Letter(s) from Larisa Radchenko to Rene (Switzerland)

Letter 1

Hello Rene,
Thank you for your attention to my profile. It's always a little bit complicated to find words about yourself, especially if this is a letter. But I will try to give you first impression about my personality. At first I want to say that I am open-minded and easy-going person and I always value honesty in people. I have respect to the ones who are always themselves, and never take on a mask.
I am 26 years old. Young and attractive, but also intellectual and decent. I live in Ukraine, in the town Komsomolsk. This is a little town that is situated in the center of Ukraine. I have graduated from the pedagogical university and work at the kindergarten, as I love children much and easily get contact with them. But at present moment I also study at the accounting courses and hope that in future my work may be connected with accounting. I am single. I didn't meet my one and only yet. I live together with my mother. My parents got through divorce when I was a little girl, and all this time we lived together with my mom. She is a pensioner.
In my life were both the pleasant moments and failures. I very open both fair person and some people try to abuse it. I hate lie and a deceit. My trust sometimes brings me. Therefore I could not find the half in this life and my love and warmly oppress remains not spent. I could not find the person who would estimate my qualities and advantages, and also did not concern strictly to my lacks.))) But all the same the person lives hope and I too very much hope, that the best at me ahead. I think, that I can not disappoint the beloved. As well as any woman I appreciate good relations, love, caress, fidelity. In general it is possible to list many advantages in the man which like me...)))) All right, I hope, that I can find simply real love in the life of m we can be happy.
I guess that's enough for the first letter. Of course, I have a lot to say about myself and it wouldn't be interesting to do it in one letter:) I wil leave some for the next ones. Now I would like to know more about yourself, you life, plans and hopes for future? What are you looking for in internet?
I wish you to have a nice day! I wait for your reply impatiently.
Sincerely, Larisa

Letter 2

Good day Rene,
Your reply creats a smile on my face! I am glad to hear you again. It means that our communication will continue and may grow into something more. In previous letter I forgot to say that my intentions are serious in our corresponding. I am looking for my one and only second half. I am sure that it has hiden somewhere in this world, as I didn't find it in Ukraine. I am serious, family-minded person, loving and caring woman.
What do you know about Ukraine? Why did you decided to look for woman here? I was always interested in different cultures and people, but unfortunately I didn't travel much. In former USSR every year we went to the seaside with my mother, but as soon as it was broken we didn't have any ability to do that again. Only the last year I managed to arrive with my girlfriend to Crimea for one week. But certainly now there has much changed in the worse party. But it already questions of ecology.
Everything has changed in economics of our country and of course, in our life either. My mother worked as teacher all her life long and I also decided to continue our family deal: I wrote that I have a pedagogical degree. But at present moment this profession isn't prestigious any more. Never the less, I love children very much and every morning gladly go to my work. I work at the kindergarten already 5 years and this work brings me a lot of pleasure. In future I want to have 2 children and I am sure that I will be a very good mother for them, and wonderful wife for my future husband. This is my dream. And what is the dream of your life? Maybe it is the same as mine?
I guess, it's interesting for you to know why did I decide to look for fate in Internet. At first I must say that I am sure that fateof everyone is in his own hands. Some friends of mine have foudn their soulmates through internet and already have left to another countries, they have wonderful families and husbands. They are happy there. As I wasn't lucky here to find my beloved person, I decided to meet him in internet and I really hope that this is possible.
I had attitudes with one young man in my city, but these attitudes were finished for me is very sad. I probably already spoke, that I do not love treachery and a deceit, I try to see all best in the person, that it itself represents. But very much frequently I am mistaken in people and it delivers to me a pain. I have already felt this pain, but also I do not want to lose hope for the best and is tired from loneliness. As I have already told, some my girlfriends have found the happiness on the Internet and when they came to our city on a visit to the parents I saw their happy eyes and vital energy. It can be valid in other countries the big role the culture, mentality and in general plays the attitude of people to each other? You see in our country because of heavy and poor life people became unfriendly, malicious and false..... It is very hard to see and feel It on itself. I probably have tired you with the ideas, but I have got used to open soul and to trust peop! le. I would like, that we with you became much more close to each other. I notice, that your letter I looked forward also alarm. This new feeling and it is pleasant to me.)))))) I very much would not want, that our correspondence stopped, let we will have happy continuation. Probably I a romantic nature, excuse, if it tires you.
That's all for now. I wish you to have a nice day! I am looking foreard to your reply!
Sincerely, Larisa

Letter 3

Hello dear Rene,
Sorry for a little delay with my reply. I will explain how I write you my letters at first and I hope you'll understand why I can't write you often. It doesn't depend on my desire. It depends on my abilities. I have no computer at home and I know only basic English. But I have a big desire to learn it. There is an internet club not far from my work that I attend to be able to communicate with you. I don't use any agencies, as I heard that they are not decent and their services cost much. I have a girl interpreter who helps me to translate the letters and types them. I have opened my own email and when I have ability to come we meet with my interpreter at the club. I com ehere after my work. Now you know how I write you and I hope it won't be a problem for you.
I very much apologize that I do not know the English language, but it was simple earlier at me not stimulus to this. Now absolutely another. Never the less, I do my best and when I have free time often sit with a cup of tea and English book in my arms. In my free time I also like reading, knitting, I can cook very well and gladly do it. I adore nature, flowers, I have a lot of plants at home, and they create a fresh and sunnyn atmosphere. I have some friends whom I like to communicate with. In summer we make picnics together or meet at the little caffe to have coffe and speak a lot. I don't like any disco or night clubs, i don't like the noise and drunk people around. I am more home person. I am also interested in psychology and philosophy. I would like to get to know you much better and I hope that our letters will helps us to open ourselves as if we opened a new book. I am glad that we have met in internet, at least now we are very godo friends, isn't it? Certainly I am grateful to destiny, that you have chosen just me, instead of other girl.
I am very much interested in you and I hope, that you will find a little time for our meeting. There can be I can arrive to you. If is not present, you will come to me. I shall introduce you to the mum, with the friends, I shall show you the city, but most important that we at last shall see and we learn each other. We shall enjoy dialogue and impressions about each other … … … … … ….. The perfect ending … … … Is possible.)))
Sometimes I dream much. Probably that I communicate with children much, I love fairy tales and I like when wins love and is kind. Therefore I believe in such fairy tale and I want to be its main heroine. How you think, whether such pure and fine attitudes are possible presently? Anyway, I would try to embody the dreams and makings in a reality. But unfortunately. I can not find the main fantastic hero in any way.))))
I know, our world is now severe and in it prevails more than negative things. But it already other sad theme about which we shall talk to you in the other letter. Please, answer me regularly. You became for me very much the close person and I very much worry and I wait your letters.
I send you ym best wishes for today!!
I kiss you, Larisa

Letter 4

My dear and lovely Rene!
Certainly I shall be happy to visit you. I am sure, that it is good idea. It will be perfectly carried out time. But I already start to worry, and year you will meet me at the airport, probably champagne to not do without.))))) I very impressionable nature. We shall speak with you to laugh, look sights of your city and I shall answer gently your kisses … …. I do not know as you to explain my feelings ….. Probably my eyes will tell you more when you will see me. Tell me when you can organize our meeting that I could take holiday on this time. And certainly I need to start to do now the passport. It costs 80-100 dollars. I can make it for 1-2 weeks. As to the visa. That it not a problem. At us certainly to young unmarried girls of embassy reluctantly open visas. But travel companies do it without problems. I can open the visa to myself itself, but tickets I would like, that you to me have bought itself. Now money only are necessary for me. To start to do the passport for travel abroad.
But I do not know as you can transfer me money. I in it do not understand anything. Write please, that you think in this occasion.
I very much wait for your answer.
I want, that you knew, that our attitudes for me are very important. Please, trust me also as I believe you.
Yours Larisa

Letter 5

Hello my Darling Rene!
Today I have specially come to receive your letter and have received it!))) You know, all this time I always think of the future trip. It very much excites me, because I very seriously treat this. I all time present our first meeting, our first ideas when we shall see each other. I always think out different variants, but the ending always happy.)))) I began to go thoughtful and me already have some times asked, whether all with me in the order?)))
But I know, that with me everything is all right!))) Simply I want to see you as soon as possible! You are very necessary for me and very important person for me. Now about my trip. I would like to arrive to you in Dezember. For me it approaches more. But as I spoke you. I all over again need to make the passport for trips abroad. Then I shall open the visa. I would like. That when the passport will be ready, you to me would buy the ticket and have left at the airport.
I today consulted to a bureau which to me will open the visa. At them the checked up courses in embassy because very difficultly to open the visa to the young unmarried girl and I in any case need to address to them. They to me have told, that tickets need to be ordered only after the visa will be open. Because time of opening of the visa depends on the consul. That it was not necessary to change then tickets and to lose in cost. Now about tickets to speak early. Therefore I now need to make out the passport and to give documents on opening of the visa.
Now it is necessary for me on charges of 150-200 dollars. I learned as in the best way to transfer money. The best way it Western Union. I can receive money this very day. Also to me have told, that it is reliable. My address is necessary only. Please, learn something about Western Union, I give you the address.
Larisa Sherbalist
Ul. Stroiteley 56-38,
Poltava region
Only I should warn you that you did not send money in an envelope. At us the poor country and that more - less valuable is in an envelope or a parcel(sending), necessarily disappears and never will reach the addressee!!!!!!
I with impatience wait your following letter with good news.))) I very much hope and I shall make all that at us all was good.
I kiss you.

Letter 6

Hello my Darling Rene!
I certainly liked the sixth item with dots.....))))))))
Yes, my lovely, I very much want, that this trip was carried out and I shall do for this purpose everything, that is possible.
I again was in a tourist bureau and they to me have told, that on Monday should hand over already my documents on the passport for travel abroad. But I do not have for this purpose money. It is necessary for me, that you have sent me of money and I on Monday have paid it. Also they to me will do the visa also. They already did visas to my familiar girls who went to the men on correspondence. All was normal. Because I do not need then to go in embassy on interview, to stand in turns and so on. Also if to me will put in the passport refusal I cannot already go in embassy at all. And they open the visa is guaranteed. So now for me are necessary money that you have sent till Monday and I shall begin this process by documents. I shall wait your following letter and very much I hope, that at us all will turn out.
Yours Larisa

Letter 7

Hello dear Rene!
I have received money. Many thanks, now I can begin real actions on preparation for trip about which very much I dream. I shall make all as soon as possible and everything, that on me depends. But I am sure, that problems will not be also all will pass normally. My mum already knows that I prepare for trip and very much worries. But I to it have told, that I can trust you and all will be good. Thanks you for all. I shall write to Monday. When I shall give documents on the passport for travel abroad. I see myself near to you.
Yours Larisa

Letter 8

Hello my dear!
I have come, as well as promised today to write to you how my preparation for trip moves ahead. Thanks for warm words, I too hope, that all will be good also I shall not get in a bad situation. I read about bad cases which can happen there.
I have collected necessary papers for delivery, but to me have told, that reception of documents tomorrow from nine o'clock in the morning. So I shall go there tomorrow in the morning.
It is more than anything new is not present. I miss and in ideas already with you in Switzerland....))))