Romance scam letter(s) from Kristina Adooshkina to Bob (USA)
Letter 1
Hello Bob,
I'm glad that you've paid attention to my profile, I like your photo very much.
And now I'd like to write more about myself.I've finished choreographic school and institute of the foreign languages( with the last I have more perspectives in Russia).I can speak English and German.
I go in for sport. I also like reaing books,dancing and cooking.I'm kind,buoyant,romantic and optimistic by nature.I like children and nature.I enjoy observing sunset.My cherished dream is to see faraway countries,to learn customs and traditions of the other people.
When I have enough time I try to take part in different cultural activities like theatres,exhibitions,concerts.I have actually lots of interests,one letter can't contain all of them. I'm the only chiled in my family, but it doesn't mean that I'm egoistic person, as many people think about
those who don't have a brother or a sister.
I love my family. For me it is the model of true love and sincere relationships. And I wish my own family to be the same. First of all, I'm looking for a man with serious
intentions.I want to find my second half the sooner the better, because I have nobody except my family
to love me and to care about me.And I extremely need warm, serious relationships.
Now you got the picture. I believe it helps you to know me better. Now I need more details about you, just some things which can help me to know you better.I attach my new photo to the letter.
If you don't forget Siberian Lady whom you devoted your message and if you have something to tell me,please reply me.
Bob I don't remember the song you sent me.
your Kristi
Letter 2
Hello Bob,
thank you for your letter and your photo, I like it very much.
Dear I want to inform you in advance that my letters can be sent in two-three days after receiving yours. You see I don't have the computer at home.
And I use Internet Cafe service. I will try to answer you back as soon as possible, but I can't go there every day.
If you need more details I can say that I live with my family( mother,father,I and my cat Alice) on the outskirts of Siberian town Omsk (Do you hear this name?). We are not surrounded by bears and penguins like many foreigners tend to think.
My town is neither small no big.As for sightseeings, such as theatres,old buildings,parks,historical places,there are a lot of them in my town. But I get accustomed to them as I live here from my birth. We live on the top in the 9 storyed block of flats.
We have a small flat here. Own houses or cottages are a luxury for most people in Russia.
What else I didn't mention? Except English I have a reasonable working knowledge of German language.
I read Russian literature as well as English and American.(originals and translations) I like such authers as John Updike, Verginia Woolf,James Joice,S.Maugham,E. Hemingway and many others.
Although, I like diskos and clubs I don't attend them very often, because I don't like the companies there.I don't smoke and drink alcohol, just a little bit champagne on holidays.
Dear I'm interested in everything that concerns you tell me what books do you like? What is to your mind the most important thing in relations between a man and a woman?
Unfortunately I have no telephone at all, but if you wish to hear my voice we can find the way.
I have my birthday on 30th of March.
The place of birth Omsk.
The time of birth 12a.m.
My full name is Adooshkina Kristina
I don't know about Synastry analysis. Could you explain me what does it mean?
The earth goes round not only Frank Sinatra.
Letter 3
Hello my Dear Bob,
Thanks that you don't forget about me.
I love reading your letters, and I never feel bore when reading them.
It was very interesting for me to know more about your country. How did you spend this summer?
For me this summer was very productive and very short.
I've finished my study in the university, then I spent a great time in Sochi.
Now I have a group of children, whom I teach English. In my spare time I try to communicate with people(like now for example) and to be close to the nature. I have many friends because I'm companionable, vivid and have a sense of humour. The weather is warm now, my friends and I have a lot of picnics on the bank of Irtish.
At the present time I'm also involved into capital repair of my flat.
You should have seen me when I wallpapered my room. It was my first experience. It looked ridiculous!
Oh I can't talk about it more.
Dear in spite of variety of friends and different activities I feel loneliness sometimes, even when I'm surrounded by my best friends. Do you know this feeling?
I need my soulmate, the person who I can love with all my passionate.
People know me as open-minded,energetic,frank. But there are some things which I can't tell even my best friends, I can share them only with my secod half.
Don't be afraid, nothing criminal, just my dreams, thoughts,feelings.
Dear I like you very much, of course it's too early to predict our future but I hope that we can build something beautiful together. What do you think?
My ideas about fun, so...
I would like to climb mountains together with my beloved.
I would like to have a candle-light dinner with him
Dancing is also very enjoiable.
jumping with parachute must be very cool
Driving at a high speed
Swimming naked under the moon
Did you compare our astrological birth charts?
My photo was made in Omsk
Reply soon
Your Kristi
Letter 4

Hello Dear Bob,
Thank you for your precious attention. You are always in my mind.
I would like to answer you earlier, but I couldn't do it.
In the very beginning of last week I caught a cold and I was confined to bed with a high temperature. I think it happened because I was standing for a long time on the bus stop, in the day before waiting for a transport. the weather was far from being warm and sunny.
It was very cold and windy. So this week was extremely boring I just watched TV and read some books and magazines, trying to amuse myself. I missed my friends and my dear pupils, but the most of all I missed you.
I began to work again from Monday and when I saw the interest and gladness in the eyes of my pupils
I felt proud and pleasure from the work did.
Today I came to the agency and saw your letter. I have no words to describe my happiness and delight. I appreciate that you always remember about me.
Keep in touch
Your Kristi
Letter 5
Hello Dear Bob,
How are you?
Thank you for your letter.
I'm so happy now to return back to life. The weather is fine, my mood is fine and your letters make me so happy.
Today I've finished my work and came to the agency. I see many girls here, who hope to find their soul mates by means of internet. May be you can't understand why we can't find a Russian men, to create family and be happy. But for intelligent and educated girl it is really a problem. Because most guys now become drug addicted or alcohol addicted, and have simple interests and they don't try to grow in to a real men. They are not interested in serious relations and don't respect women.
It is absolutely impossible to find something in common with them. Most men over 25 are married.
I'm glad that we became friends I have discovered that I am starting to look forward to your letters very much.
I keep checking my e-mail, hoping that you have written.
Dear Bob, sorry if I forgot to write something.
What about leisure, when I have free time I prefer to spend it with my friends, because I'm a very sociable person.
I also like to go somewhere for example to watch a new film in the cinema or to dance in the club.
I don't watch TV very often, but I read a lot, mostlty classic or fantasy. I go in for sport too.
You can ask me any questions I will be very glad to answer them.
I'm looking forward to your answer
Your Kristi
Letter 6
Hello Bob,
Today is Wednesday and it is dark and raining outside. I don't like this weather as it is cold and very windy.
It is probably the weather for romance because you can hold your partner and keep warm.
In days like this I wish I had somebody to talk to and share such romantic experiences with.
Do you like rainy weather? What are you thinking about, looking at the rain?
I didn't say that all Russian men are bad.
My ideas of fun:
Climbing the mountains. I had an experience of climbing the mountains, but it was one year ago and the mountain was only 600 metres above the sea level. What I found interesting this mountain has very unusual name cow. I'm sure that you didn't hear about it.
It is situated in Kazakhstan. I liked the view from the top, however I was a bit shocked. I would like to continue this experiece seriously with all needful equipment.
Driving at high speed.
Candle light dinners and bath with bubbles.
Dancing all night long.
Swimming naked under the moon.
making surprises and shoking people.
So this is some of my ideas of fun. Do you like them?
I send you my new photo in short skirt, as you wish.
I'm looking fotward to your letter.
Your Kristi
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