Romance scam letter(s) from Tatyana Tarasova to Dave (Australia)
Letter 1
Hello my love Dave I very much waited for your answer. But I still didn't get your letters... I think it is because of our server as to me told, to me told, that may be you didn't get my last letters, because here were some problems... But ok, I hope that all is fine!!!
Some days ago I spoke about us with you with Ulya.
We spoke about you much, and she has told, that since our feelings are mutual that we should meet.
Yes, I know, that she rights.
Only the meeting can help to develop to us our relations.
We can speak in letters, but in letters very difficultly write about feelings.
Only when we shall meet we can understand and feel our feelings completely.
I very much love you and I do not want to torment you.
Therefore today I have decided to take the first step.
I thought, that you will be glad, if I shall arrive to you.
Today I have found the announcement of travel agency in the newspaper.
I called to them and I have learned, what documents are necessary: 1. Medical test.
2. Two photos (5x5).
3. The insurance.
4. The information from work.
5. Documents about the real estate.
6. The certificate of birth. When I shall give agency all these documents they can issue for me the passport for travel abroad and visa.
But when they have told to me, that I should pay 380 dollars for registration of documents... I was in a shock.
I have no such money.
And I do not know what to do now.
I did not know, that for payment of documents is necessary so many money.
I very much love you... I so wanted to see you.
My God, why all depends on money?
I was very happy, but now I am very sad.
Because I cannot arrive to you.
I should go, I hope that you will write to me and your letter will to warm my heart.
I love you. Your Love Tanya
Letter 2
Hello my love Dave Oh, my dear Dave, I was so happy to get at last your letters!!!
Really, my love I didn't think that my letters could to get you so long time...
I thought that you simply very busy with your wonderful girls!!!
My dear Dave, you know that your beautiful angel Jessica wrote me a letter and asked me to answer on some questions.
This letter for Jessica:
Say her, that I like pets, I like cats and dsogs, but in my home wasn't any dogs, just was one day a very beautiful cat, he had white colour. But one day, he ran from home, walk on street and after it, we never saw him, it was so hard for us with Uliya that we decided didn't take any pets...
But my parents have cats!!! Her name is Murka, it is very pure and smart cat.
About snow things, yes, we like to do anything from snow!!! It is wonderful!!!
But now, I haven't time, I am very busy with work, but when I was also as Jessica I liked it very much!!!!
It is very wonderful!!! We liked to make a big snowballs, we staid them one on other, and made face.
It was as a man, and after it we decorated it. Was very interesting!!! My darling I wish to continue what I found out today...
I could not find a place because I very much suffer.
You do not know as I cried at work.
I was seen by my girlfriend which has asked me why I cried.
I have told to her all.
She has told to me if our feelings so are strong that we should meet.
And she has told to me, that probably you can help me.
She has told, that you the man and that you should undertake financial expenses.
As we have mutual feelings.
She has told, that man should eliminate all problems.
She is more senior than me and has bigger life experience, than I.
I have told, that I do not know, but possible, that so.
Still she has told, that if I so want to see you I should ask your help.
I want to ask you to help me to pay for my documents.
I hope, that you can find this sum of 380 dollars.
In the newspaper we have found phone of bank which serves the international remittances.
The name of bank " Western Union ".
We have this bank in our city.
To me have told that this bank has cities of all world.
I hope that you have this bank in your city.
To me have told, that this information is necessary for the sender: First name: Tatyana - you should write my name so so it is written in my Russian passport. Last name: Tarasova The country: Russia Receiver (i.e. I your Tanya), should know:
Your full post home address.
Full name First name and Last name - you should write it so so it is written in your passport.
Still you should inform me a secret code from 10 numbers.
You can find out this code in bank or in the receipt.
I very much want to meet you and I hope that you can make all for our meeting.
I with alarm shall wait for your answer because from you now depends not only our meeting,
but also our life. Your Loved Tanya
Letter 3
Hello my dear Dave!!!
I just got your letter, I got your letter at this beautiful morning!!!
My dear, I just go on my work, about which you asked me.
Dave, my lovely Dave, yes certainly, I have work, but I think I can to take a holiday at this time.
Because later, I will be able to take additional time for holiday.
At summer, by which time I hope to come back, if all will not go as we shall wish.
My dear, at this time, I will go to my parents, I never was an abroad, I very much would like to meet you Dave!!!
It seems to me that it is necessary to meet now because for me it not absolutely simply to save money for the Internet of cafe,
And I am afraid to lose the correspondence with you...
My dear Dave, yes I very much wish that we have met you now at this time,
It is spring and as I have learned in travel agency, at this time, price for tickets it is not so expensive as it will be at summer time...
Darling, on my work I will be able to take a holiday, because I hope to leave this work soon, because I didn't got salary for one month.
It was on Happy new year holidays... It was terrible!!! But ok, I don't want to speak about this problem.
My dear Dave, as I found out, issuing the visa to your country it will take few weeks, and it is necessary to pay for it beforehand.
This 380 money, it is to me told, it will cost in american dollars. In Russian roubles, it is seems near 10 thousand roubles!!!
My dear, I am in depression I so wished to meet with you... But prices so much big for me!!!
I can't to find such sum... I have near 100 dollars, but it is our savings with my girlfriend... We saved it on this summer...
But we are ready to spend it.
My dear Dave, if you will be able to help me with issuing the visa with 380 dollars, we shall try together to find on tickets..
It will be 899 american dollars!!! But my dear Dave, don't be upset I hope together we shall find this sum.
I am sure it is very necessary to meet us with you at this time of our relations.
I have my parents, they I am sure would be happy to help us with you. Because they also wish us to meet.
I told my mum about you, she think that you are so wonderful I told her about your daughters, and as you are caring about them.
My dear Dave, now I have near 100 dollars, if you will send this 380 dollars on this week, I will begin registering of visa, and after some weeks, it will be ready,
I will tell you, and by this time, we shall find money for tickets( I already have 100 dollars).
My dear, may be problem of visa, it will take, and just by summer time, we must to buy for tickets.
Because issuing the visa, it can take long time as to me explained in travel agency.
My dear, herefore I ask you to pay for issuing the visa now. My darling, I am sure, that one meeting more better than million letters, letters can't give us what can to give us just one meeting!!! It would be wonderful!!!
Certainly you can to arrive to me, but what you will do with your beautiful girls?
They will need you Dave, they will miss you, and I can to arrive to you for some time. We must to meet, I know you agree with me, but I am understanding you, because it is very short time, and all seems so fast!!!
But my dear Dave, I don't know why, but I am feeling, that it couldn't happened simply so!!!
I am sure that it is destiny. My darling, I know, and I am understanding that you have daughters, but please say me, it can to stop us?! If it is so.... My dear Dave, I want to say you, that such situation that you already have daughters, didn't frighten me.
I know as you are a nice Man, and I trust you, therefore I decided to meet with you.
I love you Dave, I wish to meet with you, it is my last wish... I hope you too.
With Impatience I shall wait your letter.
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