Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Kovsh to Trevor (UK)

Letter 1
Hi !
Many thanks for your e-mail address and I'm glad to communicate with you here. I think we will be able to know each other better and I hope you share this desire with me ;) Firstly, I would like to know why you are looking for woman at internet? What goal do you pursue? Because for me it is very important to know and to understand what you really looking for. Maybe you are searching someone with red color hair, who smokes and drinks)))) Despite the fact that cover does not show any case I am not that girl)) You know, when people are worried they start talking all sorts of nonsense...yes, I am a bit worry, so it is better not say anything now and will wait for your answer :)
Letter 2
It is nice to meet you here and I am glad that we can continue our communication and know each other better. Maybe it will lead us to something great, who knows?) But send me your photos please))
So my name is Tatyana, but if briefly Tanya. I was born on the 30th of October and now I'm 28. I am from Ukraine, was born in small town Lelyaky, which is better to name village. After finishing school I have started higher degree of studies and entered Dragomanov University in Kiev. The government had paid for my degree and that's why it was needed for me to work in small town Rzhyshchiv. This is far away from my parents home, but fortunately my grandfather lives here and so I have place to live and my dear person nearby, with whom we live together till now in our small, but cozy house.
Now I work at government institution, at city district employment center, which mean daily contact with people and thousands of papers. Most of my time I spend at work, but in free time here is not much things to do. But I'm trying to diversify my leisure time as much as I can. I like walking and too much enjoy the nature. Fresh air makes me feel much better after hard working days. And same as all people I like to watch movies mostly romantic stories or sometimes even documentaries, if sometime I can find time for this ;)
I dream to travel with my beloved one, open new countries and cultures, discover this world together and create many-many memorable moments! That's why I'm here and trying to find real man for real relationship. I'm kind and honest person and want to find the one respectively. I'm also open-minded, energetic and curious woman. I do not smoke and do not drink, so you cane be calm towards this :) So if you feel that we have something common and you are serious man I would like to know more about you)
Tell me about your everyday life, what you are doing at free time, maybe you have some interests or hobbies?? What excites you the most?
Hope see your letter soon,
Letter 3
How are you? It was nice to get your reply and know a little bit more about you. It seems to me you are interesting man and I would like to continue our conversation with a pleasure))
Hmmm, so what to tell more about me? My life is not big fun, it consists mostly of my job and home duties. I usually get up early just about 7.30 because I have to come to my work at 9.00 and sometimes it's very hard for me to stand up our from my bed.. All my day I spend at work, where I meet a lot of different people and some of them bring a negative energetic, some good emotions and then working day is coming to the end. After work I usually go home and do some house work, can help my grandpa Taras... Also when weather is nice, I can go to park for a walk or go jogging. I can name it as my small hobbies :) I like nature a lot!! No matter what time of the year is, but it is always beautiful around and this excites me a lot!! And what about you? You like nature? What is the most beautiful place you've ever seen? I remember how when I was a child, I went to Carpathian Mountains with my parents. It is so memorable!! Sunsets were amazing there!! First time in my life I tried to ride a horse among the mountains and I was full of positive emotions))
Dear, what are you dreaming about? Tell me what country you would like to visit? What places want to see?
Hope it will not take you much time to answer on my letter) I am interested to know you better.
See you soon, Tanya
Letter 4

Thanks for a smile on my face, which your letter brought to me :) How are you? How is your mood? Hope not worse then mine :) I appreciate that you are trying to open your inner world to me and I am very pleased to have chance to know you closer)
What about me? I have never been abroad, but I like to know a lot about other countries, cultures, people, rules, style of living and it is so interesting to note the difference between Ukraine!! We have very nice travelling TV programmes which helps me to see all beauty around the world! I think that my dream job could be TV show host at such travel programs!)) There are so many places that I want to visit!! But the most exciting for me is Norway!! Nature is amazing there! Actually, I like warm climate, but I can not resist the beauty of Norwegian fjords!! I think that staying among them can make you feel as a smallest peace of the Universe... and helps to realize one more time how powerful and beautiful our planet is!!
When I studied at University one girl from my group visited Norway and she took hundreds of pictures which I fell in love with. She went camping for two weeks and told a lot about kind native people, enormously beautiful views and landscapes. And all those facts attracts me so much and maybe one day in future my dream will come true and I will see Norway... who knows :)
Oh, I am only talking, talking and talking... so now that is your turn :) Tell me about your family? Relatives? I want to know everything about you)))
Looking forward to hear from you soon, Tanya
Letter 5
One more pleasant day, cause I read a letter from you)) I am interested to know more and more about you. So how are you? How is your day, everything okay with you?
I'm fine just at work as always) The good weather glads me a lot! I can have walk in evening and refresh myself after long working day.
So I asked about your family previous time and no I guess my turn?) I am the only child in family.
My mom Valya is a housewife, she is the kindest women I've ever known!! And I'm saying that not because she's my mom, but because she has good heart :) My dad is Alexey and all his life he works at the field as tractor driver. He is strict, but honest and good man. Sometimes we had some argues, but it was only because we are similar... There is a proverb that apple doesn't fall far from the tree, so that is about us)) But as now we are living far from each other I miss my parents a lot... but here is my grand father and some friends I have too)) Not much of course, but better few good instead of many and not kind. And do you have a lot of friends? What is your attitude to friendship? I'm curious to know more about you...
Because for me friendship is a valuable thing!! I very carefully choose friends!! Because it is too important to have kind and honest people around me. Sometimes it is important to talk with somebody who is close and who can completely understand me.
In my home town I have good friend - Masha. We know each other since childhood and I even cannot count how many years we known each other, but seems like all my life! But even on a distance now we still communicate by phone, I appreciate her support she's like my older sister!! And of course when there is a chance, we always meet... You know, I'm happy to have such good person in my life!! It is important to know and feel that somewhere are people who will glad to see you at any time. And you asked me about food? So I like everything, not pick eater :)
Also want to tell you that unexpectedly my boss have told me that we gonna have long weekends at work, because of the repair works at our office and he is giving us time to rest. I immediately decided to visit my grandmother, whom I haven't see already for few yeas!! That's why I will not have possibility to answer you... I will be back on the 9th September and hope that till this time you will not forget me?) Will be waiting to see your letter when I will arrive back.
Sincerely Tanya
Letter 6
I am so happy that I am already back home)) My trip was good, but not much fun at all.. what can be fun in war zone?! But we have good time with my grandmother and also I had enough sleep and rest, so everything went well!! The road was not fast, but ok... Although time with grandmother was so nice, but I am very happy now that I am back to work and can write you as usual!!
But you did not answer on my previous letter... hope that next time you will?) I will be waiting, cause I want to know you more) Sincerely Tanya
Letter 7
Good day)))
I'm writing to you again :)
You know, I think that I am getting used to receive your letters, and moreover it shows me that you are also interested in me and I'm glad about this)) Are you okay? Did you sleep well?
I'm fine... working now, but want to sleep... I don't know why, but it was so hard to get out from my bed this morning. And for you that is easy to wake up or you are similar to me?)
I was curious to ask if you remember your first love? How everything has happen? I fell in love at the first time when I was at school, I was so young! For the beginning it was a nice story... He was one year older than me, we studied at the same school. He was a classmate of my friend Masha, actually she introduced us. Firstly we became friends just a little bit more than half a year, but after we started realizing that there was something more than friendship. Two years we were together and it was a wonderful time we didn't argue at all just about some small things no big deal. We were familiar with each other's parents and they thought that it definitely will be wedding between us. But after as you remember, I entered to the University and moved. We communicated by phone every day! I tried to come home every two-three weeks during the first couple months, but it was difficult to combine with my studying. I did my best! Nevertheless, I felt that he started becoming colder and colder to me and it broke my heart. Our relationship lasted another year till he'd left me. He could not stand this distance anymore. I don't blaming him, we were young and didn't understood a lot of things I couldn't refuse my degree he couldn't wait...
But now I am convinced that distance between beloved couple is nothing!! Because the most important thing is to find the right person... that one who will love you, appreciate you, respect you and the biggest your desire will be to respond the same - anything else - doesn't matter!! And I do not know if we can have future together.. we need to know each other better firstly :) And then we will see....
I need to continue my job duties... and will be eagerly waiting for your next letter :) Sincerely, Tanya)
Letter 8
Again I am glad to write you! When I see your letter, I'm smiling and nothing can spoil my mood)) I'm glad that our communication become more deep with each day. I feel that I can be honest with you and tell you everything about myself without any hesitation. Maybe you feel the same?) Who knows... So how is your day going? What's new?
I am good, nothing new had happened to me... just another working day.
But with your letter I feel myself much happier!)
You know I almost forgot what does it mean normal communication... It is long time since I am alone... almost 3 years. As I told you, after one year of University studies I became single and I put all my attention to my education. My loneliness lasted nearly two years till I met my last boyfriend. It was absolute accident. I was in a hurry and I didn't notice a red light on the road so I almost was hit by a car, but he managed to catch me. He rescued my life and the least I could repay him by inviting for a cup of coffee and express my gratitude. It was a start of the long lasting relationship. He was an intelligent man an engineer and older than me 9 years between us. Yeah, for that moment it was a huge difference. But if you remember my attitude to relations the main point is the right person nothing else matter. Everything went well and after two years we started living together it was my first and only the one experience. I'm such girl who don't like to share personal life and emotions just with anybody. So for me it was a very serious step and I let him come into my life completely. But some time later something strange started to happen, late working, frequent business trips and so on... And as you can understand already, after all I figured out that he had another woman! Once my friend saw him kissing some girl at a restaurant in the evening time while I was told that he had the urgent deeds at work. Can you imagine it? He was telling me about love, feelings even about family and at the same time cheating on me... it was kicking me out from a normal life. Soon I moved to Rzhyshchiv for work and it was my luck, because nothing reminded me about him. I always trust people I believe in all good inside so I was very disappointed and depressed. I thought I will never believe anybody in my life at all! But time is the best doctor it cured me. And I began a new life here.
Now you know whole my love story)) In case of this, I want to ask... how does your perfect relationship look like? And how do you imagine your ideal woman?)) For me it is important to know your point of view. And I do not regret about anything in my life!! And you?)
I'm eagerly waiting for your letter!)
Take care yourself and have a nice day!
Letter 9
I see one more letter from you and that is great!! Because for me it means that we have mutual sympathy and our communication helps me to resist all negative emotions around) Because with my job it happen often... I like that I don't have to think what to tell you, but words just go themselves. There is so much I want to say to you.... But firstly as always I want to know how are you)) What did you do since our last conversation?
You know, I'm glad that we started to talk about relationship so deeply!! I was thinking a lot what an ideal relationship should look like.... Who is that perfect man? Who should he be? But I haven't found answers on these questions!!
I have no specific idea or picture of that. I just strongly believe that love will come into my life and will change everything! I'm sure when I meet my man I will feel it by heart and he will become for me perfect man!!
Love has a tremendous power to make people's lifes delightful) Nevertheless, I want to admit there are some essential things that man and women must follow. Firstly they have to be honest to each other, trust is the most important item in a couple. This is a solid foundation for any relations. Without trust nothing will work perfectly! The next one is respect and this is not less important thing! Respect should be in everything!! Starting from everyday routine end ending with moral convictions. Two people in love should listen each other very carefully to be able to understand all needs and feelings of each. Everything else is just a variety of fantasy of both.
I'm a sensitive girl and would like to have romantic relationship as much as it only possible) Holding hands under the stars in some beautiful and quiet place... It is like my small dreaming fantasy) But surely I fully agree with you that firstly relationships should be based on love, respect, mutual understanding and ***, as unintegrated part of relationships. I believe that you have even more beautiful pictures in your mind?) If you allow me to know them I would like to know them with a pleasure! Also I would like to know how your personality looks like. Can you describe yourself for me?) And send me more your photos please, cause I have only 1...
Hope see your letter soon :)
Sincerely, Tanya)
Letter 10
Hi dear!
Another day and one more letter from you))) I like reading your letters and please do not hesitate to write me more... And I appreciate too much honesty from your side!! Honesty cost a lot in modern world!! And sometimes it seem to me that people begin to forget what does it mean to be honest and sincere, that's why I appreciate that you shows me who you are indeed)So how is your day going? Hope that nothing upset you? Because you can rely on my shoulder if something does :) Of course, I believe that you are okay and can always protect yourself and people around you. But I just want you to know that I will be always glad to support you)
You know, just I am very trusting, emotional and sensitive girl. My life experience gave me lessons to be more careful and very selective with people. I clearly remember how hard is to overcome the pain and sadness after betrayal and parting with close people... Oh, how do I wish this never to be repeated again in my life! But my faith in people is stronger than me)) Everyone can make mistakes, but the main thing is to make good conclusions.
I'm very positive and smiling person, like good sense of humor! There is a saying that laugh prolongs life... so, probably I will live forever :) I believe in such concepts as love, family, friendship. In spite of my sensitivity I'm a logical person and always trying to find an explanation to any situations. Also I enjoy learning something new, as it broaden my brains and helps me do not get bored. But there is only one thing that I struggle with is loneliness((( Now you may understand my appreciation to you)) I don't know what to add.. I like cooking and trying new recipes) What is your preference in a food? Are you able to cook, if yes what is your favorite dish?)
I'm as always waiting for your answer impatiently) Sincerely Tanya
Letter 11
Happy to write you again!
New day bring me new letter from you and consequently gives me good mood)) Thank you for your attention... I find it wonderful that we can talk about everything. With every day I know you better and better and do not want to stop this process :) I feel that we have a lot in common and with a great pleasure I want to develop our communication. So tell me how are you dear? What's new had happened with you?) I'm a bit tired, cause have so much work these days.. Only our communication helps me to overcome all and be positive tuned. Looks like you are my recharge of positive emotions :)
Oh, if I only could come home and do nothing... just dream too loud) It 's my my tiredness speak instead of me. Because some days when I'm full of energy I don't mind to do my house duties, especially I like to cook. Cooking is type of creative process for me. My favorite dish is "Borscht" it is national Ukrainian soup with meet, which my mom taught me to cook according our family recipe.
Advantages of small towns is that here is abundance of natural and healthy food. Of course some products are very expensive but you can be sure that they are in a good quality. Last couple years I like to cook and eat healthy food even my grandpa got used to it and found it tasty) But I do some exceptions, once a week allow to myself eat everything (even some kind of junk food) particularly I like to cook for such days pancakes - they are my weaknesses.
From time to time I'm trying to experiment with new recipes which are amazing. Also I would like to taste some exotic food but only not spicy one. I had some bad experience, when one of my friend from the University invited us to her Birthday party to an Indian restaurant there were very spicy dishes and I realized that such cuisine not for me..
I hope once you will try my cooking and immediately will stay in love with it :)
I want to know some more things about you) Do you enjoy listen to music? If yes what kind of music do you prefer? Maybe you can play a musical instrument?)
For me even smallest detail from your life will be interesting))) And English I learned during university times, had good teacher there, for what I am thankful)
I'm already waiting for your next letter! Tanya
Letter 12
Good day dear!
All my thoughts are with you :) How are you? What are you doing? How did you wake up? Such kind of questions appeared in my head as soon as I woke up...
Today I forced myself to go to work earlier for having some more time to write to you because I have to much work those days... Since you've appeared in my life I noticed some changes inside me. I became more smiling and calm and really feel more energetic. You brought a new portion of good emotions into my life and I am thankfull to you for this!!
By the way, the reason I've asked you about music is to understand in which way you like to explore this world) I mean there are different types of people by perception: auditory, kinesthetic and visual. So it is inquisitively to know which type are you.
In my opinion, I am auditory type of person, which mean sensitive one. I enjoy listening good music too much! It always detach me from daily things. For example, morning walk with cup of coffee and some pleasant melodies in my ears + good weather around is almost perfect start of the day! Hopefully you understand why "almost" :)
My music preferences are wide, but most important thing quality of music. I like some instrumental melodies and I even cannot tell you which instrument I enjoy the most I think they are all unique in its own way) But mostly I prefer listen the songs, they have some story and a good singer is able to convey it emotionally. I have some favorite and it's group Hurts, they sing about love and feelings very romantic and with deep meaning) Maybe one day we will listen them with you?) I think that together it is possible to explore this world by all posisble ways. The main thing is to have common desire))
As I've already told you before, I'm curious woman so I would like to know more about you, your country, your environment, culture, features of nationality? What do you like or dislike in your country?) Cause all those things have formed you and your personality, so I want to know all))
Just please, don't make me wait to long your response.
Sincere, your Tanya.
Letter 13
Hello dear!
Your attention to me became very important part of my daily life and definitely, it's the most pleasant part for me) It's like a hurricane that originates somewhere and with a huge force of spinning increases its speed! One day it will be impossible to stop it.. Anyway, I'm in a hope this will not need to be done :)
As always my favorite question to you, how are you? What good did happen to you? It is important for me now to know that everything is alright with you) I feel good and I am in nice mood, because one charming man, who is very kind to me :) So sadness is not my feature in recent days:) I'm interested in you, want to know you more and more and more! And I can tell that your country attracts me as well, thanks for some details) I know that I can search some information on the Internet about it, but your point of view is in many times better and more interesting for me.
By the way, I haven't asked you about your attitude to Ukraine. I mean do you know something about my country? Maybe you've heard any interesting facts? I will not bother you with a long story describing my home land, but just want to tell that we have wonderful landscapes here, especially in the west part of the country where the mountains are located. People are quite honest and kind here, everyone try to keep family traditions and it's so nice!
I think that it's vital to have moral values and mainly family can teach them.
I will give an example of the tradition of hospitality, a guest in the Ukrainian family is always welcome. A person who has come into the house will be fed, watered, and heated. The way a family receives guests - will make up its reputation in society. In the big cities, of course, a little bit different situation due to a high speed of living.
But we have a sad picture of our political and economical life, but I do not want to describe it... I just strongly believe that everything will change in the future with help of well-educated young generation. By the way some people say that our girls are the most beautiful in the world :) But you decide if that is true :) Also it is sad that we are good housewives and this I know for sure! ( It was like a little self-promotion :) )
So I hope that you enjoy my letter, I am writing you with open heart!) I know that you receive to many question from me, but in such way you become closer to me) So now I have prepared some tricky one: would you want your future wife to work or stay at home? :) And what about your tricky question... I can tell that for me is not important in which country to live, the most important is with whom to live!!! But at all I find Uk nice country for living and with much better conditions that are in Ukraine!
Now I'm finishing this letter and already want to see your reply!)
See you soon, take care! I will thinking about you :)
Letter 14
Good day my sweet!
I'm glad to write to you again. One more day I have such possibility to express my inner thoughts and moreover to know that you will take it with respect. I've been thinking, in spite of being far away you're really very close to me;) Nice to hear your kind words. I've never thought that words can touch me so deeply.. it's a new and pleasant feeling) Thanks for giving me this I will try to do my best to develop it! But sorry, I do not want to talk about war issue in my country.. that is not most pleasant issue for the discussion((
I'm fine, in a good mood and working as always. Today is quite calm day at work, without any fuss.. so I can concentrate on my work duties and do everything in the correct way)) And moreover I can write you without any disturbing :) But I'm very glad that I can calmly write to you without any disturb. You know, ay all I like when there a a lot of work, then day is more interesting.
Dear, I asked you whether you want your wife to work or stay at home... and so I started what do I want... First of all I really want to take care my own family. To fill the home with love, respect and support. And this, of course, will always be my priority. But at the same time I cannot imagine myself while sitting at home all the time... I want to work also and improve myself professionally too)
But these thoughts are all about the distant future, let better talk about the nearest plans. Do you have any? Maybe any deeds you wanted to do, but didn't have such opportunities? And one more question, are you a planning person? Is it important to you making plans and trying to achieve them?
I guess our correspondence is slowly mowing further, as we discuss so many themes which I haven't thought before so deeply. Oh, hopefully, you enjoy our communication this as much as I do!!
Smile, stay positive and don't forget to write to me as soon as you can :)
Sincerely Tanya)
Letter 15
Hi dear!
You've as always made my day brighter. How are you doing it I have no idea! Maybe you're some sort of magician, because you know how to make my heart beat faster:) Your lines are very nice to me and I am very pleased to hear them all the time. I try to find words to convey my gratitude to you for the fact that you have appeared in my life and continue to develop our acquaintance. I believe that this is not an accident, and every next day we become closer to each other. It seems to me we are very fortunate to live in these days and that, despite this distance between us, we met. I no longer feel lonely, thanks to you;) And who knows, who knows.. maybe I will lead your rules, maybe no... we will see :) And spontaneous things I like also... surprises are making life better!))
So how are you? Did you sleep good? Any nice dreams?) A healthy sleep is very important for your well-being, so I really hope that you got well sleep. It is very important for me to know that there is everything in order with you. Perhaps one day I will be able to monitor this process in person;)
I had a perfect sleep today and moreover came to work and saw your letter so my day became wonderful! Actually some annoyed ladies tried to spoil my mood, of course, but I did not succumb almost did not pay attention. I think it's all because my thoughts are occupied by you) I would like to tell you something interesting in recent days but my every new day still the same like day before and only you bring variety to my life now. As for planning, I wish to make plans for the future, but all my thoughts are focused on the direction of creating relationship with a beloved man... I would like of planning together, discuss all details and trying to reach all our goals step by step, including needs of each other. You know how some people say one head is good and two are better;) I already want to create joint ideas for the future since understand that in a pair I will need to think not only about myself but about my partner. I like your point of view as for future. I guess we will able to connect our thoughts and produce a great times coming;)
I understand more and more that I want to open my mail every time and see your name there. For me it became very exciting and I don't want to stop this feeling. So you know how you can make me smile) Just write to me again and tell me as much as you are able to do. I am willing to read it infinitely...))
Sincere your Tanya)
Letter 16
Hello dear!
Finally I see letter from you! I was worried that you have disappear... And I am sad that you got sick(( Hope that you will get better soon.. please take care of yourself dear!! I hope that doctors will help you... But of course age difference is not a problem for me. I think that personality, intentions, attitude to a woman is much more important than the age! I do not require man of some exact age and it does not play any role in relationships! And sick can be everybody both you and I, just important always to support and take care of each other when people are couple!! And if I did not find you attractive, then I would not continue our communication dear, all is simply...
You know. I can not already imagine a day without you! You are my addiction now. You're the one who makes me smile and rejoice day by day. With each of your answers, I'm more and more like to realize that you share this growing feeling with me. You fill all my thoughts! Yesterday I had a walk after work, took some coffee with me and went to the park. I was thinking that how nice that I've met you. My fantasy has no limits according to you. I was trying to imagine how you live there, how you spend your days, what makes you happy and what upsets you. I mentally moved to you. You are so far from me but become closer than anyone. I had the impression that I spent the whole evening with you))) I hope that we will continue to develop our acquaintance so well and one day we will have this opportunity to spend the evenings together, share our emotions and thoughts or just silently hold hands of each other.. I told you before that I'm a dreamy girl, so for now all my dreams are toward to you.
I like to represent our ideal relationship. Two adults from different worlds and with different cultures. We can learn so much from each other. And most important is our common desire to create strong and serious relationship))) Oh, how you do inspire me! However, I'm afraid to let someone new in my heart so fast, I do not want any more pain of disappointment ... but for some reason it seems to me that with you I can relax and forget about everything! With you I do not want to think about anything bad, you bring only good thoughts to me. I always wanted to be with a man and that with him was like behind a stone wall feel his protection and support and to be not afraid of anything. Is such expression about you dear?) Some part of me tells me that answer is yes;) Or I would like to hear yes...)))
My feelings to you are growing each other day. I appreciate your attention to me and enjoy it so much! Oh, it was written with heart.. take it with tenderness;) Just wanted to share with you my inner thoughts.
So I'm telling you good bye for now and looking forward to hear your words to me!)
Sincere, your Tanya)
Letter 17
Good day to you!
Today while going to work I was smiling again and again!! People it the street could think that I'm crazy woman ;) But I'm just in a good mood because of you. I am always in pleasant expectation that I will read your letter and pleasant emotions will overwhelm me. And yes, my intuition was right! I found your letter in my email box and have read it with immediately. Thank you for all those wonderful feelings, which you gave me each day with your letter.
How are you dear? How was your sleeping?) I'm good, however I woke up very early, but so easily with a smile on my face. A new working day had come... Oh, how I dream to snap my fingers and immediately find myself near you! I do not want to be here at work now alone...
You know, you have created for me a new world of sensations that makes my everyday life more interesting and delightful. Only one problem appeared.. it is very hard to concentrate on my work duties recently. I cannot control thoughts about you. Girls at work are making fun of me, they say that I'm flying in the clouds lately. I certainly do not want tell them now why I am so joyful, but women understand each other by mind and sometimes it is enough just to look into shinning eyes :)
So it's harder and harder for me to keep our communication in a secret. But I'm such kind of person who do like to share some private life with people around. I think this is very personal and delicate question that is not for everyone. Do you agree with me? Or how is your attitude? Because you know, sometimes people start to give advices, however nobody asked them. In my opinion couple who is in love do need any advises from third person! It is needed only to listen to inner voice and do how your heart feel. And now I feel that I am talking so openly about my feelings with you... you did some kind of magic to me ;) But what next stage you mean?) Explain please... and I am sending you as much photos as I can, but you have sent me only 2( Maybe it is your turn now?) Tanya
Letter 18
Hello my dear!
As usual I am happy to write you now. I'm filled with warmth inside me, which I want to share with you. One more day I can not find an explanation for my inner state, but it is surely connected with you. I really like these feeling and I want this never to be ended... Can you imagine, even everything around became brighter and more beautiful for me. I think a lot about you...
And I would really like to tell you something interesting, but my days are running in the usual way. The only good thing is nice weather that gives me the opportunity to start walking at those lonely days. And when I come home I read sometimes, however more pleasant to do that outside. I like to have some evening walk in the park, when there is fresh air and birds are singing. Recently I have started a book, which is about wonderful feeling - love. Maybe you heard, that is called "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen. This book takes me to am ancient times, when that events occurred. The only think what distracts me from reading are thoughts about you! You are the only one who is associated for me with this book. You know, with each day I miss you more and more... but I do not understand what progress in communication you tell? Darling, you are man and propositions up to you :) I do not know, maybe we could talk by phone.. you want?)
Send you my warm hugs,
Your Tanya ;)
Letter 19

Hi sweety!
It were weekends and I was at home, have no Internet there, can write from work computer. That's why my letter is late... but your answer, as always, was very pleasant and important to me. How much I'm inspired by your words. I even sometimes get a little scared because our communication begins to absorb me and my thoughts in general... It's getting closer and closer to me. I probably write a lot to you about how I feel toward to you, but I really want you to know this. It is essential for me to understand that for you this is as serious as for me. Of course, you did not give me another reason to doubt you and this adds to me the determination to continue being enchanted by you!
In fact, I recently thought about how beautifully in the books of past times described the love that arose through letters. Only now I began to realize that it is really very romantic and somehow especially... When each letter is imbued with tender feelings and sincere confessions, when you don't have to pretend, but be completely yourself and gradually discover your inner world, knowing that in return you receive the same. I think our world is very accelerated with the advent of modern technology and we pass so quickly past each other without having time to notice and get acquainted with this inner beauty of the soul. I will not hide, for me this is a completely new experience and I did not quite understand how this should all happen, but with you it's very easy and naturally for me and I find our correspondence very exciting and beautiful. Hope you also feel the peculiarity of our writing.. Is there a historical epoch that captures your fantasy? Maybe something that was forgotten, but you find it interesting?)
First of all, hurry to share with me about how are you doing and how is your mood? I can not afford to myself not to ask about it, because I want to know everything about you! I'm good thanks to you. The same ordinary day at work, just my imagination goes far from here, I guess it's somewhere near you. So if you suddenly feel a pleasant touch of the wind, it's possible I'm trying to reach you;)) See what you are doing to me... I become such a sensitive and romantic girl.. But dear, you was not making pressure on me!! I have only asked what next level do you mean and that is all) I even proposed you to talk by phone, but you answered me nothing on that... However I was very pleased that you want to make a present on my birthday... You are real caring man that cannot leave woman without attention!! I am very pleased about your wish darling... thank you!!)
Oh, I think I should stop writing now due to I can do it infinitely, but my work is calling.
Be sure that I'm waiting for your letter with even greater force!
Have a nice day and be careful)
Your Tanya
Letter 20
Hello my dear.
I will be never tired to write a letter to you ;) This increase such nice emotions inside me while knowing that you are writing to me with the same feelings. You write me with such tenderness and each your word goes deeply into my heart and fill it with warm and pleasant feelings. I think I'm starting to lose my head because of you! People talk to me, but I do not hear them.. my thoughts are somewhere far away. I hope it will not cause any inconvenience while I am at work.
You know, as we are far away from each other, please never forget to tell me how you are and if you are okay. And if suddenly hard life times will come and my support will be need, I am always ready to support you!! I am as usual quite good, however there are some difficulties, but you always help me not to pay attention on them. I am too much getting tired at work. Yesterday it was as always busy day here :( That's why after work with my co-workers we have decide to go for a walk and drink some coffee. I certainly know that in the evening it's better not to drink it, but it was needed for me. It's just like a way to relax after crazy working day. And you know ladies from work have asked me who is this mysterious stranger that makes sparkles in my eyes glow brighter and brighter ;) But I do not tell them the truth yet, you already know my opinion about this. However they noticed positive changes in me and are happy about such changes in my life. I appreciate very much such sincere support. Maybe soon I will be able to share with them my secret ;)
At the end of my letter, I want to tell you a little story that I was lucky to observe recently. In the park I have noticed one elderly couple who were feeding the birds and I could not take my eyes off them. They looked at each other with such tenderness and warmth!! How gently that man supported his lady and while holding hands they went away. This situation have touched me very much! Just while looking at such couples I have a great hope and faith in strong and long lasting relationship. One of my favourite movie about such beautiful love is called "The Notebook", have you seen that? I think you may like it ;)
And I am one more time thanks for your wish to make a present for me... dear, you are my caring man and I guess that I am lucky that I have met you in my life!! :) You really surprised me a lot and I even did not think about such kind attention from your side!! However I do not have any plans for my birthday, as to make some celebrations money are needed and my financial position is not the best now, so your present would be exactly in time now!) But I do not know how you could send me money, if you do not know also, then I could clarify all and let you know. Thank you one more time darling... I appreciate your care about me too much!! I should go now and do my duties, but you are in my thoughts.
I'm waiting your letter impatiently as always) Your Tanya
Letter 21
I'm happy to say hello to you my dear again!
And again you have pleased me with your warm and gentle words, which add to me energy for the whole day. I already have a hard time imagining how to spend the days without you, so I do not even want to think about it. I say this for your understanding how important this is for me! Lately, in my head, my fantasy constantly creates a pleasant picture of our first meeting. I did not dare to write about this for a while, but I can not remain silent any longer. Our mutual feeling grows stronger and I am very happy about it, therefore I always imagine how I will see you one day and we will be able to look into each other's eyes, you will take my hand and never let it go again.. And I will feel like a little girl who is not afraid of anything, because I will be under the protection and care of my man, my best man ever! I hope and believe in it..))
I hope you're okay and nothing upsets you and life gives you only good and joyful moments) I'm just sure if to look at everything from a positive point of view, then it will happen to us only positive, so for now I will think well for the two of us!! Today I was very pleased with one of our patient, she often came last months and several times she came with her baby and asked me to look after him while she went to the doctor for an appointment. Very cute kid and I always gladly agreed, children always carry joy! They are so innocent and so sincerely open to this world, I think many adults need to learn from children how to genuinely rejoice in small things. So this woman brought me very delicious chocolate sweets today as a token of gratitude and this raised my mood. These sweets probably inspired me to confide with you :) And dear as I promised, I found out everything that concerns how can I get your help to buy present on my birthday. It turns out, it's so easy to do! There are few banking systems with which you can send money to another country, this are "Ria money transfer", "Money Gram" or "Western Union". You will have to find the nearest office of one of these systems near you, there you will need to provide them with information about the recipient, such as the name, last name and address. So here are my exact data, surely I do not have any problems to give you my details:
First name: Tatyana
Surname: Kovsh
Address: Ukraine, Kiev region, city Rzhyshchiv, street Armeyskaya 62. After you make the transfer, you will be given the code for this transfer, which I will have to name in the office. Everything is so simple!! All that I need is my id and transfer code, moreover, it will not be necessary to wait long, this procedure does not take much time and it will be possible to withdraw money on the same day you send it.
So I think this is a very convenient way for us)) Dear, thanks one more time to you... I still cannot believe that I am not sleeping and that all this is going on with me!)) Thanks for some kind of good fairy-tale in my life!) Tanya
Letter 22
Good day my dear!
Oh, I am sorry, sorry, sorry :) :) I was trying not to miss each detail form what I have clarified about bank transfers, that have forgot to write you about currency. Dear, no matter how you will send them, I will get in euros or usd, but not in uah... and I wrote you yesterday that to make a transfer you need my home address, but not address of bank. Because I can get money in any bank, closer to my work or to my home, that's why address of the bank is not needed, as money can be received in any bank, where such services are.
You know, I wanted to tell that I so openly began to talk with you about my feelings, that this worried me a little yesterday. I understand that this stream of internal emotions that you call from me can not be stopped already.... On the one hand, I want to tell you about this endlessly! But on the other hand, it seems to me that I become defenseless before you, opening my heart to you. For so long time I have not let anyone in since the pain from previous betrayals made me protect myself from new disappointments. Love is the most beautiful thing that can happen to us, it can change and fill the lives of two people with great happiness, goodness and joyful moments. But at the same time it makes us vulnerable... Therefore, I am overwhelmed at the same time with these cherished feeling and tremendous fear. Fear of pain. I know that I have no reason not to trust you for now, I am writing this to you only so that you understand what a serious and trembling step for me to confess to you about my feelings!
In any case, I can no longer restrain my love for you, which grows stronger every day. Of course, this is a big risk for me, but I'm ready to go on it no matter what! Because, what I feel for you now is very difficult to convey in words, it absorbs me and my thoughts in an absolute. My love for you is like a flame that begins to flare up with every letter you send to me! I am grateful to you for this beautiful state of my soul and mind. This is the state of inner harmony that gives me these infinitely happy days. What a pleasant feeling. Love is the greatest power in the world! People for ages tried to describe this notion and so many words was written, but the best way to understand it just to feel. It can not be confused with anything))
Love gives new strength to overcome all difficulties, it brings an abundance of bright colors to our lives which makes it delightful. Love is... for me is everything! I understand that this is only the birth of this strong and all-encompassing feeling and you are so far away.. and there are so many more we have to overcome, but for now I enjoy every minute this warmth inside of me.
For me this is the first time, to experience such emotions from a distance and I am very worried when I write these lines. You make my heart beat harder. I almost do not breathe in anticipation of your words to me....
But dear, I do not know what average salary is, but my is not big.. in my small town I earn about 170$ and that is hard to make ends meet with this money, but we have what we have... also you can send me as much photos as you wish, but I cannot send you a lot, cause I simply do not have camera on my phone.
Thanks one more time for trying to make a present and I miss by such attention enough time, but now I have you ;) :*
Kiss and hug,
yours... Tatyana!
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