Scam letter(s) from Alena Chizhova to Alesha (Spain)

Letter 1
Hello Paul!
I'm glad that you write me and, of course, I like your photos... a bit)))) If seriously, you are handsome man. I believe that you are interesting person with a great soul. It's one of the main reasons why I hope we will know each other better soon) I would like to tell you briefly about myself. So, my name is Alyona,I am 27 years old(not 18 as you told)). I was born in October, so autumn is my favorite season of the year :) I live in a small town in Kyiv region, which is called Ivankov. It is not big city, so life here is going slowly and its not so exiting as I would like it to be. After finishing school I studied at foreign languages department in Kyiv. Since the first year of studying I was dreaming about the profession of interpreter, but the reality is cruel. Its too difficult to find such job in my town. So now I am working as administrator in local hairdresser. My job seems to be interesting, it gives me opportunities to communicate with different people and to discover something new, although its not much paid.In my free time I love to do some sport activities and just relax by watching films after hard working day.I live with my mom and dad, they are both pensioners. They are my pride, my friends and my support during the whole life. By the way, I am blonde hair woman with emerald green eyes.My colleagues says that I am hardworking person with gentle character and open heart, so I believe that its true ;) I love children and I don't have my own now.I would like to have them but only in great love, somewhere in future. Dear, I think I have already told you enough about myself for a first time)) What are you looking for here, I mean at Internet and what do you expect from our communication? I am waiting for your answer.
Have a nice day)
With best wishes, Alyona
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