Scam letter(s) from Nina to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
Hi,i am Nina from!Tell me more about yourself.
Letter 2
Nice to meet you John! I am Nina. I decided start my letter with my name as I wish we will start knowing each other and maybe it will be start for something serious between us. I live in Donetsk in Ukraine.
I still didn't go out from here. I don't know you know or not but here war already from 2014 year and I live in not safe area but it doesn't mean that I am not good woman) I work as shop assistant in the shop and I like my work as I like help people with clothes and another things. My birthday is 10 of October 1985 year. I don't hide my age as i still young and active woman. I hope it is ok for you. My weight is 55 kg and my height is 167 sm. I have sportive shape as I like running and active life. Of course because of war I can't do many things because of shootings but I always try be good looking and keep myself in good shape) I never married and I have kids but I ready for serious relationships and building family. I show you my photos and you can see how I look and I hope you will like me) I here not for games. I real woman who really want go out and start new life. If you have the same goals I will be happy to get you letter with everything about you. With regards Nina
Letter 3
Glad to have reply with nice photos from you John) I wish to know each other more and more and build something pleasant and serious between us. I want tell you from beginning one important things.I haven't smart phone and I am not rich girl. I live in war zone and for staying alive I sold it when I had hard situation with food. Now I use simply phone and it can calls and get sms, not any messengers. My phone number is +380669904716.
You can call me and check it. I don't know any English but I will be glad heard your voice. Only one favor don't call at night as I sleep at night) I want that you will be sure that I am real woman and I paid money for using camera and I made short video to you. I told on video my name and I think you can see what I am who I say. I did it that you see I am real! I want you know that I am single woman and I haven't kids but I already ready for it and of course I want real meeting and for creating family. I never hurry with it as I truly sure that I need to be sure on 100 before get married. I don't ask too much from man, I need only man who will not give any empty promises, who will be honest with me and who can be with me in good and bad times. I like strong man who know what he wants from life and who respect his woman and never been rude with her. I romantic enough and I want that my man will be romantic and tender with me and we can have some common things to enjoy this life together. I promise to be good, honest, loyal woman for my man and respect him and make our life happy and pleasant in all aspects. I am passion but i don't like speak about *** and I will not do any **** photos. I tell you honestly that I already spoke with few men in Internet and if truth I really disappointed as I met only not serious men who asked me money or **** photos. I decided try again with you and I hope you are different.I hope you need my personally and you appreciate inner world too, not only appearance. I belive that real love must be build on trust, understanding and respect to each other and inner world very important to each other. Please, tell me what do you think about all this things. It is important know your opinion and know what woman you want and you like. Nina
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