Scam letter(s) from Anna Avdeeva to Robert (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Robert. I'm sorry I did not answer you earlier, I have not had time to write to you soon. I am very pleased to meet you, my name is Anna, but my friends call me Anne or Aniya. Sorry about my profile on site. I didn't fill it. Actually I registered recently. And I don't know what I was doing on a dating site. What made you come on connecting singles? Also I wanted to tell you that I live in Russia. I hope you are not afraid of it, I heard that my country does not enjoy popular now because of the politics. But let's not about politics. If I tell you will be interesting, then write a little about yourself. I hope that my English is not too bad, I learn it a long time ago and I have not had practice in its, but I hope you understand my letter. I loved your profile on site, the truth is that I checked recently and was about to delete my profile because it was a ****** idea to register on this site. But then I saw your page and decided, "Why not?" And I did it. Well, I'm looking for? I am looking for a friend, maybe something more, but I'm not sure about this now because I recently got out of a relationship with a man and I do not think that I need a relationship now, but maybe friends. This good I think. A little more about me: I am 28 years old, my zodiac sign gemini. My height is 162 cm. I'm not high. I work as a teacher. I live in the central part of Russia, in a small city. I think now it's your turn to tell a little about yourself. I do not know, do you want my picture? I'll send you a pictures and want your picture too. I'll wait for the letter. Robert, nice to meet you. Aniya.
Letter 2
Robert, thanks for the quick response to my message. Please accept my condolences for your wife. I'm glad my English isn't too bad. Still, it's nice to talk to someone who's thousands of miles away. I live in a small town Pektubaevo, Mari el republic. It is a small town in the center of Russia. Wow, thank you for sharing your work. I think it's amazing and you must miss working there. I don't know what else to say about myself, it's unusual for me to talk to a man through messages. Perhaps you want to know more about my hobby, work, or personal life?
Okay, I'll tell you, but I want you to tell me more about yourself, too. And I'll be happy to see your photos in my next email. I also attached some more of my photos from this year. I'm not in a relationship now, my past relationship ended a few months ago. I was Dating a man and everything was going to live with him happily ever after, like in a fairy tale. But everything collapsed when he cheated me with my friend. I went through it really hard because we were in a relationship with him for 7 years. All this was very hard for me, but I coped, found the strength to live on. After all, life goes on and I'm still young, maybe not a Princess, but I know how to cook and can appreciate a man:). I guess you think I think too much of myself, but I don't. I'm not a model and I would not hurt to lose a few pounds, now my weight is 48 kg, height 162 centimeters. I told you earlier in my last letter that I'm not looking for a serious relationship right now. That's why I don't care about your age. Also I'm not looking for a sponsor or money. I'm sad to hear you've met girls like that. I'm looking for a friend, I want to learn other cultures and I really like United States, even though I've never been to your country. You will laugh, but I dream to learn 3 things about USA:
1)See the Statue of liberty;
2)Try American food;
3) Visit Disneyland.... Yeah, yeah, I'm crazy about that.
You probably have a million questions for me and I'm happy to answer any of them. I will wait for your next letter, I hope you will write to me soon, I will look forward to it.
Letter 3
I was so glad to get your letter today!
Hi Robert! I hope you get my letter in time, because I was worried I didn't write to you sooner. I had things to do, plus I use a computer at my job. That's enough excuses:). I really wanted to write to you and I'm so glad that you wrote me back! Thank you for telling me about your past marriages. Thank you also for telling me about your kids and grandchildren. Oh, it's funny to read about your son. I think he wants you to not feel lonely, which is great. I think you have every chance. Thank you for your pictures. I was very happy to receive them!
Like I said, I've been working the whole time. I have a pretty demanding job and sometimes need to do extra things and stay with my free time. But work doesn't tire me at all. Now directly about my work. I work with children. I take care of the children. I don't know what my job is called in America, maybe you can tell me, I'll try to explain. We have a special building where children receive their first pre-school education. These are children from 3 to 6 years. I teach children the first rules of life. I teach them to draw, show them cartoons and tell them about everything in the World. Here this profession is called-a kindergarten teacher, I think it is correct to write in English. Robert, it's quite difficult to explain this in a foreign language to me. But I hope you understand me. What about you? I know you said some things about yourself, but I want to know more. Tell me more about your old job, okay? It sounded so interesting, being a police coach must be a very interesting job. You were a teacher? What does K-9 mean? I would also like to know a little more about life in your country. In fact my day ends and I will go home soon, it would be nice if you wrote me tomorrow so that I answered your message right away! But I'll understand if I don't get an answer from you. Today I will have an amazing evening in the company of my man-my cat, who is waiting for me at home, always hungry, but always friendly. Yes, I have a cat, I hope you're not jealous. Just kidding. We have a saying in Russia: "every joke has a grain of truth." In fact, very often I feel lonely when I come to my empty and cold apartment and no one meets me.
I mean, no one greets without a tail. Maybe I really can't be alone for long. But I'm so afraid of breaking my heart again. I am so pleased that I can say everything I think to the person who listens to me. It must be funny for you to read this, maybe you'll say I'm crazy...
Okay, I really have to go. Today there are no pictures for you, so some funny dog pics. Maybe in my next email I'll send you a picture of me sleeping in a bed with my striped, furry and tailed man?:). Let's see... I look forward to hearing from you.
Your friend, Anna.
Letter 4

Hello my dear friend! Robert, I hope you had a good day today.
How was your weekend? I hope that the sun was shining and the weather allowed more time to spend outside. It's going to be a very cold week.
Last Saturday was the last warm day that kept the summer sun warm, but now the days are getting colder. Already last Sunday it became much colder and rained several times during the day. Even the rain didn't give me bad thoughts because thinking about you kept me warm all weekend. I helped my parents on Saturday, and on Sunday I stayed with them only in the morning and returned to the city at lunchtime. I just finished my work and now I can write to you. My work usually ends at 5 PM. At this time, the parents of children come and take them home. I use the work computer in the accounting office. My good friend works as an accountant. In fact, if it wasn't for my friend, I would never have signed up for a Dating site and met you. And I do not regret that I did it and insanely grateful to my friend for what she made me sit down at the computer. Now she laughs and constantly tells me how I didn't want to sit down at the computer and register on a Dating site.
Still, she's a good friend to me. I have attached some photos for you, of course these are not the photos I told you about in the last letter. But I also hope you like them. They were made during the holidays in January 2019. Do you like decorating a tree for the holidays?
Is it also in US culture? I've seen some movies and think it's fun to spend these holidays. Thank you for these cute photos of your granddaughter and your dog. It was so nice to get them. I also appreciate you telling me. about my job. I understand about a police officer.
I am sorry that I didn't get you right about this. Wow, 17 children, I assume you're proud of every one of them? Maybe one day you can tell me more? Robert, last night I had an interesting dream about you, and I didn't want it to end because you asked me to dance, and I almost overslept at work. I didn't want to get up, didn't want the dream ended, but my fluffy tailed the man ruined all morning, when he jumped on the bed and started licking me with his rough tongue. If you do not feed him in the morning, he begins to scratch and very loudly says "meow". I hope I will see the continuation of my dream tonight:). Robert, I'm worried, though, because if we ever dance, I don't know how to do it at all! I'm going to feel like a big elephant because I'm going to step on your feet all the time. I really am a terrible dancer, but don't laugh, okay? I have aside from my a was dog, but she past away one year ago. I'll probably send you some pictures of her, too. Can you tell us more about your interests? It's all new to me, how I wish we could see each other one day. But I do not want to run so far, I do not want to look to the future, to make plans now, because I often catch myself thinking that my dreams and plans do not come true. Robert, can you tell me about your family and friends? I have a few other friends besides my work colleague. And very often we meet, we go to each other's houses to drink tea and talk. I don't really talk much, but I'm a very good listener, and I love tea with cookies :). I like a lot of things besides tea. I'm not sure if I told you or not, but I can cook. My grandmother taught me how to cook and I know a lot of dishes.
Grandma died 3 years ago. I have a mom and dad. I'm an only child. My parents live in a private house in another town, not far from me. I moved from my parents when I was offered a job in Pektubaevo. I rented an apartment here and have been working here for several years. Also, my ex-boyfriend is from this town, and I wanted to be close to him. But now I don't think I'll be here long. There's nothing keeping me here now but my work. I want to change something in my life, I want to see the world. But now that it was not boring I was fond of knitting. My grandmother also taught me. Besides knitting, I also like to read books, watch movies. Do you have any favorite movies and books? I mostly read detective stories and also love travel books. I like comedies from movies. I also listen to music, sometimes sing in the shower, or when I'm going to work. Also I love to go to my parents, I usually go to my parents at the end of the week to help them around the house, wash some ***** clothes. My parents are retired. Mom is passionate about the house and the economy, dad is now doing repairs in the house.
What about your Hobbies? Perhaps you will write to me in the next letter? Write to me also about your family. Where do they live?" This letter turned out to be quite long, but I hope that you did not fall asleep on the half of the letter, I would like to tell you a thousand more things about me and life here and I also hope that you will tell me more about your life. Now I have to finish the letter because the building I work in is closing and I can't stay at work anymore. I hope the photos in the letter will give you a smile and Sunny mood. I will be looking at more new pics soon. I also await your!
Your Aniya.
Letter 5
Robert, hi dear! How was your day? I hope that the weather also pleased you and your day was good and interesting. Tell me, what was interesting today? Thank you for your flattering words. In fact you don't know me very well and I don't think I do the best man in the World. But I am so pleased to read your letter today. I'm looking at a picture of your granddaughters right now and they like angels! I'm sure you're the happiest grandfather in the World, spending time with them. I understand about your kids. Sad to hear that most of them don't keep in touch with you. Yet I believe that you have done everything for them and they are grateful to you and your wife for your love them. Thanks for the photo of your backyard. It looks very nice and looks like the backyard in my parents ' house, only we don't have fence's. Wow, I didn't know you could sew. Not many men can do anything around the house, much less sew clothes. Maybe one day I could I teach you how to knit? It's not that hard. I am sorry, but I'm not sure I understand you about the Facebook page. You can tell me about it and I'll watch it here. I finished my work and now I don't know how to go home because it's raining outside and I have makeup on my face. I didn't bring an umbrella. Most likely I will come home very wet, with smudged makeup, I did not imagine my evening today, but do not worry, the rain isn't so bad. The bad news is that today will come to visit my good friend Irina, with whom I studied together in high school.
We're good friends. And I'm gonna have to take a quick shower and put on makeup because I have to look 100. I made Apple pie this morning and we're having tea, maybe after we go to the movie. Oh Yes, today I attached some photos that were taken in April 2019. I would like to talk a little bit about a very strange topic that has been haunting me today. I have some crazy ideas., which I wish I could do, but I don't think I'd ever do it. This idea:
1) Climb a tall tree. Yes, Yes, I'm afraid of heights. As a child, I fell down the stairs when I climbed a tree to pick an apple.
These are childhood fears, but I want to overcome them.
2) I want to walk in the rain with my beloved man, kissing. I know it sounds crazy. But I've never done anything like that.
Perhaps today me yet to similar, if weather not will improve(of course one).
3) I would like to spend a day on a desert island one day.
4) Visit the mountains, admire the beautiful endless meadows on the background of the mountains. This is my childhood dream.
Since I'm talking about dreams that probably won't come true, can you tell me about your dreams? And Yes, my last dream, what I don't believe in now is finding my other half, my Prince. I don't want to be skeptical. But I don't know what love is. I thought I knew, I spent most of my life living in illusions, and every year I realized more., that that's not what I want. I've never really loved. Of course there are men here who have shown me their attentions, but that's all I said to everyone: "No." I don't know why, but all the men here are obsessed with themselves and don't put a girl in anything. There are no gentlemen here who can truly love a girl. Maybe I'm selfish and asking too much of myself. Perhaps it is. Enough of the sad things, for I did not want my letter to be sad, but these thoughts have haunted me for days. I don't know why I'm telling you all this. Maybe because I don't want to keep anything to myself. I want to tell you everything, I want you to understand me. We just met, and I've already given you all my bad thoughts, and I'm sorry about that. Robert, I am very pleased that we have found each other and can talk over the Internet, although there are thousands of miles between us. I must now finish this letter, for I have a long evening before me, and must prepare myself for the arrival of my friend. I hope that tomorrow you will write to me, because your letters have become the meaning of my day. I'm gonna miss you, and I'm sorry., what you do today can't be with me, I'd like to spend the evening in your company. I'm not kidding ;) Aniya.
Letter 6
Hi Robert. It was very cold days here. When I came to my parents ' house, I helped my mother in the house and also cooked borscht. The second half of the day I stayed in my room and sat under the blanket, because the temperature dropped to +6 degrees Celsius. It's very cold for September. Usually this temperature here in early November. I wanted to get back to you as soon as possible and now my working day is over and I can write to you. I missed you. How are you doing today? How was your day? Oh, no, I don't want you to register for because I don't use it either. I think it's a very bad idea to give me machine. You know I can't drive a car? I could have been in a car accident. In the letter, you were talking about the young ladies who wrote to you, and I wasn't sure I understood you. Were they looking for a sponsor? How long ago? I don't remember you telling me that. Tell me. Thank you for your flattering words in your letter. It's really nice talking to you. It may seem strange, because you and I haven't seen each other, we can't go for a walk together, we can't go to the movies like real friends. Robert, but you've become a very good friend to me, perhaps more than just a friend. You have become the person to whom I can tell all my secrets, all my thoughts and experiences. And it's nice for me to be able to do that for you. I used to seem like a good colleague at work, or an exemplary daughter in the family. After all, there are some things that you do not tell your parents and colleagues that you can only tell the people closest to you, not afraid they'll judge you. You have become such a person for me, with you I feel free from these responsibilities. I don't know if you understand me now or not. After all we are talking on different languages with you. I find it difficult to convey my feelings and thoughts at a distance. But still I think our thoughts and ideas are very similar. I don't really know about ways that we can chat. Do you have any ideas about that? I have there are about 1-2 hours after work here when I can be near the computer. If we could write short letters to each other, that maybe could chat online? It's just a thought now. Write me more about everything. I want to tell you a little bit about my upbringing. I was raised by my grandmother, when I lived and all my childhood I spent with her. My mother worked as a teacher and came home late, and my father went to another city for work, and he was constantly out of the house. My grandmother raised me until I was 14. In a relationship, I'm the old guy. I believe, that is, I believed in true love for life. I wanted to start a family, have children and live happily ever after. I'm not saying my life was bad, it wasn't. I was happy. I thought everything would be fine and one day I'd have a family. But everything changed when I found out about my man's infidelity. I went to him and I wanted to talk to him, I didn't want to ruin everything we had. I could probably forgive him, if only he would explain it to me. He said something in his own defense. But you know what he did? He didn't say anything, he just hit me hard. I was naive and ******. I know that now. Because I didn't see everything the others saw. And then my eyes opened and I realized how wrong I was. In those years my parents did not approve of my choice. I understand that they were right, that they saw how our relationship really was. I created the illusion that I was doing well, but I wasn't really happy all that time. I just wanted to please my parents so they'd be happy for me. That I wasn't alone.
Maybe it's selfish. I mean, I didn't listen to my parents when they said I picked the wrong guy. But it gave me the thoughts to think about everything. I'm sorry to burden you with this. I didn't want this letter to be like this, because you don't have to listen to it. But I had to tell you so you could understand me. It might be silly, but Robert, tell me about the perfect family. Tell me, how do you imagine the perfect family or couple? Not necessarily with the kids, just tell me what your ideal relationship is. Please, it's very important for me to know. Also tell me, what is true love for you and what are the limits for love? Would you forgive treason? Okay, enough of the sad and serious stuff. I've been dreaming a lot lately, which is probably a bad thing, but there are some things I'd like to ask you. Will you let me?" Good! If I were your other half, could you imagine that? Probably silly sounds. But answer me. You're a very good man and I'm sure a lot of girls dream of getting your heart and soul. Now I have to finish my letter. Oh yeah, some more photos for you today! These are not new photos, but I will make more new photos for you soon. A little Russian cold winter for you. I'll wait for your photos.
Your Aniya.
Letter 7
Hello my dear Robert. How's the weather?" I hope that today the sun is shining and nothing spoiled your mood. I'm also doing well and I've had time to write to you. Yes, I got both letters from you today. Thank you for being able to forward the email for me! I am sorry to hear about these girls who are looking for money. I understand that. I want you to know that I'm not looking for your money or anything else. You told me more about communication. How will that be possible? I don't have a cell phone. I can use the computer here at work. In any case, we will not be able to communicate throughout the day, because I only have a few hours after work when I I can come and write to you. I'll know. You certainly have questions for me and I will gladly answer any of your questions, please feel free to talk to me about anything, what you think. Can you tell me how many friends you have? Do you consider yourself a leader among your friends, or follower? For example, I consider myself a follower. I don't consider myself a leader among friends. I don't have many friends, mostly my friends are work colleagues and my friends from College and school. I have a good friend Katya. She's a great leader and all silly, but fun ideas she offers. If she calls to walk, be sure the evening will end with an adventure, because she'll do something crazy for sure. She's a colleague of mine and she works with me. I also have a childhood friend-Irina, we are friends since high school. I also have friends in the city where my parents live, but they are not many and I do not see them often. There are also a few other work colleagues with whom I am friends. But I don't think I have many friends. What about you? Tell me also where do you and your friends like to relax? Go to the movies, or spend time with friends in the pub? I like to walk in the fresh air. In the summer we arrange picnics in nature, go for walks. We also visit each other and go to the movies. I live in a small town and there is not a lot of entertainment, we have a house of culture, which arrange evening screenings of films and concerts on holidays. There is also a cafe but I'm not a big fan of that. I like to have dinner at home. For example, if you were around, I would invite you over for dinner. Make us a nice salad and dessert. Perhaps you could bring wine and we could have a nice evening by candlelight? Just thinking out loud. Then we could walk in the Park and admire the sky, strewn with a million small lights, the light of the moon. I guess I was daydreaming. Robert, tell me about your plans for the future? Do you dream to visit other countries? Meet a lot of new people? I would like to visit you one day, get acquainted with the culture of your country, also invite you to me, show you life in Russia with my own eyes. It's not bad at all, and I think you'd like it here. Perhaps a little boring, because I live far from the big cities and life here is very slow. But in summer it is incredibly beautiful and very clean and fresh air, good people and beautiful nature. Maybe one day my dreams will come true. Why not? After all, if you set a goal-it is necessarily possible to achieve. I am 28 years old and half of my life is gone, I do not regret the days lived, but most of those years have gone into education and upbringing, the necessary things you have to do to become who you are. But now everything depends on me and my decisions. What about you? Do you have any plans for the next few years? What do you plan to do and who do you plan to be in 5 years? Maybe 10 years? I guess I'm running too far into the future. Still, if you have dreams, tell me. I have to finish this letter, so I hope that in the next letter we will talk about it more, because I'm interested in what you're thinking, what you're thinking. I also attached some photos for you. I hope you like them. I must go now. I'm gonna miss you, I already do. I'm actually lying. I miss you and your letters all the time.... Your Aniya.
Letter 8
Hello my dear Robert. How was your day? How's the weather?" What did you do today? I don't feel well today. This morning I woke up and felt a cold, that my nose was stuffy and I had a headache all day. I just hope I don't get sick. It seems the cold weather these days makes me feel not so good, but don't worry. I'll be here for you even if you get sick. My darling, I've missed you. Do you think we could communicate more? If you have any ideas - I'd like to try it, but because of my schedule I have time only after the working day. Thank you for telling me about your friends in the letter. I understand about your dog. I'd like to have a dog too, but it's a big responsibility and I don't have time to take care of the dog. Maybe one day. It was nice to hear about yours. Bob's friend. Thank you also for your sweet words about dinner. It was really nice to imagine our dinner together. Today the weather has worsened and it is quite cold outside. I hope that the weather will improve in the coming days, and I will be able to enjoy Sunny days. My mood is very dependent on the weather, but there is one thing that always cheers me up - it's your letters. I didn't tell you, but I opened your letters and sometimes reread them at home, silly I guess. Robert, I've missed you and been waiting for the moment when I can get your new letter for me. Thank you for not forgetting your distant friend and writing me a letter! I was also glad to hear about your plans for the future. It seems to me that we are very similar, even I will say more - we think the same. I sincerely wish our plans for the future would intersect one day. I'm a little sad to hear that you couldn't visit Russia. I I understand about your old job. No, I don't think you're crazy. But let's not talk about it now, or you'll think I'm a maniac. That I wanted to follow you. No, I'm not, I'm just curious to know who you really are, to get to know you better. For example-sit with you in Park and simply to talk to the, to know as you laugh much and you smile, as you speak, watch in your eyes. That makes me feel good and I think I was off again. Still, it's nice to talk to you. However, enough about these things. Of course I can give you my address, but on one condition. That you won't send me presents. I I'd be happy to get a card from you and a letter. My address: 425443, Russia, Mari El republic, Selo Pektubaevo, Kolkhoznaya street, house 7, apartment 13. I have today was a long day, also today comes my mother to visit me and I have to meet her at the station. I have some time yet, but I must go soon. My workday is over. I wanted to send you pictures of me wearing glasses so you could see me wearing glasses. But I couldn't find any of it. I need to get new photos for you because I don't have many photos digitally. But I hope these summer photos will bring you a smile and like. They were taken this summer when I was walking with my friend. I hope you like them. Now I have to finish my letter, I will try to write to you as soon as possible. I miss you. Your Aniya.
Letter 9
Hello dear Robert. What's new today from a beautiful and wonderful man?
I am sorry, but it is difficult for me to look at these photos, because their size is very small. These are very small photos that you send me. And no, you don't look goofy. Please don't say that! I don't feel very well today. I think I got sick and so first of all go to the medical office here and got recommendations for treatment. I was also given a special mask not to spread the virus in the kindergarten building. I have to wear this so I don't pass the flu virus on to anyone else here. I was told to rest and drink more water this weekend and monitor my body temperature. So I'll stay in bed most of my weekend. But it'll give me more time to dream about us. My dear, if I'm not well on Monday, I'll still come by the end of the day to write to you, so please don't worry. I hope your day was going well and you have time to write to me. I missed you. Thank you for all your kind words in your letter. I was so pleased to read your answer today. Oh no, I don't want you to send me a gift. In Russian, a gift and a present are the same words. But I'm glad you understand me. I I'll be happy to see your mail or card. Something not expensive and easy to get, because I'm not sure what the mail will be work. Mail in Russia does not work very well.
But let's not talk about it now. My mother came to see me. She had some business to do in town, and she also came to see me. I also told her about you. I hope you don't mind. My mother was surprised, because I'm talking to a man who is from another country. I didn't say much about you. I just said that I have a good friend with whom we talk about everything. She smiled and said, " of course, friend. Can not simply each, and that the more?". And indeed, you have become more than a friend to me. You understand me, I understand you. We think in different languages. We're thousands of miles apart. But I understand you, I understand every word you say, every thought you have. And now I'm very afraid of losing you. I don't want to Wake up one day and realize that I've lost someone very close to me. I'm really gonna get hurt if you're not in my life. I understand we just met. But I want us not to leave each other and keep this connection always. It may be silly, but I smile when I read your letters. I often reread them when I come home. I also printed out your picture and now you are always with me. I must be crazy because a normal person wouldn't do that. I'm sorry about that, I didn't mean for it to be like this. But I just want to say that I will always write to you and be there for you. Even if I won't be near physically, but I will be near in my mind, I will be near in thoughts. I really felt better when I told you that. It's very hard to keep it all to yourself and be afraid to say it. Robert, I did it and I told you and I want to hug you so much for having you. Probably not right to say this to you now, because we don't know each other, actually we only just met. And so I'm sorry if it's inconvenient for you, if it's not mutual. I'd really like to see you. I understand that flying to Russia is impossible for you. It made me sad, but I understand you. What about your day today? Do you have any plans for tonight?
The only plan for today is to feed my cat and go to bed. I'm staying home tonight and I'm not going anywhere. Perhaps before going to sleep will read a book. Now I read a detective novel, it's not that I like to read, the book is given to me with great difficulty. In fact, I can only read a few pages and then go to bed. What about you? Robert, you know, I just had an interesting idea. Maybe it will be too silly again. But I want to know, how would we spend the evening if we were together tonight? No ****** thoughts please. Just you and me.... I'd like to be in your company tonight, it's a million times more exciting than reading about ****** before bed. I need to go home now, and then my cat can not without food for a long time and I need to feed him. But tomorrow I expect a letter from you and I'd like to know about your dreams. Today I send more photos from last summer for you. Waiting for your photos also! Now I have to go, I will wait for your photos and letters with impatience!
Your Aniya.
Letter 10
Hello dear Robert!
How was your day?" I'm doing well today. Only the weather turned bad, and it was pretty cold. What about your day? I was glad to receive your warm letter today. It warmed me and my soul immediately became warm. Thank you for your words of concern - I feel much better now. Your letters warm my heart, and I immediately feel warmer at heart. I always read them with a smile on my face. I have a few questions for you, and I don't know how you're gonna react to them, but please answer them honestly. It's very important to me. What do you think of our meeting? How do you imagine that? Would you like to see me one day? These questions have been haunting me lately. I wish they wouldn't torment me anymore. Tell me about how you'd like to spend the day with me. Maybe I could come to you or you could visit me. I think about it a lot now, because those thoughts don't leave my head now. You're always in my thoughts. I'm attached to you, you're my drug! Robert, I'd like to visit you one day. Spend some time with you so we can get to know each other better, see each other's eyes, talk, laugh together, hold each other's hand. Naive, I know. But that's what I want and I don't want to keep those thoughts to myself. Because I want to be honest with you. I have lived long enough to know what I need from life, what values and what desires I have in the first place. And now all I want, all I want is to see you. Maybe come to you and spend a few weeks with you. Silly, naive and too reckless. I understand that. I want our meeting to be remembered forever. Even if it doesn't work out. If we are too different people and disappointed in each other-it will be the most wonderful and right thing in my life that I did. I want to get through this with you. To tell you one day, " Robert, I'm so glad I decided to come to you." Even if the whole World is against it, even if there are difficulties between us. I am not afraid of anything and I am ready to overcome these difficulties to be with you. Robert, I love you! Yes, I said it at last. My heart is ready to jump out of my chest now, because it is beating very fast. I am filled with a thousand thoughts now - about you, about us and our future. I do not live in illusions and do not want to deceive you. I don't want to give you false hope or play with you. I feel like a 15-year-old girl who fell in love for the first time. But I'm not blind, and I know you can't love from a distance. I know this letter will come as a shock to you. But please be honest with me, just like me. Tell me how you feel about me. If you don't feel anything for me and I'm just a friend to you, nothing more, then tell me. I understand. I'll be a good friend to you. I'm not going anywhere, I don't want to lose you. But I don't want to hide from you how I feel about you. I love you very much and these feelings are real. I'm not crazy, I'm not playing with you. You're a part of my life now, you're the man who makes me go on, find my happiness. And I would do anything for you. But just please tell me how you feel about me. I don't want you making any false promises right now. You won't hurt me if you tell me the truth. If to you I'm just an Internet friend, a hobby to spend the evening with , then I understand. Now that's enough about it, I want an answer from you as soon as possible. I will wait for your letter and hope that I will receive it soon. I must go now. Write to me when you get this letter. I also attached a photo especially for you, please do not show my photo to anyone. It is very silly.
Letter 11
Hello my dear man. Robert, I've missed you and looked forward to hearing from you.
I confess to you, I've been waiting for your message all night and all morning. I was waiting for the moment when I could finally get away from work to go to accounting and get access to the computer. I opened my mail with trembling hands, wanted as soon as possible to get an answer to all my questions that have plagued me lately. I'm so happy to hear your words of love. My heart breaks into small pieces when I read these kind words from you. And with every part of my soul I love you my darling! I understand that these words say only when confident in their sentiments on all 100. And I'm so happy that my feelings are mutual. I was afraid to hear you say you had doubts. But I'm glad the feeling is mutual. I lost my head in my last letter when I told you about them. But I'm not the least bit sorry that I dared to say how I feel about you. And I also know that you have strong feelings for me. No need to say, I know it. You are a man of your word and words are very important to you. And I'm glad you didn't hesitate when you told me about them. Thank you for your answer. I was so happy to read your letter, my heart was torn into many parts and now it is joined together. The puzzle that was in our relationship. I hope you don't mind what I call our relationship. Our relations have become transparent and understandable. It was hard for me to collect my thoughts, I was constantly tormented by anxiety. But now everything is fine and I will go home in a good mood. I know it's too early to plan anything. But Robert, we will definitely need to have a meeting. We'll have to see each other. So there can be no doubt between us. To all the dark spots that are between us disappeared. I'm sure when we meet, we'll get to know each other in a new way. All that had questions, all doubts will disappear. I'm sure it's necessary for us. Even if everything is terrible, if we are completely disappointed in each other-will it not make us stronger and give us a lot of "food" to realize what we are looking for in life. I'll try to explain to you what I meant. Here is for example: perhaps you you can more clearer understand that you need to in young girl, that not suits and that for you is disappointment in anticipation. And I can test myself. To find out if my feelings for you are true or not. Or maybe it was just my imagination that made me fall in love with you? I do not know. There are a million specific questions in my head right now that I can only answer when I'm with you.
I understand the cost. I don't think the trip can be as expensive as you say. But even if it costs me 800 dollars - I can handle it. I'll have time off work next spring. Perhaps in March or April I already will be able to visit you! I know it's a long time, but what is time?
It's just a few moments for me, for us. I don't know how you'd react to the idea. But I'll listen to you if you have any suggestions. Maybe it'll be too soon for you? or you have other plans in the meantime. I am waiting for answers to these questions. Have a good day today. And I hope you like the new photo I got for you.
A girl from a faraway land goes crazy thinking about you.
Letter 12
Hello my dear! Robert, I missed you so much. I was glad to receive your beautiful letter. It warmed me and brought a smile to my grey day. I always look forward to them from you! They are the decoration of my day. I wait every day for the moment when I will be released from work and will be able to receive your letter filled with love and care. Your letters have become the meaning of my day. You've become so much more to me than I can imagine. I can't put into words how I feel about you. I do not have enough words, only emotions when I read, because every line of the letter is filled with care and love. When I read them, I imagine you sitting at your computer, thinking about me, thinking about what to write, maybe laughing, then deleting a few lines and writing again. There are things that cannot be put into words. Oh, you flatter me that I'm a model. But I like all these words. I found some photos and am posting them today. One photo with my mom and another photo with my dog, who died a few years ago backward. I hope that these photos will bring you a smile. Yeah, I think I could use a scanner.
I'll have to do it. I will try to get new photos this week and send them to you. Thank you for your address. I'm not sure, but I'll write it the same way you wrote it to me: Anna Avdeeva Kolkhoznaya street, house 7, apartment 13 Selo Pektubaevo, Mari El republic, 425443 I suppose I did the right thing? Thank you for your address and I will try to send you a postcard at the end of this week or next week. I just hope it's not expensive. I know you didn't ask me to do it, but I'd really like to do it for you. Yesterday when I was walking home I met my friend and we had some conversation. We live side by side and we had to go one way. So we got to talking. I asked her what was new in her life, she also asked me. I couldn't resist telling her a little bit about you. I told her that I had fallen in love with a beautiful man who lived in another country. I hope you don't mind it, I don't want to embarrass you about it. But I really fell in love with you! I wish we could stop dreaming and be together. We didn't talk much about us and our future. But one day we'll see each other, we'll be together. I believe in it and will do everything to make it a reality. This will have many difficulties, after all me awaits long the road to you or perhaps you will come me. But I am ready to overcome all difficulties. I've been thinking a lot lately about us and our future. I have fears now that I didn't have. you know what I'm afraid of heights and would never fly on a plane? Now I also have another fear-I'm afraid of losing you. I'm afraid if the time it takes us to be together is too long. What would happen then? What if distance and time **** our feelings for each other? What will happen if you get tired of waiting for me, because there is a whole World around you. You can easily find a good girl near you. Ask her out on a date. After all, you will not need to wait for her to come to you, you only need to choose a cafe and menu, wear beautiful clothes and go with her. Silly I guess to be afraid of these things, but these fears haunt me. What happens if I come to you and we don't feel anything for each other? If it's a silly figment of the imagination that's made us a bad joke. After all, we never saw each other, could not communicate in reality. What if you're expecting a different girl? After all, I'm an ordinary girl, I'm not a model, I do not have a perfect character. Sometimes I can be very angry and unbearable. I also have fears about what your friends, your family will think of me? After all, I'm from another country, suddenly I will not be able to make friends with them, and they will look at me as a "white crow". I don't know if you understand that expression. Sorry for those bad thoughts in the letter. I didn't want to talk about it, but it's so unbearable to keep it to myself. What about you? Do you have fears about us and our future? Perhaps you can also tell me about them? I just feel like you're the right person for me. And I believe my feelings. The thought of what we might be doing now if we lived very close together haunts me. When I went to work today I thought a lot about what we could do now. I could go straight to your place after work. You'd meet me halfway home from work. Would you wait for me (perhaps with flowers?). I didn't want to be late and I ran to meet you. And after a while while I was running I saw you. I was very tired of running, but the thought of you waiting for me gave me strength.
I'd run even faster to meet you. I would have fallen into your arms! I need it. In your strong male arms. These simple desires are making me crazy, because we can't do that right now. We can't be together. Robert, you would have kissed me passionately, and at that moment time stood still. My body would run from my lips to the tips of my fingers. I would have been ecstatic (I hope I spelled it right). All I want in this life is to be with you! I wish I could see you and your beautiful smile. Robert, I would give anything for one moment with you. Because without you, my life is a torment. I come home every day and I'm lonely. I think of you and it warms my soul. But the idea that you're away and I can't kiss you makes me crazy. When I open my eyes in the morning, I don't see you on the other side of the bed. I miss your warmth and your love. Robert, I so want passion and love to overcome us. We would be together, and we would be the happiest couple in the world, and nothing would interfere with our happiness. I wish I could hug you tonight. To take me in your manly arms and hold me and kiss me. So we can enjoy our love. I'd like to do the most ordinary things with you. Imagine how easy it is to go shopping together. Or walk in the Park.
Or cook dinner together. You could stand behind me and help me cook. You could press your chest against my back and I could feel your heart beating fast! Feel your breath, you would breathe into my neck, and your breath would get faster and closer. You would have kissed my neck.
If I was ice cream - I would melt in one second! He held my hands in his, stroked them gently, and kissed me. Would you like that? Yes? I should have upset you, we would have forgotten about cooking dinner and enjoyed love!!!! Robert, I love you more than all my life!!!! I will never deceive you or leave you. You are my ideal! You are my Prince! My love for you! Nothing else matters to me. Robert, I only care about you! My love Robert, I need you. You make me happy. But for full happiness me lacks you near. It can be so hard without your support. But I know you're far away, that you care about me a lot. Please don't be sad today. We love each other and that's the most important thing! Our stars are somewhere in the sky, and I know they're together. I'm going today to look at the stars, and I also hope that you will be able to look at the sky. Because I send you as many kisses as there are stars in the sky!
I love you, your Aniya.
Letter 13
Hello my love Robert! I as always is happy to see yours letter for me! It made me happy. When I can't get your letters I'm sad. I really like this connection between us, our love. That's how I can be with you. And distance is not a hindrance to us. Oh, what is snow angels in your letter? I don't think I know about that. I was so excited to receive your letter and will be looking forward to your letter. You intrigued me with your words! You send me card? Yes, I'll wait for it here. Of course I think I can make a similar photo for you. I can't believe it's been 2 months since we first met on connecting singles. My dear, happy anniversary! I feel bad because I can't hold you. I can't hold your hand. I so want you to be near me. So we can lie together at night and look at the stars. In the letter you asked me about my birthday. It will be next summer-my day birth 14 June. Today I had a normal and boring day. I was working and waiting for the moment when I could come to write to you. I was very pleased to receive an answer from you. I was worried there wouldn't be a letter from you today. I want us to talk more, I want to feel you and be with you. Maybe I'm talking too much about the meeting, about our plans. Please forgive me for this, but these thoughts make me happy. I don't want to live in dreams. But now it's the only way not to be sad. I think about you all the time. I'm so happy I met my Prince. I've been waiting for you all my life and now there's no point in my life without you. Without your tenderness and love. It's like a fairy tale, but it's not. This is real life. In which we with you. In which we are together. I so want to this life was have us. Robert, I love you more than all my life. When we're together we'll be the happiest couple in the world. I do not live in dreams and we will not be perfect. People quarrel, they have difficulties and obstacles in life. Without them there is no sense in life and these barriers to love is not a problem. I know this is the right way for us. I would overcome everything for us, I would do everything for our happiness. Would you do that too? I tell you what I think is in my heart now. But my heart is hurting right now. It hurts and there is no cure for this disease. I'm sick with the strongest feeling in the World. I'm sick of loving you! I believe that we will be all right and we will be together. Because we were made for each other. I've been looking for you all my life and when I found you I realized what true love and care is. How to feel the heat when there's no loved one near, when I can't hug him, can't be with him. I feel your love through the distance. I can't go on without you. My days are now a real torment. I feel bad every day from the fact that you're not around. I love you!!!!!! It's time for me to go. But I hope that soon I will be able to get your answer from you. I miss you already!!!!!!
Your love Aniya.
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