Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Ivanova to Carsten (Germany)

Letter 1
in th end I must to ask you about money, but I just was hope that this man will belive me and that he will love me so much that for him will be not problem to send me this money, cause he will love me and will belive me. It is very important for me your belive and I want that you belive me, cause if you think that i am like someone else who can steal your money or hart you anything else, it mean that you not belive me, so if this is true and you not belive me, I think that this is very bad for me, but I think that we can't create our future. I still hope that you understand that I just haven't another way from this problem. And I give you a chance that you think about all of this: if you belive me, I hope that you will send me this ****** money, and if you not belive... so I think that we must stop to write to each other, it will be very hard for me, you know something growing into me for you, some feeling and I know what is this it is love, this real love that may be only one time at the life. I know you may be not belive me and may be you not understand poor girl from Russia who stay here and love you, you know I haven't this money cause I am not reach, I have money for my life, I can buy things and eat but if I want to buy something that cost a lot of money, I can't do it cause for this I haven't money. Any way this letter I write to you from all my feelings that I have for you. And if when you will read this you understand that you still can't belive me... It will be very hard for me, but I think that we didn't need to write for each other. And if you will not belive me, I think that you didn't need to write me more, or you can wrte me and tell me in your letter that you didn't want to write me and to know me more. But may be I am this girl who will be the best for you? And if you lost me, who know may be you find another woman and may be you will be happy with her at the first time, but when you understand that you didn't want to be with her more, may be you will remember that a lot of times ago you write to one girl from Russia and she really have big and true feeling to you. But you will can't do any thing at this time cause you will can't find me. May be I am not right and you will not remember me, or sometimes you will tell you friends for evample that you writed for me ans that I wanted to steal your money. And you will don't know that this is not right and if you was send me this money we was be together at this time and you tell your friends that I am the best woman who you know? Any way I am tired to write this letter and I think that you may be not understad most part of this letter, but I want that you understand that I DIDN'T WANT TO TAKE YOUR MONEY!!!! I can live here without it I can work and just stay here and may be i can find a good man here, who know? So I give you some time that you think about all of this. I really hope that you belive me. Yoyr Inga
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