Scam letter(s) from Elana Ovsienko to Gordon (UK)

Letter 1
Hi unknown friend!Lets talk about why we are here!:-)
I'm looking for...And you??
My name is Vika, and I live in Kiev (capital of Ukraine).
I would like to tell you more about me and
to know more about you...If you are interested - write me and I'll answer you with detail letter and pics!
With the best wishes
Letter 2
Hi Gordon!Thanks a lot for your letter!
shortly about me:you know, that my name is Vika:-))
I work office manager in building company,live with my mom...Ofcourse I had relationships with men, but unfortunately, I see, to built a house it's more easy, then to build a good relations:-)...
But I want to try!I hope, it will be success:-)It's autumn now, but I think it's a good time for start!What do you think about?:-)
tell me , please about your life...your everyday life...And all what you want to tell me about you:-))
take care
Vika ICQ 114397468
Letter 3
hello Gordon!
And How are you doing !There are such a lot people in Internet...And each looking for another one...We all are trying to find another,one and only,with whom wants to live,to die...Lets try!
I think, if we are intended for each other, we soon shall feel it:-)So, I'm starting:-)
Ofcourse to tell about myself it's difficult.
Well...:-)I'm good girl:-)Don't smoke, drink sometimes (I like good dry wine).
I create a beauty around me:I raise flowers!:-)And adore to do it!
As I wrote, I live with mom. Her name is Maria, she is very kind(I think, like all moms in the world).And I know, that in my hard times she always support me. Also I have an elder brother Victor,he has family. And also live in Kiev.
I want to close now...Please, write me, what you like in women best of all,and what you dislike in women?
waiting for news from you
take care
Letter 4

hello Gordon! how are you doing?I'm hope, you are well!
> You are a very beautiful mocu> and attractive woman in all your photographs
thanks !
mocu> but I still do not know which mocu> photo you are now?
mocu> You play games with me ;-)
maybe you are wriing to too many girls, and it's difficult for your to remember all pics:-)))
I've read your letter with a big attention...
It's very important for me to feel you, to try to know you from your letters...
I also want to tell you what is important for me...I think...
It's important not to be alone in this life, ofcourse, it's possible to be strong, very strong person, but one day you feel an emptiness inside your soul...There should be a person against whom you can lean, to get his help and his arms. If you understand my English...
About my hobbies: as wrote I like flowers...In generally don't have much free time...On the rest I like to be on nature. Oh!I forgot, I adore horse riding!And I like to travel!(Ofcourse everyones like to travel:-)
Well...I will close now:-)
Waiting for new letter from you
with the best wishes
Letter 5
Hi,Gordon!How are you doing? Its me, Vika.
I would like to know, if you want to continue our correspondance???? wait for your answer
with the best wishes
Letter 6
Hello Gordon!how are you doing?Thanks for your letter and pics!Do you like billard???Me too!!!!!Lets play together!:-)))
I'm OK only the weather is TERRIBLE!..The rain and wind all time,and I dream about warm summer...
By the way I forgot to tell you:I like to cook !!!:_)I hate fast food, it's very unhealthy,but I want to stay young and beautifull:-))I like to spend my free time on picnik with friends.Do you know, what is "shashlik"?It's like BBQ, only seat is strunged on swords and fried on open fire.It's so tasty:-)
I love my friends, but you understand...One of them, even the best can't replace the man.Ofcourse in ideal I would like that my man will be my best friend.How do you think, is it possible?:-)
My weekend was very funny, because on Sunday my brother had birthday.
wait for a message from you
with the best wishes
Letter 7
Hi Gordon!How are you??? I'm OK, because today is Friday!!!!:-))))))
but...we have a real fall now...And my mood is not very good now:-(
It's rain and windly...What is your mood now?
well:-)I would like also to continue my story...I was born in Kiev and had compiled an institute in Kiev, it was economical department.
My private life...Ofcourse I met with men,(with one of them I spend 6 years) but none of them didn't tell me:"Stay with me, keep me,be with me in anytime of my life..." May be they weren't my fate???And my another half still waiting for me??How do you think?:-) Tell me,please, about your favorite books and movies!! waiting for news from you and waiting for pics with your cut hairs!!!-)
Letter 8
Hi dear Gordon!Just a short note, I've catched a cold and fell my self badly a few days...:-(((I'm staying at home,because have a hight temperature...But I even came to PC, because want to write you!;-)))How are you??Please, let me know...
I'm very weak now, but hope, to write you a letter soon.
but now see below my answers to you
wait for a leter from you!
kiss from
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