wife go in one machine. After a newly-married couple have undersigned at them there will be a celebration. That is everyone go to mark wedding. Usually on such cases remove restaurant. There also arrange wedding. But after a newly-married couple have undersigned there is time up to that as the celebration will begin. In this free time a newly-married couple go on city, assign flowers to monuments. In heat of the celebration young and to visitors the toastmaster arranges various competitions.
Approximately in 1 or in 2 night a newly-married couple are sent home.
And visitors continue to walk. At us it is accepted to mark wedding 2 days. Therefore and for the second day everyone gather.
How mark weddings in Russia it is possible to write very much. But I think, that it will be not so interesting to you to read. As it would be very interesting to me to learn as from you pass weddings.
You know, when I saw, what brides happy very much it wanted to me to appear on from a place. I realize, that it is very responsible step.
But I am available. I realize, that I want. I want, that you would become my husband. I shall love you. I always shall be with you. I never shall leave you. Because I madly love you. I present the life without you. You the most beautiful, you the most gentle, the loveliest on light. I want, that you always would smile. I want, that we with you would be always together. I thought some times of how I might look in a wedding dress.
It likely all my dreams, but nevertheless. Write to me, all that you about it think. To me so would like to know your opinion on it.
Believe, my sweet, that it is very important for me also this theme, for me is very important. I love you!
I love you and this most important!
It is time to me to go. My time comes to an end. But I shall write to you the day after tomorrow. I hope, that you very much on me miss and will answer me. I love you. Your small princess from Russia I send you one hundred kisses only for you!
Yours Olga.
Letter 12
Hello my dear Andy.
As your affairs. I so missed on you all this time! It is very pleasant for me to read each time your letters because when I read them I feel myself the fine woman. I understand that men even if they are very far may love me. I so did not have not enough your attention, your letters, you, my loved. Every day my love to you grows. And that I can not write to you frequently only aggravates and does more strongly my feelings to you. I can not write to you frequently and it very much afflicts me. Because I want to write to you letters constantly. I constantly want to tell to you, that occurs and that you to me spoke me in the letters that occurs in your life. Lovely, sometimes it seems to me, that you live somewhere absolutely far, on other planet. Such ideas of me visit always when to me it is sad or then when I can not come in Internet - cafe and write to you the letter. But when I read your letter and I write you the letter it seems to me on the contrary, that you so are close, that I can touch your lips kiss your sweet lips. It seems to me, that you touch my body, up to my neck, up to my hands. This sensation is so great, that I begin to trust in it. My love and passion to you on is great so much, that I actually believe, that I can embrace you now, this minute. Andy, tell, you feel the same when you read my letters? I trust you and I know, that your feelings actually to me are very great. I love you, my sweet! Dear today I want to tell about today. Last night to me girlfriend Anna has gone and she has asked that I have come to her and have helped it to make in her room repair. I have certainly agreed, because I never can give up to the person, especially to the native person whom I love.
And today since the morning I have gone to her. We all over again have dissolved glue, and then pasted glued. We were taken very long, but to us was cheerful. You know I spoke only about you. Her as my best girlfriend is interested very much with my happiness and my destiny.
She asked me on you. I spoke the girlfriend that I some more such did not meet the man, that to me very much was lucky that I have got acquainted with you my dear and that though you and am far from me, but my love to you how many is not less, than if you were a number.
Then we saw tea and again all conversations were only about you my loved. I spoke Anna that I admire with you, that earlier such men are only in novels about love. But now I have understood that such heroes exist and that was lucky me that I have found the hero. My hero is loved. You the hero of my heart.
We today not have made all also I shall go to help my girlfriend tomorrow.
Andy I want to tell you that very much I miss on you, and that all time I think only of you.
When I have come back home after repair I have taken a shower and at once have gone to Internet - cafe in hope for that that I shall see your letter.
And I have come and as I was happy that you have written to me loved.
I once again want to tell you thank for that that you write me such fine letters and that I when they are read by I feel the most fine and happy ******* light.
Dear I want to tell you thank that you do me happy. I remember that you always in my ideas. I love you. I send you one hundred most sweet kisses.
Always yours Olga.
Letter 13
Hello Andy!
I understand that you want that we have met you. I too want ours with you of a meeting. Lovely I not to time was not in other countries.
Give me chance to arrive to you. If I shall come to you, you will be agree to it?
I shall go and I shall find out all details of arrival England.
Today I want to visit to mum. And then to take a walk with girlfriends. At me very good girlfriends.
Well I to go. I shall think always of you.
I also would want to know your full name and the address.
Yours Olga!
Letter 14
Hello Andy!
I descended today in travel agency.
There to me have told that will be necessary for me the visa and American the passport. Cost of the visa 70 American dollars. Cost of the passport for travel abroad 50 American dollars. Behind the visa I will need to go to Moscow, charges on hotel and a meal will make 150 American dollars.
Cost of tickets makes 250 American dollars.
The total sum which is necessary for me 520 American dollars.
Lovely I do not have such money, I ask you that you have helped me with money. You can help me?
Letter 15
name: Olga
surname: Zaharova
address: Russia
Republic of Mari El
City: Yoshkar-Ola
Petrova Street
house 11
apartament 23
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