Scam Letter(s) from Olga Myakaeva to Chris (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my lovely Chris !
My dear as I spoke you that I had problems on which I to you did not write during long time. My lovely as that in one day when I went in the Internet - the cafe it was late. Also it was dark in my side two guys which went were drunk. But all over again I at once have not noticed them because it was very far and continued to go in their side because the Internet - cafe was in this street and I should go to them on a meeting. It was that that awful that I and does not want to recollect but I should you tell it my lovely because I this day I all time thought of you. Because if you were here near to me that of it would not happen. Because I know that you could rescue me from them. My lovely I continued to go and when we already began absolutely close they have stopped on some time I still has thought that they that prepare to do that. But I did not think that they will do it because they were drunk. My lovely they have attacked me together and have selected at me my bag and have struck me on a head. And that day I have understood that it very dangerously to go one on our city. I heard about such a case but did not think that it can happen and to me. I have lost my documents as all was in my bag and was very much frightened this day. My lovely I and now when sit in the afternoon in the Internet - cafe all I think of it because I can not forget it and to me to become very bad. I long might not go in the Internet - cafe because I all time recollect that day when me have attacked also I am afraid. When I have come to the senses me already carried in hospital in the machine. At me the head very strongly was sick and to me it was very bad me have asked as me call also I the militia has told the address and where I live so that they informed my mum. I very much was afraid for mum because she very much experienced still then when I have not come home and she has stayed in expectation of me till the morning and until while to her have not told that I am in hospital. I had very strong headache and I might not even rise and in some days to me I became better also might rise. My lovely my mum now does not know that I am in the Internet - cafe as she to me has forbidden to go there because she speaks that it not the first case. I also heard that our Russian guys do it that we did not go to the Internet - cafe because all of them know that we go to the Internet - cafe in search of the muzhik so to start with him the life and to be with him. It began after one girl left from the guy because he treated with her very badly. And she began to go to the Internet of cafe and now speak that it is the girl lives where that in Australia. And now guys do not give pass near the Internet - the cafe they look who goes to the Internet - cafe and wait for them so to frighten the girl. And also probably they have made me so that I did not search to myself for the muzhik abroad. But I have no here the guy so that who me here might be jealous that but I think that they have decided it to do from - for that case. When that girl has left the guy and has left abroad but I think that she correctly did because I also would arrive and not would began to suffer his acts. But unfortunately my lovely I should you tell that to me my mum has forbidden to go to the Internet - cafe and now I do not know as me to be she would speak that I it did houses but I explain her that I can not write to you the letter from a house because I have no the computer and she to me then have told that she will take for me the computer if it will be necessary. But the main thing speaks that that I did not go to the Internet - cafe. I certainly agree with mum because she wants for me only goods but also I do not want to lose with you our correspondence because I know that I should pass highly a high-speed line so to have the Internet of a house and if to wait when will pass a telephone line that it will occupy 3 or 4 months and it very long. And I can not wait so long. But me my mum forbids to go to the Internet - cafe my lovely. And all from - for these a case which happen in our city. My lovely I want at you you will ask to me to help if I shall establish the Internet at yourselves houses. As I have already told that my mum will buy to me the computer but I also should pass highly a high-speed line so that at me houses the Internet were. And I want you will know to me in it to help my lovely Chris whether or not because then I shall speak my mum so that she did not buy the computer. And unfortunately at us with you correspondence on it will stop but I do not want it I want that we were together my lovely. You are very dear to me also I do not want you to lose but only I can not do this all one. And I want to hear your answer if you will help me with it that we with you we shall correspond we are stopped further and if there is no that we on it. But I do not want so all to finish I want that at us all also was good as at that girl which now lives where that in Australia. I also want to arrive to you my lovely where you would not be but I want that we with you remained together up to the end of our life. To me even to have to admit to you love because I I think that at us it should happen. I you see any more when shall not see you if you will not help me. And I want to tell you in this letter that I have very strongly grown fond of you my lovely Chris. But unfortunately we should stop all if you will tell that in have no an opportunity to me to help with reception of the Internet in my house. Your love Olga finishes on it the letter and you wishes you of good day with love and only yours. I hope that you understand me my lovely Chris .

Letter 2

My lovely friend I am very glad to you today to inform that that I I have at myself houses the computer on this has come today in the Internet - cafe to inform you it that that I I have at myself houses the computer and I would like learn my lovely you can to make so that we with you might have correspondence. I want to tell you that I need in money to receive my domestic Internet. My lovely certainly very much it is not convenient for me for you to speak it because we know each other not so and it is good but I have no more opportunity to go in Internet - cafe I also do not want that our correspondence have stopped. I today have come in the Internet - cafe with mum. My lovely I want to tell you that I am very glad that I have the computer but unfortunately I can not write to you from the house yet and also see your letters. And I so would like to receive from you your letters in myself houses and I shall re-read them before that how to go to bed. I also shall be quiet for myself because I shall know that not who does not pursue me also you also will be quiet for me my lovely Chris. My dear as I have already told that not looking on that that I today have come in the Internet - the cafe with mum I can not be so long. I hope that you will not take offence for that that I so has a little written. My lovely I shall come also next other day also with mum so to see from you your letter and to know that you speak. I hope that we shall be and to correspond further because I do not want that our correspondence so was finished. I want that from this correspondence we might understand we are necessary each other whether or not. But in the first day when I came into the Internet - cafe I have come I I shall find that person with whom is happy also do not want that we so have stopped not having learned each other. I want to you I shall tell my lovely that I very much am grateful to you if you will write to me because it will speak me about that that you also require me as well as I in you yours and only yours Olga.

p.s. Also I want to send you some new photos. I hope that they to like you.



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