Scam letter(s) from Olga to Jsy (Canada)

Letter 1
Good day!;)
I hope you all are well?
My name is Olya. For you will be a surprise You are obviously surprised, that have received from me the letter. We were not familiar with you to todayEarlier we did not know each other. And today that day which, most likely, will change my life and yours. Yes, probably, it big words, but I always I am accustomed to think positively. I hope, that you serious the man and all life you expected my letter;) Because I disinterested the girl and at me good and serious intentions.
I I will write you a little about myself. I 31 year. I live in RU. Time quickly passes, it never stops. Unfortunately, I do not become younger and more beautiful. I have categorically decided to stop attempts to find the man here, in Russia. Because earlier I had relations, and I always was disappointed in the man. I have drawn a conclusion, that I have desires to have a family with the Russian man. Therefore I have decided to try happiness and have chosen this way to find man. Here we can find out not only appearance, but also private world each other. You agree?
Now there is much agencies of acquaintances which connect hearts of two people. To me have offered several persons which too in search of serious relations, as well as. I have solved at first to write to you, and I wish to see your reaction to my letter. I attach to you the photos that you represented me. If to you interestingly this acquaintance tell in the following letter about myself.
I respect honesty and decency in people. If you brought up, opened and serious the man we can to begin with to be on friendly terms. Time will show, what relations between us will develop. In any case, I is happy, that you have found time and have read my letter. Whether there Will be in the future at us hours, whether days and years to solve only to us and to anybody to another... write to me at this address !
I could not understand, you from United States?
Good luck, Olga!
Letter 2
Good day, Jay! Thank you for taking the time and opportunity to write me your letter. I don't know what time of the day you get my letters, but I hope you have a good day. In any case, I wish you this. My day was pretty enjoyable today, but I'm a little tired. I am writing you my letter after my work. Jay, thanks for compliments, me is very pleasant to hear these words. Your photos were pleasant to me. Jay, you are an attractive man. And why you wrote about the house? To me it is not important where at you the house Jay, at all, I need the serious relations, I was tired to be alone, I need the strong man, the age does not matter if my man loves and respect me. As I said, my name is Olga and I am 31 years old. I was born on July 23, 1988 in the village of Zvyagino. Now I live in Chelyabinsk. I hope that this will not be a problem for our communication. In this letter I will also send you my photos. In this letter today, I would like to tell a little about myself and my life. Jay, my parents are my family’s model. They are typical Soviet intellectuals and gave me a decent education. My parents were for me an example of family relationships and how to relate to their work. In my career choice, they supported me. And thanks to them, now I do not regret my profession, and I really like my work. I consider myself a complete person. I always reach the goal that I set for myself. In addition to the profession and good work, I have other interests and hobbies. I play sports and spend time with friends. How do you spend your days? What do you do in your free time? What are your interests and hobbies, hobbies? Did your parents help you with the choice? I will be glad if you answer my questions. Many people think that I am a happy person, but in fact it is not. When I come home from work, I have a feeling of loneliness. It seems to me that happiness and love are important things in a person’s life. I would like, so that my partner was a strong person and supported me. I want to find the right man, to love and give him all my love and care. Jay, I think that now my goal is to become a lover.
In addition to the career it is also necessary and important for the usefulness of the girl. I will be happy if you can answer me all my questions. Is it possible to combine family and career? I am waiting for the next letter. I hug. Olga
Letter 3
Hello Jay. I was happy to read your letter today. I think that with each letter we get closer and get to know each other better, even from a distance. Jay, I am sure that our correspondence is a very interesting way of communication, and it can make friends and bring people together no less than at meetings in person, being in the same city... What do you think about this? I have excellent examples of such relationships between people. For many years I myself have been supporting school friendship with letters. Do you have similar conversations with family or friends? Jay, it’s probably very difficult to understand the interlocutor when you don’t see him nearby and especially if he is of a different nationality from another country and speaks another language. But I think that if people can communicate through letters, relying only on inner feelings, then when they meet, they will be able to understand each other with one word.
Do you agree? Very often, people can not say a lot, and write much easier. Maybe because the distance is easier to open the soul and show the inner world. Jay, I am very sorry that you lost the parents, I think that they watch you from heaven and are proud of you. I understand that you had to endure, lose a dog, but nothing is eternal in this life, it is necessary to appreciate each lived moment with the darlings. Very beautiful dog thank you that shared with me Jay, and answered my questions, it is very interesting to me to recognize you, and everything that is connected with your life. It is pleasant to me to know that you are very economic man and you contain in your house an order and things in purity. not many men can brag of such organization in own life. I am a usual Russian girl. Jay, of course, I believe in relationships from a distance. Such relationships may have a long-term future. And if one of the two feels that there is something more than friendship, then it’s very real to meet. All you need is to take a chance and come to your beloved person. Jay, for me this is the first experience when I communicate with a completely unfamiliar man and even more so on the Internet. Who knows, what if a happy future comes out of our communication with you? At least, I am already very interesting to communicate with you. I hope this is mutual? Do I like you as a companion? What else would you like to know about me? Jay what do you think about the distance between us? I hope you can answer my questions because it will allow us to get to know each other better. I look forward to the next letter. Olga!
Letter 4

Hello Jay. How do you? What is your mood? Today I have a very happy mood. In this letter I want to write to you about my work. I immediately after the working day sat down to write to you. I warn you that economic matters may not be very interesting. Dry numbers, calculations and analysis - these are my best friends. Joke. Jay, I am glad that my letters give you such pleasure, I can tell too most when I receive the message from you at me the mood, and a smile upon the face is lightened. Jay, thanks for all beautiful words and compliments, is madly pleasant to read me them. The vice-president of the company, it is very serious, I am glad that you have such achievements, I do not doubt that you made much for the company, and not for nothing all appreciate your work. I would like to visit your dacha to Nassau, probably this place of extraordinary beauty too, I never was anywhere, I hope sometime in the future such day will come, and I will see this beauty. Jay, photos of Florida are fine, thank you for this beauty, I dreamed not much. Of course I have an opportunity to have a rest in the warm place, but as I never told I any more flew anywhere because very much I am afraid, to fly to other country without having acquaintances and friends there. Yes, I know English not badly, at least I so consider. I am an economist and I work in my specialty. In Russia, it is rare to get a job in education. Tell me about employment in your country? Is it easy to find a job? What is your attitude to the unemployed in your country? I work in a branch of a local bank and am a specialist in managing corporate programs for small and medium businesses. I conclude contracts with legal entities, accounting, documentation. This is a very interesting area. I think that you are very bored to listen about my work, and now I will tell you about my hobbies. I'm learning to draw! I always wanted to start drawing, but I always thought that I could not do it. And I was right that drawing is not easy! But I do not lose heart! I try to diligently perform lesson after lesson. This is very exciting and I hope that I will succeed in this endeavor. Do you draw? Do you like art? Maybe some particular master or style? I read about styles in art and biographies of artists, in general, art history. I enjoy reading. Do you like to read? I prefer classical literature, but some contemporary authors also like it. By genre I can not distinguish, perhaps the quality of books is more important to me, and not the direction. Can you have a different opinion on this? What books do you read? Maybe scientific? Jay, I really hope that you can tell me about your work and your hobbies, I will be happy to know about it. Waiting for your letter. I hug. Olga
Letter 5
Hello Jay. How's your day? Today I had a very stressful and difficult day. I just came home from work and immediately go to read your letter. Jay, thanks for photos, all of you are engaged in one business? You are on friendly terms among themselves with partners? or you are connected only by business. I do not know as in America, but in Russia even the higher education is not a guarantee of good work, useful communications and acquaintances most often influence. Jay, actually it is very interesting to me to listen about you and your progress in your business, you achieved much, so why not to tell about it. I would be very glad to have with you communication in social applications. Jay, I have phone, but I do not think that you will be able to call on it as it works only in Russia, and has no way to call over other countries, but if you want to try, I can write you the number. A convenient way of communication for me, through e-mails.
Jay, I as well as you, very much would like to hear your voice, and I will look for other ways and as soon as I find them, I will report about it to you. I hope that we will be able to continue our communication here. What happened why there has to be a meeting with the doctor? I hope too that nothing serious, please, keep me informed.
Today I had a business meeting on one of the projects. I never thought that people could be so aggressive. I never could have thought that people in high positions could insult and scream. Jay, do you want me to tell you? This is a long contract. The customer is a local metallurgical plant. We have been working on this contract for a long time. Negotiations constantly broke down and each time through no fault of ours. First, the director flew on vacation, then they did not have time to meet with us. We have already received an advance payment for the order and in fact could not refuse it, otherwise we would have to pay a penalty. I personally compiled the necessary documentation on the selected solution, an estimate for implementation and further support. I was completely confident in the work done. I am a good specialist and my boss checked and approved everything. Jay, I was even angry a little, because the management of the metallurgical plant themselves did not know what they wanted. And every day they changed their mind. It turned out as a result that the director and his deputy could not find a common language, while both have voting rights and in turn made adjustments without discussing with each other. I'm tired of this. Because I have a very responsible attitude to work and I am very worried about working moments. And today I did not know how to calm down and just went out into the street. I stood and breathed air to calm down. Then I pulled herself together and returned to the meeting room. All became more relaxed, and we were able to continue our negotiations. The result: a signed contract! Hooray! Although psychologically, it was difficult, but our team managed. And how can you calm yourself when you find yourself in a stressful situation? How to cope with difficult situations? What helps you calm down? Now I told you and it became easier for me, because I was able to speak out.
Jay, I hope that my message was not tiresome for you today. I look forward to your letter. Olga!
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