Romance scam letter(s) from Irina Marinova to Austin (USA)
Letter 1
Good day..
My name Irina..
I want to find my love in my life. The main thing in my person - love, trust and mutual understanding....
I see your structure, and you are interesting to me, and I wanna to study more about you.....
I wanna to answer all the questions that you have...
I shall wait your letter on my Email:
Have a Good day...
Letter 2
Hello Jack! I was very happy to continue our communication. I've been single for a long time and you've managed to interest me very well.. I'll tell you more about my family. I live with my mother, my father left us a long time ago, I was a child when he left us and I never saw him again. As my mother used to say, he found another family somewhere up North and never came back. My mother is a very strong woman, she was able to give me a lot of love and good education, even when she was left alone in a very difficult situation. Of course I am very grateful to her for that! Family values are very important to me. Tell me about your family. I love animals, cats and dogs, they are able to cheer up in difficult times. I have a cat named Barsik, I love him very much. I'll send you some pictures with him when he was little. Now he has grown up and looks great. We also have a garden where my mother and I grow vegetables. Outside the city there is a small village where there are small plots on which people grow vegetables. Today I had a great day, I'm in a good mood. I told you I work as a nurse at the city Hospital. I like my job, I like taking care of people, I like when people feel good. We have a lot of work in each season, someone should always be in the workplace... Sometimes it looks really hard, and to be honest, I don't make a lot of money, but I know that I do important work for people who need help with their health. I like to travel, but I have never been abroad, but I would like it very much, it is my dream! I did travel only inside Russia. Did you travel often? What countries have you visited? I understand that in today's world there are many opportunities for communication, I heard about Skype, and tried to install this program, but it does not work. I have phone. But I doubt you'll be able to contact me. After all, my SIM card is cheap to maintain. The international call will not work, and the incoming call will not work, you can not even make calls to other regions within the country. My phone only accepts calls and SMS within the country region.
Restrictions, because the corporate rate that I was given at work. I have an old phone but it doesn't support apps. To install whatsapp or other apps, I need a more modern phone, and I don't have one. I used to have a smartphone, but then I had to give it up because it held the phone charge too little. And I have to stay in touch with my work for a long time. So at the moment I can only write e-mail from my old home computer. I want to send you pictures of my pet Barsik. On the first photos of the Cat 1 month. Now snow leopard is all grown up and became a great cat. I'm also sending a picture of a rat that lived with a friend of mine. I hope you like my photos. I will be very happy to see more of your photos. I'm very interested in learning more about you and I hope it's mutual... Write me your answer, I'll be waiting. Irina
Letter 3
Hello Jack! I got your letter! It's nice talking to you. I am okay. How are things with you? What are you doing today? I like to do exercises in the morning. I try to watch my figure. I drink coffee sometimes. But they say that coffee is very harmful. What do you think about it? I hope that our communication will lead to something more than just correspondence. Because I think of you Jack! Waiting for your letters! Are you happy to receive my letters? Honestly, I want to open my soul to you! But I'm very scared, I'm afraid that maybe you're not serious with me. And that you're only texting me for the fun of it.
Please tell me, am I interesting? After all, it's nice talking to you!
And I don't want to make a mistake.. I don't know if I should say this now, but I'd like to tell you that I come from a decent family and that's why I'm not looking for sex. Now I will briefly talk about my previous relationship. My relationship took a little time. At first it was all good, we lived soul to soul and enjoyed life. But after a while, he changed a lot. My ex started drinking alcohol and cheating on me. Sometimes he didn't even sleep at home. I endured his betrayal for a long time and I finally decided to break up with him and leave him. After that I lived separately for about a month. Soon, I found out he was married, before he met me, he was just good at hiding it from me. He had a wife and kids, but he didn't tell me he had a family. I didn't! He wasn't wearing a wedding ring, he was hiding it from me! It was only after 3 months of our life together that I found out about it. He blatantly lied to me and took advantage of my loneliness! Some time passed and I met him, with his wife and their two children.
I was in a stupor, I didn't know what to do and how to react. But he passed and gave no sign that we know him, he slightly smiled on me and went on with my family, as if even nothing happened between us. On the one hand, I'm glad that it's over and I learned the truth about him. I told you about it so you wouldn't ask about my past. I don't want to talk about it anymore. I hope you understand me what I felt in those moments. Now you know a little more about me. Maybe you can tell me something about your relationship? I hope you're interested in communicating with me, and I'm not heavily pushed the fact that he revealed himself and wrote you the truth about my past relationships. I will be very happy if we continue our communication. I look forward to hearing from you! Sincere Irina
Letter 4

Hello Jack! I am very glad that you answered me after I told you about my past! How are things with you? How is your health and mood? Jack, according to our correspondence, you are not such a person as our Russians. Our people are very rude. It is not often you meet a good kind and decent man. But it doesn't matter to me now. After all, we correspond with you. And I'm very interested in what all this will lead to after a while. What do you think? Do you have any suggestions?. Jack, thank you for replying to my emails. After all, I haven't talked to a man in years. After my bad experience, I stopped trusting men. But years later I realized that these were my mistakes of youth. But I don't want to go back to the Russian people. After all, Russian men only want sex. But like I told you, I need a relationship. I'm not a little girl anymore, I'm a grown woman, and I want to be happy. I hope you agree with me. I hope you're not just looking for sex. Agree with me, because sex is not the main thing in a relationship? What do you think? I believe that the most important thing is love. Of course sex is important in a relationship, but if there is love, then a person will get everything he wants from his beloved woman. You agree with me? If I'm writing something wrong, then I'm asking you, just tell me.
After all, this is my first experience on the Internet. On this I finish my letter and wait for your early reply! I think about you, Irina
Letter 5
Hello Jack! Thank you for your answer, I feel great when I read your letters. With each letter we get to know each other better... We have a lot in common and I feel it! Today I have a great mood in the morning and I want to give you a positive and good mood!!! :) In the morning I cooked pancakes for Breakfast, it is a national Russian dish, and my cat, Barsik, helped me a lot :) I will send you our joint photo with him when we cooked pancakes with him. I like to cook, my mom taught me how to cook and bake pies. I often make cakes for family holidays. I think together we could make a lovely dinner and enjoy the romance together... This is my beautiful dream! What do you dream about and what is the most important thing in your life? It is very important for me to build a relationship and enjoy happiness with my man, create many happy moments together every day and live in harmony! This is the main desire in my life. But I would also love to travel, to see new places, to learn a different culture.
I told you I've never been abroad, but one day I'll definitely see the world. Would you? Such moments are better to share with your partner and share all the wonderful experiences together.. I think very seriously about our contact and you should know about it.
We can always talk and discuss different issues. I only have contact with you and I don't write to anyone else... Honesty, loyalty and sincerity are very important to me. I feel so much better when I open my dreams to you and with each letter I feel more harmony between us. I'm so glad I met you! I want to see your pictures in the next letter. My best wishes to you and I am looking forward to your reply soon! My tender embrace Irina
Letter 6
Hello my darling! Sorry to keep you waiting, but unfortunately, I lost access to my account and so I had to ask a friend to register a new mailbox. I thought I could regain access to continue our acquaintance with you, but I never did. So I had to register a new mailbox. It's a good thing I had your mailbox in my notebook, or I wouldn't have been able to reach you. I'm sorry I made you wait. Irina
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