Romance scam letter(s) from Anna Derkach to Frank (USA)
Letter 1
Hello my new friend Frank!
Several men have written me, but I am very glad only to your letter
I do not know how to explain it, but you have liked me very much
I waited for the letter from you.
I am very glad, that you not leave my letter without the answer.
I am very glad to have such friend, as you.
I want to tell to you about myself.
I want, that we have found out each other better
Probably it is destiny? Probably we are necessary each other?
If is no, I think, that we can become the good friends.
I speak and write on English, but I do mistakes.
But you do not pay attention to it. I shall study.
And can you even help me with it ?
I want tell slightly about myself.
My name is Elena. I live in Russia, in city - Novosibirsk.
I certainly love my country and not want to speak about it poorly.
But me much does not suit here.
I write you about it later.
I was born and has grown here.
I was the very vigorous and inquisitive girl.
Now to me 27 years and I already to work.
I work as a saleswoman in shop of the sports goods
My work not difficult, but it occupy a lot of time.
I love it work.
You have not got tired yet to read my letter?
I would like to tell about myself more
Probably you interested my physical data? ok!
My age is 27 years. My height is 5 '6' (1,68 sm) and my weight is 130 lbs. (59kg).
I am single. I have not children. I nonsmoker and drink sociality.
I take care about my appearance and my health.
Hair - blond. Eyes - brown
Write more about itself, I want to find out you is more
I'm dreaming about my own family, my beloved husband and to have children with him in the future.
I think that our purposes coincide, and you want it most too.
Let's try to get to know each other better and let's try our chance.
Now I very much get tired and I shall write about itself in the following letter.
I shall wait from you the letter and information on you.
I send you a photos, I hope, that it was pleasant to you.
Please send me yours photos.
Letter 2
Hi Frank!
Thank you for fine pictures, I enjoyed you.
You very attractive male.
Likely it is interesting for you, why I write to you?
I want to get acquainted with the decent man.
I want, that he was fair and attentive to me.
I want, that there was a mutual understanding.
I had sad experience with the one male.
He deceived me with other woman, and I was disappointed in our males.
I not want, that it to repeat.
I like to travel very much. I have never been abroad before.
I dream to find my love and be happy together.
I want to visit you in to better find out each other
But I not want to make mistakes. I want to learn about you more.
I think you to understand me.
It doesn't matter for me, where my love is from, the main thing, is to love, care, match each other and be happy together.
Don't you think so? I'm real particular about what I want in a man, but I have real strong convictions about marriage and monogamy.
Of course I want handsome, but that's just a response to the initial introduction to anyone. The first attraction is appearance.
But beauty is fleeting and what really matter is who the person is inside.
I want the person to be intelligent and lively with a sense of humor.
I think we've got a good chance to know each other better...
I want tell you about my family.
I live with together with the mum
My father has died, when to me was 15 years, I grieve without him very much
I love and to respect my mum.
She works as the secretary in small firm
To us is very bad without the father, but my mum has overcome this trouble and lives for the sake of me
Well, will suffice about sad
Tell to me about your family, about weather, what music to like you
I want to find out about you the all!
I write the letters from the Internet of cafe, so be not upset, if I shall not answer
your the letter at once, ok?
I shall wait with impatience your next letter and miss you!!!!
Your Elena
Letter 3
Hi my friend Frank!
Thank for your answer, I am so glad to get your letter again!
I constantly think of you!
With each new letter we closer and closer to each other and we more learn each other.
I think, that it is correct?
You know, for me marriage it is not only mutual living together under one roof, but also mutual understanding.
I suppose marriages are made on the heavens and here, on the Earth we are looking for our second halves.
I'd like to believe that you are my half. I think that in person the most important is his soul, but appearance is only a cover, and under it there's our existence.
I dream my Beloved never betray me, I am not jealous and I think that the jealous is the poor attribute of the soul.
One should trust to each other. It's my point of view. May be it's false, but it's my thought.
I would like to send you a card on your home address
Write to me your full address and I shall make it
Nevertheless it is not so convenient, as it seems to me
In the first, letters will go very long, and there is an every prospect, that the letter will be stolen.
I want to warn you that the Russian mail unreliable very much
The people speaks that the international letters very seldom reach addressee.
So you not surprise, that my letters too can not reach you.
But it seems to me that is easier to communicate through the Internet
My dear Frank, also I want to tell you, that I would like to speak with you by the phone
I hope, that it's a good idea, really?
I want to hear your voice, I hope that you want to hear my voice too.
But unfortunately, I don't have the telephone in our apartment, because it very expensive to establish the telephone
I wanted to give you number of an office, but unfortunately our telephone is not equipped with functions of the international negotiations.
It works only in our city.
I shall search for a way that we could communicate on the phone, even if it will be some words, but for me it will be very important!
I want continue with you the relation, and I trust, that all can be very well.
Though between us so a lot of distance, and I want see you beside me and speak with you.
While it only my dreams also should return a reality.
I would be grateful to you, if you will write to me in your next e-mail about your enthusiasms and about your hobbies
Ok, allow me to finish my e-mail
I will wait for your next message!
Please, write me soon!
Your Elena
Letter 4
Hi my dearest Frank!
How are you? How mood? I think, that at you all is good.
I shall ask the God, that you were healthy and is happy.
I am so happy to hear from you.
I really like you more and more after each your letter.
You know I would be so happy if you find out I am the woman you are searching for.
Well, I want tell you, that my heart began beat more often, when I think of you!!!!
I want to feel you, your gentle sight, your a smile, your hands.
I so require in heat and care and I think, that I ask not so much.
I search clean love and romanticism in the relations.
I love when all is beautiful, perfectly, is gentle and it is romantic!!!
Desire have family favorite man beside, feeling care and constant support in difficult minute, that aspire each man in life and I too.
I really like your letters and feel that you can make the w! oman of your dreams happy.
You have stolen my heart.v
Your words are like a sun ray, which take the dark clouds in the sky!
But such a dark life now - very dark. It's really so pleasant for me to get your letter!
From your letter to me I understood that you are very sincere and kind person.
Unfortunately there are very few men such as you in our country.
I am sure that our relations will start with sincerity and of course with trust to each other?
I hope very much that our relations will be good and that we'll be able to trust to each other the most our personal wishes.
I want to see your pleasure and share it with you.
I want to know what make you happy?
I shall try to do the utmost for you that you were happy
Please give me chance to make it!!!
Give me chance again feel by the favorite and fond woman.
I start to be pleased lifes, and this pleasure is connected with you that we have found each other.
You - remarkable male!
Wit! h such male as you, I would agree to lead all life
I know, that it is possible to rely on you, I completely trust you and I know that such male as you, never me deceive.
The deceit is the most bad character trait of the person, it at all does not decorate the person!
Probably it is interesting to you, why I in general began to correspond with you?
I can tell you only one.
Understand me I can not find male in Russia, which loved me and respected.
As one wise man has told " when we live we are in search, in search that who can go with you on vital ways, because to one to go very much and very much Difficultly. "
I think what you agree with me?
I understand that very much It is difficult to understand that I write,
but you forgive me as I sometimes use by the translator and consequently probably there are mistakes in translation.
I studied English at university and I can speak, but to write in English at me there is no time In the Internet of c! afe.
For this reason I use by the interpreter, it is fast and it is simple.
I wait for your letters and I can tell that they became for me more than simply e-mail
It much greater.
I think of you very often and I recollect all letters which you wrote to me.
In them I see many warmth and kindness. I want to hope, that I am not indifferent to you too.
Please write to me as much as possible, I like reading your letters and communication with you makes me very happy and I look forward to it.
It is also very exiting to believe that perhaps someday we might actually meet.
I shall wait for your answer.
I send you the new photo
I hope it is pleasant for you
Your Elena.
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