Romance scam letter(s) from Anastasia Ivanova to Charles (UK)
Letter 1
Hello my Love Charles.!
My dear I is very glad to receive from you the letter though it and short, but it to not have value as I to think that the most important to be the answer. I am very glad that you to write to me, I was more to not feel lonely and I to think what at last to appear that of whom I shall respect really and who will like me.
At us today to go the rain and I when to go in Internet - cafe slightly have frozen. At us soon constantly will to go a rain and everywhere to be damp and summer to leave from us. Though I to love a rain, but it now cool and because of it it to not like me, and at you what weather in the street? I to love an autumn, but then when there is no a rain. When there is no a rain and the sun to shine in the street very beautifully in the street, everywhere where you will look there gold, that is it seems gold as everywhere to lay the fallen yellow sheets and on trees they hang. To like me this time dawn. Now still all green, but already to begin to turn yellow.
Today at me at work has passed day as usually and I very much to long without your letters. But I to love the work, but I all the same to love your letters more than work. I am very serious to concern to your letters and to hope that you of me to not leave one.
I after work to go in shop and to buy there a water-melon. It weighs about 10 kgs and I still carry it with myself as I up to this moment to not be an at home. I now to try to eat it is more than fruit as an autumn it is necessary to type vitamins. Fruit is now cheaper than in the winter and in the spring. Though now sell many vitamins in tablets, but I to love all natural. I shall not hope that I to be sick of an autumn because I am many fruit. I to ask you, you to love fruit?
I to know that at you all this costs cheaply and because of it you probably not so to like to eat fruit. At us fruit which grow here and they here to cost cheaply and we not so to like them to buy. We to buy more fruit which to grow far from us.
Once I to go in the Astrakhan area to collect tomatoes on a field and it was when I still to be the student and to want you to write it in my following letter. You not against I to write to you about it?
Yes, my loved, I at first to write about that what to be today, but I to want you to write about that that really at me between legs to become damp after I to read about that as you to write about mine pussy and I again to want to touch the pussy. I to think of that as we to like each other and as I to concern your member the damp mouth. I to think that if you to write to me about it each time I shall begin to dream about that as we to be engaged in love with me and as I to go to bed, I shall think of it and probably to touch the pussy and to represent as though I with you beside. You is valid to raise me very much and I to think that you to be able to do it with me. I to hope that it not game with me and I too to not deceive you concerning that as I to be raised.
I to want you to write that I to go to travel agency and to learn that it is necessary to arrive to you. I also to want you to inform that the visa and the passport to me to manage in 350 $. I to think that at first it is necessary to make these documents, and then to buy the ticket aboard the plane. Documents will do two weeks. What you to think of it?
I to not want you to tire and I shall write next time soon. I today to get tired at work and still it is necessary to bear home a water-melon and time later. I to send you it is a lot of kisses and embraces and I to miss you. Bye-bye.
Your Tatyana.
Letter 2
Hello my Love Charles.!
I am very glad, my mood at height of heavens. Today at me day to pass well. At work of an affair go well and troubles are not present both with the goods, and with employees. They almost to know all that I to correspond with you, my dear and all of them to send the regards to you. Also to wish you of health my parents and at them good health.
Though father recently began to be sick of a cold. It because of that that at us in the street is already cool and is damp. I to think that at you good weather and I to you, my dear to wish that you to not be sick. I very much to miss on you and I to hope that sometime we shall meet really and you to warm me the body gently embracing. I very much to want it. And that to you I was not boring to want with me to you to tell about that as I to go in the Astrakhan area to collect tomatoes.
It happened then, when I to finish to study the second rate at university. Us have collected for departure the Astrakhan area in August in quantity of 30 persons. Us to plant in a train and we to go there. When we to go, our car constantly, at each station to fasten to other train. For 2 days we to arrive to village where we to live and work. I there first time in the life to see a facilities which to raise tomatoes. Our earnings to depend on that how many we to collect tomatoes individually and we to try to collect more and because of it we to get tired each day. We had a rest on Saturday and Sunday. For 1,5 months I to earn about 60 $. It is not enough, but I to see and to learn some part of the world as there to live people. We there to live in barracks which was divided into two half. On one half to live girls, and on another boys. For the first time I there to try dates and to see as they there to grow. Also I to see there camels, snakes, turtles, the big spiders to catch fishes together with boys and to cook to an ear. Very much it was pleasant to go to me as I to collect tomatoes. And I have dream to visit with my loved, with you, in travel and to learn all of charm of the world together. I very much hope in the future for it. What you to think of it my lovely? If you to want me to send money I to want to give the information that you could send money for me: my surname Popova Tatyana and I to live to the address city of Cheboksary, street Rjabinina, the house 55,my index 425133.
The agency which to be engaged in the international translations, at us to refer to as " Western union ".This information will suffice to send me of money.
I very much to miss on you and to want to meet you face to face and I always to hope for it soon. I to want to look directly in your eyes and to search in them for reciprocity. To embrace your body to feel your heat which you can warm me. A passionate kiss to feel taste of your lips.
I am ready to write to you long, but to my regret I should finish the letter as I should go home and in the street darken early.
I ask me to forgive, but I should go, as it is very important for me and my parents. I to send soft embraces and kisses with my letter. I very much to wait your letter.
Your Love Tatyana.
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