Scam letter(s) from Mills Kilton to Charlie (Canada)

Letter 1
Hi there Bruno.. How was your night..? I believe you slept well as I did.. I feels you got to bed worried because you was not happy about that agency getting me the ticket but all the same let just hope I have it on Thursday and get in the flight coming to you coming weekend.. I really don't want to miss my coming and there is only one thing I Will like you to do for me that why I told you about my family lawyer want to see me this weekend which I can't go all because I don't want to missed the flight to you Bruno.. I remember you telling me you don't like to be ask money and stuff which I'm never going to break that rules no matter what.. The problem right now is that the family lawyer wasn't me to come and sigh for next of kign of my late dad's will and if I can't make it I have to wait for next year January and and also there are some funds they have to release for me for long which I can't wait for for January but he assure me he will work on anything to allow the company to release the money to me but he need a good saving bank account to do that which I'm not sure whom to trust to help me with that account but since you have been a good person to me I wanted to let you know and see if you can do something about it for me to be able to use your account within the weeks for the transaction because of I fail to get thois funds it going to take me long again Bruno.. It not that much money about 50K.. Don't know how to explain to you in chat that why I'm sending you this long note so let me know if. You read that and don't understand something and ask me when you done reading it Bruno... Still looking forward to join you hugs xox Kilton
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