Scam letter(s) from Maria Khok to Dan (Canada)

Letter 1
I am so pleased that soon we will be together. Now about the news. I did not warn you about it in my last letter, but today I have solved that want to be with you. I didn't sleep all night and I decided to come to you. I shall plan my arrival to you and therefore I went to a travel agency. There I met a woman who is engaged in paperwork for various travel. That woman agent has told me that for me the easiest will travel as a tourist. That is I need to make a tourist visa. For this purpose, I need to sign a contract for paperwork registration of a visa.
Dear, visa costs 108 $, plus consular fee in your embassy of 172 $.
Also, I will need medical insurance - 2 $ per day, visa for 90 days = 180 $ and services of the travel agency of 115 $. Generally, 575 $ for all documents, passport, and visa. I think that it is not really expensive. Do you agree with me? By way, the agent told me, that documents and visas will be prepared 7-10 works days.
After that, they will send my documents to your Embassy (in city Moscow) for consideration. Your Embassy will check my documents and if everything is good, then your Embassy soon will issue a visa.
Today I have filled in all necessary documents for agreement and sent copies of my documents which will be necessary for the registration of visa. Also, I need complete information about you. Your full name, address, telephone number and airport name where you will meet me.
Write to me with this information? I hope it's good news for you? My agent will inform me of all the news, I will report in turn about news to you. So we are with you will prepare Together, my travel and you will know about each my step. I can not believe now that through the short time I can see you in reality. I have such a feeling now that my most intimate dream comes true.
I thought that love is only fiction, but after acquaintance with you I am sincere, came to love you very much. I'm trying to believe that my heart will not break with you. Please, never break my heart, okay?
Without you, I will not be able to live. My number: +7(341)-250-3189.
But I'm not sure if my mobile receives international calls. I will dream of you in a dream today. Remember, I love you anytime and anywhere!!!
Thousand Kisses! Your sweet How are you? All is well? I miss you!
I packed my suitcase for my trip to you. I packed my suitcase and do not think to disassemble back because I know that We will meet in the near future, we will succeed and we will be happy together. I very much worried about your answer. I was afraid of the fact that you will abandon me now because I to ask you about help. I hate myself for this request, but I didn't know whom else to address because my friends can't help me, they have no money, and they don't believe in ours with you love. Therefore I decided to risk and wrote your letter with a request for help with payment. Today since morning I all in disorders and you write that can't help. My God, as to me shame and it is sick that I to ask from you help. I understand that your trust in me still absolutely small, we not long enough communicate. But was enough for me to understand you, to understand that you to me strongly are pleasant and to understand that I want to meet you, to learn closer you.
Honey, I not to deceive you, always to tell you only truth, my words proceed from my heart and a shower. I am always sincere and truthful with you. I make to you on its promise, I when don't leave you one, am near always, at your heart.
DAN please understand that I'm asking you to help now because I do not have the opportunity to find the money myself. I need to pay for the registration of my tourist documents, medical insurance, consular fees, visa, and a foreign passport. The total cost is 575 EUR. If I do not pay the travel agency shortly, then I will have irreversible consequences. I will be fined, 3 times the cost of documents, and I will be included in a blacklist of malicious defaulters. If I turn out to be on a blacklist, then in the next 5 years no travel company will undertake to issue my documents. Because the embassy will not review my application again for 5 years. I do not want to have problems with the embassy and travel agency. And also I do not want to lose an amazing chance for our meeting and wonderful pastime together, so I turned to you for help.
Now our meeting depends on your decision. I am sure that these will be happiest days in our life. I will do everything to make you smile every day and rejoice at every minute you spent together. I'm completely in love with you and ready to give all of myself! I love you with all my heart and soul! I will finish the letter, wait for your answer. Kisses and Hugs!
Forever your, Mary.
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