Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Yurevna Romanyuk to Kent (USA)

Letter 1
I'll write a little more about myself, my height is 175 centimeters, and my weight is 62 kilograms.
I speak English, Russian and Ukrainian well, as I studied well, these languages are still at school, and then at university. I am sure I need a long time to improve my English.
Letter 2
That I love? I like to walk a lot, I often spend time with my parents, I like to read, go to the cinema. I like to do many things with my own hands, I like to embroider and knit. I have things that I did with my own hands.
Letter 3
I would like to see you very soon. First, I have to take a vacation at work, start making an international passport and a tourist visa. You also need to do many more small things and start collecting your things. Now I have a dream, a real dream that lives in my head and in my heart.
Every day at work I think about our first meeting. Every night before bedtime, I also think about our meeting)
Letter 4

I am not an ****** and I do not want a bath or *** without Love !!!
First there must be real strong feelings, mutual, and possibly true love. Only then can I think of bath or ***. Good ?
Why is Thailand No, I do not have a foreign passport.
You see. I want to see you and your real life.
You see, if we meet, then I want to see your country, your city, the place where we will live our whole life.
I'm not looking for adventure) Have a nice day)
Letter 5
But I'm here in Kazan and understand that only professionals can help me here every day who send people from Kazan around the world. I trust them and I'm sure there will be no problems. The manager told me, tickets to and from you will cost me $ 1800, I will fly an economy class. I will send you copies of tickets so that you know my exact time of arrival and the date of my arrival at you.
3- I have a bank account, I can give you my account.
I ask you to support me. I did everything that I could myself.
I cannot fly to you without you and your help.
Letter 6
There will be no problems because the company gave a 100% guarantee that I will go to you as a tourist and will live with you exactly 1 month.
that you want to buy me tickets yourself. I called the manager of a travel company. He explained to me that the client himself must pay for all services.
Letter 7
I must, over the next three days, put on my card, bank account, the amount of money, for one day $ 80. If I put $ 2,400 in my account and provide a certificate from the bank stating that I have this money in my account, then there isn't any problems and I will be issued a visa for 30 days. The manager explained to me that he was expecting this certificate from me, and he should send this certificate to the embassy as well. If I do this within three days, they will give me a visa, there are no other problems. Tickets purchased. and all other documents, they are completely satisfied.
Another manager told me that this money, I do not need to spend. This money should be on my account, so that in any situation, I could pay myself, the hotel and the food. Now I understand that for me it is impossible and I could not even imagine what I needed to have, so much money in my bank account. I can ask for help, only you. I want you to understand, most importantly, this money, I will bring it with me, the money will be on my card, and when you meet me, you can take me to the nearest ATM, and we will withdraw all your money, you will immediately take it them yourself. I am very upset right now and don't know what to do. Why, they gave me only three days, I also can not understand. Perhaps they have, many more other things, and they want to finish soon with my visa, or because tickets have already been bought. I don't know what the matter is. But, I now understand clearly, only one thing I need is your help. To be honest, I don't know what else to say. I have no more words. Now I understand why you wrote to me constantly that getting a visa to your country is very difficult. But the manager also said that there are many reasons why a visa may not be given. But, in my case, they give me a visa, and there are no problems, I just need to put the money into my account. In the future, I was also told that if I will be with you, husband and wife, I will not need to prove my financial condition. Now they have decided that I must personally insure myself when I am in your country, and not rely on my friend who lives there. forgive me for this news, and for the fact that I ruined your mood. I can't ask you very much about this. You decide what to do.
If you are ready to help me, know the most important thing, your money will come with me. If you are not ready to help me, and do not have such an opportunity, then this is a disaster for me personally. Not when, I can't find, so much money, I don't know what to do. My things are collected, and the tickets are bought, but the embassy asks to confirm that I have money in my account. I hope you understand everything from my letter. Hope you make the right decision. I will wait, your letter in the morning. I won't ask for anything, or repeat it again, I think you understand my letter well. I'll just be praying for our meeting with you. I will hope that my vacation will be with you and we will be happy, together very soon and always. Now I am alone at home, and am very worried about everything. I don't know if I can fall asleep today. But now, I will cook dinner for myself, then try to sleep.
My whole body trembles, because, I am very upset, and now I am very worried. I asked the manager if I can return the money for the tickets. He said that I should calm down now, and think about where to find the money, and everything will be fine, the manager tried to calm me down, and said that with my visa, everything was already fine. The only question is money, for 30 days of stay. Therefore, he gave me advice to find money within 3 days. But, if I can't do anything, then 50-70% of the cost of the tickets will be returned to me. But it will be, very bad for both of us. You will lose, part of the money. I will lose you .. Everything will be very bad, for me personally, it will be a big shock .. There are no more words. I'm sorry.
Your Tanya
Letter 8
You just need to put money in my account. With your money, what doesn't happen? Do you understand? I will come on October 1 and bring you your money. I beg you not to give up. I do not like to ask and I am ashamed now. But I have no other choice because I really want to see you and your country. You see, if we don't do it now, then we won't do it any time.
While you and I are not husband and wife, even if we meet in Russia, then after that I will need to do a visa again and again confirm my financial condition. The fact is that we must be husband and wife, then the authorities will be confident that I will live with you and you will be fully responsible for me before the state. But now there is only you and me. I ask you, my dear, for our sake for the sake of our future. Change your mind, please. Ahead of us is a whole long, long life. Ahead of us there will be a lot of joy and many problems, but we must be able to overcome all difficulties together. I'm going to the bank now, I want to try to get an urgent loan. I do not want to give up my goal. I want to come to you and see the place where we will live. If you do not want to help me.
If you give up our dreams. If you gave up so easily.
Letter 9
I'm just in shock ..
I was in three banks all day. I searched for money and applied to three banks. Shutters will give me an answer.
Do whatever you want. You can blame me for everything.
I will do everything myself. Tomorrow I hope to get a loan.
Letter 10
I explained everything to you. Why do you solve problems like that?
I think you are a man and you must be strong.
If you knew that I needed money, in order to get a visa, why now you do not believe me.
I have no mood right now.
If I can't find the money today. I will lose everything ....
I will lose my vacation. Losing my future with you.
Lose washed away life. I will also lose the money I paid for an international passport, visa and medical insurance. The manager is not to blame - because he is also surprised why I am going to your country without any money. The manager told me that any tourist who travels to another country always has money in his account. But I don't have any money at all.
Letter 11
Yesterday I left three applications for an urgent loan.
Do you know what an urgent loan is? This is a loan of up to 100 thousand rubles. Which I can get in one day. But 100 thousand rubles is only $ 1,500. I still don't have enough of another $ 1000.
Now I'm thinking of reading all your letters, is there any point in taking a loan? Or do you want to help me at all?
So that I could take out a loan for a large amount, the bank must consider my application within 3 to 5 days.
But the embassy is waiting for my certificate from the bank today or the region tomorrow. How can I catch all this.
I ask you to calm down and let's finish everything that we started. I'll go to the bank and get a $ 1,500 loan there.
I will have to give this money back within a year. But still you should help me as well.
Letter 12
I am your future wife, I am not a rag about which you can wipe your feet. I have the same character and pride.
Honey, I'm waiting for help from you. I do not expect charges !!!
I'll be back from the bank soon. I will write to you right away.
Do something the same. No need to quarrel.
No need to put an end to our future ..
What is money? Just paper ... I gave everything that I had for your sake and our meeting. Now I am ready to take out a loan ... all this is for you .. I ask you to do the same today for a transfer of $ 1000 and everything will be fine. I will put $ 2,400 in my account and get a visa without any problems. When I come to you, I will return your money $ 1000 to you, I will leave my money on the card. Then when I come back to Kazan, I will come to the bank and repay almost the entire loan. I will only have a percentage that I will have to pay off within a year. Everything will be fine.
I do not ask you to pay my interest for me. If necessary, I will work again and solve all my problems myself.
What are you losing? Nothing, because I'll come and bring your money with me. I ask you to help me. I will not ask again.
Letter 13
Do you think I really need your money?
This is complete nonsense. I have never exchanged you for money.
Now I'll tell you directly - I'm tired of convincing you.
You never believe anything or anything .. I don't know what is happening to you. But now I'm so tired of your reproaches that I will tell you honestly. Leave yourself all your money and believe me nothing more is needed from you ... I don't need your thousand dollars and not when I was not looking for money. I don't ask you for anything else at all. My nerves and calm are dearer to me. Nerve cells do not repair.
I just returned from the bank, they approved my loan. I haven't got it yet.
Letter 14
My loan was approved by the bank. I can go now and take a loan of $ 1,500, I know that when we are together you will be a different person because you will see me and our feelings will grow stronger.
Letter 15
I went to the company. The manager explained to me what happened. When the visa is issued at the embassy, they make requests to all structures, these are databases, banks, tax, court bailiffs, and many other databases.
They look at whether people have debts or fines, if a person is doing well, then they give him a visa. In my case, I wanted the best, but when I took a loan from a bank, I immediately got into the database of this bank, now due to the fact that I took a loan, I have no right to leave the country.
I am in complete shock, but the answer from the embassy was this, we can't issue you a visa, due to the restrictions of the bank, you must repay the loan before leaving Russia.
Banks are worried because people can leave, and never again, come back to Russia. There are a lot of such cases, especially when people go to the USA or India, they take a loan for the trip, and leave as if for 1-2 months to rest, but then, do not come back. Banks have big losses.
But, there is another option, if I had issued, immediately in advance, all the documents and tickets through the bank, with the help of a loan, if I had notified the bank in advance that I was going to your country and I needed money for the trip, in such cases, banks approve the loan, and the departure of the person. But, in this case, they require a guarantor (my mom or dad) to insure themselves. There is still a lot of information, but I do not want to write too much.
Letter 16
I didn't know anything, now I got additional problems. When I left the travel agency, I went to the bank, I told them everything, they told me that they have such rules. When I took money from a bank, I said that I need to make repairs in my room, and I need an urgent loan. But, the bank anyway, automatically puts me in the database, and I could not leave the country.
Now I had to urgently pay off my loan. I took $ 1400, and now I had to give them
Letter 17
$1870, since they have a large percentage. But, if I were giving money for a whole year, since I took a loan for a whole year, I would have to pay even more money.
Letter 18
Now I ask you, understand that I am doing everything for you and me. Everything is ready for me, there is only one problem, this **** money. I beg you, do not worry! Believe me and be with me mentally and physically, support me. I'm already very tired of everything that happens. Everyone needs to prove something.
Letter 19

I beg you, don't worry, I am here too, very nervous. Just help me today or tomorrow. I need to be in time, remove your transfer, before Sunday. Sunday is a day off, and nothing will work.
On Monday morning, I need again, to take an extract from the bank, and I need to have $2400 on my account, I will take the extract to the travel agency again, they will send the extract to the embassy again,
Letter 20
I need another $1,400 because, mom has no more money. This $ 500, was with my mother and father, for a rainy day, and now he has arrived, today. I am now ashamed of my parents. But, mom reassures me, and says that she will do everything for the sake of my happiness. She even wanted to give her ring to the pawnshop, but I forbade her to do this. Moreover, it does not cost a lot of money.
Letter 21
Just help me. I can't come to you if I don't deposit money in my account. What is the problem?
Letter 22
Now I have done everything, I bought tickets and almost finished making a visa. If everything is canceled now, then we will again lose some of the money for tickets. Then you have to pay for a trip to Russia. Then we will have to go to you together and this again is a big expense. Why is all this necessary?
Understand that you do not need to spend more than a single dollar.
Letter 23
Give me the opportunity to see your country. I ask you to give me this opportunity. I swear to you and promise that there will be no more than a single request from me. Believe me, I beg you.
You won't lose anything.
Letter 24
help me one last time. the last request, I swear to you all that I have, I will come to you and give you your money .. is that money so important to you? or is it important for you to see me love me to take care of me all my life .. What are you doing? I ask you to change and everything will be fine. we will both be happy. I need $1400 and everything will be fine. I will bring you $2,400 and give it to you. I do not need your money !!! it offends and humiliates me
Letter 25
I have never offended you because I have strong feelings for you. But you changed because of **** money ..
keep your money !!!
Letter 26
I just wiped my money and time. I also lost the money of my parents. For this $ 1000 that is in my account, I want to give $ 500 to my parents and leave for Donetsk for 30 days. I also need tickets and live there and I hope that $ 500 is enough for me. Why will I do that? Because I am also a person and also want to relax. I worked all these years .. I threw all my money to the wind for our meeting. I'm tired of humiliating myself in front of you. But we can not lose anything. If you help me.
Letter 27
But I'm definitely afraid to ask you) I would like to buy planshet now to teach my mom how to use it, I would like to go to you and talk with my parents so that they can see you and me . I need a planshet with a camera so that I can call my parents and talk to him through the camera. I want them to also see our house with you, our nature and you personally. But I can only buy it if you want to help me. But this is not a request!
I don't want to ask anything more. You yourself offered me this.
But you decide. If you want to help me. I still have time until October 1, I will be home with my parents. I can also already start calling you and talking to you through the camera) So that we can begin to get used to each other) The easiest version of Samsung Galaxi can be bought near my house in a store for $ 600-700. I could show you all the documents on the camera so that you can calm down !!!
Letter 28
I really want to give parents planshet if you do not mind.
I have planshet but it is very cheap for reading books and you can write letters. But there is no camera and very small.
It all depends on you, if you help to buy planshet, I will tell parents that this is a gift for them personally from you my beloved) I can buy it tomorrow and call you and see you) I burn with impatience)
I want you, to want you !! !
Your Tanya
Letter 29
I have planshet here, every day I write you letters from him. But I do not have a camera on it.
My parents are a little worried about me because they don't know you at all. Therefore, I want to buy them now planshet with a camera so that they can see me every day and be calm. But I have no money to buy it. There is a good model for planshet, Samsung Galaxi in the store, it has a camera on it.
Letter 30
I can only write letters to you, because my planshet is very cheap and without a camera. It is small and not very convenient to write large letters. I wanted to buy a mom, a big convenient planshet, it costs $ 650, its average price, and you still need to buy a simcard, and top up your account so that they have the Internet for a month. It's also not convenient for my mother, because I took from them $ 500 to pay off an urgent loan. I just wanted to thank them for their support and present this planshet.
It would be, your gift, for my parents. I would tell mom that you made this gift, for them personally, so that they would not worry about me. I thought it would be very good if you and I could sit in an embrace and see my mom and dad and say hello to them)) But if this is a problem, then I will tell mom that she would not worry about I was waiting for November 1 when I get home.
Letter 31
If you can help me, then I will tell them that this is your personal gift, for my parents. We already these days will be able to communicate via skype.
Next Monday, I'm leaving for you, for 30 days. You see, I won't be able to call mom, all 30 days, and they will worry about me. I will also worry about them.
I want to know that everything is fine with them. But, most importantly, I want to introduce you to them, even through the Internet, camera, video connection. They will see us next)
Letter 32
told mom that you will buy her planshet ... now she is waiting for him. But I tell her that I am also waiting for your letter …
Letter 33
For me, the most important thing in a relationship is trust.
My man's request is the law for me.
But for you - my request is an empty place.
To trust me and understand me is an empty place for you ..
I'm tired of persuading you. I told you that my mother has poor eyesight. She will not be able to use my little planshet. For you, $650 is a problem .. You are nervous again and again and reproach me all the time ...
My desire to go to you disappears ..
I cannot go to you because I will not have a connection with my mother.
Letter 34

I don't care about you at all ..
God, how cruel it is .. You ruin all my plans for the future with you.
Letter 35
Monday, my parents will ****** me by train to Moscow. I still have time until Monday. I ask you Andy, help me reassure my mother and me personally .. I want everything to be fine. Give me the $600.
Letter 36
You do not know what pensioners of Ukraine and Russia are. These are people who do not know how to use a computer at all ..
Of course there are exceptions. But these are not my parents. I need to start showing my mom everything today and teaching her. I need it now
Letter 37
Love is respect and understanding.
Your vision, all last week, depresses me.
Today is the last time I ask you to help me buy planshet. For the sake of my peace of mind and for the sake of my parents.
If you do not help me today. I will be very upset.
Think about everything, very good.
Your tanya
Letter 38
I have a soul, have a brain, and have Patience. But, you killed, all my patience. You don't want to understand me ..
You adore your money. Good. I understood everything...
No need more words. There is no point in writing to you, not a single word ... There is no point in reading your letters ..
Letter 39
Show me that, show me that ...
I'm tired of running, making different copies for you .. Even after that, you still don't believe anything ..
You are a skeptic !!! This is the first time I've been talking to such a man in my life ...
You just have to believe me and hear me. This is love and respect. Without words.!
Letter 40
650 $ worth Planshet Samsung Galaxy
There are two cameras in front and behind. He is big, on his screen, mom will see everything. It is comfortable and has a 3 year warranty. That's why I chose it.
That he would work for many years.
What problems?
Letter 41
All ... keep your money ..
You write complete nonsense ..
It just shakes me.
I no longer ask for a single dollar.
All. you are calm.
Sweet Dreams
Letter 42
But in your country, I will be on the 3rd, at 20-00 pm. But now I have to go through customs control again. But, now I have no money on the card. If I don't put the money on my card, then tomorrow they will not let me out of the country. I was warned at the box office that if I didn't heal tomorrow, they would no longer exchange tickets for me. Now I have to spend the night in the waiting room at the airport. Now I took tea for myself, and a piece of pizza, I have with me, another $ 30 for expenses. I hope that I can stand it all here alone, because I already have an emotional breakdown. I ask you, help me out, I apologize for what happened. I urgently need to put on the account, again $ 2400, then tomorrow, I can fly out.
Letter 43
I can't tell anyone about this. It makes no sense to call or write to mom and dad. Because they will not be able to help me, and will be very worried. Also, they have absolutely no money and they simply can not help me with anything. I do not want to tell them about it. I will hope only for you. But, if until tomorrow, you can't help me, then I'll lose everything. My plane tickets, the meaning of life, and I will be in complete despair. I'm sorry for everything that happened.
Letter 44
If you love me, then help me urgently, and everything will be fine. But, if you decide to abandon me, I will never blame you.
It's just that my life, now really, is losing its meaning .. Your Tanya
Letter 45
I'm back at the airport .. I managed to exchange a ticket for tomorrow before checking in for the flight. I cried, and begged the woman at the box office that she would reschedule my flight for tomorrow .. if the check-in was successful, then the tickets would burn out forever ..
she did everything she could .. She said she couldn't refund my money for the tickets because my economy class ticket is cheap. If I don't cure tomorrow, then in any case I can't even exchange them. This is the last chance.
Nevertheless, I have to show $ 1000 at the customs control
I did again, all I could.
I won't go to Kazan .. I'll lose a train ticket to Kazan ..
If I don't cure you tomorrow ...
I won't survive, all this .. Understand.
Now I have no money, even at Hostel
I have to spend the night in the waiting room.
I did not eat today. Only in the morning.
I want to shower ..
I will put up with all this, for your sake.
My love is too strong ..
There is no way back..
I can't ask again, my parents have money for a ticket to Kazan ..
My mom, really worry about me ..
I beg you, help me. I will come to you. All my torment is here for you. Only for you. You are my love forever.
I can catch the bank. I can buy some food, and take the Hostel until the morning.
Letter 46
You killed me ....
Do not write me anymore..
I do not live this life ... I do not want to live ..
I also have a tantrum now ..
Letter 47
I need money to enter your country.
I will bring them with me.
If I come to you for 10 days - I need to show 1000 $
If for 20 days - 2000
30 days - 3000
Well buy the tickets yourself.
When will I heal to you?
When will you help me?
Letter 48
When will you pick me up?
Letter 49

It turned out to be with me in the same room, two men from Tajikistan were sleeping, as the administrator of the Hostel explained to me, these mozhchins arrived in the evening and rented beds until morning.
In the morning they left very early. I was still sleeping. They took my bag with them. We watched the video from the surveillance cameras that stand at the exit of the Hostel. There you can see how two men leave the Hostel and they have my bag. It contained all my things, and the money that I received from my family yesterday was $ 1800, as well as the money that I took a loan of $ 1000. In total, $ 2800 was stolen from me. I also have a small bag where I carry documents and a tablet with me. But I specially hid the money yesterday further on in a bag with things. In the morning I had to go to the airport. There is an ATM there and I wanted to put money on a card there and get an extract from the ATM. Also in the morning I had to buy tickets. But when I woke up and found that my bag with things was disappearing, I was shocked. The hotel administrator called the police, I wrote a statement about the theft of my belongings. I was told that they would be looking for them. But there are no guarantees whatsoever.
In my little bag now there are only documents and a tablet.
Now I don't know what to do. I have $ 40 left and not even enough to buy a ticket home. I know that you are just as upset. But still I will leave the choice to you. What to do?
Maybe you can help me. Now I will be careful.
I have no words. No things, no money, no mood ...
Full ***. It was necessary to send money to the hotel administrator and put them in a safe until morning. But I have spent many nights here and no one has ever taken my things. What happened this morning surprised everyone, even the hotel administrator. They said it was their first time. Now I am sitting in a hotel and do not know what to do. I am in complete despair.
Sorry for the fact that it all happened. I have no words. I will be waiting for your letter. Hoping for the best. Your Tanya
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