Scam letter(s) from Marina Victorovna Demicheva to Austin (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Austin ! Forgive me for having late replied to your letter. But your letter was in the basket (spam). I do not know why this happened. Maybe this Any error ... Maybe my mail filter is configured incorrectly?
Now everything is all right! I added your address to the “good mail” list, and we can continue communication. If you want, of course? I think you want to know me. If you didn’t want to know me, you wouldn’t write to me. Right? I'm glad you wrote to me. Hope that in the future we will be very good friends, and we can more than friends. I do not know what to say in my first letter, because I'm new to this business. It is something new and unusual for me. I know English well, so I hope we will have no problems understanding each other. Pity your the letter is short. I will be happy to read your next letter, if you write more. I live in Russia. It's a bit far from you, but I hope it doesn't will interfere with our communication. Perhaps you don't want more talk to me .. But if you are ready to communicate with me, then I will tell more about yourself in the next letter. Agreed? Today I will not write much. I'm just curious to know your thoughts.
about this question. I want to know what you are looking for ???
Serious relationship or a simple flirt? I hope you are a serious person. I would like to find out you. Tell me something about yourself ..... and ask what you want find out about me? On this I will finish my letter. Irina
Letter 2
Hi jack! Today I have a letter from you! I think we are now familiar!
Hihihi .. I am glad that we can continue our communication. I am very nice that you took the time and wrote me the answer. You know, I was interested to read your letter. I am not at all I know you, but today during the day I thought about you. I will be open and I confess I had a little online dating experience. You do not The first one I tried to write. Before you, I tried to write several men.
But I was full of disappointments .... One man just wanted ***.
Another wanted to see my ****** pictures. Of course, I immediately stopped the dialogue with them because my intentions are serious. Now I know that you are a serious man. Now i know you have there is a desire to communicate with me. It is very good. With pleasure I will talk about myself. I do not think you need to hurry. I guess, that need to go slow but sure steps. Right? You should not me hesitate. I'm a simple girl. I am 30 years old. I am not married and I do not have children I live in the city of Ufa. This is the ancient city of Russia. He is one of The oldest cities of Bashkortostan. There are many temples here .. monasteries and monuments. Our city is truly rich in its glorious historical by the past. If you want to know more, ask me or look in google. I think that in, you can find everything! I agree?
Hihihihihihihii .... I have a simple job. I work as a trainer fitness club. Its name Fitness Center "Zorge Fitness". you also can you see it in google ... if you are interested ?? All day i I train girls and women. I like my job very much. I am sending you a photo of your workplace. Now you can see where i am I work! I hope I did not tire you with my letter? Irina
Letter 3
Hi jack! How do you? What is the weather like in your country today? I'm so glad you're keep writing me! Today I didn’t sleep well and I was tired. express my thoughts. But still I will try to give you a normal answer.. Thank you for replying to my letter. I see that we have something overall. I think that many people have one reason to look. partner online? Do not you think so? There were several in my life important stories, but the most important one is past relationships. The last relationship with a man lasted almost 3 years, but unfortunately It ended badly ... Once I was just tired, packed up and went to mom !!!
You ask why? It's simple! I'm tired to melt his ice I am tired of warming our relationship only with my fire. Not!!! In the beginning, everything was fine. We lived like normal people. Work, trips to parents, trips to nature, trips to cinemas. But a few years later I noticed that there was already no such fire in him that was before. His feelings are cold. I tried to save our relationship. I tried to communicate with him more. I tried to surprise him in the kitchen. I gave him more space. I did everything in my power to we had a really full relationship. I tried to create everything conditions so that he feels comfortable in our house. But all this he does not appreciated. The more I tried, the more he moved away from me. is he started screaming at me more and more. Reproach me. Make claims. I I think that he just stopped loving me and I did not tolerate it. I took my things and moved to my mother. After several years of solitude, I decided to look for a new one.
satellite On the advice of my friend Marina, I decided to try getting to know each other. with a man on the internet. I was ready to start everything from scratch. jack, tell me how you see your new relationship? What would you wanted from them? Of course I will be glad if you tell me your thoughts on about this ..? Till tomorrow...
Letter 4

Hello! What happened? Why didn’t you write to me? I was waiting for a letter from you, but there is nothing ... Check the spam folder, maybe my letters are there! Write to me as soon as you read my letter.
Waiting for an answer. Yours Irina
Letter 5
Hi jack! Thank you very much for your letter. I'm glad you answered me. I really want you to write to me every day because I am pleased to talk with you, get to know you, tell about yourself. It seems to me that I have known you for a long time and your thoughts are very close to mine. I think you understand me in many things. It's easy for me to talk to you on many topics. You can ask me any questions you want. How was your day? I had a normal working day. He was as monotonous as the other days. Only communication with you brings new colors into my life. It is a pity that there is a distance between us and we cannot meet in any cafe. but there is plenty of time ahead. Perhaps in the future this will happen ??? jack, what do you think? I want to tell you one thing. Today, I witnessed a man swear at a woman. I did not like it. It was on the street when I left work. A man shouted at a woman in front of everyone. I think it is humiliating. I was born in a simple working family and I don’t remember a case when my parents swore before my eyes. Of course my parents had disagreements. I think that this happens to everyone, but my parents solved such questions without shouting and without hysterics. They just went into a separate room and calmly solved their problems there. I think this is a good example. jack, do you also think? I think that conflicts can be resolved without shouting and, of course, this should not be done in front of everyone. I want in my future relationship was not what I saw in the afternoon. As my mom says: "life is short to swear." I think that mom is right! I hope you understand the meaning of my letter. I will be glad if you share your thoughts with me ... Waiting for your answer and photos...
Letter 6
Hello Austin ! I was waiting for your letter. I was very happy when you wrote. I am pleased to communicate with you. Learn something new about you. It makes me feel very good. I feel that you are a very special person to me. I am glad that you do not approve of the act of a man who shouted at his woman ... it is really low .. I am glad that you are not that kind of person! I understood it at the beginning of our acquaintance ... Austin , today I had a very busy day. There were a lot of clients .....
Uffffffff ..... I was so tired ... It was all because my work colleague was late for work. He is not serious about his work and I really do not like it. I myself do not like to postpone something for tomorrow. I do everything in time. I think it all depends on the education of the person. Here I had a good education. I owe this to my mom. She was very strict about my upbringing. She taught me to do everything in time, and I was so used to it. Austin , I want everything to be done in my future family. Why save for later, what can be done now? Right? After all, because of the elementary little things can be a big problem. It proves life experience. If you disagree with me, then tell me your opinion on this? Sorry to share my work problems with you. At work I have no one else to tell it .. Therefore, I decided to relieve the tension and tell it to you. I thought you would listen to me ??? If you do not like it, then tell me this and I will no longer write you about work.
OK? At this point I want to finish my letter. I'm tired and want to relax a bit. I hope you understand the meaning of my letter. I will be pleased to know your thoughts. I want you to tell me about your daily life too ... Can you also tell me about your problems? I will listen to you. See you later......
Letter 7
Hi Austin .. I am pleased to know that you are ready to listen to me about my problems. I think this is a very important part in the relationship between a man and a woman. Do you agree? If one of the partners keeps everything in itself, then it can break. Every person needs emotional relief. I am glad that we understand each other well in this matter.
As I said, you can also talk to me about your problems. I am always ready to listen to you and give you advice. Today I had a good day. There was little work. Today there were almost no customers. Perhaps today there were magnetic storms in space ?? ...
he..he..he..he ... (I'm kidding) .... I didn’t even know what to do.
My colleagues were busy with their business. someone was training, someone was listening to music, and someone was just resting from work. I was tired of idleness and I opened a search engine on the Internet .... I decided to study your country. I found on the Internet some articles about your country .. your culture ... read about your mentality ... I was interested to learn a lot about your country. I was able to see many beautiful sights of your country. What places do you like to visit? I personally like to learn something new ... I have never visited another country, but traveled around Russia. I sent you a photo of how it was. I hope, you like it. Of course, in Russia there are many beautiful places .. For example, the capital of my country .. Moscow ... This is a beautiful city! Austin, if you find this interesting. You can find on the Internet a lot of interesting things about my country ... sights ... culture ...
and much more. This way we can learn more about our cultures. On this I want to finish my letter Irina
Letter 8
Hello jack! Ended another day. Do you have some new? Yesterday I could not fall asleep for a long time, so I had a strange day today. It all started with the little things ... At first I slept, because I did not hear the alarm clock. I only had time to have breakfast and did not even have time to wash the dishes. I quickly ran to work. But because of the bad weather, I was late for my work because the traffic in the city was slow. But there was nothing wrong with that. Now I'm at home ... I prepared dinner and washed the dishes that I did not have time to wash in the morning. When I did all this, I listened to the radio and thought about life ... And I thought .. - Ehhhh ... if I had a man, then maybe I wouldn’t sleep through the alarm clock .... ?? He would wake me up and even be able to wash the dishes that I did not have time to wash. Of course, living in a pair is very good ... How do you feel about housekeeping? I think that in a relationship a man should help a woman and share all responsibilities equally. It would be convenient for both .. and fun ... For example, I know a few men who know how to cook ... and love to do it. The husband of my colleague Anna is simply "The King of the Table" ... I tried many dishes that he prepared and I want to say that it was very tasty ... No, of course I do not demand that my elect was a cook .. =)) .. It is not necessary. But if he could even wash the dishes .. and use the iron! I would be very happy already! Hihihi ... jack, tell me how do you imagine this? Tell me your opinion on this ... Here I am sending a photo with my Mom and Grandma. I will wait ... !!! Your Irina
Letter 9
Hello! Enough time has passed, but I still have not received your answer! It makes me sad. I thought maybe you found another girl and you don't need me anymore? It is unfortunate that I did not receive your letter today ...... I hope you find some time for me and can answer me tomorrow? I will be glad to receive your letter. I would also like to get some photos from you. Yours Irina
Letter 10
Hi jack ... I am waiting for your letter every day. When I see his heart starts to beat faster. 1000 questions appear in your head ??? What he wrote? Is he tired of me? When I start reading the letter I calm myself and reread it several times. After reading the letter, I begin to write the answer in my head **** Today I had some not ordinary day. I had a strange feeling. I have never experienced such a feeling. Something is obviously happening to me. At the sight of your letter, my head is turned off and I think only about you. My pulse quickens and my heart starts to beat faster.
When I see your photo, I imagine how I hug, cling to you, I feel your warmth. But these are just my thoughts ... I think how to be close to you and see you with my own eyes for at least one moment. But I do not know how to do it. After all, I have no wings, and I can not fly to you to give you my kiss. I'm so happy I met you. jack, I feel how my life is changing and this feeling comes from my heart. I began to devote more time to my beauty. Spend more time in front of the mirror. I do it all for your sake. We are not familiar with the first day. And for myself, I have already drawn some conclusions. I understood that you are sensitive, sincere, reliable. I like these qualities that I found in you. They attract me to you. But I am so sorry that there are thousands of kilometers between us. jack, do you have similar feelings? Tell me, open your heart to me.
Are there any changes in your life after our meeting? In my head now only one thoughts and these thoughts are about you. You gave me a new life. You filled my heart with happiness and love.
Maybe this is fate? I hope you also tell me about your feelings for me. I want to know.
Will you tell me? Kisses and hugs yours Irina
Letter 11
Dear jack ... Today was a good day. I was in a good mood. There was little work. I'm not even tired at all. I was a little bored. When I'm bored, I start thinking about life ... about what happened .. about what is and what will happen ... jack, last night on television, I watched the replay of the Let the Speak TV show. For several years now - this is a popular TV show, where people discuss the usual life problems of people ... There they showed a story about people with disabilities. This story touched me very much. They talked about people with disabilities who are very difficult to live in this world. But most of all I remember the story about a man. This man had no arms, no legs. He lost them when he was 16 years old. He is now 32 years old and he lives a good and happy life. He has his own business.
Have your hobbies. Have your goals and dreams. This is thanks to the support of his relatives and his beloved woman. Yes Yes Yes! He has a beautiful and completely healthy wife. She loves him greatly for his moral values. Do you understand? He has no arms and legs! But he has a kind, strong heart and a pure soul. These qualities, he won his wife. Do you know how they met? You will not believe ... But they met on the Internet. This is a fact ... If you suddenly want to see this story, then you can find it on GOOGLE.COM. name - "**** 'govoryat. Zhizn' bez ogranicheniy". the protagonist of this story is "Aleksey Talay". jack, only distance separates us. I think this is a very small problem. After all, to overcome several thousand kilometers is easier than learning how to live without legs and arms. Do you agree? I could not watch it without tears. After viewing this story, I made conclusions. I realized that there is no need to be afraid of anything, no need to look for reasons to retreat. You need to fight for your happiness. You need to set a goal, go to it and believe in success! I think that we should take this example as a basis. Most have arms, legs. There is everything! But people can not be happy.
They just do not know how to appreciate life. jack, there is a long distance between us. It is a fact! But I do not think that it can prevent us. It all depends on us! From our desire.
From our desire .. Do you agree? Personally, I am not afraid of the distance that separates us. We live only once and you should always remember this! Our meeting - maybe this fate gave us a chance? A chance to experience it? Have you thought about this? jack, I hope that you are not tired of my letter? I hope that you will understand my reasoning? I would be glad if you share your thoughts with me ... Pffuuuuu .... For today everything ..........
Yours Irina
Letter 12
Hello my dear jack! It's a good weather today. I spent my morning outside. When I got home, I decided to check my email immediately. As usual, I was very pleased to receive a letter from you. Today I went for a walk with my friend Marina. We walked in the park, and I thought how it would be great if we (you and me) were walking together! What do you think? Wouldn't that be good? Marina asked me about my personal life. Did I find a man? I said no"! I asked her why she thought so? After all, I did not tell anyone about our communication. She told me that I am strong has changed. I became more beautiful, I smile a lot and this is very noticeable to me. I think I'm in love with you. But I'm not completely sure about this yet. I tried to resist it, to reflect on it, but every time I returned to the same conclusion. jack, I hope you are not angry with me for not telling my friend about you? I do not want to say that I met a person in another country, because we have not met personally. But I have serious intentions and feelings for you that are growing every day. From the very beginning of our communication, I have already told you that I want to meet a man with whom I can build a strong relationship. Last time in the morning I wake up thinking about you. Not a little time has passed since our acquaintance with you. But I hope that our relationship will grow into something big. I don't want to rush you.
But I hope that the new level of our communication will be a meeting.
Mmmm? In my or your country. What do you think jack? jack, of course, does not need to rush to conclusions ... Such a decision must be taken with all the responsibility! But I will tell you honestly, then I am already starting to think about it! Because through letters it is impossible to convey everything that is in the head, in the soul ... Do you understand the course of my thoughts? Hope so. Tell me your opinion. Good? Now I am going to finish my letter ...
Your Irina
Letter 13
Hello my wonderful jack! I was very pleased to read your answer. I am glad that you carefully read my past letter and understood everything .. I was worried. I thought that you might not understand my reasoning. But now I see that you understand everything. And I am very pleased that we have a common opinion ... How was your day? You know, today I again thought a lot about our communication ... about my last letter. jack, have you noticed that lately we are talking about serious things? I noticed it. jack, sometimes it seems to me that we have known you for a long time. I myself didn’t notice how you got into my life ... I’m telling you everything without a doubt ... You won my trust. This is a great success! Usually I did not speak with anyone so frankly about life. But with you, I did it. What could it mean? I think that some invisible thread appeared between us that connects us through the distance ... Pffff .... I don't know how to explain to you .. ?? I think fate gave us a chance. We must use! You ask what chance? And what to use? It's simple! Chance - to be happy and not be alone. I think we should use it and we need a real meeting. You can write thousands of letters, but do not recognize the person. But you can meet .. talk .. look into each other's eyes. This will help us test our compatibility. Do you understand me? I don’t know how to tell you, but a light flashed inside me. He constantly stirs the desire for a real meeting. I think it's time for us to move from words to action. Do not be afraid of my proposal ...
I'm not going to take all the suitcases and stay with you. Hihihihi .... Do you understand? We are reasonable people and both understand that we need a simple meeting ... We need to be together for a while and only then make further decisions. I agree? jack, I hope that you will carefully read my letter ... You will think everything over and tell me your answer about this. I will wait for your answer with great excitement. Already now I feel my heartbeating loudly .. I send you a kiss ... Your Irina
Letter 14
Hello! Today it was a big surprise for me not to receive a letter from you. Please tell me the reason. why didn’t you write me ??? I believe that you did not have time to write and answer. If you did not receive my letter. I will resend you. Good??? Now we really got a lot closer.
Waiting for an answer. Yours Irina
Letter 15
Hi jack !!! I am very glad to see your letter. I fell asleep and woke up with great excitement in my chest. I did not know how you would respond to my question about our meeting. Thoughts about this did not give me rest. Today all my thoughts are just about that. I waited with great excitement at the moment when I could check my mail. My thoughts were spinning in my head: "you wrote to me .... or did not write." Now when I see your letter I did this: fffuuuuuuuuu ..... jack, I'm so glad !!! You agreed to meet me !!! Uuuuhhhhh .... I'm just insanely happy with everything that happens. I feel like the happiest girl in the world. Now that I know that you have the desire to meet me, I feel even more confident in myself. My female intuition tells me that everything will be fine. I am overwhelmed with emotions of excitement and joy. Joy because we will be together .... excitement because it will be our first meeting. The first meeting will help us understand what our feelings are capable of and whether we are compatible with you. After the first meeting, we will plan our next steps. I think you will agree with my thoughts. If you think otherwise, tell me about it? Now I think that we need to discuss the date of our meeting with you.
Tell me, when would you like me to fly to you? For example, I will soon have holidays. Soon my boss will post a vacation schedule and then I will know the exact date of my vacation. They will last 30 days. I think that this time will be enough for the first meeting.
During this time we will be able to somehow check our feelings and our compatibility. I hope you agree with my thoughts ??? jack, I cherish you very much and will do everything to ensure that our love picks up speed at the very maximum! I hope that you will understand everything that I want to tell you in this letter. On this note, I want to finish my letter. With great excitement and fingers crossed, I will be waiting for your letter. Only yours Irina
Letter 16
Hello my gentle jack! You have no idea how glad I am to see your letter. Today, all day I did not find a place for myself ... I was scattered ... and how do you think why? It's simple. You do not go out of my head. All my thoughts are occupied with our meeting with you. I scroll through them a thousand times in my head and every time I experience a lot of excitement. With great excitement, I waited for the moment when I would open my mail and see your letter. Honey, the first thing I think about is waking up every morning, It's you !!! My dear, the last thing I think about, falling asleep every night is you. you are in my every thought, in every movement and breath. With each new day, my feelings for you are becoming more and more powerful. You changed my life. jack, I am so glad that you wrote to me and expressed your thoughts about our meeting. I think the day of our first meeting will remain in our memory for life. It will be the nicest day of my life. I feel that our meeting is getting closer every day. Today was the first prerequisite for this. In the morning I came to work, I went to the bulletin board and saw a vacation schedule there. Today I found out the exact date for the start of my vacation. My holidays will begin with September 10. We have a couple of weeks left. I think that during this time I will have time to prepare my travel documents. jack, I will not shelve everything. If tomorrow I have time after work, I will go to a travel agency and find out all the details for traveling to you. Of course I will keep you informed of all cases.
Uhhhhhhhh ........ I wish I could speed up time and be with you as soon as possible. On this note, I want to finish my letter. Forever Yours Irina
Letter 17
Hello my love jack .. Not so long ago, I returned from a travel agency. I can't believe I finally did it! Uhhhh .... I have so many emotions !!!!!!!!! This is a very good company .... when I came to them, I was immediately offered a cup of tea and chocolate. They talked to me very politely .. They explained everything in detail to me ... Everything turned out to be simpler than I imagined! =)) I signed all the necessary documents and made the payment. Now all I have to do is wait for the travel agency to prepare all the necessary documents. The agency told me that my documents will be ready within 5-7 days. We talked a lot with my travel agent. This is a very nice woman. Her name is Elena. I admitted to her that I was preparing to go to my fiance. She asked what was the name of my fiance ??? I answered: "jack" .... he is a foreigner. I said that we met on the Internet and are going to meet ... Elena was very surprised and wished us luck .. Can you imagine that we will spend together a few weeks or even a whole life ....... ??? **** What will happen next..?? These are long days before our meeting. It lasts so long now ... Seconds seem like eternity ... Now this is the meaning of my whole life. I can't stop thinking about it. For me, nothing is more important than our meeting ... There is nothing more important than you jack! I present our first meeting .... how will you stand with a bouquet of flowers at the airport. I think this will be the most exciting moment in my life. After all, it will be the first time when we see each other! I think that from excitement I will look ridiculous and ridiculous .... hihihi =)) I think I can’t even talk for a while. Haha .. I’m sure .... as soon as I see you I can’t say a word .. or even start speaking Russian))))))))) I hope you don’t laugh at me too much .. ?? I think I will not survive this moment. Tell me how you imagine our first meeting .... Do you already have plans? It's a secret? )) Ha..ha .. What are we going to do on our first day? Where are we going .... ?????? .... You don’t have to answer this question if you are going to surprise me. For example, I already have a pleasant surprise for you ... But I will keep it secret until the day of our meeting .. Your love Irina
Letter 18
Hello my dear jack! Uhhh .. Finally I can write to you again ... Today I was in the hospital. But do not worry me all is well! I just went through a physical before the trip. This is necessary for me to get medical insurance. I will need it during the trip ... Besides, I haven’t been checking my health for a long time, so I was glad to do it .. I was lucky that I managed to pass a physical examination in one day.
Usually in the hospital long lines and vanity ... But today it was calm. I could finish this today. But I did not have time to get the test results and the conclusion of the survey. I'll do it tomorrow morning ... I often ask myself about it .. what will happen when we meet ??? Very interesting?? How long can we talk ..? I think I want to tell you a lot. It will take me a few days! Haha! I saw the plane the other day. I thought that these "iron birds" allow me to meet a million people ... But when I think about my future flight aboard the plane, I am a little afraid ... I can not forget the crash of two airplanes that were shown on television. It was terrible to see the sadness and tears of the relatives of the dead. My government is convinced that terrorist attacks are impossible ... They said they are working ******* passenger safety. I really want to believe in it ... They say that airplanes are one of the safest means of transport. I heard that passengers are very well served during the flight. I am interested to know it personally! Sorry, but now I do not know the exact date when I can come to you. But I will let you know when I can. Hope you can wait patiently. I want to give you a lot of kisses when I see you. Today I decided not to write you a lot. I am very tired after the hospital and I want to relax. Tomorrow I will write you more ... Your love Irina
Letter 19

Hello! Today I checked my mail and did not receive a response from you. I'm trying to understand why you are not responding. Maybe you don’t see my letters or it got into the spam folder. Write as soon as you read my letter. I will check my mail. Yours Irina
Letter 20
Hello my love jack ... I finally reached the computer, and with great desire I am writing you a letter. I hope everything is all right with you and you are waiting for our meeting. Today my letter will be brief. I don't have much time. I will talk about the most important thing. Imagine today I got a call from the embassy. I was told that tomorrow I need to arrive at the embassy for an interview for a visa and pass biometric data. If everything goes well, I can get my visa! I was very worried after this call. All this was so unexpected for me. I did not think that I would be called to the embassy so quickly! My agent said that everything is in order. Now I need is preparing for the upcoming trip. I need to collect some things and documents. Tomorrow I'm going to Moscow! It seems to me that I have been waiting for this for ages. jack, I need you to send me your full name, last name, full home address, telephone number and the name of the nearest airport where you can meet me. This information is required for the Immigration Consul. I must have this information. Without it, I will not be able to pass an interview. It is very serious! Probably tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I will receive the documents necessary to arrive in your country. I will let you know all the news that will concern my trip. After I receive the documents, I will need to return to my hometown .. collect the necessary things and wait for the day of my flight. At this point I will finish my letter and will wait for your answer ...
Your love Irina
Letter 21
Hello dear jack! I was really looking forward to your letter. Thank you for the information provided. Now I can go to the embassy !!! I am writing this letter to you and I worry. Today our fate will be decided. Today I will have a very responsible and stressful day! I hope I will get a visa, and soon we will be able to see each other. I think the time has come for us to discuss the date of our meeting with you. You have to think carefully before giving me the answer. I have to be sure that you can meet me at the airport. For example, it would be convenient for me to come to you September 19 What do you think? What is the weather in your city now? I need to know what clothes I should wear. I do not want to take with me something extra... I only know one thing: “I want to always be with you !!!" I feel like a little girl who fell in love for the first time. You know, very happy that it happened !!! I don’t want it to end sometime. You are in every cell of my body! You are in my every thought .. I am happy that life gave me you! I hope we will be together soon! I send you a thousand of the most passionate and tender kisses ..... Forever your Irina
Letter 22
Hello my dear, jack! I read your letter with tears in my eyes. I feel so bad. I am very upset. I do not know what to do. My heart is breaking in pain. Forgive me jack. Please do not be offended by me. I don't even know how, and what to tell you. I thought that soon all our dreams would become a reality, but I was mistaken .. This morning I went to a travel agency to collect documents. My documents are ready! I'm very glad! I took the documents and turned to the company that sells tickets. I said that I need to have a ticket to San Antonio Airport on September 19 and a ticket to Moscow with an open date of return flight. I also asked how much it would cost? They said that tickets would cost 1495 usd. I asked to find tickets cheaper, because the price is too high for me! But as it turned out, it is impossible to buy airline tickets cheaper, because the departure date is too fast. I was told that tickets must be booked in advance. I asked them to offer me other flight options. We found the most suitable departure for September 19. Tickets cost 1255 usd. I begged them for a long time, and said that my fiancé jack was waiting for me! If I asked them for a little longer, I would have cried. After some time, the service agreed to reserve a ticket on my terms. But I have too little time to pay for the tickets. They said that if I did not pay the rest of the ticket price, I would lose the money I gave them. I got mad at them! But they explained that it would be very difficult to sell a ticket for a plane that flies. They will have to lower the price. I agreed. I was told to pay 1255 usd. But it was too much for me, because I only had 500 usd. It was my last money for the plane on which I am going to come to you. It was very difficult for me to tell you this story. I did everything I could. I paid for the visa. I paid for part of the ticket. But this was not enough. There was not enough money. I asked the service to give me more time so that I could collect the money. I was told that I should pay another 755 usd by September 18. (this is the deadline) Otherwise, I will lose the money I paid. This is big money for me! But most importantly, I will miss the chance to see you jack! I thought my money would be enough. But I failed. I thought that nothing would stop me from meeting you. But I have to pay the remaining money for the tickets. This is very big money for me! For your sake jack, I am ready for anything! But I can not cope with such costs. I beg you jack, excuse me, I do not have such a sum of money! I have no idea where to find them! Most of all, I want to be with you. I ask you only about one thing, do not leave me. I do not want to be alone. I wanna be with you. You are very dear to me. When I met you, I realized that you were the man. You are the man who won my heart. I do not want to lose you.
Forgive me! jack, promise me that you will not leave me. I think there is always a way out! We will definitely find a solution for our meeting. True? I believe that we will find a way out of our situation.
Right? jack, let's look for it together. The main thing is to have patience and hope. I hope you will understand and support me. I so need your support in this difficult and not simple period of time. I don't know what else to tell you ... Your Irina
Letter 23
Hello dear Jack! I read your letter. You misunderstood me. I ask for help paying for the ticket so that I can fly to you. it remains to pay only 755 usd. Jack, if you only knew how much this meeting means to me. I prepared a lot, I did a lot so that we were together. But I was faced with an obstacle. I was ashamed to ask for your help. I would never want this do. I should have had the courage to ask you this. I said to my friend Marina that I could not ask for your help, but she said that if we really want to be together, I have to to try. I still hope that I can overcome and come to you. I received jewelry from my Mom. I was hoping I could take advantage the cost of these products. When my mother gave me value, she said that she wished me happiness and found her man. But when I did this I don’t think that I will live to such times. I never thought that I would sell jewels from my mom. But when I began to understand that you can’t rely on the Fitness Club, I was hoping for a precious thing. I thought the cost of these things would be enough to come to you. But they value a small amount of money. I am very upset. **** shop owners like the fact that in a crisis, people will give up their valuables. Therefore, they offer very little money for gold. It hurts me. It hurts to tears, because I did everything for our meeting. I not when I did not ask you to help me. I was hoping on my own. But my hopes were shattered. I had to ask you for help. I write this letter and cry from resentment. Nobody helps you. I was All alone. I managed to overpay visa payments. I paid a ticket to Moscow, payment for accommodation in Moscow was at the interview, paid for consular fees, for state taxes. Capable to pay money for a ticket, but I did not have 755 usd. I did not want to asking you about this money. I didn’t want to be humiliated in front of you, but I could not find another way. I wanted to believe in our meeting. I wanted realize our plans. I wanted to be happy. Darling, I hope that you can help me.
In fact, I have done a lot for this meeting and now our meeting is up to you. I expect from you letter. Your love Irina
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