Romance scam letter(s) from Anna Martynova to Frank (Germany)
Letter 1
Hello ...
For you, it might surprise you to get a letter from me. I find your profile and your e-mail address on the site I decided to write to you. I am interested in this introduction. Let me introduce myself, my name is Anastasiya and I am 28 years old. I live in Russia.
So I send you my picture, for you to have an idea about me. If you are interested in this knowledge, you can write me back and I'll be happy to answer you. I hope that my letter will interest you and you write to me. Anastasiya
Letter 2
Hello Frank!!! Nice to "meet" you. Hope you are well. I saw your profile and liked it, I would like to get to know each other better. Will tell you more about myself. First of all my name is Anastasiya, I am single, and have no kids, I have never been married. I work in a costumer care depart of the telecom company. My age is 28, was born 16 August. I live in Russia, in the city Voronezh. This the first time I try to use this online dating stuff. I want to see how it works, and hopefully to meet someone special, may be a man who will be my fate... who knows? I know, all this on-line dating stuff is very popular nowadays, so I think it is my turn to try :)))) Well... will not talk a lot, think it is enough for the first time, hope to hear from you soon, I also think, that it is interesting to talk with a person of another nationality and culture. I send you couple of pics, hope you like them. Have a good day, bye:)) Anastasiya
Letter 3
Hi Frank, Thank you very much for your letter. It was very pleasant for me to receive it. Thank you for telling me more about yourself. It was very interesting to read. I would like to know more about you and get more pics of you as well. My full name is Anastasiya Ketowa. I live in Russia, my city is called Voronezh. I work as the manager at the phone company.
I do not drive a car and do not have a driver's license. I do not have a foreign passport. I'd love to talk to you on the phone, but unfortunately my phone number is blocked for international calls. As for inbound and outbound calls. But we can safely communicate with you by e-mail. So, I would like to tell you more about me. My friends tell am a kind and romantic. I like music, different kinds, from classical to popular and rock music, depends on my mood. I also like to dance, but don't visit clubs often, I think I am mostly home body. I like sport and attend aerobic classes, also like to swim and beachvolley in summer.
Do you like sport, Frank? One more activity I really like, to be outside to have a picnic on the nature, making bbq, and just enjoy a good weather. You know, Frank, I am looking for a serious, honest, caring and decent person, the person I could share my life and create a strong relationship with, based on kindness, love, understanding and respect to each other. Ok, I am finishing my letter now and I will be looking forward to your next one! Have a great day!!! Anastasiya
Letter 4

Dear Frank Thank you very much for the letter, I am glad to get it. Your letters made me smile and up my mood, this is very new to me and I like to talk with you. Frank, I want to tell you more about my family, is not big, it consists of my mom, my father and me. We are very close to each other, we are like a best friends. Alghough I am closer to my mom then to father, as she used to be my best girlfriend in my life. We like to spend time together, watch TV or just be outside together. I am happy that my parents together for 28 years already, and I think it is very important. For sure, every family has its own problems or conflicts, but it is very important to be able to deal with each other in any situation, and always talk... I am very happy to have such family like I do, but I want to find a man I will share my own life with. Also I think that honesty is very important.

Dear, Frank, do you believe in God? As for me I believe in God but don't attend church regulary, only on special holidays. But I always ask Got just to be near with me, to give me sign when I need it, or show me the right way in my life, or help me to make a right desicion.
May be even God helped us to meet in cyber space :))) who knows? Ok, have a nice day, and hope to hear from you soon Anastasiya
Letter 5
Hi dear Frank!!! How are you? Hope everything is fine with you. I want to ask you, do you understand my English? I have been learning English since the age of 10. I had a wonderful teacher, she knew how to make the process of suddying interesting and easy, we used to play different games. Some years later I understood that it is very important nowadays, and now I am thankful to my mum that she made me learn it. Also studied French a little at the university, but not very good at it now, have no practice. By the way, I graduated from the State University, International Economy Department. I would like to know more about you, to take a look at you from the inside. You know, Frank, I have a question for you. What kind of relationship would you like to have with your future partner? As for me I would like to find that special person, the person who will understand me, the one who is not going to cheat on me or hurt me in any way. I think that trust is a very important thing in a relationship. I think that if two people don't trust each other, they will have problems in building normal relationship. I also think that people should not try to change each other and try to accept each other for who they are, no one is perfect and have his own something good and not. What do you think? Today is my girlfriend's birhtday and we will go to cafe together with some other girls, I will try to send you some pics from this evening, in the next letter. Ok, Frank, I have to go now, hope to hear from you soon Sincerely, Anastasiya
Letter 6
Hello my dear Frank, Thank you very much for your letter. As always, I am happy to get it.
I also want to say that, I enjoy our correspondence. I think that you understand me and we have a lot in common. It is easy to talk to you I think that it is important moment. You can ask me any questions you want. Here is couple of pics from my girlfriend's birthday, that I promissed. You know, Frank, I thought about the role of age in a relationship, want to share my thoughts with you and hear your opinion. I believe that the age is just a number we have in our heads but much more important how you feel inside of your heart. May be I think this way because of my young age, what do you think? I consider man should be older than his woman. As for me I prefer my future partner should be older than me. Older men know how to treat lady right way, they know what women want, and understand them better. And he will try not make a mistakes he already done in his life. Also I will be able to learn something from him, and from his expirience. And there is one more thing. I am looking for a serious and long term relationships, and guys of my age, they normally want just to have fun, they don’t have any serious intentions, they don’t think about future. Well, not all of them of caurse. Well, think enough for today, have to do some work, kiss you... Sincerely, Anastasiya, think about you :))
Letter 7
Hi sunshine :) Thank for writing back. You make me feel so good and, you know, I get this feeling each time I open my mailbox and find a letter from you.
It is so great to know that there is a person in this world who thinks about me, even if he is far from me now, the one you can talk about anything, and share your thoughts. My dear Frank, I would like to ask you something. This is very interesting and important for me to know. Do you correspond with other girls? As for me, Frank, you are the only one I am talking with, and I really like it, it is very interesting and special for me. I really love to read your letters very much, you always answer all of my questions, I feel tha it is also interesting for you. And I also feel that you have lots of qualities I would like to see in my soul mate. I am glad to feel that I can be open with you and I hope that you are also feel comfortable talking to me. This is a great feeling. I am also a little bit excited. I have never experienced something like that before. I will stop now, don't forget that I am thinking about you, and hope you think about me sometimes. Looking forward your reply!!! With the best regards and warm hugs, Anastasiya
Letter 8
Hi my dear Frank !!! How are you there, how is your week going? I am very happy that I've got acquainted with you, Frank. We started our correspondence not long time ago, but I like your letters so much, it seems to me like I know you for ages, your thoughts are so close to mine. I hope that in the future we will become very good friends or may be much more... :)) I would really like to have a good and strong relationship based on good emotional connection first of all and understanding and love. I think that these things are the most important. I would like to have my second half near me, to feel that I am safe, that I am loved and that I have a person near me whom I can give all my tenderness and care that is inside of me. I do have a lot to give to my one and only.
And I want you to know that you are special for me, and I like you. I am thinking about you often, Frank , and I would like to hear from you soon. Ok, I am finishing my letter now and I will be looking forward your reply, hopefully very soon I will get it :))) Kiss you, Anastasiya
Letter 9
Hi my sweetheart!!! Thank you very much for your letter, I was very glad to receive it as usual because your letters always put me in a good mood and make me smile :) Here is also couple of pics for you. You know, Frank, I thought a lot and I think that friendship is very important in the relationships. I think that passion and affection are very good, but two people who are together need to know how to deal with each other in everyday life. They should share common interest and activties. And I think that friendship between them will help a lot. They should be the best friends for each other as well as best lovers and soul mates. I think that emotional connection is very important, so that two people will feel very comfortable with each other. How do you think, honey? When I am reading your letters, I feel that you are honest and sincere with me, so I want to give the same, back to you. You know, I would like to find a true love, a special person who is going to love and take care of me and I will do the same for him. I know that when I meet that special one I will give him all of my tenderness, care and love. You know, Frank, I need to tell you something. I have never thought before that it would be possible to find such special person, through the Internet. I even was not sure that this Internet dating stuff really works. But now I can say for sure that it does, I’ve met you and it seems to me like I know you for ages even for now we exchanged only a few letters. I feel that you understand me and close to me emotionaly. I want you to know that you take a very special place in my heart, I am always ready to listen, understand and try to help you if you need it from me. I hope to hear from you, my honey. I am thinking about you!!! :) With tender hugs and kisses Anastasiya
Letter 10
Hi sunshine, Thank you very much for your letter. I came at work and checked my e-mail right away and I was very glad to find your letter in my inbox.
It made me smile like always :) I like your letters and everything you are writing to me very much. My dear Frank, I want to tell you that I am very happy that you’ve appeared in my life, I mean that we have a chance to talk and share some our thoughts, you are interesting person and I like you. It is already a good habit, to get your message and write you back. And you takeing a very special place in my heart. Today the weather is very good here. I am in a very good mood! My dear Frank, I’ve just imagined how nice it could be if you were here, we could just go for a walk in the park, and just talk to each other, it would be so nice. I know these are only my dreams for now, but I really want all this come true for us, one day soon. I am finishing my letter now and I wish you have a great day, kiss you With all of my tenderness, Anastasiya
Letter 11
Hello my darling Frank I want you to know, that your letters bring me much joy and make me happier day by day! You are very special person for me, I am always looking forward to your letters. When I received your letter today, I was very happy. I hope you are not tired that I tell you this all the time, I just want you to know how I feel getting your letters. Please tell me if you fell the same, Frank? It is very important for me. We are far away from each other now, but sometimes I feel that you are so close. May be the fact that we have met was meant to happen... Who knows, may be we are two halfs of one? :) I try to imagine how happy I could be if we met together in real, I think that I would be on the top of happyness. Sweetheart, I want to say thanks for you being sincere and honest with me (I really hope this is the way you are), from my side I will do my best to make you the happiest man with me, if we will be tobether one day. Have a good day and take care, honey... With hugs, Anastasiya
Letter 12
Hello honey, Thanks a lot for your message. I was happy to get it as always. Honey, day by day, I feel that you are in my mind all the time. When I think about you and about our meeting, I feel so happy that you are in my life, I want it never ends for us. I feel that you are my second half, and I am really afraid of losing you, dear. What did you do today, Frank, my love? Today I walked, and it was a great weather over there. I thought about you, and imagined how nice it could be if you be near with me and we could hold each others hands. We talk and laugh. I want to talk to you about something. I talked to my mother about you, I told how much I care about you and how special you are for me. I want to see you, spend some time together with you and get to know each other better. Frank, I want to have a serious talk about our possible meeting in the near future.
After everything we said to each other, I think we should take this chance. What is your opinion, honey? I want to ask you, if I can come to you in 3 weeks, can I be your guest and see your home, your country your life? My mother told me that I can use the money that my parents saved up for the new furniture, and she is ready to give me this money, if it helps me to make this dream come true. What do you think, Frank? I want to know, your honest opinion, and just say what you really think about it my darling. I think that all our correspondence not a joke or some kind of game, and now it is time to try something real. I feel very excited about what you write me back, but waiting for your message impatiently. Kiss you, your Anastasiya
Letter 13
Hello my love Frank, How are you over there? I feel so happy to hear from you, darling. I was so afraid, and was very excited waiting for this letter from you.
I am so happy that you agree to make our meeting come true, I think it would be the best time for you and me. Honey, I feel so happy, and think about you when I fell a sleep and wake up in the morning. Sweetheart, as I told my mother is ready to help me with money, and I really hope it would be enough for me. I will to go to the travel agency today or tomorrow and ask them all the information about the neccesry documents that I will need and also the price of a round trip ticket. I can believe that we came to this step already, and I feel so happy that we could be together soon. I want to see you so much, care about you, cook for you, just give you my love and care. I really hope that this is also what you want, as without your desire to be together, my desire is nothing. I also want to ask you, to give me the name of the Airport where it would be better for you to meet me. It is very important for us now, so don't forget, my sunshine. I kiss you and hug you, my lovely, Frank. your Anastasiya
Letter 14
Hi my love, how are you there? I am ok here, and was so happy to get news from you. I can't wait for the day when we meet each other. Honey, thanks a lot for being ready to open the doors of your home, it is so important for me. I see how you sincere and honest with me, Frank? I have some good new for us, lovely, I was in the travel agenct today and get some info. Well, first of all, for coming to Bonn, I should get a visa, they told that it would be better and easiest way to get the Tourist Visa for 30 days, so I will be able to stay in your country during 30 days.
Also I need an International Passport and medical insurance. If to do all this trip package by myself, it will take a lot of time, up to 6 months, I explained our situation in the agency and they told that they can help and do all this during 10-14 days. Honey, I think it is a good offer and it will cost 250 euro, I don't think it is a lot, becasue as I told, if I do all this by myself it will cost much more money and time. I asked them to find available tickets for me, and now I will give you the flight info they found for me: rom Moscow to Bonn 25 December and back 25 January flight AF1745
from Moscow Sheremetyevo Arpt 20:45 25 Dec airplane:
to Paris Charles De Gaulle Intl 21:45 25 Dec Airbus A320 connection Paris 12h 10m
flight AF1216
from Paris Charles De Gaulle Intl 09:55 26 Dec airplane:
to Cologne Koeln Bonn Arpt 11:15 26 Dec Embraer 190 My love, would it be good for us? The round trip ticket will cost 350 euro, Frank. My love, there is one more thing I want to discus with you, my love. Total cost of the trip will be, 600 euro Frank, I have 200 euro, that my mother gave me. I see that this is not enough, and I want to ask, if it would be possible for you to help me with the rest? I really hope that it is not a problem for you and we will be together very soon. I really afraid of losing you. I love you very much and want to be with you. Kiss you and hug you. You are the best man in the world for me. I am really excited waiting for your responce, I think I even will not be able to fall asleep tonight, write me back when you can, ok, my sunshine? Kiss you, your Anastasiya
Letter 15
Hello my dear Frank! Once again, I 'm glad to see your letter and I want to tell you that I have a contract with a travel agency and they have to make out for me all the necessary documents to travel to you.
They also book tickets for me on the plane in both directions. For these services I have to pay them 400 euro. My dear, please tell me you can help me? You will be able to send me the 400 euro? Unfortunately no one else can help me but you. So I hope for you and for your help. I want to meet with you as soon as possible and be in your open arms. I send you a kiss in 1000 and look forward to your response. With love your Anastasiya. From Vnukovo Arpt to Bonn 25 December and back 25 January flight LH1447
from Moscow Domodedovo Arpt 17:35 25 Dec airplane:
to Frankfurt Frankfurt Intl 18:15 25 Dec Airbus A320 connection Frankfurt 2h 54m
flight LH3626
Deutsche Bahn
from Frankfurt Frankfurt Intl 21:09 25 Dec airplane:
to Cologne Cologne Railroad Station 22:05 25 Dec Train
Letter 16
Hello my dear Frank! I'm really sorry, because without your help I can not come to you. With love your Anastasiya.
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