Letter(s) from Larisa Radchenko to Bob (USA)

Letter 1

Good day Bob,

Your reply creats a smile on my face! I am glad to hear you again. It means that our communication will continue and may grow into something more. In previous letter I forgot to say that my intentions are serious in our corresponding. I am looking for my one and only second half. I am sure that it has hiden somewhere in this world, as I didn't find it in Ukraine. I am serious, family-minded person, loving and caring woman.

What do you know about Ukraine? Why did you decided to look for woman here? I was always interested in different cultures and people, but unfortunately I didn't travel much. In former USSR every year we went to the seaside with my mother, but as soon as it was broken we didn't have any ability to do that again. Only the last year I managed to arrive with my girlfriend to Crimea for one week. But certainly now there has much changed in the worse party. But it already questions of ecology.

Everything has changed in economics of our country and of course, in our life either. My mother worked as teacher all her life long and I also decided to continue our family deal: I wrote that I have a pedagogical degree. But at present moment this profession isn't prestigious any more. Never the less, I love children very much and every morning gladly go to my work. I work at the kindergarten already 5 years and this work brings me a lot of pleasure. In future I want to have 2 children and I am sure that I will be a very good mother for them, and wonderful wife for my future husband. This is my dream. And what is the dream of your life? Maybe it is the same as mine?

I guess, it's interesting for you to know why did I decide to look for fate in Internet. At first I must say that I am sure that fateof everyone is in his own hands. Some friends of mine have foudn their soulmates through internet and already have left to another countries, they have wonderful families and husbands. They are happy there. As I wasn't lucky here to find my beloved person, I decided to meet him in internet and I really hope that this is possible.

I had attitudes with one young man in my city, but these attitudes were finished for me is very sad. I probably already spoke, that I do not love treachery and a deceit, I try to see all best in the person, that it itself represents. But very much frequently I am mistaken in people and it delivers to me a pain. I have already felt this pain, but also I do not want to lose hope for the best and is tired from loneliness. As I have already told, some my girlfriends have found the happiness on the Internet and when they came to our city on a visit to the parents I saw their happy eyes and vital energy. It can be valid in other countries the big role the culture, mentality and in general plays the attitude of people to each other? You see in our country because of heavy and poor life people became unfriendly, malicious and false..... It is very hard to see and feel It on itself. I probably have tired you with the ideas, but I have got used to open soul and to trust people. I would like, that we with you became much more close to each other. I notice, that your letter I looked forward also alarm....... This new feeling and it is pleasant to me.)))))) I very much would not want, that our correspondence stopped, let we will have happy continuation. Probably I a romantic nature, excuse, if it tires you.

That's all for now. I wish you to have a nice day! I am looking foreard to your reply!
Sincerely, Larisa

Letter 2

Hello my dear Bob,

Again I apologize for long delay with my letter. This is such a siquance of conditions. I am very sorry about that, as I also have a big desire to write you more often. If I could, I would sit here in internet for hours and communicate with you. But you know, I guess I didn't count my abilities well. I didn't know that it woudl be so complicated for me to write. I iwll try to explain. You already know about weak situation with our Ukrainian economics. It influences all our life. I work a lot, sometimes in two shiefts but it doesn't help me much. It will sound strange, but our teacher, especially at the kindergarten, are considered to be poor people, because we get wage that is lower then our life minimum. It is enough only to pay for the flat, electricity and there is a little left for food for couple of days. That's why we must work on several jobs. But this is very little money that I may earn this way. And now I don't know what I can do else, to be able to earn mo! re, as internet and interpreter's work cost much and this is out of my abilities to pay for it. I thought I woudl cope with this but I can't. Tell me, what should I do? I don't want stop our communication and don't want break up our relations. I already dream about our future meeting and relations. I really hopes that all would be well between us. But now I see that I have no ability to write you, because I have no money for that. I really hope for your understanding. Maybe you can help me some how in this situation? One more time, I feel like we have a good chance for future but my abilities to continue our correspondence ran out. My heart is breaking for parts and I am afraid of loosing you. You must trust me, as our relations have to be built on mutual understanding and trust. I have never wanted to lie to you, as I know that it may cause pain. I was hurt in my life many times and i would never hurt anyone.

I hope much for your understanding, support, please, respond me in any case, whatever you think. I have tears in my eyes...
Sincerely, Larisa
P.S. As to our meeting I for the financial reasons can not arrive to you, but we with mum shall be glad you to meet here.

Letter 3

Hello my Sweet Bob!

Many thanks to you for understanding and trust. If it is fair, I expected your letter with trembling and fear. It is very hard for me to admit the weakness, but in this case it appeared it is necessary. But you have correctly understood me and this most important. The most important, that you too are interested in me that is I to you am not indifferent. It so is pleasant and so it is fine. You very fine and noble person and it only confirm that your image which I have created for myself.

Unfortunately I can not offer you anything except for the fidelity, love and beauty. But I shall try to make so that you in me was never disappointed. It can high words, but now they go from my heart. It is too many at me was before disappointments and a pain that now I could not believe that all can be fine.

I once again thank you for those kind words, that you have written. I would like you to ask, if you have such opportunity, there came to me please 60-80 dollars. For me it will be the big help. Certainly I shall not take offence at you if you will give up to me. I understand, that problems can be not only at me. The main thing for me is to not lose each other up to our meeting when we completely can confirm our mutual sympathies to each other.

But if you will send me this money it will be really small pleasure in my life. The most important, that it will proceed from you.

I can send you a x-copy of the passport because I am not going to deceive you and I have nothing to hide from you.

I not absolutely understand as to send money, but here I have got acquainted with the girl who half-year corresponds with the beloved from America. It to it sends money through Western Union. She speaks, that it is reliable also money come this very day. The address of the addressee is necessary only. Learn please about Western Union. my address
Larisa Radchenko
Ul. Stroiteley 56-38,
Poltava region

Only I should warn you that you did not send money in an envelope. At us the poor country and that more - less valuable is in an envelope or a parcel(sending), necessarily disappears and never will reach the addressee.

I with impatience wait your following letter with good news.))) I very much hope and I shall make all that at us all was good.
I kiss you..............

Letter 4

Hello my Darling Bob!

Today at us target and I have come to look your letter. A thank, that has written. I always with fear open the letter box, because I am afraid there to see emptiness. Presently it is very complex to find the man, which suited you in all. But it seems, that we very much approach each other and I very much am afraid of you to lose. At us many girls correspond with the men from the different countries, wait for them, but sometimes men simply cease by him to write and then here it is possible to see tears and large grief. But I hope, that at me such will not be.

Thank for your care, that you have not overlooked about my request. You speak to correspond through Ikar? But I do not understand about what you speak. Here is necessary to me money. I in Internet-cafe should pay services Internet and interpreter. At what here Ikar? You see I do not have house of the computer.

As to convenient bank, I shall specify such.
MIRA ST., 18


You ask a x-copy of my passport, I shall send you it tomorrow, because now I did not take my passport. I am not offended, that you it i?i?eou, I all understand and as I am not going you to deceive, all I shall send. There can be tomorrow you will write to me the letter and at you something will turn out with Western Union, for ao?a I shall come to look your letter and I shall write to you. Well? A thank to you for all. I very much wait for you and willows in perfect......
Yours Larisa

Letter 5

Hello my Sweet Bob!

I have received today money!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was such fine surprise for me. Thank you huge. My pleasure! First I worried, but when have come on Western union, there there were very polite people. They have told to me, that it is necessary to fill and have given out money. All was very simple and fast. So today at me a small holiday.)))) I now want to go and buy to mum something tasty that also it it was pleasant. I once again thank you, my lovely. Thank you that you at me are....
Yours Larisa

Letter 6

Hello my Sweet Bob!

Thank mine precious for your kind words. At us very hot weather now began. It is very complex even to go along the street, and to work in general difficultly. I with the large work have reached here to write to you. Because I know. That you worry. I do not have special news. I am very serious to you I treat, I believe in you and I think. That at us all should turn out.

The next week me send in children's camp for two weeks. At us it is obligatory years(summer) improvement with children. So I prepare slightly to have a rest with children on wood air. This camp is far behind city near woods. It is unique my news. I hope, you will for me miss?))))

As soon as I shall come, I at once shall write to you. But I hope to see some your letters after my arrival. I love you and very much I wait. Write about the plans.