Scam letter(s) from Oksana Smolenkova to Ed (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Ed!
I am glad to see your answer
I am sure, that you the interesting person and attractive the man
It is always very pleasant for me to receive your letters
Ed it is excellent, that you such what I represented
To itself an ideal
The man of my dream
I want to send you the photo
1 photos it is made by summer.
And with a dog I have made a photo more recently
I hope it to like you
I hope that now you can represent in more detail me externally
Whether and to decide I approach you
Ed I want to tell to you about to what I present joint lives with beloved
Perhaps you see her as that differently, and will tell to me
That you would want in a joint life
Probably the most important for me this that
That there was a mutual understanding in attitudes
Love, fidelity, care, and sincerity
And also fidelity
Probably it is the most important qualities in attitudes between the man and the woman
What do you think of it Ed?
I am not rich Ed and I cannot pay trip to you
And if you will want our meeting
That to you is necessary to help me
To me your money are not necessary for me you are necessary only
I speak you it that you did not think of me poorly
I sincerely to speak you the truth
In fact I cannot wait any more
And very much I want to see you
Whether you want it I know Ed
I am glad that you want children
I too very much want to have children
The boy and the girl
I would like to see a photo your daughter
Ed I want to set to you some personal questions
That you think if your bride will be from Russia
And as you see me as the bride
Tell please more in detail about it.
You too can ask me questions. I shall try to answer them sincerely.
On it I want to finish the letter
I shall write to you again is fast
My friend Ed With hope
Letter 2
Hello my love Ed
Please forgive me
That did not write to you recently
Ed I laid in hospital
I had nervous breakdown, there was a strong weakness
Doctors have told that from for shortages of vitamins
And that that I was constantly on nerves
From for it I had a dizziness and I have lost consciousness
Ed I very much love you and I want to be with you
I very much experienced from for that that I can not find money
On trip to you
I went to bank and again asked them to give to me the credit
But to me have again given up also I directly in bank has lost consciousness and me have taken away in hospital
So you are a pity to me that so far from me
That I am not rich and I can not allow to buy to myself the ticket
Ed today I was in a travel company
To me found the cheapest ticket
Me does not suffice only 372 $ to buy this ticket
Please the help to me
And to send me 372 $ today or tomorrow
I should pay for the ticket up to Monday
And then on Tuesday I shall come to you!!!!!
I very much like to experience you strongly also I
I cannot live without you my love Ed
I ask you the help to me
The help to me to buy this cheap ticket more likely
Loved it is necessary for me only 372 $
It is the cheapest ticket
And I do not want to lose this chance so cheaply to arrive to you
It is very a shame to me that I ask you about the help
But I tried everywhere to search money
I have found very little
But me found the cheap ticket
And I need to find only 372 $
To buy this ticket and to go to you
And I to beg you that you have helped me
Also has more likely sent me 372 $
Please understand as our meeting is important for me
As I love you him I want to be with you
I have all papers to go in your country
I need to buy the ticket only
When I shall come to you I shall work
And I shall give you this money
The most important we shall be together
I shall be with you, to like you to look after you
I never met such people as you
And I shall love you all my life
I want to be your wife
I want to be with you
It is very hard for me
It is very hurt me that we not together
I ask you make to me pleasant
The help to me to arrive to you and to be with you!!!!!!
Send me as soon as possible 372 $
To send money through WESTERN UNION
For my name
My address
155600, the Russian Federation,
Ivanovo area,
The city of Shuya,
Street streleckaya,
The house. 5, an apartment 1
Oksana Smolenkova Ed to receive money I should know your full address and a full name
I hope that in your following letter
You will write to me that have sent money
And I shall buy this cheap ticket and I shall come to you
Please forgive me that I am not rich
Forgive me if I than that has offended you
Know that I very much love you
Also I shall always love you
Anybody is not necessary for me in this world
I have you
And only with you I shall be happy
I want to be yours to be your wife
I die without you
To me it be very hurt that all of us yet together
I ask you Ed
Please send me as soon as possible 372 $
And then on Tuesday I shall be with you
I pay, on my eyes of tear
I very much to thank the god that I have found you
You my ideal and I want to live for the sake of you
But you are very hurt and hard for me that so far
Also that I am not rich
And I cannot buy the ticket
Therefore I ask you that you have helped me to buy this ticket
Also has sent me as soon as possible 372 $
I hope that today you to send me of money
Also you will tell to me it in the following letter
Please forgive me if I than that has offended you
Know that I love you and I shall always like Kisses
Yours Oksana
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