Scam letter(s) from Rita Wilson to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
Hello Mr John, My name is Douglas of Douglas Law Associates. I do sincerely greet you and hope all is well with you. On top of that I also wish you a very pleasant and blessed.

Yes i do kindly have the information for you. As of current I do sincerely believe that you know she would need to renew her expired passport. Then so we would be able to acquire the visa for her and then a plane ticket. Secondary things needed as well as medicals and police report Once all these things are received here then it can be done so. Please do contact back for any issues or further details.the price involved are listed below. Passport renew = 40Euros
Police report = 240 Euros
Visa = 360Euros
Medical report = 280 Euros
Ticket = 1700Euros
Total = 2,660Euros Have a nice day,
Yours faithfully,
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