Scam letter(s) from Olga Mikhailovna Mokeeva to Larry (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend Larry.
I thank you for responding to my letter and answering me. I was afraid that you would ignore my request. Honestly, I'm a little worried. I do not know what to write in this letter. Let me introduce myself. My name is Tatyana (for friends just Tanya). I am 36 years old. I was born and raised in Russia. I think you know such a country))) I live in the city of Berdsk, this is Novosibirsk region. Unfortunately, I know very little about you. How old are you? What city do you live in? Where do you work? I work in a hospital. I am a nurse in the surgery department. I have a higher medical education. But I'm not a doctor yet. I need to work harder and undergo additional training to become a doctor.
Larry, this is my first time I meet on the Internet. I apologize for not responding for a while. I do not have my own computer at home and in order to write you a letter I have to use a computer in an Internet cafe or a computer at work. But I do not work every day. My schedule is every other day. This is the duty. Because of this, I am having a delay with the answer. I can't always find free time from work to write a letter. But since you became interested in me, I promise you not to delay the answer for more than one day. I'm sure you are interested, where did I get your email address? Everything is very simple. Once you and I exchanged addresses on a dating site. If I'm not mistaken? I think it's not so important now how did I get your address? Do not you think so? After all, you are also interested in meeting a woman. I'm right?
I do not want you to think that I am a hunter for men. I am financially secure and I have my own living space. I have my own apartment in which I live. I live alone. I will not write a long letter now, but I will say only the main things.
1. I am ready to radically change my life and start a new one. I understand that there are differences in culture, language, religion.
This does not scare me. Also, the age difference does not stop me. Age doesn't matter to me. For me, the main thing is the spiritual world.
2. I am aware of all the difficulties. I have been saving money for a long time to leave Russia in the future. I am not trying to escape from the country. I just realized that in this country I can't find a decent man.
3. The most important thing! I am looking for only serious relationship! I am NOT interested in dating for *** or sharing ***** photos. There are many such offers on the Internet. If you want this, then we are out of the way. Just delete my letter and forget me. So I stress again! I'm only interested in a serious relationship that can grow into a strong family. I think you understand what a woman I am and my goals in life. If I am interested in you, then with great pleasure I will wait for your reply. I will not bore you with a long letter. I already wrote too much. Now I want to know more about you and your life. Tell me about your interests. I am interested to know all about you. And I ask you to send your photos.
Letter 2
Hello my dear Larry.
I apologize for the delay in responding. I hope you have not lost me !? I can't always write every day and at weekends. I am very glad that you wrote to me again. This means I am interested in you. I'm right? I really hope that this interest between us will intensify. I was pleased to know more about you. But you need to open up more without fear of anything. Since you answered me, I think it will be interesting for you to find out some little things about me. As I said, my name is Tanya. I was born on November 29, 1982. My height is 171 cm and weight 56 kg. My eyes are gray-blue. By the sign of the zodiac I am Sagittarius. I have many hobbies. I really like to play sports. I go to gym. I also have another hobby - this is photography.
I really like to take beautiful pictures and really like to pose for myself. Only at the moment, my photo camera is broken, and I can not do my favorite hobby. My lens is broken. I love listening to music and watching movies. In music I like the “pop" genre most of all, and in movies I like comedies and melodramas. Sometimes it's nice to see a good action movie or thriller. My favorite movie is Titanic and Pretty Woman. I think that many people like him. What do you like?
As I said, I do not have a computer and to write a letter to you, I go to an Internet cafe or use a computer at work. I understand that you will want to talk to me by phone or via Skype. We will organize this in the future. Ok But, unfortunately, now it is impossible for me. My phone was stolen. And since I write from an Internet cafe, I can't talk to you on Skype. I can't install the program on someone else's computer. I hope you understand me. At the moment, writing letters is the only way to communicate. I hope this doesn't scare you? I will definitely buy a phone, but I need to save some money. In Russia, electronic equipment is more expensive than in your country.
Now I want to tell you how my day goes. I get up very early to do my morning run. I run in our park, which is located not far from my house. I believe that this is very important for health. And health is very important. I also visit the gym. I do gymnastics and aerobics. Do you like sports? If so, what kind of sport do you practice? In summer, I like to ride a bike, and in winter, skiing and ice skating. Do you ride? I love a more active lifestyle. Of course I like to wrap myself in a blanket and lie on the couch. But I cannot spend more than one day a week. My work schedule is 1/1. I work for days. I like my job very much. As I said, I'm a nurse in surgery. Every day I go to work with great pleasure. In my free time, I prefer to read books. I like it more than watching TV. You probably think that I have a wonderful life in which everything is already there !? But this is not so! I love my parents and friends, but I do not want to live alone. I don't have a man who loves me! And this is very important for me. But now I have a friend who is very far from me - it's You! And I want to learn more and more about you with each letter! Ask me about everything that interests you. I will be happy to answer. If suddenly I did not answer your questions, then I ask you not to think badly of me. Perhaps I did not quite understand what you had in mind because of the language. Or just really carried away by the story about yourself) Just do not lose me if I can not answer you every day. Another very important thing. It is very important for me. I was told that there are a lot of scammers on the Internet now. They are called scammers. I'm a little afraid of that. Hope you're not one of them? My intentions are very serious and I do not want to play games and waste time in vain. I need only a serious relationship. On this I will finish my letter, and I will look forward to hearing! I hope you are not tired of reading it)))
Letter 3
Hello dear Larry.
Finally, I have the opportunity to write you a letter. I am very pleased to read your letters that raise my spirits. We know very little, but I am already very much attached to you. It simultaneously scares me, and at the same time makes me happy. This is a very confused feeling and I still can not figure out exactly what I feel.
But one thing I can say for sure. When I receive your letter, my heart begins to beat faster. I am happy as a child when I get candy))) Now days have become more interesting for me. I often think of you, waiting for your letters. I am very interested to receive your letters, learn a lot of new things. I am very glad that I found you in this world! You are very close to me spiritually. It is very easy for me to communicate with you. Lately, I've been glowing like the sun.
This is from the happiness that I found you. And this, of course, was noticed by my friends and my parents. I did not hide the reason and told my parents about you. They are a little scared that you are a foreigner. But I told them what a wonderful man you are. That you take me very seriously. Only then could my parents calm down a bit. They said hello to you.
Larry, I have a dream that I want to fulfill. I want to spend my vacation with you. At my work they give me leave, next month. I would love to come to you. What do you think? I think we should meet once rather than exchange many letters. So we can understand our feelings to the end. Do you agree with me? I really like to correspond with you, but I can't fully understand my feelings. Only by looking into your eyes and holding your hand will I be able to understand whether my feelings are deceptive or real. I hope I do not scare you with their determination? Do you want to meet? If I get ready to come to you, then I decided to buy a computer for my parents. It will be the best way to communicate with them over the Internet. I will do my best that depends on me. I will do all the documents for the trip in the fastest possible time just to be with you! But I again look too far. I like to dream. First you must give your consent to my arrival. OK?
Remember that I have money for my trip! I do not need your help! I will be able to buy a ticket and prepare the documents myself! I will end my short letter on this. I will wait for your early reply. I love to read everything you write. How are you? What do you do in your free time? What is your mood? And so on. Tell me everything. After all, it is from simple little things that one big whole is made up! I hope you are doing well and often think about me !? I think about you constantly. I did not notice how time flew by, I have to go. And when I come home, I will try to fall asleep quickly to see you in a dream.
I will not be able to write to you at the weekend. I will go tothe country to the country. I'll be back late on Sunday. So I will be waiting for your reply on Monday. I wish you a good weekend.
Your Tanya.
P.S. These photos were taken on the black sea in the city of Sochi, during my vacation.
Letter 4

Hello Larry.
Thanks for your reply. I am very glad to receive your letter. I was waiting for him. I'm sorry I didn't write to you at the weekend. I hope you have not lost me? As I told you, this weekend I went to the village. My parents have a house and a plot of land there. We keep a garden. I really like to grow flowers and various plants. Now the garden season is over, and soon the first frost will begin. I had to prepare for the winter and remove all the plants. I returned yesterday to do household chores. Laundry, house cleaning and other things. Then I went to church. I am a Christian and always go to church on Sunday. Do you believe in god? Do you go to pray? When I walked back, I met my friends. We walked for a long time in our park.
I had a very good evening. I didn't even notice how quickly time flew by. I told my best friends that I started correspondence with you.
They warned me that this could end badly. There are many scammers and maniacs on the Internet. Very many lure girls to their country and promise them a good life. But actually forced to engage in prostitution. But I believe you. Maybe I'm too naive, but I believe what you say, and I believe in your intentions. I am an honest woman and used to trust. I know that you are also an honest man. I told my friends thanks for the care, but I'm sure that you are a good man and I want to get to know you better. In the evening, when I was already at home and went to bed, I was thinking about you. I really want to continue our communication and get to know each other. I always write the truth to you from the bottom of my heart. I ask you to write me the truth as well. I do not want to start a relationship with a lie.
Do you agree? Trust is the most important thing in a relationship. In the end, I had a good weekend. And what was interesting about the weekend? I would be very interested to know. Tell me. I want to know what you do and all your habits. Larry, I will finish my letter.
I need to get back to work, my break has already ended. Forgive me for writing a short letter and not commenting much on your letter, but I have absolutely no time. I have to get back to work. I will definitely answer you. I will be waiting for your reply. Have a nice day.
Letter 5
Hello my dear Larry.
How are you doing today? I want to start this letter with a question.
Are you happy in your life? This is a question that is sometimes very difficult to answer. Happiness for each is expressed in different ways: for some, happiness is in money, while others need fame, and for someone, ordinary love and attention are enough for everyone! It's just that sometimes happiness is not enough, or it is not expressed as you want. Honey, I consider myself very happy, because I have the dearest man for me, and this is YOU! Although you and I have not seen each other, but I feel that you are my happiness. I did not think that I could find such a wonderful man! I am very grateful to fate that she gave me you.
Honey, I want to talk with you about our meeting. As you know, I want to visit your country and spend time with you. I decided to start making my documents for visiting your country. This will take some time. Now it's not very easy to get documents. This is related to terrorism around the world. Now it has become more difficult to leave Russia. More documents required. But that does not stop me. While my documents will be done, we will get to know each other better! Do you agree? Tomorrow I will go to a travel agency to find out what documents I need? But I already know a little about visas. There is a tourist, student and work visa. An exchange of experience exists between our countries. This means that I can get a work visa easier.
They can send me to your camp from work. I will work in a hospital about an experience exchange program. But my work will be given recommendations and direction. Obtaining such a visa will be much easier for me. Due to the fact that now the world is in a difficult situation. There are many terrorist attacks and much more. Therefore, getting a tourist visa has become much more difficult. I will do all the documents through a travel agency. It will be faster and easier for me. I can get a visa from 3 to 12 months. I don't know yet which visa will be approved for me.
Larry what have you been doing in the past days? Yesterday I had a good evening. Guests came to our house. These were the mother's childhood friends. My mother told me that I found you and we have a serious relationship. Mom's friend asked me about you. I said that you are the best man I met. I told you that I want to visit your country and meet with you. It was a big surprise for my parents. They did not even know what to answer. They told me that it might not be necessary to make such quick decisions? I can understand them because they worry about me. My parents do not know you personally and are afraid that I may fall into bad hands and that you will only use me. But I was able to convince my parents that you are not such a man as men in Russia.
Now my parents really hope that you can make me happy. Everyone was very happy for me. Because everyone wishes me happiness. I did not sit at the table with them for long, because I was very tired at work. I went into the room and watched TV. There was an animal program on TV.
Do you watch such a program? This is such a great program. I really love animals and I like to watch Animalplanet. I think you have it too. A wonderful kitten lives at my place. His name is “Pushok”. And my grandmother, in the village, has a dog. I constantly play with her when I visit my grandmother. Do you have any pets? Do you like animals? Then I switched the channel and a documentary was shown there. The film is about girls who fell into ****** slavery. Girls met through the Internet with a man. A man invites a girl to his country and promises her a better life. He promises to love her and marries.
The girl throws everything and flies to the man. But it turns out she was deceived. She gets into *** slavery. She is beaten and forced to engage in prostitution. It's very scary. Honey, I'm not saying that you are like that. Do not think that I am comparing you. I trust you.
You just have to be very careful. Larry, I will now finish my letter on this. As always, I did not notice how quickly time passed.
It's too late and I need to return home. I hope you enjoy receiving my letters. Forgive me if I sometimes forget to answer your questions.
Sometimes my emotions overwhelm me and I write too much about myself, but I will definitely pay more attention to your letters. I am always glad to read your letter, it is your letters that give me the greatest joy. I will also be waiting for your reply. I wish you a good day. I hope that my letters also give you a big smile on your face.
Your Tanya.
Letter 6
Hello my dear Larry.
Thanks for your letter. Your letters give me confidence in the development of our relationship. And I want to write more and more to you. But most of all, I look forward to seeing you when I can see, press to my chest, feel your tender kisses, and the warmth of your body! Yes, I really want it all. We have been waiting for a long time, and the time has come when you can start taking the first step towards our future, a new life in which you and I will be only! I want to tell you that I have submitted all the documents in order to get a passport. I was told that I could get it in a few days. I also filed all visa applications. I waited so long for the moment when we will take the first steps towards our meeting. I ask you not to worry. I have my money to make all the documents and pay for the trip to you. I knew what I was going for and I knew that money would be needed.
Larry so that between us there are no secrets, I want to tell you about my past relationships. First of all, I didn’t have many men. I had 2 men. But with all I could not build a family. My first man was with me when I was 25 years old. We were all good and I thought that he was my destiny. We met one year and wanted to get married. But then I caught him cheating. He cheated on me with another woman. Despite the fact that I loved him, I could not forgive betrayal. For me, the most important thing in a relationship is trust and loyalty. I will be faithful to my beloved throughout my life. My second relationship ended a year ago. I thought I had found a good man. At first I really liked him and seemed like a kind and sweet man. He began to invite me to the cinema, to the cafe, to the theater, to walk in the park. So one month passed. He very well looked after. Then we tried to live together. We lived 6 months. But besides me he had new friends who abused alcohol and smoking. I constantly told him not to get involved with them. But they involved him in all this evil. After some time we broke up, since he became a completely different person, he became angry, taciturn, irritated. He began to drink a lot and often. He began to insult me. And once, he almost hit me. I managed to run away from home. I never returned to him. So ended my second relationship.
Despite all this, I still had feelings. My heart was broken and I wanted to die. But my parents supported me, I calmed down and started life anew. I ask you to promise me that you will never leave me, and you will love me all my life. I don't want my heart broken again. I stopped believing in true love for a while. But after I met you, the feeling that love calls back to me! I thank you for it. After arriving at you, we will take a closer look, and if we decide to have a serious relationship, we will collect all the documents for permanent residence, after which I will be able to stay with you forever. If everything goes as planned, we will be together very soon! This is my most cherished dream! I will give you all my love! This will be the best time in my life, and I think in yours too! What do you think about it?
I know you want to know how I feel about ***! I have not had *** since my last relationship ended. Specifically, one year. But I will do for you what you want, because a woman should do everything for her man. I love to have ***, but for me the most important thing is that I love my partner. And if I do not love a man, then I will not have *** with him. Maybe that's why I have not had *** for more than a year, because I did not love anyone. My dear, I hope that I did not shock you with my letter. I just want no secrets between us. I will end on this. I will wait for your answer.
Your Tanya.
Letter 7
Hello my dear.
As promised, I am writing to you on Monday. I miss you very much. I so wanted to write you a letter faster. You have not lost me? I warned that I could not write to you on the weekend. How are you? How was your weekend? My weekend went well, despite the fact that I had to work. As I told you, my partner got sick and I had to replace her at work. But despite this, I had two pleasant evenings after work. I really want to tell you what I did. I hope you will be interested. On Saturday, my dad went fishing. He loves to fish. I was very surprised how much he brought fish. I made fish soup and baked fish in the oven.
Do you like fish or seafood? I really love all seafood. All dishes with seafood are my favorite dishes. I hope that one day I can cook something for you. I don’t boast, but I can cook very well. After a family dinner, I went to meet my friends. We have opened a new bowling in our city. My city is not big and we do not have many entertainment places. Now we have opened a new entertainment center. I’ve never tried to play before, but it turns out to be a very interesting game.
Did you play The first time I threw the ball, and it immediately rolled to the side. But then the instructor showed how to properly hold it to get into the pins. It also turns out they are different in weight. I thought that the ***** are just colorful, but each ball has its own color, depending on its weight. I really enjoyed playing, it was very fun and interesting. Then we went and drank a cup of coffee.
But there is one drawback from this game, today my arm and shoulder hurt. This is because I was not prepared and the muscles were very stretched. I gave a lot of physical activity. My body is not used to it, so I got a slight sprain. I think it will pass in two or three days. I bought a special ointment for sprains. But despite the fact that I had a pretty good day, I was still sad. I was constantly thinking about you. I thought, what is my dear doing? I really want to spend the weekend with you. I constantly thought about you and missed you. In the evening I even felt sad. I dreamed that we would spend the weekend together with you. We could go to a cafe or a movie or just spend these days at home. That would be very wonderful. On Sunday, as always, I was in church. I try to never miss a trip to church. I asked God that everything was fine with you and that our relationship with you be safe. In the evening I sat at home. Mom and I cooked dinner and spent this day with our family. I talked with your parents for a long time about you. They are very glad that I found you. They say that I even began to look better. A sparkle appeared in my eyes. My parents said hello to you, they are very grateful to you, because it is thanks to you that my life has become much better. You are like a ray of sun among clouds. This is how my weekend went. I'm sorry to write a short letter, but I can’t write to you anymore. You know that on Monday I have a lot of work and I am very tired. I ask you not to be offended by me if I have not commented on your letter.
Sometimes emotions overwhelm me, and I speak only about myself. But I always read your letters with great interest. I am interested to know everything about you. It's just that sometimes I'm addicted. I want to tell you as much as possible about myself. Because I really want to be with you. I will definitely answer your questions only in the next letter. I will be waiting for your reply. I send you my kiss.
Your Tanya.
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