Scam letter(s) from Olga to Austin (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Jack,
how are you?
My name Olga. and you?
I am very glad to acquaintance. I think further we can be good friends, I with pleasure will continue our acquaintance and dialogue.
It seems to me it is interesting to communicate with the man from other country:).
I will try to answer you every day. I hope it it will be mutual. As you have understood I search for the man for serious relations. I already enough adult and me would be desirable to spend the life near to the beloved. I search for the man to which it is possible to entrust the heart. Which will love and respect. Because respect to each other and trust this most important in relations. It is possible to learn your opinion? Also what you search in Internet?
I wish to tell to you little bit my character, thus you can present me is better. I the cheerful, vigorous and cheerful girl, with good sense of humour and romantic character. To me it is always pleasant when I can cheer up to the close people and friends. My friends me name "Soul the companies"
I the open person and friends well know about it. It is always pleasant to me to talk to the person and to learn it better. It is interesting to me to learn you, I think you the good man and the pleasant interlocutor.
I live in city Belebey. In Russia. (Republic of Bashkortostan). To me very much to like to live in my country. I very much am proud of it.
To me 33 years, was born on April, 29th, 1986. A sign on zodiac Taurus. How old are you? What your sign? In what country you were born and live?
I the lonely girl. I never was married. Children are not present. You have children? Whether there was you in marriage? I hope you with the same pleasure will tell about myself and I will have a possibility to learn about you more.
I set these all questions because I wish to know, whether you are valid is opened for the further acquaintance? For me it is very important. Because I search for serious relations.
I wish to be your friend. I can tell to you confidently, that I am opened for relations, and I wish to get acquainted with you further.
Now I will finish the letter. I will wait your answer tomorrow. Write to me. OK? I have put some photo. It will be very interesting to me to see and your photos in the following letter.
Letter 2
Hello my dear, how are you?
How you will spend the weekend?
It is very a pity to me, that you have not found for me time. I hope, that you have received my last letter and you will necessarily find time for the answer. Correctly? I waited your letter and wished to receive your new photo.
Today I am a little upset because there is no your letter. I would like, that we would write letters each other as it is possible is more often. After all only by means of letters we can learn each other better and to transfer the emotions and the good mood.
I hope, that you will find time for the answer and will write the letter. I ask that you have tried to answer all my questions. They are very important for me. I will wait. My best regards and my passionate
kisss you
Letter 3
Hello Jack,
how are you?
I have received your answer! Thanks that has found time. It is very a pity to me, that you badly read my letter and at all have not answered my questions. I thought and hoped, that we will be good friends and we will communicate with the help of letters. Probably you do not wish it! I very much regret.
If you are really adjusted to speak with me further. I ask that you have answered my questions and have written a little about yourself. I will wait your answer.
Letter 4

Hello my dear:)
how are you?
I am a little upset. Because there is no your letter. Now I am at home and looked mail. Now I sad. What happens? I hope, that with you all well and everything is all right. I after all very much worry when I do not see your answer. I hope, that you understand my relation to you. To me it is very important that ours with you dialogue proceeded and that at all of us was mutual.
How your week has begun? At me my working week has begun. I work the first day and today again there was a lot of work. I wish to write you the short letter and to remind of myself:).
Today we had a solar weather. Temperature approximately + 7 degrees.
What weather in your country?
My working day has begun from 09-00 o'clock. Has ended at 17-00. In your day how many has begun?
I hope, that you had a good dream and there was enough time to sleep.
I slept well and have slept. Has woken up with good mood. I wish you pleasant evening. I ask that you did not forget about me. You know, that I wait your letter and I hope, that you will write to the near future. I ask that you have answered my questions from the last letter. They are very important for me!!!
Good to you of day and mood. My hot and passionate kissss
Yours Olga.
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